Parallel World. Code Geass

Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch

By: Sunrise & CLAMP

Parallel World. Code Geass

By: Kawaihana

First of all, Code Geass is not Hana's creation. Hana just borrows the title & the characters only. Hana only slightly changes the storyline by inserting one OC made by her.

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Chapter 1

Yuka POV

My name is Yuka Ishana. Soon I am 17 years old. My hobbies are reading comics & watching anime. My collection is very much. Even my room is now almost like a comic library than a girl's room.

Right now I'm sitting in front of my laptop and just finished watching the anime I just got (even though the movie has been a long time release) which is called Code Geass. I finished watching Season 1 two days ago and the rest of season 2 just finished. The Ending is heart-wrenching, Lelouch dies & hears Nunnally crying over, makes me cry …

I looked towards the clock, it was already at 10 pm. I intend to close the media player page I'm using to watch and turn off the laptop and go to bed. But something strange happened. The media player is not closed and even showing a white screen. "Error probably..." I tried to restart my laptop but it didn't work. My laptop is still showing the media player page with a white screen. Maybe it's just my feelings that are now panicking afraid something very bad happen to my laptop, I feel the white screen is increasingly sparkling. I closed my eyes with my hands because of the shine, then suddenly everything went dark.

When I woke up, with my slightly blurred vision, I saw myself in a place that looked like a shed. When all my senses begin to work properly, I smell a very unpleasant odor. As I turned around I saw many people or rather bodies wearing uniforms like military uniforms lying around. Behind the uniformed corpse was also a lot of ordinary people. I felt nauseous and felt like throwing up. "i ... this... where is this ... what happened ..." I feel confused. I should be in my room, but now I'm in this horrible place. "i ... this must be a dream, yes it must be a dream. This kind of thing is impossible ..." "This is not a dream" I do not have time to finish my words for being cut by someone. A woman's voice.

I searched for the source of the sound, and then I saw a woman, she had a long green hair and yellow (or golden?) Eyes with blood on her forehead. I think I've seen that girl. I kept thinking and when my mind got the goal my body tightened. Yes, I must have seen it. The girl is in the anime I just finished.



Chapter 1 Completed

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