If you haven't guessed, all my SAO stories take place in an Alternate timeline were Kirito won his last duel with Yuuki in ALFhiem buy using the Excalibur, received the Mother's Rosario skill and was voted the 3rd Leader of the Sleeping Knight's guild, Hope you enjoy!xxoo

Alfhiem, floor 29 New Aincrad, March 28th 2026

It was possibly the biggest event in the history of Alfhiem, players were swarming left and right to the Colosseum on floor 29 in New Aincrad to see the final duel of the 4th annual master swordsmen tournament: Kirito vs Yuuki, ticket sale's were even higher then the one were Heathcliff and Kirito dueled during the SAO Incident, merchants were outside the stadium selling merchandise to the players, t-shirts, posters, banners, toy figures, flags in two different colours ( Black and white for Kirito or purple and red for Yuuki) and many more fan item's for supporters for either side, the players also took bets on who would win at the gamblers desk.

"I wager 100 credits on Kirito" a male cat sith said at the desk.

"Waste of money, I bet 150 on Yuuki" said the imp next to him.

"What do you mean? Kirito will defiantly win, he has the Excalibur!" The cat sith argued.

"But Yuuki has a unique 11 hit sword skill!" The Imp reminded him.

"The Excalibur is the most powerful sword in the game!" The cat sith said.

"Kirito lost to her last time they dueled" said the Imp smirking.

"Only because he didn't use the Excalibur" the cat with smirked.

"Only one way to settle this it seems" said the Imp, the cat sith smiled and both of them dropped a large bag of money on the gamblers desk.

"300" both said before leaving to take their seats at the stadium.

About a hundred thousand players were sitting inside the stadium where a large sand pit was centered in the middle where the two best players in Alfhiem were to battle, players were holding purple and red or black and white flags, holding posters saying different supportive phrases for either Yuuki or Kirito and two balcony's were standing over the crowd with one opposite the other, the sleeping knights were watching from they're side while Asuna, Klein, Lisbeth, Silica, Leafa, Sinon and Yui were watching from the other balcony.

''Oh this is so exciting!'' Silica exclaimed in excitement as she waved her black and white flag.

''Yeah, I've never knew there were this many players in Alfhiem until now'' said Lizbeth wearing painted black and white stripes on her cheeks.

''I'll tell you one thing though, once Kirito use's his Excalibur, Yuuki probably won't stand a chance'' Leafa explained ''The Excalibur is the most powerful sword in the game''

''But he defeated Oberon and he had one'' Klein pointed out wearing a white shirt saying 'Kirito for president!' In black on the front.

''That's because Oberon lacked the skill and experience for it'' Leafa said ''Kirito on the other hand has spent 2 and a half years in SAO honing his skill's making him more worthy of its power, him with that, he's pretty much invincible'' she finished, Asuna smiled.

''He's still almost invincible even without the sword'' she said ''However Yuuki is much more agile with her 11 hit sword skill, not even I could beat her'' she added, Klein huffed.

''Well I sure hope to hell that he wins, I bet half the item's in my inventory for his victory'' he revaled before a male Pooka in gold robes appeared in a puff of yellow smoke, he held a microphone in his hands to his lips.

''Ladies and gentlemen!'' Gonishi announced into the mic ''This is the moment you've all been waiting for, the ultimate battle, today history will be made in Alfhiem as the two most powerful players of the entire game do battle to prove once and for all who is the Ultimate sword-fighter! Both of them have fought tooth and nail to climb the ranks of the tournament but only one shall go down in history as the champion and take home the prize to mark this moment...The Golden Wings of Destiny!'' he finished making a small trophy with golden pair of wings on it in his free hand before the crowd cheered.

''On this side'' he turned to his left ''The player who some would say has the speed and strength of seven other players, the girl with the most unique sword skill ever seen, the co-founder and leader of the sleeping knights guild, the absolute sword, cheer foooooooor Yuuki!'' he revealed before a purple object flew at max speed around the stadium, it flew in a majestic pattern before purple fireworks exploded in the daytime sky, Yuuki's supporters cheered for her while Kirito fans booed her, Yuuki smiled as she basked in the attention from the crowd before landing beside Gonishi, she bowed to the audience.

''Aw man look at that entrance!'' he said in amazement, Yuuki blushed ''Yuuki how are you today?'' he asked holding the mic to her.

''Very good thank you'' she answered happily before Gonishi calmed the crowd down.

