There's a new kid in the mansion.

Mickey can see him wandering the halls from her hiding place in the bathroom, dark eyes peeking out the crack of the open door.

Pale face, long dark hair… and a cloak?

(Alright then.)

It seems that the Professor found another teenager to add to his already volatile brood. And the reliability of the kids' states wasn't completely endangered by just Mickey.

She had her basket full of problems, but next to Scott and Jean's persistent, flirty dance around each other…

That had the potential to be explosive.

(Hah, explosive…)

The new kid was moving closer to her hideout, but he hasn't noticed her yet.


Mickey has a headache today and she's not in the mood to introduce herself yet, manners be damned. Storm and the Professor will get over it.

She tugs the door shut again when she's sure the new kid isn't paying attention.

Darkness surrounds her again and the throb at her temples eases a bit. Mickey's locked herself in the bathroom often enough to make her way in the dark without a single stumble (on a tripping hazard's behalf anyway – physical exhaustion and weakness though…)

The bathtub has been converted into a nest of pillows and thick blankets of the baby soft variety.

Having her head hurt like a bitch was bad enough. If she had to handle scratchy blankets catching and rubbing unpleasantly against her overly sensitive skin on top of that… it would be enough to make her cry.

Mickey can't help but look towards the mirror over the counter as she climbs back in the tub.

It's a reflex she never can seem to fight. Like looking up when someone new walks into a classroom and everyone turns to look whether the person is there for them or not.

Her eyes haven't fully readjusted from her peek at the newcomer in the hallway, but she doesn't have to see her reflection to know what's there.

A face like a broken doll put back together with clumsy hands stares solemnly back at her, eyes dark with more pain than pigmentation.

Having the room dark was helpful for her head (and in more than just the literal sense).

(Probably better the kid doesn't see me anyhow. Wouldn't want a monster scaring him out on his first day now, would we?)