I personally think that it was an utter travesty that we didn't get to see Vastra's reaction to the Doctor kissing her WIFE in Crimson Horror. So, of course, I decided to fix it with fanfiction. Enjoy, please review!

After solving the mystery of Sweetville and calling the local authorities, Vastra approached the Doctor in order to settle a more personal matter.

"Ouch, Vastra!" The Doctor's hand instantly went to his burning cheek as he reeled from the vicious glove-slap that Vastra just delivered upon it. "What in the world was that for?"

"That is for kissing my wife!" Replied the indignant Silurian, before haughtily turning away from the Time Lord. "Good day to you, Doctor."

Vastra then climbed into the carriage that will take them home, where Jenny already sat waiting for her, and slammed the door shut.

"Poor Doctor...that was completely uncalled for, Vastra," Jenny scolded her wife, having seen the whole thing happen from the carriage. "The Doctor is our friend and he really didn't mean anything by it. He just got a bit excited, that's all."

Vastra was in no mood to listen, but only hissed sharply at what she considered to be a terrible betrayal on the Doctor's part. "Well then, he's lucky that we're such good friends, for I would have-"

Her rant was abruptly cut short when she felt soft hands pulling her head, and even softer lips pressing themselves against her own. Slowly, Vastra's anger seemed to melt away until there was nothing left but pure bliss, as she allowed herself to fall deeper into the kiss. They eventually separated for air, breathless and eyes locked in a romantic gaze.

"You know that my heart yearns for your love only,"spoke Jenny in earnest, gently stroking Vastra's cheek with her thumb, "and there's nobody else that will ever change that. So pleaseā€¦. stop being jealous!"

"Pardon me, but when have I ever been jealous?"Derided Vastra, sounding quite offended.

Jenny scoffed and responded with,"Vastra, please, even blind people can see that you are practically green with envy!"

Jenny giggled at her own pun, while the Silurian hissed in distaste for being made the butt of yet another "green" joke.

"You're right, Jenny, I shouldn't have acted so childishly toward the Doctor,"confessed Vastra who now regretted lashing out at her oldest friend. "I will make sure to apologize to him the next time we meet. Although, can you really blame me for wanting to keep such a beautiful treasure as you all to myself?"

Vastra wound her arm around Jenny's waist so that she could bring their bodies closer together.

"Hmm, when you put it that way...I suppose I can't blame you,"said Jenny, a delighted smile spread across her face, as she rested her head on Vastra's shoulder.

Time Lords are nice and all, thought Jenny, but nothing can ever beat the scaly, cold-blooded enchantress that is her Silurian wife.