I had just watched the Infinity War some days ago and I had gotten a strong urge to write about Loki. This fic for a while takes place in their childhood so do not worry about spoilers… yet:)

The dark-haired boy sneaked up on his brother's friends, their backs facing him. He slowly reached out to tug the only girl in the group's braid. The hairband fell into the boy's hand easily.

"Hey!" The girl shouted, grabbing her hair. She glared at the other boys suspiciously, wondering who did it. All four of them looked back at her with similar confused expressions. Giving one last glare, the girl shrugged, and they resumed walking. Sitting on one of the lamp posts half hidden in the shadows, the dark-haired boy giggled to himself.

The light blonde of the four boys held up a mirror to the girl, holding it in a position so both of them could be seen.

"Look at my hair, Sif. Isn't it so wonderful and silky?"

"It looks idiotic. Get of," Sif rolled her eyes and shrugged of the boy's arm.

"Hmph," the boy sniffed haughtily, "it's not my fault that you don't understand the meaning of true beauty," and he pocketed his mirror.

"Oh shut up will you," said the girl irritably.

Suddenly the blonde screamed.

"Now what?" The girl huffed, both her fists on her hips. The three other boys still behind them ran to see what the commotion was all about.

"My mirror! It's missing," the blonde shrieked, remarkably similar to a girl.

"Oh Fandral," the dark-haired boy of the group groaned. "Grow up will you." The other boys sighed in relief that it was nothing threatening.

To the side on a tree, unnoticeable to the group, the black-haired boy's bright green eyes twinkled back at him mischievously from a round-framed, decorative mirror.

"MY HAMMER!" Yelled the dirtier-blonde of the group.

"Where is it!"

The other four shook their heads frantically as to show they didn't know where their friend's beloved hammer was when he towered over them angrily.

"Well then, who else would have taken it? It was you four who were here last night!"

Sif shrugged.

"Let's look around for it Thor. It'll be here, somewhere," she said looking around. Suddenly she spotted a familiar glint of metal behind one of the trees.

"Found it!" She yelled proudly, running towards it.

"Hold on!" Thor yelled, right behind the brunette's heels. The other two boys ran along with him too.

Then Thor shrieked.

"By Asgard! Why is my hammer covered in pink glitter!" He tried to shake it off, but nothing fell. A red ribbon was mockingly tied around the hammer and written on it with bold words, 'Surprise!'

The blonde's face was filled with disbelief and anger.

"Who did this?" He yelled through gritted teeth.

"Thor!" All five heads looked up, one fuming as a dark-haired boy with shining green eyes bounced towards them.

"Where were you guys? Mother is looking for you, you know," he said the latter by directing a look towards Thor.

"Brother!" Thor yelled in relief. He lifted up his glittered covered hammer and looked at his brother with big pleading blue eyes.

"Can you fix this? Please!"

His little brother's mouth twitched. Then it twitched a little more. Seconds later his shoulders were shaking, and when he finally couldn't take it, he erupted in laughter.

Thor scowled, while his other friends looked on amusedly. Despite himself, Thor smirked, lightened by the joy on his brother's face. He'd been too serious for the past few days.

"Ha ha. Very funny, I know Loki. Now can you fix it?" Thor mock-scowled.

"Hmm…" Loki took the hammer from Thor, making a show of tapping on it and even putting his ear near it's rear.

"I think so, but I'll need it for a few days to get it back into pristine condition. Is that alright with you?"

Thor nodded, looking so relieved that his hammer was not going to be covered in pink glitter for forever, that he didn't even care that he wouldn't be able to use his beloved weapon for a few days.

Standing next to his tall brother, Loki hid a smirk.

"ANOTHER!" Thor yelled, smashing his goblet on the large, round table.

When his goblet was again full with rich, steaming hot milk, he downed it all in one large gulp.

His mother rolled her eyes.

"At least he didn't yet acquire the habit of smashing his goblets," she whispered to her husband, who nodded along, but a few moments later smashed his goblet on the floor and demanded for another.

Frigga sighed and got up and walked towards her son's. Loki, she noted, was eating with manners at least.

