Copyright: I only own the challenge idea everything else belongs to there rightful owners

challenge: the Slightly Damned cast gets pulled into a room by some omnipotent beings, who decided to teach both the races of heaven and hell how pointless there fighting is, by making them watch the transformers series, from g1 to beast wars and so on, how will the Slightly Damned cast react to a war that raged for millions of years and how will it effect the races of angels and demons alike only time will tell.

Rules: the only rules are how ya decide to make the fanfic if you want to take up this challenge bit I highly recommend making the cast react the the generation one transformers series first, but you can decide what series of the franchise they react to, it's your choice, also the games like war for cybertron and fall of cybertron count as well just think of a way to make both games sound like movies, also if you're going to do the challenge send me a private message or leave a review, also please tell me what you think about this challenge by also leaving a review

best regards to anyone who wants to do this challenge, that is all