One Small Change

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Chapter 2: Mirror, Mirror

Star woke up late that evening and one glance around told her that she was alone, Laddie must have woken up before her and gotten bored. He probably made his way back to the front of the cave, the main area had more things for him to do so it didn't surprise her. She could only hope that the boys cleaned up whatever mess they made last night no need to traumatize the kid even further.

Raising from the bed she straightens out her top and skirt that's really the most she can do when everything she owns is in another part of the cave. David was right about the bed, the one he got her wasn't just cleaner but more comfortable as well… not that she would ever admit that to him.

Making her way back to the cave's main area was only slightly easier than it was leaving it last night, her eyesight was much better than a person who was completely human but still nowhere near the level of a vampire.

Once she found the crevasse that leads to her destination Star easily slide through it. The candles weren't lit yet but there was still a little bit of daylight left streaming in from the entrance. Laddie was sitting on her bed with a sketchpad and a pencil he had yet to notice her but that was fine because upon entering she realized that the smell of blood while not fresh any longer was lingering and she was sure her face was pained as her stomach felt.

Finally getting a hold of herself she called out, "Laddie," The little boy looks up and beams at her, he was surprisingly easy to make happy sometimes. Maybe he just didn't like being alone, "Star you're awake!" He jumps off the bed and bounces over to her, "Can I go out with you tonight?"

She didn't want to go out but then again with the cave smelling the way that it did she didn't want to stay in either, "You'll have to ask David." Laddie frowns at that so to cheer him up and get some fresh air for herself she asks him to go outside. It wasn't pleasant to be in the sunlight, but it was setting and why not enjoy it while she still can.

The two sit just outside and watch the sunset together. She was never around children when she wasn't one but from her knowledge, they weren't as quiet as Laddie but whether that was a personality trait or just because of the circumstances she wasn't sure.

In fact, last night while thinking about things it made her think about how little she knew about Laddie as well… at this point, she'd say she knew David more than the kid beside her and that wasn't a nice thought.

"Laddie can I ask you something… if you don't want to answer me that's okay." Laddie was watching the sky up until that point, "Okay Star."

"How… how did you end up drinking vampire blood?" Laddie looks down at the ground sadly for a minute before looking back up at the girl, "My sister…" Star's eyes widen, "It's okay Laddie you don't have to talk about it."

She doesn't know what to think about what she's just discovered but it's probably best not to ask anymore she doesn't want to upset the boy.

He nods before looking down at the ground, he starts to use his fingers to draw in the sand and that's how the boys find them once the sun fully sets.

Laddie notices them first and jumps up running over to them, "David can I go out tonight?" The vampire in question just glances over at Dwayne who shrugs, "Sure kid, ride with Dwayne." Laddie cheers before attaching himself to the other brunette's arm.

"Star I can go!" The little boys calls over as Star stands up and pats her skirt to free it of the sand clinging to it, "I heard." Her smile is forced but Laddie doesn't seem to notice.

"Well then let's head out, you coming Star?" David asks as if knowing she doesn't want to go out or be in reaching distance of someone with a pulse. She could just stay here outside of the cave and have a somewhat peaceful night but Laddie has other plans, "Star you gotta come with us too, come on please!?"

What could she say to that besides when they left to eat he'd be on his own which Star didn't like especially since he might end up succumbing to his vampiric urges if left alone and he was much too young… she never wanted him to become a vampire, but it would be even worse if he was stuck in the body of a child for the rest of his existence.

"Sure, I'll go." Laddie smiles at her and the others head to their bikes as Star trails on behind them, once they mount their bikes she takes her place behind David as Laddie hops on behind Dwayne and like that they're off to the boardwalk.

The boys quickly left Star and Laddie to their own devices once they arrived so the two of them went to a hot dog stand to grab something as it has been a while since either of them has had anything. Star hopes that between that and having to focus on Laddie that the urge to bite people stays manageable. After they finish their quick meal she asked him where he wants to go and that's how they find themselves away from the shops and down near the rides.

