Scene11: Helicarrier top deck.

A Hoverjet had just landed, and soldiers launched off out of it. Right now, the Helicarrier was locked in a battle with Squad Two. Among the soldiers a dark-skinned male stepped off, taking a deep breath.

"Oh god, Tony. Why did you bring me here?" He asked, glancing around, he was about to take a step when a giant, spiked, black ball came flying out, smashing into the helicarrier. The resulting explosion sent the man flying across the deck, groaning. "Oh god… Nnn, oh yeah, that hurts," He said, taking a breath trying to steady himself and keep calm as he stood back up. Thankfully, he made it out with only a scrape. It could have been much worse.

"Just surrender already. Geez, it's almost breakfast time! Captain Soi Fon will be pissed if I don't take all y'all out, so… I guess no holding back no more!" Omeda said, the heavyset lieutenant of Division Two standing off in the distance hands, grasping the chain connected to the giant wrecking-ball-like weapon. Lifting the chain, he began swinging the ball around in the air before launching it at another hoverjet, destroying the vehicle with ease. A piece of metal flying off and knocked the aforementioned male over again

"Will ya stop?... God damn… Geez, now I see why they needed me," He said, struggling to get back up.

"No can do, human. Gotta do what I can to stop this invasion or whatever. Sorry, ya gotta die too." Omeda said. He readied himself once more, and began swinging the ball around in the air.

"Die? Yeah, no, but you just might make me angry and heh, buddy, let me tell you….ya won't like me when I'm angry," He said, his eyes flashing green as Omeda launched his weapon, only to watch with slight horror as the man began bulking out. His clothes ripping to shreds, sliding off his body as it grew in mass and size. His flesh turned dark green. Reaching out, he caught Omeda's zanpakuto with one hand, gripping it tightly.

"HULK NO LIKE YOU!" He screamed, his voice having became lower. He yanked on the ball and thus the chain connecting it, and dragged Omeda in. "HULK SMASH PUNY MAN!" His giant hands grasped Omeda, and drove him into the ground, resulting in the shinigami letting out a yell of pain.

"Hado#4, Bakuyai," Omeda choked out, he pressed the palm of his hand against Hulk's chest, a bright white light forming as the green giant was launched off of omeda by a powerful electrical blast. Omeda gasped for breath as he stood up, but Hulk - a tad stunned - had recovered quickly.

"THAT TICKLED HULK! HULK NO LIKE!" He shouted. Omeda grasped his weapon quickly. What the hell was this thing? One of the Avenger things that Sousuke talked about? Whatever it was, it wasn't a human.

"Time to get serious… Sorry, but I'm more afraid of failing the captain than I am of facing you, bro" Omeda said, he swung his weapon and launched it. This time, hitting Hulk directly, who was launched back and clean across the helicarrier's flight deck. Letting out a grunt, the beast skidded to a halt and glared at the shinigami.

"HULK…..SMASH!" He screamed, he reached over and grasped a damaged hoverjet, lifting the entire vehicle with ease, and launching it at Omeda. His eyes went wide, and he dodged quickly.

"Holy crap," Omeda said, his eyes staring at the crushed plane lodged in the side of the helicarrier's comtower. However, the fight was far from over, as Hulk launched himself from the ground with a loud roar, flying into the sky before smashing down in front of Omeda, shattering the ground beneath him and knocking the shinigami back.