''Alright and on this side'' he turned to his right ''A player forged in the terror of SAO, he freed thousands from two madmen, a man with fire in his heart and a will made out of pure steel, The player who single handedly faced Oberons hordes at the world tree, the black swordsman, The hero of Aincrad, Ladies and gentlemen its the one the only...Kirito!'' he yelled before a large puff of black smoke emitted from the right side of the stadium, a beam of black smoke moved at high speed across the Audience and performed a series of aero-acrobatic moves in the sky as Kirito supporters cheered and even some of Yuuki's supporter's clapped for Kirito's performance, the trail of smoke then wrote 'Kirito' in the sky before it plummeted to the ground beside Gonishi opposite Yuuki, the smoke cleared to reveal Kirito with his fist on the ground wearing a black cape on his back, he smirked as he got up and bowed to the Audience how cheered for him in response, he face Gonishi who looked astonished by his entrance.

''Wow, I...I...I am speechless!'' he said eyes widened ''Kirito, how are you today?'' he asked him, Kirito took the mic of him.

''Better now that I'm about to show this girl her place'' he remarked on the Mic, the crowd oohed at his roast, Yuuki frowned and grabbed the mic.

''Ready to lose again Kirito?'' she coyly asked him, the crowd oohed at her comeback, Kirito took the mic.

''May the best man win'' he replied with a smirk, the crowd oohed loader at his roast, Gonishi took the mic with a smile.

''Oooh someone call 911 because shot's have been fired!'' he said ''But guy's this is a duel not a rap battle! We want to see some action here! Now players, this will be a fair battle, no healing magic, no flying, no shield magic, no crossbows and no fist's or kick's, now I know the duels have always had a 2 minuite time limit but since this is the championship round, they get 4 minutes! they are to go until either one of them lose's all heath or the time run's out and which ever player has the highest amount of heath left will be the winner!'' he finished as the crowed cheered, Gonishi held Kirito to him.

''Now Kirito, try to win please, I bet every credit I had on you, no pressure'' he whispered in his ear, Kirito just smiled.

''Don't worry'' he whispered back ''This time, she won't be so fortunate'' before he and Yuuki faced eachother, Gonishi flew to a safe distance as they both disabled their wings.

''Ready?'' Kirito asked her as he sent her the duel request.

''Are you?'' she replied pressing the accept button, the countdown began on ten seconds, Yuuki unsheathed her purple sword from her hip, Kirito took off his cape and brought out his Excalibur from his back, it's blade shone in the sunlight as he pointed the tip to her, the crowd gasped at the sight of the legendary weapon.

''No way!'' Jun shouted shocked.

''The Excalibur?!'' asked Nori.

''The strongest weapon in the game!'' Talken explained.

''How did he get that?!'' asked Tecchi.

Yuuki was shocked to see the weapon, she had no Idea that the player she once defeated was in possession of the legendary Excalibur, how come he didn't use it in their last duel? still, she was not going to let that dose her fiery spirit, she had her original sword skill, If this was her last duel then she at least was going to give it her all, she put her game face on as the counter reached five.

''Scared Yuuki?'' asked Kirito with a smile.

''You wish'' she frowned before the counter reached zero.

Kirito dashed forward and slashed his sword at Yuuki who blocked it with her own sword, causing a shock wave and sending her back a few feet, she charged at him and launched a few quick attacks at him which he either dodged or blocked with his own sword, the crowd watched in awe as the two players battled, Kirito responded by parrying her last attack and countered with slash's and jabs, Yukki blocked them but the force to the sword caused her to step back as she blocked, she yelled in fury and flurried with her sword at him, Kirito used an opportunity in her attack to block her attack's and slash her left knee, she grunted in pain as a red mark appeared were Kirito slashed her, her health decreased by 25 percent in the mid-yellow section, she retaliated by cutting his ear, he grunted as his health decreased by 10 percent, Kirito clutched his ear as Yuuki got back up.

''Your agility is unmatched'' he complemented.

''And your weapon has perfect heath per attack ratio'' she smiled back, the crowd cheered as the fight continued.

Kirito noticed that his attack in Yuuki's limb slightly decreased her speed as she attacked him again a little slower then before.

''the sword must have an area of effect feature'' he thought as he dodged another attack and countered it with a jab ''I could use that to my advantage''

He got curious and as Yuuki tried to stab him in the chest he slide along and slashed the back of her hand, she grunted and clutched it as her health decreased into the yellow, that really got her mad, she rushed at him and attacked him with a series of slashes and jabs, Kirito got hit twice in the chest, his health decreased into the mid-yellow section.

''Come on Daddy!'' cried Yui from Asuna's shoulder ''You can do it!''

Kirito staggered back and parried her charge attack with a slash to the middle, she screamed in pain and feel to her knees, clutching her stomach and breathed heavily, Kirito walked two feet away and pointed his sword to her waiting for her to attack.