After riding the Ferris wheel and the merry go 'round the two enjoy themselves by playing the carnival games scattered about around them. It's nearly enough to take her mind off of all of the beating hearts surrounding her and the cotton candy that she's slowly eating is helping to block out the smell not a lot, but every bit helps.

While she was watching Laddie toss some rings a familiar feeling settled upon her, someone was watching her… but it wasn't David. She knew the weight of his stare, it was both unnerving and unwelcomed. Once it had made her feel like the only girl in the room so to speak and it kind of still did but not in a good way. Star's eyes drift to the side where her gaze catches a young man eyeing her. It's not unusual for her to be hit on but that was before David most who are from these parts know better… they know that she's David's girl even if she no longer wanted to be.

Star couldn't see the leader of the Lost Boys being upset about it because he didn't really care about her like he once pretended to but given her new slightly less than human status she thought it was unwise to try and date anybody, so she turns away from his gaze and continues to watch Laddie play.

It didn't take long for the guy to gather up the courage to approach her, "Hey I couldn't help but notice you're alone, turns out I am too the best way to remedy that would be to hang out what do you say? I'm Tommy by the way." He grins friendly, "Well you noticed wrong because I'm not alone," Seeing the little boy finishing his game she calls to him, "Laddie."

He comes over quickly ignoring the guy beside her, "Look Star I won!" He shows her the stuffed pig, "I can see that, so where to next?" Before he can answer Tommy cuts in, "Your little brother's cute, you know I'm great with kids. Hey, little guy, I know a fun place, what do you say the three of us go there?" He smiles friendly.

Star is about to protest when Laddie agrees, she gets onto him about following after strangers but then the guy goes and introduces himself to the kid and Laddie looks at her pleadingly, "Alright I suppose it couldn't hurt." Not true, her throat was burning her and her head was pounding at the human's nearness but she'd put up with it for Laddie.

"Great we'll have a blast!" He chats with Laddie for a moment before looking at Star who was nibbling on her cotton candy mostly for something to concentrate on, "So is Star a nickname or what?" He asks interestedly.

"Star is my real name," She tells him absent-mindedly, "so where is this fun place at?" He laughs, "We're almost there." He points and turning her head she freezes and grabs Laddie's arm, "…Sorry, we have somewhere else to be."

It was a house of mirrors.

"Oh come on, it'll be fun-"

She cuts off his enthusiastic words with a shake of her head before backing away, "I'm sorry but we really must leave." Thinking that would be it she attempts to flee with Laddie only to come face to face with Marko… she should have known someone was keeping an eye on her.

Well if anything he'll give her the excuse she needs to leave Star thinks slightly less tense.

"Hey Star, were you and your friend here going into the house of mirrors?" Star shakes her head, "No I was just leavin-" Marko laughs, "No need for that let's go, I'm sure all of us will have a killer time!"

Before she can say 'no' Tommy butts in, "Is he a friend of yours Star?" Oh no, she didn't want him to try and start something with Marko, but she also had no idea what the vampire before her was thinking there's no way David would risk them going into a house of mirrors with a human or at least that's what she thought until the devil himself shows up and he's not alone.

"It's fine. We're all friends here, isn't that right Star?" Star stares at him, "David…" Her tone is pleading.

"Yes, Star?" His voice was amused, she had no idea what was going on inside of his head, but it couldn't be anything good.

"Well, what are we waiting for let's go look at some mirrors!" Paul exclaims as Star looks at David scared. He told her just last night that he wouldn't force her to feed was that a lie? No… he wasn't going to but that didn't mean he wouldn't try and tempt her by feeding in front of her.

Should she try and warn him. It turned out there was no need as he wasn't feeling much like going into the house of mirrors anymore, "Um you know what, I should probably just go-"

"No, stay the more the merrier isn't that right?" David's hands clamped down on his shoulder and he really looked like he wanted to flee, "Look, man, I didn't mean anything-" David squeezes his shoulder hard causing him to stop talking.

Star realized he probably thought they were going to take him in there and beat him… he'll wish that was the case very soon. "David… I'll stay here with Laddie."

