Clutching the letter tightly in his hands, Leopold Stotch's eyes grew as large as dinner plates.

"I-I can't believe it, I'm a wizard."

Nothing good ever happened to Leopold, he was the main target for bullies, and not to mention, his parents were overly strict, and his father grounded him every chance he got.

"I don't believe it, I really don't believe it."

Thoughts flooded his mind. There was no way he could be a wizard, this HAD to be a joke, right?

As it would turn out, this was no joke, Leopold Stotch, was in fact, a wizard.

"Do you have your stuff ready Poopsykins?"

Eric Cartman groaned.

"Yes Mom."

"Good! I don't want my little angel to be suffering at Hogwarts."

Eric's mother reached over, and ruffled his hair, causing him to clench his teeth to supress a groan.

He was eleven now, practically a man, when would she stop treating him like such a child?

"Got everything you need Stan?!"

"Yep Dad!" Stan Marsh yelled, throwing his suitcase in the back of the truck.

Here he was, prepared to start his first day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy.

"You know Stan, your sister was in Slytherin, and your mother was in Ravenclaw, I'm a muggle, so I didn't go to Hogwarts, which house do you think you'll be placed in?" his dad asked, as he drove to the train station.

Stan shrugged.

"I don't know, I'm hoping I don't get placed in Slytherin though, having to live with Shelly during the summer is bad enough, I don't even want to think about sharing a common room with her."

His dad let out a small chuckle.

"Yeah, I can see that."

He then pulled up to the train station.

"Well, we're here, see you at Christmas!"

Stan took a deep breath, grabbed his suitcase, and made his way to platform nine and three quarters.

"I can't believe it! My little bubbe is starting Hogwarts!"

"It's okay Mom, you don't have to cry, I'll be fine," Kyle Broflovski said, blushing slightly, hoping that no one was paying attention this is hysterically crying mother.

"He's right Sheila, you and I both made it through Hogwarts without so much as a stratch," Kyle's dad said, putting a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

Just like a light switch being turned off, Sheila's water works stopped. She stood up straight, and smoothed out her skirt.

"Now then, you better be off, and remember, to follow the rules, and pass all your classes."

"I will Mom, I promise!" Kyle exclaimed, running through the wall before his mother could hassle him more.

"Look Stuart! Kenny's going to be a wizard!" Kenny McCormick's mom exclaimed, waving around a piece of paper, which was Kenny's letter to Hogwarts.

"Wow, think he can magic up some money for us?" Stuart said.

"Oh that'd be fantastic! Then we can buy two bottles of vodka instead of just one!"

From his bedroom, Kenny sighed. He was glad that he was getting way from this hell hole.

However, a thought lingered in his brain, what would he do about Karen?