Here a little surprise sneak peak at what I've got planned for a future fanfic, Enjoy!xxxooo

Tokyo Japan, 13th of April, 2026

It had been just over two weeks since the news of Yuuki Konno's passing. Her departure spread depression among the hospital staff like wildfire, they still found it amazing that she managed to combat her ailment that long, when the AIDS claimed the rest of her family years before her. Thought, they presumed that it was just her time to leave this world and rejoin her family in whatever lies beyond the grave.

Speaking of which, the nurses helped Yuuki's doctor carry a large black body bag that contained the fifteen year old's corpse along out of the establishment's morgue, ready to be taken the ambulance that waited outside the hospitals entrance that shall escort her to the nearby chapel in preparation for her memorial service.

They lifted the bag into the back of the van and closed the door as the two drivers nodded in genuine sympathy before moving back inside the vehicle ready to move. Dr Kurahashi, the doctor that cared for the girl for so many years wiped a tear from his eye. Knowing that this was the last time he would see her.

''Goodbye, dear child'' he whispered ''May you find peace in the next world'' he added before turning away and walking slowly back into the hospital. The ambulance slowly drove out of the roadway in onto the main freeway. But what they didn't know, was that a figure in black clothing with a strange symbol that depicted a black love heart on his shirts armband was observing their departure from the roof of the hospital through his binoculars. He smiled as he removed them and reached for a small walkie-talkie.

''Sqaud Alpha-Bravo, this is Crow'' he spoke into the device ''Priority vehicle is en route to your position, over?''

''Rodger that Crow'' a British voice on the other side replied ''We're in position and ready to strike upon the targets arrival , over''

''Copy that, Alpha-Bravo'' Crow said as he got up to a standing position ''I'm coming to you now''

''Stay out of sight'' The voice warned before Crow turned of the walkie-talkie and started running across the nearby rooftops, supposedly towards his friend position.

Meanwhile, The ambulance carrying Yuuki's body drove along the steets of Tokyo until the came across a red light.

"Aww man! This'll take forever and we've gotta be there before 9!" The driver beeped the horn in frustration

''Hey, maybe we could take a shortcut through that alleyway to save some time'' suggested the man riding shotgun as he pointed to the alleyway on the right.

"Are you sure?" The driver asked

"Yeah, I'm sure" his partner nodded. The driver shrugged and turned the van away from the line of cars and into the alleyway. It's desertion caused a chilling nerve to crawl down thier spines a little.

"I don't know man, I've got a bad feeling about this." The driver said as he drove slowly along the alleyway "It's too quiet"

"Just relax, okay?" His partner shook nervously "This thing's built to withstand the force of an elephants charge. What could possibly go-" he said as the driver noticed a large black van driving at full speed towards them from the left side.

"Look out!" He yelled before


The ambulance collided with the reinforced hood of the attacking van and crashed into the brick wall opposite them. The ambulance alarm bleeped an echoing alarm as three men in the same clothing as the man on the roof seen before, with one additional item, a golden facemask of an angel.

"Alright, let's get this thing open before the fuzz arrives" one of the men said as the group rushed to the crumpled ambulance, G36c rifles in hand .

"God mate. What gave you the idea to crash full on into that thing, huh?!" Asked another of the men when the got to the backdoor of the vehicle.

"I thought it would be cleaner then just shooting the two drivers" the man replied. The other just sighed.

"Well, I just hope the package isn't badly damaged. Otherwise, we can say goodbye to our paychecks" the leader of the group commented "Alright Justin, you rip open this door. Me and Gideon'll keep a lookout in case the fuzz arrive" he ordered the man carrying a large black rucksack.

"Got it boss" Justin nodded as he set the bag down, unzipped it and brought out a large welding tool. He then placed the muzzle on the door and turned on the blowtorch to start cutting while Gideon and the squad leader took defensive positions around the area.

"What I don't understand is; If our client needs a recently deceased person, why did he have us come all the way out to Japan to get a specific one?" Asked Gideon while they waited.

