One Small Change

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Chapter 1: A Half-Vampire's Life

Star was enjoying the boardwalk's concert tonight by losing herself to the music playing all around and dancing within the crowd she almost felt normal again at this moment if only it could last. She twirled in place and those who saw her saw a girl without a care in the world.

A saxophone guy was going all out and while not her personal choice as far as instruments went it got the job done, she could dance to it and that was all that mattered right now.

It wasn't long after that moment when her senses zeroed in on the pounding heartbeats instead of the music and try as she might to ignore them and keep dancing she couldn't. Star wanted to cry, to scream but she didn't… couldn't. All she could do was leave and find David… her tormentor, her once upon a time lover, the very reason she was slowly losing her mind. Sadly, as much as she wished to flee from him the truth of the matter was she needed him, now more than ever.

That thought alone made her hate herself more than she ever could him.

Quickly making her way out of the thick crowd of bodies that her mind was warring with her over whether they were people or food, holding her breathe helped some but tonight she could practically hear the blood rushing through to pump the hearts surrounding her and it nearly made her mouth water all the while feeling disgusted with herself for her unnatural reaction.

This was her new normal, it had been that way for nearly two weeks now and Star knew it was a losing battle… but she had to hold out for as long as she could all the while hoping no more like praying for a miracle.

Her prayers weren't answered tonight but that was no surprise seeing as she'd found her own personal devil.

He was in view now and as attractive as ever, why did she fall for his charm? If only she could go back in time and tell herself to stay away from him, far far away but it was too late for that she couldn't change the past no matter how much she might wish it.

Once she'd even thought herself in love or at least falling in love with the monster before her, but it was all a front… he wasn't even human much less capable of feeling something like love.

"David…" It was said with a whisper of relief and many other conflicting emotions before she cut those all off and focused on what she needed to do, and that was to get out of here.

He was just hanging around with the other boys if one could even call such creatures 'boys'. They were all gathered around their bikes so hopefully, they were getting ready to leave, she approached them or more specifically David.

David heard her speak his name before and saw her coming towards him but paid her no mind as he and the other boys continued to people watch, "How about her?" Paul points to a pretty redhead with barely any clothes on, "Nah, too easy at least make it a challenge." Marko quipped.

Star could hear them now but decided not to ask as this was something she'd learned, it was better to not know, fewer nightmares that way.

Or at least less vivid ones.

David grinned at his boys before lighting a cigarette that only a moment ago had been perched behind his ear and taking a drag.

His eyes find Star's own dark irises and he holds the stare for a second before going back to acting like she's not there and lately that hasn't bothered her but tonight with her senses going even more haywire than normal well her 'new' normal anyway and not even having Laddie to focus on because he stayed back in the cave made it bother her because the brunette needed him to help her.

And he knew it, but he was ignoring her.

"David…" It was a plea but knowing him he'd likely let her suffer.

His eyes find hers once more as he exhales smoke before responding, "Star."

She twitches as he smirks, but she powers through and asks, "…Can we leave?"

Moving from his position against his bike he takes a few steps forward and is suddenly much closer to her person than she feels comfortable with, "Why, are you not having fun?" David asks mockingly, "I saw you at the concert before, you seemed to be enjoying yourself then so what's changed?"

He could tell how tense, how wound up she was but he wanted her to say it.

"You know what… please, can we leave?" She hated begging him but if it convinced him and kept her human for another day it was worth it in the end.

Staring at her with cold calculating eyes she is almost sure he was going to say no until he spoke, "Alright boys enough we're pulling out."

"Aww, but I didn't get to pick one!" Marko complained, "Then choose one now and bring her with, we're leaving." He told him. Paul cheered at that and went right up to a blonde he'd been eyeing before Star looked away and followed David to his bike and easily sliding on behind him while wrapping her arms around him like per usual.

Less than a minute later they were off, leaving the boardwalk and all those tempting people who were certainly not food behind them, well all except Paul and Marko they each brought a girl with them.

As for Dwayne tonight he didn't seem interested which wasn't surprising she supposed as she's never seen him let what he considers to be a 'meal' onto his bike before so why start now… the half-vampire wishes she didn't know the boys well enough to notice these things.

Star wondered if they'd stop somewhere before going back to the cave to dispose of the girls, as long as she's been with them they've never brought their 'food' home, and did she ever hate thinking of the poor girls like that.

Part of her wanted to warn them but she knew even if they did by some chance believe her they would not get away no their fates were sealed just as hers was… sometimes she wishes that David had seen her as just another meal but for reasons she still could not fathom he hadn't.

If he had her nightmare would've ended a month ago and, in a way, she'd be free not in the way she wanted but it was better than what she was now, a prisoner… of David and of herself.

