Knights of the West

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"Prepare yourself!"-Demonic Voice talking

'I'll win this battle!'-Demonic Thinking

"I'll stop you no matter what!"-Normal Talking

'I most definitely will not lose!'-Normal Thinking

Chapter 2


That's what could only be heard inside the stall with the eyes of every konoha ninja inside staring at the armored figure of Naruto whos hold on Kushina tightens when he saw that she still hasn't let go of the unkown woman.

"N-N-Naru-" Kushina started only to stop and wince when she felt the bones of her wrist tighten to unbearable pain making her let go of the woman at last before getting pushed away from them and almost fell through the floor if it wasn't for Minato catching her.

Turning around they saw him help up the woman by gently lifting her up by her hands while speaking lowly that they could not hear any of it before getting a nod from the woman turning to them Naruto stood in front of the woman with his hand on the handle of his sword making everyone tense.

"You are lucky that she is giving you a chance to live today otherwise all of you would be dead instantly by my hands" Naruto said shocking them from what they heard come from his mouth.

Out of all the things they could've expected from him, hearing him tell them that he would kill them and so casually at that is not one of the things they would've expected at all.

"Now, now how about we all just calm down a bit ok?" Kakashi said while raising both his hands in a placating manner and getting in between them only for him to grab Kushina by the waist and jump back to dodge a slash from Naruto.

"Do not speak to me so casually Copy-nin as if we know each other personally" Naruto said while glaring at them all only for a hand to be placed on his shoulder gently from the woman behind him.

"Calm down Naruto don't let your anger cloud your sense now sheath your sword" The woman said.

"As you command Akane" Naruto said to now named Akane.

"Now then it would seem you finished your meeting with the Hokage" Akane said with the konoha ninja's now getting a good look at Akane and noticed that just like Naruto she is also wearing a full set of armor made of iron with a black and red cape attached on her back and a blue cloth that goes from under her armor to between her legs with a gold symbol on it that they couldn't see clearly.(Just search female spear knight and you'll get a general idea of what she is wearing)

"Yes, we didn't make you wait for too long I hope?" Naruto asked Akane was about to answer only to be cut off by a certain banshee.

"HANG ON JUST WHO THE HELL ARE YOU AND WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING NARUTO-BAKA!?" Sakura screeched making everyone in the vicinity cover their ears only for an armored hand to grabbed her throat tightly making her choke and struggle to remove the hand from one of the cloaked people with Naruto.

"Shut your mouth you damn banshee you almost made me go deaf" The unknown person said with a growl and a male at that from what the rest could hear.

"Hey let her go!" Sasuke said while raising his arm to grab the person's arm only for the other cloaked person to intercept him and kneed him in the gut forcing him to bend over before getting elbowed on his back making him slam onto the ground with an armored boot stepping on him.

"You have no right to demand something from us you damn thief" The person snapped in a female voice.

"Yami, Hikari that's enough stand down" Akane ordered making the now named Yami and Hikari let them go and kneel before her.

"Yes Hime-sama/Yes Hime-sama" Both said before being commanded by Naruto to rise and stand beside them.

Once both of them were standing on each of their sides Naruto stared at the konoha nins coldly before speaking "Let that be a lesson to you both especially you Haruno, unlike in the past I won't let you hit me for no other reason than to grow your damn ego and confidence for being nothing else but a weak little girl that has no right to live let alone walk among others that are true warriors" Naruto said with each word making the Haruno flinch until tears were streaming down her cheeks while cradling her neck.

"NARUTO! You've gone too far!" Kakashi scolded his former student only to fall down to his knees from an unknown pressure weighing down on him and from the corner of his eye he can see that the rest of besides Naruto and his group were also on their knees 'what is this pressure!? Is this coming from Naruto!?' Kakashi thought while struggling against the unknown pressure.

"you have no right to scold me Hatake I'm not one your students and never was" Naruto said while glaring down at him.

Watching them struggle Akane decided that they were away for too long.

"Naruto that's enough time for us to leave, we have been away for too long" Akane commanded with Naruto letting up the pressure.

"As you command Akane-Hime" Naruto said before following her out of the stall with Hikari and Yami flanking them on both sides before Naruto stopped with his back turned to the recovering nins staring at his red cape "one more thing this will be the last time you will see me again and if we do meet up somewhere in the future then remember this words clearly once we encounter each other again….." Naruto glance back at them over his shoulder staring at them coldly with one eye "…I will kill anyone of you and send your bodies to pieces back in this forsaken village" and with naruto walked out of the stall following his charge intent on leaving the village.

-Line Break-

(Road Towards The Village Gate)

Once Naruto caught up to the others he walked beside Akane with Hikari and Yami flanking them from behind, their hands tensed while staring at the villagers who were whispering and pointing at them while some of them were glaring at them specifically at Naruto.

"These villagers better not try something or else I'll remove their heads from their bodies" Yami muttered under his breath with only the others hearing him with Hikari nodding alongside him slightly while staring at the villagers around them from under her hood.

"Stay your blade Yami, Hikari, these fools don't deserve to let their blood touch your blades" Naruto ordered them without turning his head to look at them.

"But supreme commander" Hikari started before Naruto cut her off "Remember we are in a different place Hikari we are guests here so stay your blade" Naruto said.

"Yes supreme commander/Yes supreme commander " Both Hikari and Yami said.

"Besides, unless we are attacked we have the right to fight back by any means necessary and with the fact that the Hime-sama is with us we are to react with lethal prejudice to the fools who would try to put the ojou in harm's way and along with the fact I'm the ojou's guardian for today and you two are tasked to be her escorts then we are free to do as see fit in case it comes to that situation" Naruto said with a smirk that the two can't see but feel making them both also smirk in anticipation daring the fools around them to try to do anything.

'This is why he is the supreme commander of the whole kingdom's army not because of his strengths but for his cunning ways of thinking up plans that has a high chance of working and along his way of making other follow him with his determination' Hikari and yami thought while staring at their commander's back with awe.

"Let's hurry up before the sun sets, I don't want to stay the night here I'd rather camp out in the woods then be here any longer where the ojou's safety is a concern" Naruto said picking his pace towards the gates along with Akane with Hikari and Yami keeping up pace with them unknowing of the four shadows following them from a far.

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