"I don't ask questions Gid, I just listen to money" the leader replied "And don't forget just who we're doing this for"

"Oh, I know Nate, I know" Gideon nodded.

"I've got it!" Justin called to his team. Gideon and Nate rushed back to the door and kicked it open before they slowly moved inside to see Yuuki's body bag laying on the cold, steel floor.

"Here she is" Nate smiled under his mask before he unzipped the bag to reveal the girls decomposed and discoloured skin and short brown hair. She remained stiff as a board while the team observed her.

"Remember, we only need a sample of her DNA to bring back to the boss" Nate reminded them of their mission.

"Why just a sample? Why not just take the whole package?" Justin asked.

"Too high profile" Nate replied as he pulled out an empty syringe "They'll get suspicious if we take her whole body with us" he added as he stuck the needle into the deceased teenagers arm, extracting a small amount to crimson liquid into the syringe. When the needle was full, Nate emptied it's contents inside a clear, plastic tube and sealing it with a cap before he placed it in his pocket.

"We've got what we've came for, now let's bugger off out of here" He ordered as they left the ambulance just as Crow slid down a pipe from the roof above them to join them on the ground.

"Hiya! How'd it go?" He asked. Nate showed him the tube just as police sirens could be heard in the distance.

"It's the fuzz, we have to move, now!" Nate ordered. The four mercenaries rushed inside the black van and drive away as fast as the could.

Meanwhile in New London, England

A man with short black hair and blue eyes in a well tailored suit three piece relaxed in his Luxury apartment, watching a sci-fi movie on his 4K plasma screen T.V. on the wall facing him and sipping a small glass of whisky.

"Professor Inkheart" a smooth female automated voice said, revealing the man's identity "The mercenaries you hired are trying to contact you. Cancel or allow?" She asked.

"Allow" Inkheart commanded the AI. Apon said command, the T.V. automatically switched from the movie that he was currently watching to a video call with Nate.

"Boss, we've got the sample from the subject you've assigned us. We await further instructions" he informed Inkheart.

"Excellent work gentlemen. The money's being wired to your accounts as we speak" Inkheart praised the men with a wide sophisticated grin "Now, I need you to come back to New London and bring the subjects sample to the disclosed location I'm sending to you now" he instructed while dragging a file into an email and pressing the sent button.

"You've got it boss. Alpha-Bravo signing off" Nate saluted before the T.V. switched back to the movie. Inkheart sipped his whiskey and sighed contently afterward.

"Annie, transfer the promised amount to the accounts of all those men please" he commanded the AI.

"Sending sum total of 5 million pounds to each of the four appointed accounts now" Annie announced as Inkhaert opened the siding glass door to the balcony of his apartment and walked out to gaze at the view of the technologically advanced city of London. He then took out a small worn out wind-up clockwork toy of a black bird from his pocket. He turned the gear clockwise three times and watched interestingly as the seemingly lifeless bird flap it's wings and open its beak pronouncing an audible croak occasionally.

"Do you believe you have a soul, little one?" He asked the bird "I do. I know you're just a child's toy but you must have some form of consciousness inside you, there must be more then just cogs and gears in there. How else could something that appears so lifeless to the human eye bring me so much joy as a child and inspired one to become the man that he is today" he finished as he placed the toy inside his pocket and walked back inside his apartment and passed a humanoid robot in the bar, cleaning glasses.

"Another drink, Mr Inkheart?" The robot asked as Inkheart walked passed him.

"No thanks Samuel" he replied, setting his empty glass on the bar "I think I'm gonna turn in for the night" he added as he entered his office and looking over his research notes.

"So far, everything's working out exactly the way I hoped" he said "Once the sample has been sent to my private lab in Kensington and my top scientists have done their part on extracting the necessary genetic material needed for my experiment, we should be ready to proceed with phase 2 of 'Project Resurrection' some when in the next few months" he cryptically explained his plan.

'Flashback to 11th of January 2026 Tokyo, Japan'

''Hey Doc, Is it okay if Asuna use's one of the nervegears in the next room for a moment?'' Yuuki asked Dr Kurahashi through her Medicuboid.

