Chapter one

Hot pain fills my stomach as I find myself taking in a breath as I feel her press down. I know she has to do it,to figure out what's going on with me,but it's uncomfortable none the less. Ciara made me come to the ER after the pain contiuned to get worse,and my fever spiked,and I'm now sorta glad she did,she's in the waiting room now,she couldn't come in with me,hospital policy. "Easy Tripp,it's alright sweetheart,just take a deep breath in and out,I know it hurts"she murmurs as I try to take a deep breath,feeling the pain dissapate for the moment as I feel her card a cool hand through my hair. "Is it bad Kayla"I ask softly,afraid to know the answer,but knowing I need to know,as I see her sit on the bed beside me,grabbing my hand tightly. "Afraid so honey,it looks like it might be appendicitis, I think I want to get you started on some morphine, help control the pain a bit,make you more comfortable,before I have to check one more thing,then I'll call down to the OR,get it set up"she murmurs softly as I see her get up,then she steps out,beckon's for a nurse,then comes back in. She grabs the materials for the iv,then comes over to me,and takes my arm in her hand.

I feel her rub an alcohol wipe on my arm,then she gently palpates my arm,finding a vein,and sticking me with it gently. I see some blood well up to the surface as she pushes it in slowly,watching for whatever she needs to watch for,then takes the needle out,leaving the catheter in. She then tapes it to the inside of my arm,then takes the clamp off of the tubing,then the fluid starts flowing freely. "Ok honey,we're all done for now,I'm going to need to get you on your side alright"she murmurs as the nurse comes over,"Ok"I murmur,too tired and hurting to care right now,I'll do what they need me to do to get me better. I let the nurse help me,careful of the iv,then get's me settled,pillow against my stomach,then I sense Kayla come behind me.

"It'll be over soon honey I promise,it's going to feel cold for a minute alright"she murmurs as I feel a hand on my lower back, then another pulling down my boxers. I try not to think about it as she does what she needs to,the pain meds make it a bit more bearable,and it's over before I know it. She throws her gloves away at this point,then comes back over and helps me get comfortable,still on my side,and positions the bed just right. "Alright,I'm going to call down to the Or and see about getting you in as soon as possible ok,do you want me to get Ciara for you"she murmurs softly as I feel her squeeze my shoulder, "yeah,I would like that"I murmur, "alright,i'll be back with her shortly,just hang in there"she murmurs softly kissing me on the cheek,then leaving.

Then I'm alone,for the first time since all of this started,and it's scary,I don't like being alone,not with all this stuff going on,the last thing I want is to be alone. But I'll be ok,I know it, I've dealt with pretty shitty stuff over the years unfortunatley,life's dealt me some pretty bad hands. I haven't been sick enough to be in the hospital in several years though,thankfully. If I can get through this I can get through anything,and it's not like I'm alone this time,I have Ciara,I have Claire,I have Kayla,I have dad. With these thoughts in mind,I slowly fall asleep,knowing somehow this will all be ok,and I'll be fine.