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Chapter 4

Aqua found herself crying again as she continued to lay against Sephiroth's chest, despairing at the truth that he had laid out before her. Her friends were gone. Everyone and everything that she once knew and cared about before being plunged into the Realm of Darkness… was gone.

Sephiroth, the one who had saved her from the dark realm, was the only one who was there for her now. He had stuck by her side and she had slowly come to trust and rely on him for help. She couldn't believe that had actually happened since she had only known him for a short time and at the start she did not trust him at all. But now after listening to him and understanding what he had to say she trusted him a whole lot. However, there was one thing now that made her conflicted. One thing that she heard Sephiroth just say to her made her feel uncertain again.

She slowly raised her head from Sephiroth's chest to meet his gaze before speaking to him. "Darkness? But… why? I can't do that… that's how Terra… that's how Ven…"

She couldn't finish her sentence before a surge of emotions came over her again. She clung onto Sephiroth and broke down crying once more with her tears falling from her face and onto Sephiroth's lap.

Sephiroth continued to hold Aqua in one arm as he watched her cry. He was slightly amused by her mixed emotions over a short period of time, but he also was finding confusion. He was not confused by Aqua… but also by himself.

It had taken a moment to really realize, but he was still holding her in an slight embrace. He thought he had given up on humanity and discarded emotions like compassion. He had turned his back on the world and no longer saw the need to care for anyone but himself. And yet here he was with a woman who he found to be fascinating beyond anything he ever had seen before. He found himself actually wanting to be near her, to hold her in his arms and keep her by his side. It was confusing to him as well as intriguing. He internally thanked Mother once again for bringing him to Aqua.

But now he frowned a little as he watched over Aqua, who still was sobbing. Though he had succeeded in breaking all of Aqua's hope, she was still wary and against the darkness. It seemed there was still more to do to get Aqua to stay by his side.

"I know what you must be thinking Aqua, but you must understand, I know what is best. It may be hard to understand now, but everything will be alright," Sephiroth said as he pulled back some of Aqua's hair that had fallen in front of her eyes. "I only want to see you be happy again. It's a terrible thing to see you crying like this."

"Happy?" Aqua thought to herself as her heart ached. "How… How could I ever be happy again? I have nothing left… There's nothing left for me to be happy about…"

More worrisome thoughts soon came flooding into Aqua's mind. "I still don't think I can. There is just so much I lost because of the darkness. Zack...he would not have gone the way of darkness either. It's just...there's always a way...there has to be…" Her words grew faint as she finished, bowing her head again.

As Aqua finished what she was saying, Sephiroth felt that she might be slipping away. He knew that he had to do something to bring her completely over to his side.

"Oh, but Aqua, wouldn't your friends want you to do what is best for you? Besides, you've made decisions based on trying to be selfless before in an effort to protect your friends. But look where that got you…" He trailed off his words in a monotonous tone free of emotion.

She started to say something as tears still fell. "Maybe...maybe you're right. I don't know anymore. What is right...what is wrong...this all feels like a bad dream. But, there has to be a way for things to get better."

Feelings of guilt flooded her mind after what Sephiroth had just said. Maybe everything had been her fault after all. Aqua shifted slightly and finally realized that she was still laying against Sephiroth. With her head against his chest, she could hear his steady heartbeat. Not only that, but she was still being held gently by him. New thoughts came to her now as she stayed close to him. "Sephiroth… He is here for me. I can't forget that. I actually when I am near him. I haven't felt like this… in forever." Aqua finally had stopped crying and slowly began to relax as she continued to rest against Sephiroth.

"Thank you…" Aqua mumbled softly.

Sephiroth chuckled slightly at her response while also seeing that her breathing had steadied and her tears had stopped, Sephiroth took this time to take the next step in his plan. "I must make sure that Aqua will stay with me. And there is only one way I know that can ensure our connection and make it stronger."

Sephiroth cleared his throat. "Aqua, it pains me to see you so upset. So I have a offer for you."

Aqua sat up straight as she looked at Sephiroth. She tilted her head to the side slightly. "An offer?"

Sephiroth smiled coldly, though Aqua no longer could see it as that, she just simply saw him smiling. "Yes. I know of a way to give you a certain type of power. You won't have to ever feel alone again. Never again will you have to feel abandon or sad."

Aqua listened carefully to Sephiroth's words. Slowly she felt more and more tempted by his offer after every second that passed. She wanted to feel happy again. She didn't want to have her heart be in such pain. Though… she still lingered a little. She was not full certain of what Sephiroth had to offer her.

"Is this power… the same power that you have?" Aqua questioned.

Sephiroth nodded. "Yes it is. And with this power, I can make sure that no one can hurt your heart again." Sephiroth grabbed Aqua's hands and held them in his. "I promise to keep you safe and this power can help you."

Aqua closed her eyes and thought everything over. She wasn't fully sure at first, but she desperately wanted to feel happy again. She had no idea what this power was that Sephiroth talked about, but if it could help her… it couldn't be a bad thing. Sephiroth had been honest with her this entire time, so she saw no reason to distrust him on this. Opening her eyes again she looked into Sephiroth's eyes as she spoke.

"Maybe...your way could do something. I just want to find my own way, and not be alone," She trailed off before continuing. "I'm just so myself. I did this. It's all my fault. I let everyone down...and, I know I shouldn't be thinking it, but they let me down too. I'm so confused, but I'm so upset at the same time. Something has to change!"