Kurahashi turned to Asuna who was gazing at him with pleading eyes. He nodded ''Go right ahead'' he said. Asuna thanked him with a polite bow and dashed away from him into the next room. Kurahashi then looked back at his patient through the glass until a nurse came up from behind him.

''Dr Kurahashi?'' she said ''A man is in reception, he said he wishe's to meet you to discuss your patient'' she said. Kurahashi widened his eyes. Someone else knew of her condition?

''I'll be right there'' he said as he walked away from the window and to reception, where a man with short black hair and blue eyes in a well tailored three piece suit carrying a suitcase was waiting patiently . He gave a welcoming smile to the doctor as he entered.

''Hello and welcome to the Yokohama kohoku general hospital '' Kurahashi greeted him with a firm handshake ''Dr Sota Kurahashi, HIV specialist'' he introduced himself.

''Good afternoon Dr Kurahashi'' the man smiled ''I'm professor Aaron Inkheart, Genealogist PHD and founder and CEO of Inkheart Foundations'' introduced himself formally. Kurahashi looked shocked.

''No way! Inkheart?!'' he said ''First British Trillionare and International Anti-disease spokesperson!'' he then huffed ''Sorry, my english is quite rusty at the moment'' he adjusted his glasses. Aaron just chuckled and then spoke in Japanese ''It's okay. I think I shall do you the favor of conversing in Japanese, as I believe such mannerisms is proper in this field of expertise'' he said before pointing to Kurahashi's office.

"Shall we?" He offered.

"Why of course Aaron!" Kurahashi smiled before Aaron frowned seriously "Call me Mr Inkheart please. I'd prefer it if we'd keep it professional as we are here to discuss a matter of upmost importance about your patient" he said. Kurahashi looked confused, he nodded "As you wish, Mr Inkheart" he replied as her opened the door to his office and allowed Aaron to enter before him.

"Would you like some tea or coffee?" He offered. Aaron smiled "Certainly. Any chamomile?" He asked as he sat down by the desk.

Kurahashi made two steaming cups of Chamoile tea and handed one to Aaron before sitting down at his desk.

"Forgive the state of my office" Kurahashi apologised as he noticed the piles of untouched paperwork around him "I'd have set my workplace in order if I knew you were coming"

"No please, I insist" Aaron shook his head "I suppose it's my fault too. Me turning up here without even calling ahead first" they shared a friendly chuckle.

"So tell me, how was your trip here from New London?" Kurahashi asked in genuine interest.

"Well, can't complain much" Aaron smiled "Those new Hypersonic planes really take it's toll in the long haul, if you catch my meaning" he finished.

"Why, of course Mr Inkheart! I expect nothing less from a man of your intellect. One that even surpasses the minds of both Akihiko Kayaba and Sugou Nobuyuki combined!" Kurahashi smiled "In fact, many people would agree with me when I say that you're a 'Gene'ius" he joked with a soft chuckle.

Aaron just sat there in silence as the doctors chuckling died slowly.,

"But anyway, What brings you here to my hospital in particular?" He asked.

"Yes, I do believe that I should explain my purpose here" Aaron set his tea down and then put his hands together in a business type matter.

"You see, for the past few months a member of your staff who's name a cannot disclose to you has been relaying information to me about your patient Yuuki Emiri Konno" he revealed. Kurahashi was suprised by the news but let Aaron continue "He explained to me in miraculous detail the severity of her condition and I just had to come over and see this girl for myself. And I have to say...the details he described to me has been rather accurate thus far" he finished.

"But why?" Kurahashi asked "What is it about her that interests you so much?"

"She's stronger then any other patient I've come across to date. She's the last surviving member of her family, right?" He asked. The doctor nodded "Indeed, when she dies it'll be tragic to say the least"

"More then that, it will be unnecessary! A waste of a good life, one with so much potential" Aaron spoke before he sipped his tea.

"Potential?" Kurahashi raised an eyebrow.