"No." Star tenses, "Wha-" David continues, "Dwayne can watch the kid if he doesn't want to come in," The other vampire nods, "But Star you are coming." The was no room for negotiations, his word was final.

Star looks down at the little boy, "Laddie you stay here." He looks fearful but nods and clings to his new stuffed pig.

Slowly the group makes its way inside while the young man named Tommy was trying to talk them saying 'that everything was cool, and he wasn't trying to hit on their girl', the way he called her 'their' girl upset her, just what did he think that she was with all of them?

Not that what he thought really mattered given he wasn't going to be around much longer to continue thinking it.

Once he sees the first mirror and only catches his own reflection Tommy starts to realize things are worse than he'd originally thought as he starts to panic but it's too late for him by then. His eyes search every which way trying to catch a glimpse of a mirror that shows more than just him.

"Star come over here." She wants to tell David 'no' and hang around the doorway so that she can flee at the first sign of blood but instead she makes her way to him and for a second Tommy nearly feels relief at seeing another reflection until he notices it's not like his, it's see-through.

He can't take it anymore he screams and runs further into the house of mirrors as the entrance is blocked and they let him, "You're playing with him, aren't you?" Star asks.

David laughs before giving her a way out, "Stay here you can watch the door." Star is grateful until he looks at her seriously, "I mean it Star don't leave until we finish here."

That meant she'd have to hear everything close up, not only that though her gaze finds the mirrors around her and she realizes it's very likely she'll witness what's about to happen.

"Star." She closes her eyes, "I'll stay right here."

He lifts his hand and runs it down her arm, "I didn't say that you couldn't move just that you couldn't leave."

David's ghost-like touch leaves her and suddenly he's gone, off to play his sick twisted game of cat and mouse… he said she could move but not leave.

He wants her to join them… it will never happen, never she thinks as she sees Tommy run past but no, she realizes that it's just his reflection.

David said she could move if she leaves the doorway he may find his way out… and then what? Dwayne is right outside he'd never make it a voice inside mocks her as she tries to find a way around this but there isn't one… there never is.

Suddenly another scream passes through the house of mirrors, it's not the most popular place here and Star doubts that there are others inside though if there happens to be they too won't ever leave.

Star watches his fearful reflection floating no he's being lifted up, only whoever is doing it can't be seen by the mirror, he's been caught it's over… but then they toss him aside stunning the half-vampire as the human once again flees.

This happens again and again… they really are playing with him and only getting rougher as time goes on, some of the mirrors have been smashed and he's bleeding now.

Star covers her nose and closes her eyes but that only enhances her hearing and now his breathing, his heartbeat has become so very loud, why are they doing this!? They should just end it already!

And then with a final terrifying scream, his breaths and heartbeat cease.

If she wasn't worried about breathing in the smell of his blood she would have breathed a sigh of relief.

Part of her felt disgusted with herself over the thought but she was just so glad that it was over and just wanted to leave… it was over surely David wouldn't mind if she left now.

Did she want to anger him though if she was wrong?

Standing there holding her breath for what felt like hours Star started to come back to her senses so she opened her eyes and nearly screamed at the blood-drenched horror show in front of her, broken bloodstained mirrors and part of her brain doesn't agree with the phrase.

It looked more like a bloodstained paradise calling forth her bloodlust.

She couldn't stay any longer without doing something she'd regret so Star would take her chances with a potentially pissed off David, so the half-vampire flew out of the house quickly and didn't stop as she raced past Dwayne and Laddie who was slightly pale and calling out for her but she ran and ran and didn't stop until she was too far to hear another person's heartbeat and once there she proceeded to lose her dinner.

She was both sick to her stomach and ravenous.

Star hated this.

She wanted it to stop.

But as long as she held onto her humanity it wouldn't so as Star finished emptying her stomach on the beach she wondered if being human was really worth it anymore.

Wiping her mouth, she mental berates herself for her weak thoughts, no she wouldn't give in not now or else all this suffering she'd been through would all be for nothing… but wasn't it still for nothing anyway? There was no way to go backwards, there was only standing still or moving forward… and at this moment she didn't know which sounded worse.

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