She raised her voice slightly, a hint of anger coming from the usually calm woman. Aqua's words took Sephiroth by surprise, but only for a brief moment as a grin spread across his sullen face. He knew that he had her right where he wanted her now, as he could sense more darkness taking root inside of her.

Sephiroth continued to smiled as he placed one hand on Aqua's cheek. "I am glad you understand. This will all be for the better."

"What happens now?" Aqua asked.

"You will rest so I may give you the power I spoke of," Sephiroth said.

"But… I've already rested so much… I don't know how I could sleep any more," Aqua responded.

"Trust me Aqua. You will sleep, and when you awake you will feel new and refreshed. You will feel better than you ever did before."

And with that Sephiroth waved his hand over Aqua and weariness flowed through her body. Her eyes became heavy as she slowly fell back into Sephiroth's arms. He held her gently as her mind drifted off into sleep.

Sephiroth looked over her sleeping form again. He still was amazed by her beauty. He wanted to watch her sleep for a bit longer, but now it was time to enact the final part of his plan. To give Aqua a bit of the power that he had...the Jenova cells. It would act like a sort of virus, and flood her system to merge with her own cells, thus granting her even greater power, while also allowing him to exhibit some control over her because of it. He knew once he gave her that power, they could finally be closer than they were before. They would be connected through that power and he would make sure nothing could keep them apart.

Sephiroth continued to watch Aqua sleep after he had given her some of his power. She rested peaceful this time compared to before. As he held her in his arms his thoughts started to wander around.

"How did I even end up in this situation...I had cast away my care of this world and all of its people. I've been alone for so long, not needing or relying on anyone. I alone deserve to be the ruler of this world. Or, so I thought…" His thoughts trailed off as he looked down at Aqua. Without giving a thought to what he did, his hand seemed to move on instinct as he began to rub her head gently as she laid there.

"Now I'm taking care of this...woman. But, she's so much like mother. It's just strange...I thought all of these feelings were gone, but there's just something about her. Do, I actually care for her? Has she had that much of an impact on me?"

When Aqua opened her eyes again, she felt a new power coursing through her. It was a strange type of power that she had never encountered before… but it did not frighten her. This new power was something else. She didn't know how to explain it, but it was...interesting. Not only that, but she did in fact feel better than she ever felt before. She looked around and found that Sephiroth was still holding her in his arms and he was smiling at her.

Sephiroth was smiling and for once it was not a cold or malicious smile. It was a smile for being proud. Everything had gone the way he hoped. Aqua now had the Mako energy in her body. Her eyes now had a slight glow to them and they were a purer blue than they ever were before. Sephiroth found himself thinking that it made her look even more beautiful.

"This feeling I have is warm. It's just, her eyes. Am I maybe...not, that's preposterous. I've cast away all of that, yet still...I've never seen the mako do that much work to someone's eyes before. It's possible she may take this power better than I thought. I'm very intrigued now."

"How do you feel?" Sephiroth asked as Aqua sat back up.

"Much better. Sephiroth, thank you," Aqua said with a smile.

"I told you it would help. As I said, I know how it felt. To feel left all alone in the world. That is why I wanted to share my power with you," Sephiroth said. "So you wouldn't have to be alone anymore."

Aqua suddenly became curious about Sephiroth. She realized that she had never found out what had happened to him to cause him to be so cold and alone. She knew he had talked a little about his friends who had left him, but she still did not know much else. She could tell that Sephiroth was still hurt inside, but it was buried deep within him.

"Sephiroth. Can you tell me why? What happened exactly to cause that to happen to you. To have to acquire this power?"

Sephiroth was caught by surprise by her questions. He did not think she would ask something like that.

"That...None of that matters. I no longer have a need to care for what is in the past. What's done is done. The events that happened then that lead me to where I am today do not matter anymore," Sephiroth answered before his eyes shifted off to the side.

He found it strange, but he was now thinking back to his past again. He thought about his former friends and everything that had happened. He tried to push away the thoughts, but they did not want to leave.

Aqua watched Sephiroth, seeing the loneliness in his eyes. She remembered when she first encountered Sephiroth she had seen that in his eyes. She had seen that he was lonely and broken inside. Before Sephiroth had revealed the truth, she remembered she had wanted to try and help him. Though somethings in her had changed now, she still found herself wanting to help him in some way or form.

"Sephiroth," Aqua started. "You helped and comforted me when I needed it. Now I want to return the favor and do the same for you."

Before Sephiroth could respond to her, Aqua leaned forward and wrapped her arms around him. She now held him in a gently embrace. Sephiroth had stiffened up at first, but he slowly relaxed from Aqua's hug. This was something he never had expected… yet somehow he didn't mind. He actually found himself feeling… happy from her embrace. He hadn't felt like this in many years. Her hug was not only comforting, but it also felt loving. Like a hug from a mother.

Sephiroth slowly reached up to hug Aqua back. His arms carefully wrapped around her waist as he held her gently. His head rested against her chest as she moved her hands to hold his head. This hug… he actually was enjoying this. The longer they stayed in their hug, the more warmth and comfort Sephiroth began to feel.

In the next moment he moved his wing around Aqua, bringing her in closer. He found himself wanting more of this feeling Aqua was giving him. He didn't want her to let go.

"Aqua… Besides herself, she has bestowed on me such a wonderful thing. A wonderful… feeling. How funny that I think of this now… all because of her."

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