"What do you mean you haven't tried a butterbeer before?" Ron sputtered as the they settled themselves on the seats of the Three Broomsticks. Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Honestly, Ronald, it's not a big deal." She patted Harry's shoulder. "Isn't it, Harry?"

Harry nodded agreeably, his dark unruly locks bouncing on his forehead. Hermione quieted as she leaned her back on the chair and observed the ambiance of the place. She wondered if her Daddy Dragon would like such a place as this and if he had drank butterbeer or would even dare try it. It had been a month since she sent him her monthly letter and she felt like one letter a month wasn't sufficient to suffice her thirst for a confidant.

It seemed she was the advantageous one in their little relationship for he seemed to be benefiting from only her letters but, again, he was the one who requested such payment.

"Say, Hermione, do you think I'd ever have a chance bringing you to the Yule Ball?" Ron said suddenly.

Hermione, shocked, spat her butterbeer. "RONALD!" She roared.

The redhead's cheeks and ears flamed and he looked away in embarrassment. Harry bursted in laughter and fished a hanky from his trousers and gave it to her.

"I'm serious." He coughed.

She could only stare at him in astonishment. "But ..." she gathered slowly. "What about dear sweet Lavender? She must be really disappointed." But of course, she never meant to say dear sweet Lavender for she was truly a ghastly thing. She always clung to Ron as though she was one of the apes Hermione read in muggle geography books.

"I object such an offer." Ron sniffed. "She's absolutely ... nevermind. Even though she is overbearing, I cannot damage her dignity in front of you."

Harry laughed more and Hermione smiled in amusement. "Dignity? Where exactly Ronald? I'm afraid it's almost inexistent. Don't be too much of a gentleman." His friend berated.

Hermione slapped his hands. "Gentleman is not a word fit for our friend, Harry Potter."

Ron shot them a miffed look before turning to Hermione with a solemn look. The poor witch was forced to take him seriously.

"Surely, there are other witches of your interest?"

Ron shook his head. "Hermione . . ."

Hermione bit her lip. "Give me a week, Ronald. I need to tell my Daddy first. I'll need his consent."

He gaped. "Consent? But —"

"Do you want my answer or not?" She snapped. "I'm his only daughter and I want him to know of my affairs. Is that hard to understand?"

He closed and opened his mouth before nodding understandably. Hermione stormed off and the duo watched as she made her way through the crowd.

They glanced at each other. "Bloody. Hell."

Harry patted his shoulder consolingly and stood up to refill his glass. "You picked correctly, my dear sir."

Friday , 22nd of November

Dear Daddy,

Good evening, Daddy! I am absolutely happy to write to you again. I feel so alone without writing these letters. You know, despite my closeness to Harry and Ronald, I feel like you are the only person that deserves to hear my secrets. Is it weird to have so much trust in a person you don't even know and had never ever seen? I doubt you can relate to me, nevertheless, I trust you more than anything in this world. And no, to answer your unheard question, no, not because of your generosity (partly, yes) but because you are playing a very significant part in my life and that is being my only family.

Now, perhaps, you think of me as dramatic but I only mean to express my feelings even though, I am aware, that such feelings are only held by me.

Getting back to my usual reports, I remain to be Top One and, true to my word, I am working really hard in order to repay all your expenses for me. And I'm not at all being sardonic. I find it really fun to excel here in Hogwarts. The Ravenclaws are brilliant and very competitive but, surprisingly, I managed to surpass them. Maybe ignorance is an advantage, after all? Don't you agree, Daddy?

And concerning of your plans for me being a writer, I read books in the library to aid me for the future.

Among the books, Pride and Prejudice seemed to be the most thrilling thing I've ever read in my life. It is wonderful and romantic. I am aware it's muggle and probably, Daddy, that you'd suggest that I read wizarding books more, but I prefer muggle ones. You must think that I'm being disagreeable, musn't you? No worries. It wouldn't affect my writing.

Oh! Speaking of writing, I remember that I was tasked to write an article about the events here in Hogwarts. I already finished the said article but I promised myself that I shan't pass it until you've read it yourself.

Am I to receive critiquing feedbacks?

Don't be tempted.

P.s, Daddy, you musn't be horrified but I was asked by Ronald Weasley to the Yule Ball and I didn't know what to say. I told him that he should wait for a week to hear my answer and that I'd owl you to ask if you approve.

I will wait patiently for your confirmation.

I must say, however, that I am anticipating for a Mr. Darcy. Ron, I think, reminds me of Mr. Collins.

Don't tell him that.

Yours truly,

Hermione Jean Granger

Thursday, 28th of November

"He hasn't owled me back yet, Ron. I'm sorry." Hermione smiled apologetically at her redheaded friend. The latter shot her a pained smile before returning his attention to his usual abundant lunch.

She wasn't lying. She hadn't received a reply from him yet. Tomorrow, perhaps? She did say that she gave Ron a week for her answer. But he was never tardy. Not that she knew him very well but basing on his high upbringing, punctuality was a must.

Or he's very busy to attend to her letters.

But what was she doing? Making her Daddy Dragon as an excuse to Ron was rude. She was her own lady and made her decisions alone. For Merlin's sake, she never asked for his consent when she bought old Crookshanks! So there was only one thing in her mind that led her to believe that she was just stalling him and that she didn't want to be his ball partner at all.

She liked Ron! She definitely did! And that liking was platonic.

Although the real question was; did he like her? It could be some ploy to shoo Lavender Brown away from his arms and Hermione did not want to be used.

Not anymore, that is.

note: this chapter has been stuck in my drafts for two years. i need to free them. BE FREEE