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Aphmaus P.O.V

It was the third day at starlight. Even though I haven't done anything.. it's been kinda fun! Accept from the part from where me and my mom found out Aaron was here with his parents.. Aaron discusts me.. He's so rude! Kinda cute.. But rude!

23 minutes later..

Any idea what just happened? Apparently.. Aaron came because KAWAII~CHAN thinks we're cute. So yay! He is staying at our beach house.. T_T

Aaron's P.O.V

I can't wait to stay at aphmaus beach house! She's really cute.. But I don't know, she pushes my buttons! Aphmau comes up to aaron and starts a conversation,"Hey, I don't know why your here, and why you even care. But if you have no where to sleep.. You
can sleep in my bed, cause the couch and recliner is taken.. and so are all the beds.. so.. yeah, just keep your personal space bubble to yourself."

Aphmaus P.O.V

I can't believe I said that! I'm so stupid! Him? Sleeping in MY bed? What was I thinking? -she sighs- I guess it's to late..
I am happy he is kinda cute though.. and even though he is rude? I love his personality.. -slaps herself- ughh! I'm in love! I guess I'm gonna tell him tomorrow and get it over with. He probably doesn't even like me!

4 1/2 hours later..

9:24 pm..

Aaron's P.O.V

Everyone's choice of horror movies just ended.. well, they were all between 46 and 53 minutes long.. but they were awesome. Aph fell asleep on top of me. I gave her a kiss on her cheek and carried her to her bedroom. I fell asleep on the bed cuddled with

The next morning approximately 7:32 am..

Aphmaus P.O.V

-wakes up and finds Aaron beside her- -Blushes like a red tomato- -she gets up and goes down stairs- -Aaron follows-
Aphmau says,"A-Aaron?" Aaron responds,"Yes..?"
Aphmau speaks out again," can i tell you something?"
Aaron responds,"anything."
Aphmau starts to tell him," I don't think you know why I push your button a lot.. but.. I really like being around you. your great.. and cute.. I-I love you.."

To be continued..

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