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"I am the personification of destruction"-Demonic voice talking

'I will kill them'-demonic thinking

"I will stop you"-normal talking

'Even if I die someone will take my place'-normal thinking thoughts


(? POV)

I stare at one of the worst failures of my life in front of my eyes, watching my student as he turns towards me smiling sadly telling me that he knows I won't make it in time even as I try to reach my hand towards him as all around me everything disappears with only me and him in that place even as Gato presses the button on his hand while cackling madly even as he bleeds to death and then everything turns into a raging inferno with my cry piercing threw the explosion.


(End POV)

Two mismatched eyes open with the owner sitting up abruptly gasping for breath and pulling down his mask.

'That dream again' Kakashi thought while grabbing his face, letting out a breath of exhaustion he stood up from his bed and went to freshen up


Walking through the streets of konoha he stopped to stare at a ramen stall named Ichiraku Ramen reminiscing of the past seeing the back of a kid wearing a bright orange jumpsuit eating a lot of ramen while talking to two other kids one a black haired boy wearing a blue shirt with the Uchiha clan crest on the back of the collar and a pink haired girl wearing a red sleeveless dress, the girl fawning over the black haired boy trying to ignore her and eating a bowl ramen with a lot of tomatoes.

'If only I was faster' Kakashi thought and lowering his eye before shaking his head and clearing out the morbid thoughts when he felt something familiar from the stall.

"I would like to order for myself and three others" A woman's voice called out from the stall, her voice gruff and a hint of authority missed in it most likely used to giving out orders.

"Of course what would those orders be?" Ayame, the daughter of the owner of the stall, asked.

"One Miso Ramen for me, One Shrimp Ramen and one Beef Ramen" The woman said.

"Ok that's three what's for the last one miss?" Here the woman pulled out a piece of paper from nowhere and reads it surprising Kakashi and the Ichiraku's with Ayame asking again to craify it with kakaShi not hearing and was dashingstraight to the Hoikage tower in a hurry.

'No way there's no way that someone would order something like that!'Kakashi thought while having a sense of hope in his heart. If he had stayed any longer he would of seen the woman glance from her shoulder revealing a lone crimson eye.

'He ran away as soon as he heard the order I wonder why?' the woman thought to herselfbefore staring back towards Ayame.

-Line Break-

(Hokage Tower)

Kakashi ran straight to the Hokage's office passing by three people wearing hooded cloaks covering them from being known by everyone with one of them inclining inkling their hood's to stare at Kakashi's form before it was obscured by the door leading to the office.

(Hokage Office)

Stopping in the middle of the office Kakashi stared at two people he knows and worships from his genin days his sensei the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaz and The Red Death Kushina Uzumaki making him lower his head in regret only to be hug by Kushina.

"Stop it, we both know how much you've suffered this past three years" Ksuhina said sternly while hugging him close like a mother would to her child.

Shaking his head Kakashi pulled away from the hug and stared at the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi "I have just recently found evidence that Naruto Uzumaki is alive" Kakashi stated shocking and surprising Minato and Kushina along with a certain cat masked ANBU and her team hiding in the office except Sarutobi who only folded his hands in front of his face hiding his mouth and only showing his stoic eyes without losing his composure from the news.

"Are you sure of what you've heard is true Kakashi?" Hiruzen asked seriously getting a nod from Kakashi.

"Hai, earlier a few minutes ago I came across Ichiraku's while strolling the streets to clear my head of some thought" taking a deep breath Kakashi continued with a motion of Hiruzen's hand "as I was passing by the stall I stopped in front of it while feeling something familiar from inside and heard of a woman ordering for herself and three others" Kakashi hesitated before finishing it "as the woman ordered for her herself and two others the woman took out a piece of paper before reading it aloud….."

"Well? What is this order that may prove Naruto is alive?" Hiruzen inquired still not losing any composure.

"Four pork ramen, six miso ramen with extra chassu and five seafood ramen" here Hiruzen finally lost his composure by dropping his pipe dropping it on top of his desk.

Seeing his reaction Kushina finally got the chance to take action "Well then to the Ichiraku's!" grabbing on to both Minato and Kakashi's arms she dragged them both out of the office with the door slamming hard on to the wall from the strength it was opened at before a ANBU fell down behind the door.

"Oh my everything" the ANBU moaned out in pain making Hiruzen wince in sympathy and making a note to give that one a big fat bonus later before turning serious again and reaching for the intercom and pressing it "Yukina please seand in my next appointment please" before getting an affirmative from his secretary and the door opening showing the three people walking inside with the middle one pulling down his hood and showing a face covered in bandages before it was also pulled of showing the person to be male and one the third and one cat ANBU take a huge intake of breath audibly.

"My boy… it's been too long" Hiruzen said staring at the two cerulean blue eyes staring back at him.

"that it has old man, that it has.."


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