Yuuki weakly lifted her head to face him ''He's so much more powerful now that his using that weapon'' she thought, she gazed up at the timer: 2 minutes and 15 seconds left, her health is now at the beginning of the red, ''How I'm I going to win now?'' she thought to herself.

''Master get up!'' Jun cried.

''Don't give up master!'' shouted Tecchi

''Master your skill, use your skill!'' cried Siune.

''Use it!'' screamed Nori, Yukki smiled weakly, she knew what to do.

Yuuki slowly got on her feet using her sword for support, Kirito was shocked to see that she could take it but waited for her to attack first.

''Tired Yuuki?'' he asked while smirking ''Well that's just a damn shame, cause I'm just getting warmed up!'' he exclaimed pointing the tip of the Excalibur to her, she gave a small chuckle.

''You won't win so easily'' she said before holding her sword in between her hands.

her eyes turned from red to purple as she charged up her sword skill, her sword glowed then burned into a purple flame and a purple aura surrounded her.

''Your 11 hit sword skill'' Kirito smiled ''Bring it on!'' he yelled standing in a defensive position, his eyes turned from black to gold, his Excalibur burned into an orange/red color before a gold aura surrounded him, his friends looked shocked.

''What's he doing?'' Silica asked Asuna.

''Is that a sword skill?'' Sinon asked her too.

''I...I don't know'' Asuna replied ''I've never seen him do that before''

Yuuki saw this happen before her eyes, she had never seen another player do this, was this a sword skill inclusive only to the Excalibur? she had no time to think about that, the timer was 1 minute and 30 seconds now, she completed her start up for her 11 hit sword skill and yelled as she charged at him, Kirito yelled too but did something else, he knelt down and turned the sword around in a 360 degree circle as she got close to him, he then clashed his sword with her's, knocking it upwards out of pattern of her skill, making it stop completely and the Excalibur slashed up her chest afterward's making everyone gasp in shock, her eye's widened in shock and the world slowed down as she landed on her knees behind Kirito, he stayed in a pose with his sword in front, the crowd held their breath for what was going to happen next, Yukki looked up to the sky for a moment wincing in pain before collapsing on her face.

''Checkmate'' Kirito whispered as Yuuki's health dropped to zero turning her into a purple flame.

The crowd broke out in cheer at his victory, fan's were shaking hands and high fiving each other in happiness and his friend were yelling in joy while Yuuki's fans slowly clapped and pouted in response and the sleeping knight were looking down and shocked all at once at their master's defeat, the screen showed Kirito as the winner, Kirito looked shocked.

''I've done it'' he said to himself in disbelief ''I can't believe it, I really can't'' he added before Gonishi ran up to him and held his hand up.

''Ladies and gentlemen, behold our champion of the 4th Annual swordsman tournament: Kirito!'' he announced before the crowd cheered for him, confetti and streamers flew down onto the stadium, Kirito smiled and bowed to the audience, he then looked to the purple flame, walked to it and touched it, bringing back Yuuki, she got up on her feet and looked down.

''Well done Kirito'' she said sadly ''You won, congratulations'' she smiled and turned to leave, but Kirito grabbed her shoulders turning her to face him, they looked at eacthother for a moment before Kirito offered his hand to shake hers, she smiled and accepted.

''You fought well Yuuki'' he said happily ''It's been a pleasure dueling with you''

''Likewise'' she smiled as the crowed cheered at the friendly gesture, Gonishi appeared in-between them with the trophy for Kirito, he tapped them on the shoulder.

''Sorry to break up the little peace offering and all but we still have to give out the awards'' he said, both of them nodded and backed away, Gonishi cleared his throught.

''Wow, just wow'' he begun ''What a tournament this has been eh? the two best players battling out to see who's victorious only to find the hero of Aincrad coming out on top with only 45 seconds to spare! Now is the time for the awards: In first place, Kirito!'' he announced, the crowd cheered while Kirito waved and smiled to them before Gonishi handed him the award.

''Thank's to you, I've doubled my money, your cool man, your cool'' Gonishi whispered to him before continuing ''In second place: Yuuki!'' he announced before handing her a smaller trophy of a silver sword, she happily accepted it as the crowd cheered for her too ''In third place: Commander Eugene!'' he announced walking up to him, Eugene sulked as Gonishi put a tiny bronze medal around his neck, only a few of the crowd clapped for him while the others remained silent.

''Loser'' Gonishi whispered to him, Eugene huffed in response.

That's the first chapter for this story, will do more chapters but for now,Cheerio!xxxooo