This morning when I woke up with Farrah in my arms I knew we were solid and that nothing could destroy us. Just in this sort period of time we've already been through a lot. We had spent the night mostly talking to each other about our childhood, our time at school and past relationships. I never really had any relationships apart from being with Esther. During my college years when I figured out I was gay, I went out a lot. Had a few one night stands but I never really went out with someone longer than a few weeks. I just wanted to enjoy life and have fun. A part of my was also insecure about opening up to someone and maybe scaring them away. To be honest I hadn't really been through that much back then. The worst thing that I had done was sleep with my sister's fiancé and get myself knocked up. Compared to all the other things that have happened after that, well it sounds pretty tame. Before I had figured out my sexuality I had dated a few blokes. Not because I really liked them or anything, they were nice, but I never really felt anything for them. I was never in love with any of them. I just dated them because everyone else dated too. I thought that this was just part of life and I wanted to fit in with the rest. And what I felt for Joe at the time, well my obsession really, you can't count that as true love either. Yes he was very good looking and a great guy overall. But having to imagine actually being with him, or just being in a relationship with any guy, no thank you.

Farrah's past relationships weren't that special either. She nearly moved in with someone she knew from college , but that didn't go through when she figured out that girl was cheating on her. I can't imagine anyone thinking that they could do better than my Farrah. But hey, their loss not mine. We also started talking about our families. It was weird for me to speak about them, having no contact with my parent for the last two years. It got me a bit emotional having to think about the happy moments we share. The same goes for Lindsey. We went through so much stuff together. We had some pretty nasty fights but in the end we were always there for each other. And though I hate the person that she had become in the end. I still miss that sister she used to be, the one that would listen to me complain about a long shift at the hospital. Or the one that would take care of me when I was ill, and try to make me laugh when I was upset. It's weird to think about that girl having turned into a monster. Farrah didn't mind me talking about Lindsey, she knew all the crimes she had committed. But she understood and actually encouraged me to talk about the good times we shared. It was hard losing a sister but Lindsey dying was her actually getting a way out. I don't know if she had survived being in prison, not being able to see her children grow up. Her dying was for the best in the end. Though I ended up being the one to deal with the consequences of her actions. People looking at me differently, acting as if I had helped her kill all those innocent people. I couldn't blame them for thinking, after all I had tried my hardest to keep her out of prison. But I never could kill someone. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I had done that. We had ended up falling asleep somewhere in the early morning. And when I woke up with this beautiful woman in my arms. I knew that this was so much more than I could have ever have hoped for, that things were finally looking up for me. I let Farrah sleep for a few more minutes until I woke her up.

Kim: Morning sweety, how did you sleep?

Farrah: Great, but I do wish that we had gotten to sleep a bit earlier. What time is it?

Kim: Quarter past ten. Do you want to go get some breakfast?

Farrah: I don't wanna get up.

Kim: Fine I'll call room service than. What do you want to eat?

Farrah: Anything's fine by me really.

Kim: Ok, just don't start complaining when the food arrives and you don't like it.

Farrah: Are you always this bossy in the morning? Because I don't remember you being this way before.

Kim: Maybe it's just because you had a short night of sleep. We'll take it easy this morning. Maybe we can go sit by the swimming pool later?

Farrah: Yeah that sounds good. It might also be a chance for me to get some more sleep that way.

Kim: Oh wow, you're really excited for an adventurous and active holiday aren't ya?

Farrah: I was more thinking of us two relaxing by the swimming pool. Maybe go down by the beach later, take a nice stroll. You know letting us actually have a nice and relaxing holiday. After everything with Ryan we deserve some calm and peace.

Kim: So should I cancel the hike that I had planned for the afternoon?

Farrah: You're kidding right? Tell me you're kidding. And by the way why do you look so well rest? You have had just as much sleep as I have. And you still look amazing, can't imagine what I must look like.

Kim: Oh baby don't be too hard on yourself, you're still beautiful.

Farrah: Aw thank you, you sweet talker.

Kim: At least this way I don't have to worry about any cute Spanish women stealing you away from me.

