2nd February


Kim: Ryan, you're back. Please will you take these off of me. Farrah will be going out of her mind with worry. If you let me go, I promise I won't say a word to anyone about anything to do with Amy or Tegan. Please let me go.
Ryan: I'm sorry. But you're not going anywhere.

Ryan: But I'm not a murderer.
Kim: No you're not. You are a good person. I think that we could fix this, together.
Ryan: You really think so?
Kim: Yeah. All you need to do is let me go. And we can make everything ok again.

And just as I thought I was getting through to him, his phone had to go off. He immediately ran to the door. I tried running after him, begging him not to leave me. But he closed the door on me and locked me in. And just left me there. I yelled and screamed but I knew no one would be able to hear me. I could just hope that Farrah would start searching for me soon. But maybe after our argument she wouldn't care about me anymore. She thought I was cheating on her. I would never do that to her, I love her so much. After Esther I never thought I could love someone again. But then I met her. She helped me get better again, helped me to move on from all the negative things that had happened in the last year. She makes me so happy, I would never do anything to hurt her. I shouldn't have listened to Sami, I should've just told Farrah what was really going on. But Sami convinced me to keep my mouth shut. I just hope that when I get out, if I get out, that I can convince Farrah of the truth. That the secret I was keeping was not even really my secret. That I would never betray her by sleeping with someone else. That she was the only one for me.


The police didn't seem to take my girlfriend missing serious at all. Saying that she hasn't been missing long enough for them to do anything. Maybe I can ask Sami to help me figure out what has happened? They seemed to be keeping some kind of secret from me. Maybe that's why she left?

Sami had found out that Kim had booked two plane tickets to Tenerife. It looks like she was cheating on me after all. The day she left, when I confronted her about her argument with my brother, she promised me that there was no one else. I knew it was all too good to be true. I loved her so much and she made me so happy. She was the first person I truly trusted. Enough to tell her about my dad, something that I had never spoken about to anyone before. But apparently she didn't love me at all. She was off to Tenerife with someone else having a great time. While she left me without saying a word. Didn't even have the guts to just break up with no. No she had to cheat on me, like all the rest of them. I really thought that Kim could've been the one. The one to maybe spend the rest of my life with.

3rd February

I've woken up with my hands still tied behind my back. I tried getting the ropes off but to no avail. With being tied up and having to sleep on the floor, my whole body feels sore. For a moment when waking up I could've sworn it was all just a bad dream. I could pretend that the reason why it was so dark in here, was because it was still early in the morning and Farrah liked the curtains in our room to be closed so the sun wouldn't wake her up. I always liked them to be open so I could see the sun shining through the window.
For a while, after Esther had broken up with me and I was all alone, I hated waking up. I had nothing to wake up for. No partner, no job, no family that would care to see me. But then when I started going to see Farrah for counselling. I suddenly had something to look forward to again.
And now I'm stuck here. I don't even know where I am precisely. Somewhere in the school I know that much. And with the school still being closed the chances of someone being here are slim. Maybe someone at the building site will come by. I should try again to get these ropes of off me. Maybe then I can start searching for a way out, if there even is a way out.

Finally I managed to get these ropes of. It feels great to be able to move properly again. I've tried searching for a way to escape but the door seems to be locked. On the plus side I did manage to find some food. For whatever reason people decided to leave cans of beans in here. I can't imagine what anyone would be keeping them here for. But I'm just relieved that I have some food. And I can drink water from the tap, thank God they haven't closed of all of the water. Maybe this can help me survive for a couple of days, but I need someone to find me soon. Maybe Ryan will return, maybe he is regretting keeping my locked up here. I promised him that I wouldn't say a word about what he had done. And if I have to keep my mouth shut to keep myself alive I will do that.
I wonder if Farrah is thinking about me, wondering where I am. Or maybe she doesn't care that I'm gone. She practically broke up with me last time we spoke because she thought I was having an affair. Sami probably won't mind me being gone, his secret is safe this way. Maybe he'll actually try to convince Farrah that there was someone else so she won't come searching for me. He wouldn't go that far though would he? I haven't done anything wrong to him. I kept his secret, it even taking a toll on my relationship with his sister. But I still didn't tell her the truth. He wouldn't be that cruel just to safe his own skin right?

12th February


Farrah: What about Ellie?
Sami: Ellie's got nothing to do with James. I genuinely really like her.
Farrah: Than you're even more stupid than I thought. The risks you've taken. Sneaking around. If anyone had found out what you were up to.
Sami: Yeah well they did. Kim
Farrah: What are you saying?
Sami: Look she was threatening to tell people and then she just disappeared. Problem solved. I just went with the story so you didn't chase after her.
Farrah: She wasn't cheating on me?
Sami: Well I mean, she booked those plane tickets. So maybe, I don't know.
Farrah: And you didn't know for sure? That is messed up. I should've been out there looking for her.
Sami: I know, I'm sorry.
Farrah: No Sami, it's way too late for sorry.

