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Criminals and lowlifes all across London lived in fear of the notorious trio of vigilantes delivering ruthless justice in the name of Scotland Yard. It was only Frank Weissel, leader of a German gang that dealt in various illegal conducts, including the occasional bloody work of assassination, who was foolish enough to openly boast about his so-called "invincibility" and claiming that he was untouchable by the law. He even went so far as to dare them to come and try him for themselves.

Weissel was just too cocky for his own good, and it eventually came back to bite him when the Paternoster Gang accepted his challenge.

On one rainy night, as Weissel was meeting with his colleagues in a secluded alleyway, they were suddenly attacked by three mysterious Gang was swift, brutal, and determined, not wavering in their assault even for a second. Weissel and his party tried putting up a futile attempt at resistance, which in the end was no match for the triple whirlwind that ripped through their unruly ranks. The whole lot of them was decimated in a matter of minutes, leaving everyone either unconscious, or moaning and bleeding on the ground.

Weissel himself laid crumpled against a wall, too injured to get up while also coughing up blood.

His eyes grew wide with horror when he saw the three vigilantes looming over him, swords still drawn and glinting in the dim moonlight.

"Who…Who are you?" Weissel whimpered softly, praying that they will spare him. When his question was only met with stark silence, the German became enraged and he yelled at them, "Answer me, you bloody fucking bastards!"

"Who we are is none of your concern,"answered a surprisingly calm female voice. "All you need to know, is that for as long as we are here in this city, criminals of your kind will never be allowed to prosper again. Mark my words on that, Mister Weissel!"

A weary sigh escaped from Vastra's lips as she slid her sword back into its sheath. Then turning around to face the others, she spoke, "Jenny, Strax…I believe our work here is done. Let us go home where we may retire for the evening."

The two nodded in agreement, Jenny holding onto Vastra's arm, before embarking on their way together.

A calling card was left behind as a final additional insult toward Frank Weissel; Printed on the card, in elegant and bold black letters, was one single word: