Rain streaks the windows; leaving trails of tears that collect along the edge of the pane, before being replaced with the next droplet. She can hear the sound of thunder rattling in the distance and lightning streaks the sky in a dazzling display.

The intensity of nature is something beautiful; something to be watched and admired from the safety of her window seat. She clutches the afghan wrapped around her more tightly and glances to the steam that slowly rises from the cup of tea she has settled on the end table beside her.

"Do you ever wonder," Charlie's voice trails off, from where he's been seated at the piano bench all afternoon. His gaze trails passed hers out the window and she wonder if he's catching the glimpse of Maya and her latest boyfriend spinning carelessly around on the grass.

She's not sure when he stopped playing and a frown momentarily pulls at her lips.

His hands settle back on the ivory keys and he starts up again; playing a soft and fluid melody that lacks something she can't quite put her finger on.

Her hand rests for a moment against the glass and, then, she takes a sip of her tea; turning her full attention back on the man across from her.

Their eyes meet, once, as he looks up to flip the page of his sheet music and she can't help thinking that this is exactly what she wanted. A smile full of adoration pulls at his lips and she returns it; closing her eyes and settling back against the cushions.