"Ah yes, to my point" Aaron said as he then brought out a brown folder out of his suitcase "Five years ago, I managed to gain possession of a live sample of Boreilium" he started "You know what that is? Its the cosmetic element that allowed Britain to afford a 'no deal' brexit!" He joked "Any who, during a round of research I managed to discover that it not only has unlimited power...but it also contains genetic restoration properties!"

"So, what's that got to do with Yuuki?" Kurahashi asked.

"My deal is this" Aaron started "I'm starting a new trail of Gene Therapy in New London called 'Reverse Chromosome Manipulation' where we take a genetic sample of our patients, we extract the necessary Chromosomes to be merged with the radiation from the Boreilum in order to rewrite their genetic code into what I call 'suicide cell's' that attack the virus directly it its most vulnerable molecule all the while stopping it's reproductive cycle. Ultimitly resulting in the complete recovery of Yuuki and also, due to the exposure to the Boreilum radiation, modify her immune system into one thats up to three times as strong, making her immune to all other known viruses...even the common cold!" Aaron finished.

"And I take it you want Yuuki to be involved in your research?" Kurahashi narrowed it down as he gazed at the notes.

"Precisely" Aaron smiled "With your permission, of course"

Kurahashi frowned "I don't know. You realize that what your offering in not only dangerous but it's also illegal in this country"

"I'm well aware of that" Aaron said, taking a gulp of his now cold tea "Cold" he gagged before he spat it back it his cup "Anyway. I plan to have the girl transfered to my private lab in New London. Where I can conduct my research without political intervention and when she's made a full recovery, she'll be brought back here safe and sound"

"I still don't think the risk is worth it!" Kurahashi "I'd be putting both my medical licence and my freedom on the line for you if I agree to this"

Aaron frowned "So you mean to tell me you value your career over that poor girls life?!. She's dying in case you haven't noticed. I don't even think she'll live to seen her sixteenth birthday!" He asked.

"No!" Kurahashi yelled "I'm just worried for her safety. That medicuboid is the only thing keeping her alive! And what if your trail doesn't work? You'd be killing her faster then the AIDS!"

"It won't come to that. My experiments never fail" Aaron smiled "Plus, both you and the hospital staff will be compensated generously for your cooperation"

"There's a first time for everything Mr Inkheart" Kurahashi shook his head "And bribery is a high offence. I'm sorry, but I'm asked I can't afford to lose Yuuki to a one in a billion chance to cure her. Again, I'm sorry but out of great respect for you, your request is denied"

Aaron's smile turned into a frown as he slowly stood up over the doctor.

"Tell me something Kurahashi, do you believe in free healthcare?" He asked. Kurahashi's nodded.

"In New London, whenever someone gets deathly sick they don't pay for the required medicine or surgery. They get what they need, not what they want and it doesn't cost them a penny. Thats why we're the most powerful country in Europe. But here in Japan, people have to pay an arm and a leg just to get outdated treatment, stuff that's nowhere near our see, I'm not just a genius Kurahashi...I'm an opportunist. My father told me to always seize the opportunity when it arises. So please, do the same for Yuuki's sake! She of all people deserves a second chance to live. She's still only a child for Christ sake!" Aaron pleaded with the doctor. After a long pause, Kurahashi sighed.

"I understand the example your trying to set for me and I admire the concern you have for the girl...but our country, our rules" he said.

Aaron nodded "I see. And is that your final word?"

"Yes" Kurahashi replied.

"Very well. Then I'm finished here" Aaron said as he stood up and packed the folder back in his suitcase. He picked it up and turned to the door.

"Be careful" he said as he opened the door.

"Is that a threat, Mr Inkheart?" Asked Kurahashi in an offended tone. Aaron looked over his shoulder at him.

"Think of that as more...Advice" he corrected him.

End of flashback

"Some may call me crazy, but those that do lack my vision for the future of the human race. They'll see soon...When Yuuki Konno returns from the grave, very much alive." Aaron revealed.

Done! But you're probably asking yourself; Who is Aaron Inkheart and what does he mean by Yuuki returning from the grave? All will be revealed in the future! But for now...Cheerio!xxxooo