"Mother," said boy looked up, wiping his mouth elegantly with a napkin.

Frigga smiled warmly at her youngest son. She gently ruffled his hair.

"So what all did you do today, Loki?"

He gave her such an impish grin, her heart warmed. He'd been so quiet for the past few weeks, she had grown worried. Not for the first time, she cursed that she couldn't spend much time with her son's. Her duties as the queen were always calling, day or night. Frigga was so proud of both of them for being so understanding, but she wished it weren't so.

"I first went to the lake to count all the different groups of fish and then to the library-"

"Of course," Thor interjected, grinning, and Loki scowled at the interruption. Pretending he hadn't heard his brother, Loki continued.

"And then I watched the guards squabble among themselves about various things, how on Asgard are they supposed to be guarding us when they can't even guard themselves!" Loki rolled his eyes.

"I agree on that brother," Thor nodded, his brows furrowed.

"Although, I do remember them angrily yelling at each other that one of them kept throwing rocks at the back of their heads."

Loki put up a thoughtful expression, as his mother arched an elegant eyebrow at him.

"I remember that too. I wonder who would do such an atrocious thing?" Loki sighed, his lips pursued in perfect disappointment.

"Mmh," Frigga gave him a knowing smirk, while Thor stared at his brother a little suspiciously, "I wonder too."

Loki bit his lip as Sif and Hogun rounded up on him. He raised his palms, crying out,

"It wasn't I, I wasn't even there! You can't blame everything on me!"

"Then who else would turn my sword into a toy and make Sif bald!" Hogun demanded.

"Alright alright. I turned your sword into a plush brown bear, but it wasn't I who was responsible for Sif's sudden loss of hair."

"I know you did it," Sif accused as she covered her bare head at the same time Hogun thrusted the cute little stuffed bear at Loki and hissed, "turn it back!"

"But," Loki gave Hogun a small frown, "don't you like it?"

"No!" Scoffed Hogun.

Loki gnawed his lip, "but the other day, on the grass when you all were sleeping, I heard you moaning for someone called Honey Bear and I thought you wanted some company."

Sif's jaw dropped as she turned to face a blushing Hogun, forgetting all about Loki.

"Erm- I," Hogun stammered and turned red.

"Honey bear!" Sif smirked. "Let's see the next time any of thou call me a silly girl," the brunette (well the not anymore brunette) teased the red-faced boy.

"Well you do kind of look like a boy," Hogun said a little hesitant, his eyes rather obviously rose to Sif's head which she promptly covered with her hands again.

"Call me a boy again and…" she left the threat hang and Hogun gulped audibly, but then wondered what he should call her.

Sif turned back to yell at Loki again, only to see the little boy had disappeared.

"LOKI!" She screamed.

"Brother!" Loki yelled dashing to hide behind a rather bewildered Thor.

"Erm Loki-"

"GET HIM!" Sif appeared, Hogun charging right behind her.

"What do thee want with my brother?" Thor asked, glaring a little at his friend's.

Loki's head popped out behind Thor's, his black fringe covering half of his face.

"They think I made Sif bald! It was not I and they blame me Thor!"

Thor turned to look at his brother suspiciously.

"It wasn't you?"

Loki looked hurt.

"Why? Do you not believe me?" Loki asked, his face blank.

"Of course I do little brother," said Thor hurriedly. Loki's face remained blank.

Thor grabbed Loki's shoulders, startling the little boy.

"I will always be on your side Loki. Even if I believe or not. And-" Thor's brows furrowed, "I think I can tell most of the time when you lie. But know this that I believe you now dear brother," Thor whispered into his ear, his hot breath tickling, making the little boy giggle slightly.

Loki smiled up at his older brother, his expression shining with gratitude.

Thor turned back to Sif, glowering.

"Apologize to my brother, Sif! He doesn't lie!"

Sif gulped and nodded looking down, but not before giving Loki one last glare that said that this wasn't over. Loki just smiled serenely at her.

