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Chapter 4-Things get even fishier

Soon, everyone heard Skipper scream again.
The screaming came from the 13th tunnel.
Private ran through the tunnel.
He saw Skipper in a room.
"Skippah!" Private yelled.
Skipper looked at Private.
"Private, you have to save me. Now!" Skipper said.
"Okay!" Private said.
With the help of one paperclip, he managed to free Skipper from the chains.
The two of them escaped the tunnel.
They saw the rest of the group.
"Skipper!" Kowalski said.
"Kowalski!" Skipper said.
The two of them hugged each other.
Just then, the ground shook.
"Is this some sort of earthquake?!" Marlene asked.
"More like marsquake!" Kowalski yelled.
Everyone ran over to the Penguin One.
They got in, and a few minutes later, the Penguin One was back in space.
Kowalski was driving the spaceship this time.
Just then, he gasped.
"What is it?" Private asked.
"We're not near Earth. We're at the Asteroid Belt!" Kowalski yelled.
The Penguin One sped forward away from the Asteroid Belt.
"Yes! We're-wait! I sense something!" Skipper said.
He was controlling the radars.
He heard a noise.
A noise that sounded like a rush of wind.
Many, many rushes of wind.
"Um, guys, you should look at which planet we're heading towards to….." Marlene said, pointing at the window.
Everyone looked out the window.
They were heading towards Jupiter.
"Darn it!" Kowalski said.
The Penguin One sped forward again.
This time, it was close to Uranus.
"Oh come on!" Kowalski said, trying to control the buttons.
The Penguin One sped forward again.
This time, it was close to the Kuiper Belt.
"I have to go….." Marlene said, teleporting herself back to Earth.
"Me too" Julien said, teleporting himself back to Earth also.
The Penguin One sped forward again.
"Kowalski….." Skipper said.
"Yes?" Kowalski asked.
"We're going near the Oort Cloud" Skipper said.
"Oh boy….." Kowalski said.
The Penguin sped forward a little bit, then stopped.
"Skipper, the Penguin One just stopped" Kowalski said.
"Did we run out of gas?" Private said.
"No. We reached the heliopause" Skipper said.
Just then, the Penguin One sped forward.
"We're in the Heliosphere!" Kowalski said.
"Ouch" Rico said.
The Penguin One sped forward on Hyper Drive.
It was near another galaxy.
"Kowalski, can I drive now?" Skipper asked.
Kowalski nodded, then he and Skipper switched places.
Skipper tried to get the Penguin One back to Earth, but it instead sped forward on Hyper Drive again.
The Penguin One was seen landing in a desert.
Once it landed, Private opened his eyes.
"We're home!" He yelled.
"No, we're not" Kowalski said.
"Huh?" Private said, accidentally pressing a button.
The Penguin One sped backward on Hyper Drive.
It was then seen landing on Earth.
Right planet.
Right continent.
Right country.
Wrong state.
Wrong city.
The Penguin One landed somewhere the Penguins never wanted to go back to.
Not Denmark.
Not Seaville.
Not Antarctica.
New Jersey!
The penguins yelled in anger.
They seen saw a familiar gateway.
They were near…...The Hoboken Zoo!
They had to go back to New York.
But they knew someone would have to find a way to get out of Hoboken, New Jersey.
(To be continued in Skipper's Decision)

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