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Suguha took of the headgear and ran to her big brother's room, she stopped at the door and knocked.

''Big brother?'' she calmly asked, no answer, she knocked again.

''Do you wanna talk about it?'' she asked, again no answer.

''Kirito please, I'm sure she had good reason to-'' she paused, the door remained silent.

''C'mon Kirito, don't be mad at her for this, please just let me in'' she said trying to open the door, It was locked, she sighed.

''I'll be back tomorrow, goodnight big brother'' she said before leaving him in peace.

Agil's bar, Tokyo, Japan, April 1st 2026

Asuna, Lizbeth, Klien, Suguha, Sinon, Silica, Shinichi and Agil were waiting for Gonishi in the bar, Asuna paced back and forth in worry while the other's watched.

''What is taking Gonishi so long?'' she asked anxiously.

''Maybe he's found him'' said Silica hopefully ''and he's trying to talk some sense into him and bring him here.

''I wouldn't bet on it'' Suguha warned ''His bedroom door was still locked when I tried this morning so he couldn't have left''

''Unless he escaped out through the window'' said Klien, Suguha shook her head ''House is to high for that'' she said before the door opened revealing Gonishi with a sad look.

''Any luck?'' asked Asuna, he shook his head ''I had my gang search the school but they hadn't found him yet, I looked in the park on the way here but 'sigh' not a sight of Kirito'' Asuna sighed and turned to the gang.

''Three day's since anyone's last seen him'' she started ''And we can't find him?'' the gang looked down.

''I have a better question'' Gonishi said ''Why exactly didn't you tell him about Yuuki?''

''And us?'' Lizbeth asked ''It's not like you to keep secret's from us, maybe If you told him before, he wouldn't have run away!'' she added, Asuna looked at them.

''What are you trying to say?'' she asked annoyed.

''Your supposed to be his girlfriend aren't you?'' Silica asked ''Surely he's told you everything!''

''Yeah, Not pointing fingers or anything but-'' Klein said ''It's kind of your fault he's gone''

''Maybe It's you told him before the tournament, he could have let Yuuki won!'' Shinichi said, Asuna frowned.

''That's the point'' she said, they looked confused.

''So you kept it to yourself because you wanted to make sure he won?!'' Gonishi yelled ''How selfish of you!''

Asuna turned around to him and gave him her death stare, he whimpered, Gonishi was always somewhat scared of Asuna, one the first day Kirito came back to school after SAO, she found out Gonishi bullied him, she tracked him down and punched him so hard in the face that he was knocked out cold for 12 hours straight!

''I didn't tell anyone because she told me not to alright!'' she yelled,causing a few heads to turn, her friends looked shocked at her outburst.

''What do you mean?'' asked Klien, Asuna sighed before explaining.

''it was after her duel with Eugene-''

Flashback to March 26th 2026 Alfhiem.

Asuna was waiting alone in the stadium changing rooms, before Yuuki walked in with a smile.

''Yuuki!'' Asuna said embracing her ''Congratulations on defeating Eugene!''

''It was nothing'' Yuuki said modestly ''My sword skill did most of the work''

''Still, that put's you in the final round day after tomorrow against Kirito'' Asuna said excitedly ''Everyone's gonna want tickets!'' she added as Yuuki walked passed her and sat down with a sad smile.

''Yuuki what's wrong?'' she asked with concern, Yuuki paused to think before turning to face her.

''Can I ask a favor of you?'' she asked her.

''Yeah sure anything'' Asuna sat down beside her, Yuuki sighed before explaining.

''I'm gonna die soon'' she revealed, Asuna widened her eye's in shock.

''What make's you say that?'' she asked.

''I don't know'' Yuuki answered ''I just feel it in my bones, I probably only have like...3-4 days left, maybe a week at most'' she said looking at her hands, Asuna stared at her in disbelief, she knew Yuuki was deathly ill IRL but only herself and Yuuki's guild knew that.

''Yuuki thats...that's awful'' she said ''Maybe if Kirito knew about it then maybe he'll let you win'' she said getting up to leave before Yuuki grabbed her arm.