Not wanting to think about it anymore and trying to tune out the girls squealing gleefully behind her as well as their heartbeats she rests her head on David's back and enjoys the ride.

It was part of what drew her to him in the first place, she loved the feel of the wind in her hair and the speed, the freedom it brought her. As if he heard her thoughts the bike gains speed making her grip tighter though not in fear, David can scare her at times, but this isn't one of those times thankfully. No times like these were the most peaceful between the two of them.

They ride on all the way back to the cave without taking any pit stops surprisingly.

Once there Star follows David ignoring the girls giggling and chatting behind her and once she descends the final steps she quickly locates Laddie when he calls out to her excitedly, "Star!" He runs up to her and hugs her around the waist, "Hey," patting his head she hears the humans question the reason for the 'kid' being here.

Star ignores them as well as Laddie's puzzled look at the girls, "Come on." Taking his arm, she pulls him away from the main part of the cave into the deeper parts that she isn't that familiar with but given the circumstances decides to venture there instead of staying and witnessing what was about to happen first hand it was bad enough that she'd hear it and maybe even smell it.

They didn't get very far before the screams started and Laddie jumped fearfully before she brought her hands up to cover his ears, a lot of good that would do seeing as his senses were heightened as well but she had to try he was just a kid.

She felt protective of him and by now he was like a little brother to her.

And probably the reason David turned her in the first place.

Trying not to think about the screams she pulls the little boy closer and sits the both of them down against the cave's wall while he hugs her trying to tune out the cries of fear and pain as well.

To try and tune out the sounds Star thought back to when she first met Laddie. At the time she was fully human, and they got on well enough, she'd thought he was related to Dwayne honestly as they seemed to resemble each other more than the others if only for their similar hair and eye colors and it helped her theory when she noticed that the kid stuck to him more than the others.

Turns out the reason for their closeness was Dwayne is just the best with kids.

She had no idea what happened to make them turn Laddie or if it was some kind of accident but clearly, they needed someone to look after him more than they could so if Star had to guess they were looking for a babysitter of sorts and probably figured a woman would be the best one to care for him but at the same time David got to enjoy himself for a little while.

After she found out what he was and refused to drink he seemed more or less over her but that was fine by her as the last thing she wanted was to let him touch her again well that's not entirely accurate as the last thing she wanted was to become a vampire, but it made a close second.

Once Star had gotten a thrill just by being around him, she knew he was bad and the brunette had liked it until she found out just how bad he was… more like how evil and vile he was. Before that, though there was also the high, the excitement, the feelings of freedom, and of course the sex, it was really all too good to last…

She should have known better.

The screams had stopped a few minutes ago but she was lost in thought still she noticed the kid had stopped shaking as much so she uncovered Laddie's ears, "Are you tired?"

He nodded, "Me too, there are some rooms back around here somewhere we'll find and sleep in one of them tonight okay?" Again, he nods, she wouldn't be surprised if he had nightmares tonight, hell she'd be surprised if she didn't.

The two of them stumble around in the dark for the most part but eventually find an old room with a bed not surprising given that this was once a hotel. "Here we are let's get some rest."

"Yeah… Star?" Laddie asks looking at the ground, "Yes?" The dark-haired girl asks from her position of striping the covers and knocking off the dust, "One day we'll be like them, won't we?" Star pauses her attempt at cleaning up their new bed, "I… I hope not Laddie."

She didn't want to lie to the kid and promise that they'd be alright as much as she probably should she couldn't.

"Me too." He whispers, "Come on let's sleep it's late or early if you look at it that way…" She tries to lighten up the mood, but it doesn't work which is not unpredictable.

An hour later finds the two curled up in the middle of the bed cuddling with Laddie fast asleep but sleep was nowhere to be found for Star.

She almost jumps when a voice breaks the silence, "The bed here's not an improvement but then you know that." Even without knowing the sound of David's voice by heart she would know it was him from the smell of smoke that is an ever-present smell on him so much so that it's a part of his own natural scent almost… there was another familiar smell that accompanied it as well, fresh blood. It makes her throat itch and her stomach churn.

"You know we can't use our normal bed, not tonight." She whispers in the dark as her eyes continued to further adjust to the lack of light so she could make out his silhouette.

"You took off back here as soon as we got home, and you were very eager to leave the boardwalk tonight, why is that?" He sounds genuinely curious, but Star knows better he's truly an excellent actor when he wants to be.

"I didn't want to see those girls get murdered." That was the truth though not all of it, still she hoped it would be enough for him to leave.

"You didn't even try to warn them this time." All the times she'd previously warned people he had varied reactions ranging from finding her actions humorous to becoming downright furious with her, even playing it off once as her being a mental case… that was a fun memory but only for the boys.