Farrah: So that's why you wanted to talk so much. I get it. It wasn't like you were actually interested in what I had to say, it was just for your own insecure self.

Kim: You're always so right. Now you know I hate saying this, but get off of me for a moment please so I can order us some food. I'm starving.

Farrah: But you're so comfortable. And warm. And you smell really nice.

Kim: And I had forgotten how clingy you can get when you're tired. And it might be the cutest thing ever, I really want some food.

Farrah: Fine have it your way I'll move over a bit.

When Kim was ordering breakfast, Farrah was calling her mum to check up on thing back home. According to Misbah, Tegan's brain activity had been going up. This meant that she was getting closer to waking up which was fantastic news. Maybe soon she would be able to expose Ryan. But there was also something else. Apparently Ryan was out and proud now. Him and Ste were now officially in a relationship. After everything that Ryan had done, now he had finally chosen to be himself. If only he had done that before killing Amy.


I can't believe it. Ryan Knight chooses this moment to come out to everyone. He really should have done that a bit sooner. Like before he killed his wife. Unbelievable, him and Ste and the kids. The perfect little family. If only they knew what kind of man Ryan Knight really was. It has got me thinking about Harry. The poor man has been locked up innocently and now he has also lost the love of his life Ste. I wonder if he has already heard about Ste hooking up with Ryan. When he finds out it will probably destroy him. At least Tegan is doing better. Maybe soon she'll be able to tell the police everything and Harry will be released. And I will be able to go back to Chester and move on. And those poor kids. Leah and Lucas have no idea what their stepdad has done to their mum. They seem to adore Ryan. When they found out the truth it will destroy them. They have already been through so much, they don't deserve this.

After they had finished breakfast they changed into their swimsuits and went downstairs to the swimming pool.

Farrah: This pool looks amazing. Honestly this entire hotel looks amazing. I wasn't really able to get a good look at it last night. Should probably send Sami a text later, thanking him for having great taste in hotels.

Kim: I can name a few other things that look quite amazing.

Farrah: Are you trying to hit on me miss Butterfield?

Kim: Oh no miss Maalik, I wouldn't dare to that. But if you mind me enjoying the view. I could stop.

Farrah: No please do continue, forget I said anything.

Kim: But seriously it does look amazing. I would have never been able to have gotten us in this hotel. I had booked a small apartment for us. It was a bit further away from everything, but the pictures online look good. Same for the reviews.

Farrah: I would have also loved staying in an apartment with you. As long as you are there I can enjoy anything.

Kim: Ok now you are the one hitting on me.

Farrah: Oh no, I wouldn't dare to that.

Kim: Course you wouldn't. You want to go for a swim?

Farrah: Sure, let's get in.

After the girls had gone for a swim, they had even raced each other a few times. They were now on the beds enjoying the sun and resting a for a bit.

Kim: I've been searching the internet for any good places where we can go for some lunch. I have found this sea food restaurant. It has got pretty good reviews overall. And it's not that far away from here either. About a 15 minute walk.

Farrah: Sounds good, it's now nearly ten past twelve. Do you want to get back upstairs and get changed? It will also give me some time to take shower.

Kim: Only if I can join you in the shower. To save water of course.

Farrah: I didn't know you were such an environmentalist.

Kim: I love the way that I can still surprise you after all this time.

Farrah: Come to think of it. Maybe I just missed the signs.

Kim: What do you mean?

Farrah: Well I've just realised how often you have joined me when I was taking a shower before. I thought that you just really enjoyed my company. But you were only trying to save the earth. I actually feel a bit disappointment if I'm honest with ya.

Kim: Oh babe no don't be sad. Let me make it up to you. But this time we might not be saving that much water. Probably will be wasting a lot of it.

Farrah: Well considering all the water that was saved before because of your great thinking.

Kim: You're trying so hard to not sound too sarcastic right now.

Farrah: As I was saying, because of all the water that was saved. We could waste a bit now. If you can put your principals aside that is.

Kim: For this special occasion, I think I can let the environmentalist in me go for a bit.

Farrah: Lucky me I guess.

Kim: Trust me, you'll be feeling very lucky when I'm done with you.