Hey. Raina talking. I was thinking of the scene when all of the babies are given to their parents and how I cry every time I see the scene. I am full of tears thinking about it.

Any way... I want to do this one-shot for the LGBTQ people who are rejected by their own family because of who they choose to be. You will find your own family soon enough.

Love you guys

There was a knock on the door. Kayla opened the door to see a woman and a large stork at the front of her door.

"Hello, my name is Tulip. This is a delivery for Mrs. Kayla and Mrs. Leia." The red head spoke.

Kayla pushed her curly blonde hair out of her face and smiled. "Come in."

Tulip and her friend walked in the house.

"My wife is outside. I will give you a cue to come in with my surprise, if that is alright with you?"

"Perfectly fine! You don't mind, do you Jasper?"

But the big bird was found asleep on the rug.

"He had a rough day. Just go on." Tulip smiled as she looked at the bundle in her hands.

"Great, just follow me." Kayla walked out through a sliding door, to reveal a big party outside.

"Leia!" Kayla called out to a dark skinned woman at the center of attention. She wore a floral black dress with her kinky black hair out behind her.

Leia looked back at Kayla, and all the guests followed suit.

"Yeah Kayla?" Leia walkedup to her wife with a smile on her face.

" I know you have opened every gift, but mine. Your birthday has been successful, but I know it wasn't all you have hoped." Leia smiled softly at Kayla, knowing what she meant. "I know it has been hard not talking to your family for your birthday, and I know it is hard fpr you every year."

Leia looked at Kayla confused on where this is going.

" Even though it has been 5 years since you have been..." Kayla looked at Leia nervously, asking permission to continue.

Leia nodded.

"...kicked out of your family, I believe that you deserve more than this. Now that you have officially turned 25, I know you need the family you deserve."

Leia looked at Kayla, qiestioning where this is going. "But I have you."

Kayla smiled. "Not just me." Kayla looked back at Tulip and motioned her to come forward. "Now here is my present."

Tulip placed the white blanket on the patio couch and urged Leia to open it.

Leia walked up to the blanket nervously and opened it, and her eyes immediately watered.

Inside the blanket were two babies, both dark skinned with dark grey eyes. Their hair was curly black and put into a ponytail. They both looked up at her and smiled, reaching out for her.

Leia put her hands over her mouth as she looked at Kayla, crying.

Kayla walked up to the babies and picked up one of them. "Leia, meet our daughters." She held out the baby, urging Leia to take her.

Leia tried holding back her tears as she reached for the child. Once the little one was in her arms, she broke down. Leia cried as she looked down at the baby, kissing her forehead lightly while she rocked the baby gently. She looked up at Kayla, who was holding the other twin.

Kayla smiled at Leia, kissing her forehead as Leia touched the cheek ot the other cheek, which made the child laugh.

"Happy Birthday Leia." Kayla whispered as she kissed Leia.

The guests came crowding around ghe xouple, congratulating them on their twins.

"Umm, excuse me?" The crowd broke to show Tulip. "Sorry to ruin the moment, but I need their names and your signatures so it says you have recieved your babies."

Kayla and Leia stepped up and signed the paper.

"So, what are their names?"

Leia was the one who spoke up. "Raina and Skya."

The twins laughed, liking their new names.

"I congratulate you on your new editions to your family." Tulip smiled and went to wake up Jasper, leaving the happy, bigger, family.