"…They wouldn't have been able to escape you even with a warning." It was pointless… was she giving up? No, but sometimes she just felt so tired.

"Yes, but that's never stopped you before… you didn't want to be around when their blood spilled did you?" He questions and in response she glares from over the top of Laddie's head, it wasn't a very impressive or intimidating look and she knew that, so she carefully sat up while keeping a hold of Laddie though whether it was for his protection or to make her feel more secure she wasn't sure.

"I'm trying to sleep, what do you want David?" The brunette just wanted him to go away forever though as that was unlikely for just now would work too.

"Yes, we can both see how well that's working for you." David moves from the entrance of the room to right beside the bed, "Why are you still torturing yourself like this Star, you know you have to feed." It wasn't a question not really.

She tenses, "Are you going to make me?" It was something she'd feared for a while now seeing as more than once he'd gotten pissed off at her refusal to eat.

He used to find it cute her attempts at staying human but that faded fast.

"No, because I don't need to, soon enough you'll do it yourself." Both his tone and posture spoke volumes of his confidence at the statement he'd just made.

Still, she had some confidence of her own, "I won't." She states stubbornly.

"You won't be able to hold out forever," David says offhandedly seemingly not bothered by her refusal tonight and it pissed her off.

"Watch me!" She challenges.

He laughs, "Oh, believe me, I have been. That's why I can say that you will give in and soon. I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to witnessing the night you do."

How could one being make her both so angry and scared all at once?

Star wished he had no power over her but wishing something does not make it so.

"Why so you can gloat about how you were right and how I failed to remain human?" The fire that her words had a moment before now nowhere to be found.

Still, even when she felt beaten she had one thing going for her the ability to remain human if only by sheer willpower.

Because as far as she was concerned as long as she didn't drink blood she was still human albeit one with enhanced senses and the occasional urge to rip out someone's throat.

"No." Sitting on the edge of the bed he reaches his hand towards her she barely refrains from flinching away, his touch was cold but not as cold as it once was, also not as comforting either.

There was a time she longed for his touch but Star knew she never would again, he repulsed her now.

"What then? Why me?" His hand creases her cheek a second before he lets it fall and his serious expression fades, "You'll just have to wait and see." His smirk is back in place.

"What?" She asks, "When you become one of us fully then everything will become clear, the reason I chose you will be clear, until then… here," He pulls out a flask and tosses it to her she catches it, "What's-" She stops as she realizes the answer to her aborted question and answers it herself, "Its blood."

Glaring at him she nearly throws it back at him, "Ah ah," He wiggles his finger, "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

"I won't drink it," Star says as her throat burns more, and her stomach feels like it's practically eating itself.

"You've held out a while now, longer than I thought you would to be honest, but your human body has changed too much and soon the pain, the cravings only get worse. So, to lessen that just suck up your damn pride and drink it… besides it's not like you haven't drunk vampire blood already what's a little more?" His grin is wicked once he mentions the blood.

"Vampire… is this your blood?" She looks down at the flask and suddenly her desire to drink it increases ten-fold and that makes her want to throw it in his face, but she doesn't… yet.

"Is that a problem?" He asks but she doesn't answer, "It's nearly dawn." With that said he stands back up and turns to leave.

He's nearly gone when she calls out to him, "David…" He turns towards her waiting for her next words but instead of words she drops the flask over the side of the bed in defiance and lays back down. It was not what she planned on doing and almost instantly she regretted it especially when he laughs and strides back over before picking it up.

"Don't say I didn't warn you, now you'll have to deal with it on your own, good luck." He winks at her before leaving with a mocking laugh.

Star wanted to taste his blood so badly, she recalled the taste of the drink she'd be tricked into drinking… the blood and ever since then she'd convinced herself that it wasn't as good as she remembered, that she was drunk and high and that it was all some sick mind game or illusion David and the others played on her.

Truthfully, she'd wanted to drink it again but pushed that thought back ever since she found out what it really was that she'd unwittingly drunk.

Sometimes she finds her eyes drifting to the accursed jeweled bottle longing to take a just a sip and as if to taunt and tease her sometimes the boys would drink from it or even ask her if she'd like a drink.

But none of that mattered she told herself, she could want it but as long as she didn't succumb and drink it everything would be fine… not that she could given he'd taken it back but still.

As long as she didn't drink blood, as long as she fought off the thirst it didn't matter that she'd wanted it only that she hadn't drunk it… she could beat this.

David was trying to scare her by saying it got worse and the stuff about her body but that was just a trick, a lie… he was a lair.

What would he know about it any way he probably gave in as soon as he felt the urge for blood, he was nothing like her.

He was a monster and she was human.

And Star planned to stay that way.

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