Thor skipped outside (he walked!), bathing in the warm sunlight that streamed from the clear sky. He tried to whistle like the guards he usually heard did, but it sounded more like a raspberry kiss. He immediately gave up, looking furtively around, hoping no one heard. After all it would do no good for a prince of Asgard to sound like a baby.

He paused when he heard people giggling and shouting. For some reason he felt his heart beat increase and he ran toward the sounds. What he then saw made him see red.

A group of kids a bit older than Thor were surrounded Loki, throwing mud and rocks at him. One particular big looking boy was holding his little brother down, jeering at him.

But what made Thor freeze was his brother's expressionless, blank face and the usual vibrant green eyes dull and jaded. Their insults made Thor's blood burn.

"Your a nobody!"

"What? Can't your magic save you now? What a loser!"

"Prince Thor is a way better prince than you are! All you are is a freak a-and a monster!"

Thor screamed in fury, charging at his brother's tormentors, fists hitting anyone he could get. He hit, tore, and kicked at any body part, the only things on his mind were, 'Hurt them,' and, 'Get to Loki.'

The cowards ran away in terror, leaving Thor shaking in rage and Loki on the muddy ground.

"Brother!" Thor cried out, falling on his knees next to Loki. He hugged the thin frame, tears rolling down his eyes. His face buried in Loki's dark black hair, and cried,

"I'm so sorry brother that I wasn't here sooner. I shan't ever let them hurt you again! I will always protect thee, little brother!"

Loki said nothing.

Thor picked up his little brother gently and then ran to his mother.

Frigga was looking over the tall stacks of parchment, when she heard someone yelling.

"MOTHER! MOTHER!" She heard Thor scream frantically. Frigga rushed to open her door, worried.

"Thor what-" she gasped, covering her mouth when she saw her youngest covered in mud and bruises in Thor's arms, his expression blank.

"Oh Loki," she breathed. Then she recovered herself, nodding resolutely.

"Put your brother on the bed, Thor."

Thor nodded, looking very concerned about his brother, but also furious. He gently put Loki down, and her youngest son sat on the bed, his head down, the muddy black hair falling all over his face. His legs dangled from the bed, not reaching the ground.

Frigga reached out to touch Loki's pale arm. Her child flinched away from her and she felt tears well up in her eyes.

"Oh Loki, I'm not going to hurt you," she whispered sadly. Frigga hesitantly put her hand on Loki's messy hair. She slowly brought her lips to her son's forehead and gently kissed it.

"Can you let me heal you Loki?" She got a tiny nod to show he heard and she first healed the tiny cuts on his arm and then slowly the rest of her little boy's battered body.

After changing him into a fresh pair of clothes, Frigga lifted Loki up to place him on the top of the bed and covered him up in a blanket, but not too much as he tended to get hot.

"Sleep my dear," she told the boy who had already closed his eyes. Frigga finally turned to an agitated Thor.

"Come here my brave child," she opened her arms and Thor took that invitation as to run into her arms, tears streaming on his face.

"Why did they do that to him! I hate them Mother!" Thor yelled as softly as he could, glancing at his sleeping brother.

"Some people Thor," Frigga said while stroking her son's dirty-blonde hair, "fear and envy those that are just a little different. Your brother has a unique gift, but there are people who are jealous of it and do not welcome it so. But you my child, I'm so proud of you for protecting you brother like that. Promise me Thor that you will always be there for your brother. You both need each other, no matter what you might think now."

"I shall always be there for my Brother," Thor's blue eyes burned with promise.

Frigga smiled widely at Thor, "I know you will. Your a great brother Thor and I am blessed to have two beautiful and wondrous son's." Thor blushed and slipped out of his mother's embrace. He crawled towards Loki and slung an arm around his little brother, placing a sloppy kiss of his pale cheek.

"I love you little brother," he whispered. The younger boy unconsciously moved closer to his older brother and they both slept side to side, embracing.

Frigga smiled after a few moments, tears rolling down her cheeks as she watched her two sons chests rising and falling in schryntonized motion.

Then her dark blue eyes hardened and she rose out of her sitting position and swept out the door, marching in brisk steps towards the throne room, her blue cape billowing behind her.

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