Okay so I'm back with another fanfic. This odd project was inspired by the AquaRoth idea from pictures I've seen on Tumblr by user chachacharlieco. So big credit to them for, as they called it, "a cursed idea." The inspiration comes from that, but this story is completely original. Also, credit to fanfiction user Riku Kingdom Hearts for editing and helping with the details post draft. Well, let's just jump in to this crazy ride! (Cover photo is by chachacharlieco who gave me permission to use it.)

Chapter 1

Aqua had roamed the Realm of Darkness for what seems like eons. Days, months, years...just how long has it been? With no time flowing in the Realm of Darkness she had no idea how much time had passed in the realm of light. When she had seen Mickey he had told her that it had been ten years. But how long had it been now? How much longer would she have to wander?

Exhausted from her time there, with enduring many various battles, she trudged onward before falling to a knee. Breathing heavily, she decided to take a bit of a rest. Just for a short bit. It couldn't hurt to do so.

"I'm so tired. I wonder when...no, if I will get out of here. It's just getting hard to...keep...going…" Her sentence trailed off as she fell onto the ground into a slumber, not giving any thoughts about what could happen whilst she slept.

As he flew up above, Sephiroth noticed a faint outline of something through the fog of darkness. Something...no...it was someone. He decided to take a closer look. When he got closer, what he saw was a woman. Her blue hair and the way she looked reminded him of someone familiar. She was mumbling several things in her sleep. She muttered names of people, but they were names that Sephiroth was not familiar with. He then resolved to watch over her until she woke, wanting to know exactly what she was doing there.

Opening her eyes slowly, she saw something dark. Aqua fluttered her eyes a few more times before noticing that this dark object looked like...a wing. A solid, black wing was covering her body. When she finally came to her senses, she immediately was on alert. Immediately suspicious of the person next to her.

"Who...who are you? And why are you here?" she questioned as she jumped to her feet. She summoned her keyblade, pointing it towards the mysterious man that she could now completely see.

"Funny. I was going to ask you the same question. You're quite bold. Surely you're aware of the Heartless and the darkness they inflict..." He gave a sarcastic smirk as he trailed off. "My name is Sephiroth. I am a being that transcends all others. Now… you appear to be tired. That's what happens when you depend on the light too much."

She was taken aback by those last words. His coldness coming from his eyes and the smile he had made her feel uneasy. Whomever he was, she didn't trust him one bit.

"I am Master Aqua. I will not give into the darkness. I've come too far now to give up!" she stated as she stepped back farther, with Master's Defender prepared to strike.

"Ah, of course. I see you are another one chosen by the key. I assume your friends may have a keyblade? Terra and Ven were they?"

"Wha...wait, how do you know about them?" Aqua asked.

"You must have had quite the dream...or nightmare since you tossed so much as you slept. You must be trying to get back to them then. How curious...friendship. It's a fickle thing that only holds back one's true potential. Abandon them and embrace your own way."

"I've heard enough! I won't let you talk about Terra and Ven like that!" Aqua said as she attacked.

Sephiroth raised his Masamune up in time to block her attack with the keyblade. With a cold, cynical smile, he taunted her. "Let's dance then."

They fought, exchanging blows constantly. The power of their strikes shattered the ground around them. Each was a master of magic attacks, lighting up the Realm of Darkness with their great battle. It seemed to go on forever until the both of them became exhausted. Aqua and Sephiroth began to feel the tiredness creep in from their battle. They glared at each other before Sephiroth gave a confident smile and broke the silence.

"I must admit...you are quite formidable. I never imagined someone existed to perfectly match my skill. You remind me of Mother. Strong, yet sincere. Bold, yet beautiful. Your independence shines. Your magic prowess is rare to see. I doubt I could even best you should the battle continue. Perhaps this is a blessing from Mother… A fated meeting."

Aqua just stares at Sephiroth, seeing something all too familiar. It was something about the look in his eyes. She could see a man that had been broken. A broken man who seemed so lonely and lost deep inside. Maybe she could help him...to set him back on the right path. Something in her urged her to try and help. She looked down at the ground in thought before being taken in my Sephiroth's words again.

"However...as strong as you are, you still cannot get out of this place. But, I do know a way."

Aqua snapped her head back up, looking at Sephiroth. "Wait, you do? If you do please te-...wait, no. This must be part of your mind games again. I will not fall for it and let you manipulate me."

"I assure you it is no trick Master Aqua. If you come and join me, I can show you the way out. After all, don't you wanna see Terra and Ven again? Seeing as you won't give up on them."

Her heart ached ever so slightly. She did wanna see them again. And she was tired of being here. There was a curious look in Sephiroth's eyes as she stared at him. She wanted to figure him out, but yet he still remained shrouded in mystery. "Maybe if I go with him, I can help him too. I guess I don't have much else to lose at this point either."

"Fine. I'll go with you." Aqua muttered this through pursed lips, looking a bit flustered.

Sephiroth gave a snarky smile as he outstretched his right arm. "Good. Come with me then."

Aqua moved toward him cautiously. As she came closer, he wrapped her inside his wing carefully as he moved his arm around her waist. "Just make sure you hold on tight."

Aqua shook her head in understanding. "Of course. Let's not waste anymore time and go."

Sephiroth extended his black wing, and took off into the sky. "Oh Aqua. I will subjugate you yet. You will soon see things my way."

Well, that is the end of it. I have some ideas for possibly continuing the escapade later, but this is all I have for now. Hope you enjoyed reading this...odd little story. XD Let me know what you think. Until next time!