Parallel World. Code Geass

Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch

By: Sunrise & CLAMP

Parallel World. Code Geass

By: Kawaiihana

The only way is to sneak quietly. I'll talk to C.C tomorrow about how

Chapter 4

Now, I and C.C are heading to Ashford Academy where Lelouch lives. We sneak quietly when it's getting dark. At that time the Academy area was rather quiet, the students certainly couldn't be allowed to roam when it got dark. There were only a few guards and some of them seemed to be seriously looking at the news about Suzaku being accused of murdering Prince Clovis.

I told C.C where Lelouch lived, now I just followed C.C sneaking quietly towards a building at the Ashford Academy.

Finally, we found it. Now we must be careful with Sayoko. I had warned C.C that there was a maid named Sayoko who served Lelouch and his sister. But Sayoko is not an ordinary maid.

I once again reminded C.C of Sayoko, but she continued to walk forward saying that he did not care and was not afraid at all. But I'm still nervous, I still can't get used to all this.

Finally, we heard a sound that sounded like the sound from the radio was heard from one of the rooms. Without hesitation, C.C opened the door of the room that was the source of the sound and I saw Nunally sitting in her wheelchair. She moved her head slightly and thought that who came was Sayoko. Now I just remembered, when C.C came in this room there was only Nunally alone. It seems like the nervousness that is on me covers my memory. I really forgot about this one. I became ashamed myself of being called 'fortune telling' by C.C who was now looking at me like she was reading my mind.

To reply to my mistake I walked forward first and introduced myself and C.C to Nunally. "Sorry, you're Nunnally Lelouch's sister, right? My name is Yuka and it's next to me C.C. We're your brother's friend. Is your brother here?". I introduced myself and C.C to Nunally while asking about Lelouch. Even though I already knew that Lelouch wasn't here. Nunally turned the wheelchair over and answered with a smile "My brother is not here. So you two are my brother's friends, I'm happy. You see, he rarely bring his friends here. What if you wait here for a while. Maybe soon my Brother will come home ". "All right, we'll wait here. Sorry to bother you" I accepted her offer. "Then please sit down. Umm ... sorry ... Sayoko is not at home and I can't make a tea for you" Nunally said with a rather sad expression. "It's okay. Just let me make it, but please show me where the kitchen is," I offered. "Alright. But sorry, I'm troubling you, even though you're a guest," answered Nunally rather embarrassed while showing the location of the kitchen. "It's okay. Don't think about it too much. We also came here suddenly" I told Nunally.

I had made tea and wanted to put it on the table when I saw Nunally and C.C making a paper crane together. Nunally made the paper crane while smiling cheerfully, while C.C remained with her expressionless face. I put down the cup filled with tea while smiling a little to see the two of them. After that, I sat next to Nunally and took part in making paper cranes with them.

When I was engrossed in making paper cranes suddenly the door opened and someone said: "I'm home". The one who opened the door was Lelouch. and the one who answered Lelouch was C.C. Lelouch showed a surprised expression and didn't even say a word. Of course. Who is not surprised to see someone who should have died, is now in front of yourself and is sitting while making a paper crane in your house.


Chapter 4 Completed

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