I can't believe that Sami could do something like this. He saw how much I was hurting and he just kept on lying to protect his secret. What if that's the reason why she left me. That she didn't want to be involved with my brother's scheming. Or maybe she left because I accused her of cheating on me. I should've known she would never cheat on me. She loved me I knew that. But I let my stupid insecurities take over. What if she never contacts me again. What if I have lost her for good. Maybe she left some clues at the house of where she could've gone to. I try calling her again. But it seems like her phone is out of use. How badly did she want to disappear? With Tegan in a coma I would expect her to wanting to be here in case she woke up. Thinking about Tegan had she had a chance to listen to the voicemail yet? Could that maybe have something to do with her phone being out of use? Maybe there was something on that voicemail that she wasn't supposed to hear. What if Tegan getting in a coma wasn't an accident, what if she was meant to get hurt? And what if the person that hurt Tegan knew about Kim having that voicemail on her phone. Maybe they got to the house and kidnapped her to keep her quiet. Oh God what if she got hurt. Or worse what if they killed her.

13th February


I have no idea how long I've been here, but it feels like eternity. I'm bored out of my mind, I had thought that Ryan would have been back by now. I really thought he would change his mind but it seems like he's planning on leaving me here to die by the looks of it. I've haven't even heard any of the builders working, maybe they all left. Or maybe I'm so far away hidden in the school that it's just impossible for me to anything that goes on outside. I'm certain though that no one has passed this room. I've been trying so hard to hear any signs of people but nothing.
The beans, I've been eating for maybe the past couple of days if not longer, I'm already so sick of them. I know I should be happy that I've gotten at least something to eat, but my God this is torture. But at least they give me some energy to try to escape. I've tried to break the door open but nothing I did would make it go open. I've tried hitting it with a broom, poor broom had no chance of survival. Practically throwing my own body at the door to try and break it open must have been one of my worst ideas, and I've had quite a few the past couple of years being in this village. But I might actually regret this one the most. Because it hurt so incredibly much, I think I might have broken something. So I gave up on trying to escape. I decides to just wait for someone to pass by and save me.
Being stuck here there's nothing to do, nobody to talk to. Because there aren't that many tins of beans left. I knew I couldn't eat to many at a time. I would need as many of them if I wanted to survive in here so I decided to make a little game out of it. I would count al the tins, then I would count all of the beans inside of them so I could figure out how many I could eat, and how long the beans would last me in here before I would starve to death. I always liked maths so this is great, I would nearly call it fun if I wasn't in such a miserable situation. Or maybe I'm just going insane, yeah that's sounds more likely.


I've searched everywhere at home. Anything that could lead me to finding out where Kim is. I didn't find anything that might suggest that there was a struggle of some kinds. Still Kim could have been forced to leave. Her passport was still in the drawer so I knew that Kim hadn't just left to go on holiday as my brother had suggested. I had barely spoken a word to him after he confessed what he had done. I had told the entire family of what he had done. That he forced my girlfriend to keep quiet. That maybe if it wasn't for his lies I would have searched harder for her. But with me thinking that she was cheating on me, I actually tried not to think about her. It hurt too much picturing her with another woman. How stupid was I to believe Sami. I expected my family to be upset with Sami, but I didn't quite expect my mum to yell at him the way she did. I don't think I had ever heard her yell like that before. I nearly made me feel sorry for him. My mum promised she would ask around the hospital, see if anyone had seen or heard anything regarding Kim.

Misbah: Don't worry darling, I'm sure she'll be back soon safe and sound. I will ask my colleagues if they have heard anything about Kim. You should go ask the Cunningham's, see if they saw anything suspicious that day. Maybe they heard Kim arguing with someone?
Farrah: Thanks mum I will do that. I'm just so scared. What if she's dead? What if she died thinking that I didn't love her. The last thing we did together was arguing. I shouldn't have yelled at her like that.
Misbah: You shouldn't think that way. Have you heard anything from the police yet?
Farrah: No nothing. I don't think that Kim is a real priority for them. How is Tegan doing by the way? Has she woken up yet?
Misbah: No unfortunately her condition hasn't changed. She doesn't seem to be getting better, but on a positive note she doesn't seem to be getting worse either.
Farrah: What caused her to get in a come in the first place? I know they found her in the bathtub with a bottle of wine. Did she just drink herself into a coma? Or could it have been caused by something else?
Misbah: What do you mean by something else? Right now it does look like she just drank way too much. Poor girl, I had no idea she was struggling with something. She seemed to be doing fine at work.
Farrah: Nothing mum. Yeah I wish I had noticed something. Kim also told me that she seemed to be doing just fine. She seemed happy with Ryan for as far as I could tell.
Misbah: I should go, my shift starts soon. Take care sweetheart. If you need anything just call me alright?
Farrah: Yeah I will, thanks mum. Good luck at work. Bye.