''No'' she said, Asuna looked back at her ''That's what I want to ask you...that you don't tell him about it...until afterwards'' she revealed make Asuna gasp in shock.

''Why?'' she asked tearing up ''It's your dream to win the tournament'' she said, Yuuki smiled sadly.

''I don't want him to look weak In front of all those players'' Yuuki said ''I already beat him once...If I beat him again, he'll lose his dream is a small sacrifice to ensure his honer, that way he'll be ready''

''For what?'' Asuna asked her.

''There's something I have to tell you about my sword skill'' Yuuki begun ''It's too rare and unique to lose, It's unrespawnable, When I expire my avatar will be deleted and the sword skill along with it'' she revealed, Asuna looked down, Yuuki walked to her and place her hand on her sholder bringing her head back up.

''But it is transferable'' Yuuki sighed ''Which is why I want Kirito to have it before I die'' she said, Asuna looked shocked.

''So when he defeat's you...he'll become worthy of it's power?'' she asked, Yuuki nodded.

''Ever since I earned the skill, I've been looking for someone to pass it over to when I go'' she explained ''To find someone worthy enough to wield it and to carry it down generation to generation, many have failed but Kirito, he's the only one to ever come close to beating me...The skill can only work for the player who defeated it's last owner in combat, I have to let him win the tournament...It's the only way'' she finished before tearing up slightly.

''You've only defeated him once only to test his strength'' Asuna pointed out ''So he must win''

''Yes and he must pass the skill down before he dies to'' Yuuki warned ''That is essential''

''But-'' Asuna argued before Yuuki held her hand up.

''I want your word Asuna'' Yuuki said firmly ''That Kirito must no know until after the tournament, Promise?'' she offered her hand, Asuna sniffed and took it.

''I...I...'Sniff'...I promise'' she sobbed before he charged into her for a hug.

''Good'' Yuuki smiled as they hugged ''One day...He'll understand''

End of Flashback

Asuna sobbed as her story ended, her friends looked at her with remorse, they had no Idea, she made a promise to her so Kirito could have the sword skill, Silica got up and hugged her.

''I...I...I'm sorry Asuna'' she said ''We had no Idea that you made a promise'' Asuna hugged her back.

''It's alright Silica'' she smiled ''You hadn't a clue'' all her other friend got up and joined into a group hug, even Gonishi joined in.

''But wait!'' Klein said breaking apart from the hug ''That must mean Kirito blames himself for depriving Yuuki of her dream! God he must be so upset'' he added as the group gasped.

''We have to find him'' Sinon said in panic ''Before he does something stupid!''

''She's right!'' Gonishi said ''We've got to find him before it's too late!''

''And we will'' Asuna said ''Yui, what does it say on the system?'' she asked the camera pod on her shoulder.

''It say's that daddy's avatar is still active in Alfheim but I can't pinpoint his location'' she said ''I think something's interfering with our connection''

''We'll have to search for him in the game then'' Asuna said with a look of determination ''Yui, send a message to Jun and the others telling them to search floor's 1 to 10''

''Okay mommy'' she said.

''Shinichi, Tell Sakuya to send the Sylph's to search floors 10 to 20'' Asuna ordered ''Leafa go with him''

''Right!'' they both said before leaving the bar.

''Lizbeth, Klien, Sinon, Search floor's 20 to 30, check our cabin if you can'' she said.

''Got it!'' Klien said before the trio left.

''Agil! You and me are going to ask the Undine lord to help us search floors 30 to 40!'' she called to him.

''Right behind ya'll!'' he said getting a closed sign and putting it on the door before running behind the bar.

''Silica, I need you to search the snowy mountains of floor 41!'' she ordered.

''You got it!'' she said before getting up.

''Hey what about me?'' asked Gonishi.

''You go with Silica'' Asuna ordered, Gonishi groaned.

''Why have I got to babysit the little runt!'' he whined, Asuna gave him the death stare again, he whimpered.

''Nahya! alright, alright, I'll go okay?'' he said walking with Silica out the bar.

''Hang on Kirito'' she thought before leaving to go back to her house.

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