This is Marilla Cuthbert's life through her diary. I intend to show how she changes from a young bubbly girl to an older woman and then becomes Anne's mother and then grandmother to Anne and Gilbert's children. I will follow the AU life that i have mapped out for her in my other stories.

Green Gables
Prince Edward Island
Christmas Day 1834

Snow Depth 20 inches

Dearest Diary

Merry Christmas my darling new Diary. Mama and Papa just gave you to me, and I intend to fill your glorious creamy pages with all my hopes and desires, my fears and disasters, though hopefully not too many of the latter. It can get a bit quiet in my little corner of the world, but I'm sure you will be a wonderful companion. My heart thrilled when I received you even as you were all wrapped up. We have a family game where we attempt to guess the present before unwrapping it. Of course, I thought you were going to be a novel, that would have been thrilling, perhaps you might have been Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre Dame or Mother Goose? But I was delighted to meet you Dearest One. You are so very beautiful. Shall I describe you to yourself?

You have a beautiful covering of green velvet and within you have nicely thick creamy white pages, with faint lines. Sometimes my writing goes a little astray, the lines should assist with that. To get the most out of you, darling one, I shall attempt to write quite small.

Christmas Day started early as it usually does. Mama and I had to get started on the Christmas Dinner, the turkey had to be prepared and placed into the oven before we got ready for church.

Mr Williamson, the minister gave a very lively sermon for which I was thankful. Sometimes he can go on a bit and I get bored, but today he reminded us of the blessing that God bestowed upon mankind in the form of baby Jesus which led onto the nativity play. I was very excited because this year I played the part of Mary. We all ran out the back to put on our robes. This year we even had a real-life donkey, but I was a bit afraid of riding it, so I just walked alongside. John Blythe played Joseph and we even had a real-life baby too, namely little William Barry.

We heard the oohs and aahs of the audience as we proceeded into the church. Papa parked the donkey outside because we needed the room and I don't think the donkey is church trained. I felt very proud to be standing up in front of the congregation, I could see Mama, Papa and Matthew smiling in my direction. I delivered my lines without a hitch, one of the Wise Men, James Sloane, mucked up his line, but the audience were very forgiving. I would have been mortified if that had happened to me. I've been practicing for weeks now, so unless I got terrible stage fright, I knew I would be all right. The audience applauded so loudly that they woke poor wee Baby Jesus up, he started crying at the end and his Mama had to come and rescue him. I suppose that wasn't very holy, but at least the play was over by then. I'm sure God won't mind.

We all piled into the sleigh for the ride home. It was freezing, and more snow was falling. The roast turkey was smelling delicious, so while Papa and Matthew went out to the barn to see to the animals, Mama and I prepared the vegetables and Mama put the Christmas Pudding on to steam.

Dinner was delicious, and we had a merry time together. Everyone talked about the Nativity play and complimented me on my acting. After Mama and I had cleared away the main course plates, Papa drained the Christmas Pudding and placed it on a platter and then flamed the pudding with a little brandy, which we keep for just this purpose alone.

I adore Christmas Pudding. Of course, Mama had made it way back in October. I always want to eat it right there and then, but we have to let the flavours develop, so it's always the culmination of many months of waiting. The crumbly, sweet, fruity pudding is my favourite thing to eat all year. Luckily, we have plenty of leftovers too, so we can enjoy it for a few more evenings yet.

This is the time that we start to think of New Years' Resolutions. I think I will resolve to be nicer to Rachel Potter, sometimes she can be rather annoying, but I mustn't let her know that. I resolve to let her manner wash over me. She is my best friend for all her gossipy ways.

I can hear Mama coming up the stairs, she will be telling me to snuff out the candle, so I will close for now, Dearest One.

Much love

Marilla Cuthbert aged 10