One Small Change

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Chapter 4: Sand Castles

Star awoke just as the sun was setting to an unusual feeling, she was comfortable?

Not completely but the girl felt much more well rested than she had for weeks now, the only downside was the slight pressure that she quickly realized was her thirst for blood, but she still felt good.

She kept her eyes closed and snuggled into the pillow she was holding; her bed was full of them. Then it hit her, it couldn't be a good thing for her to feel good given her circumstances.

The half-vampire instantly sat up and searched her memory for the reason and quickly recalled drinking the blood in the accursed jeweled bottle that Laddie had handed to her, the memory flared her hunger, but it wasn't unbearable like it had been just the night previous.

For a moment longer, she stayed in bed not wanting to get up and face what she'd done. Star was sure David knew about it by now. That thought had her tightly gripping the sheets behind her, the dark-haired girl wondered if by some miracle she had found her way to her bed in her blood induced haze or if someone put her in it.

Though she hoped it was the latter it was very likely that wasn't the case which meant… David had put her to bed. She hated to think of him touching her let alone picking her up and carrying her, the only time she willingly touched him was when she rode with him and it was easy enough to forget about that fact during the ride.

Afterwards, she just didn't think on it so maybe that's what was best right now as well. So, Star decided she just wouldn't think about it, there were too many other unpleasant things to dwell on right now to be thinking on that one.

Star flopped back onto her bed a grabbed the pillow she'd discarded in her frantic moment pulling it back to her chest, briefly she wondered if David would allow her to waste the night away by wallowing in her bed. He'd let her before, so it was possible, maybe if she was lucky he'd completely ignore her as well.

"Haven't you had enough sleep?" Turns out that she wasn't that lucky. David had just arrived with the other boys trailing along behind him, Laddie hearing them sat up from the couch and rubbed his eyes with a yawn.

She knew ignoring David was never a good idea if she wanted to be left alone so she answers with a simple, "No." but keeps her back to him in hopes that it'll show that she wants to be alone.

There's a snicker that sounds an awful lot like Paul from behind her, but she still doesn't turn around, "No?" He repeats while lighting his cigarette all the while not removing his eyes from her prone body.

"I've never known blood to make someone sleep so much." She flinches at his off-handed comment like it was no big deal that she drank blood. Instead of replying she stays silent hoping that he won't say anymore.

For a few minutes, he doesn't, he just smokes his cigarette and contemplates his options.

It's not surprising that she would choose to lay around feeling sorry for herself as she had been doing that with more frequency lately, but he wasn't going to allow it, however, he also wasn't going to make it easy for her to make him out to be the bad guy this time.

David's eyes catch Dwayne's and the other understands instantly and gets to work on getting Laddie to do as he wants.

It wasn't hard for Dwayne to quietly manipulate the boy into thinking he was doing a good thing for the girl by convincing her not to stay cooped up in the cave.

A few minutes later the excitable half-vampire boy jumps onto the bed startling the girl from her depressing thoughts, "Star," She sits up and looks at him, "What is it?"

"I want to go somewhere with you," He tugs on her arm and she doesn't resist despite wanting to, "Laddie… I think I'll stay in tonight."

"But Star we haven't played together in a long time." Laddie's face drops as he pouts, and she sighs but still tries to avoid leaving, "We could play here."

Shaking his head stubbornly he pulls on her arm, "I don't want to stay here I want to go outside, let's go to the beach!" Star relents and the little brunette cheers, "Thanks Star!" Then he hugs her around the waist before darting over to Dwayne telling him and the others that Star's coming with them as if they didn't hear the whole thing.

For their part, they act like its news to them and he's happy, well that certainly makes one of them she thinks moodily. David approaches her with a smirk, "Don't worry the blood from last night should keep you from making your first kill." She stiffens and looks away as he moves in closer.

"If you're still worried I could always give you some more before we leave, just to be sure." Her posture is extremely tense, but it has nothing to do with the fact that he's so close that his breath is ghosting across her face. No, she barely notices that or that she all with every breath she takes she's breathing in the scent of the cigarette he'd just smoked.

Her mind was filled with blood. David smirks and backs away before saying, "All you have to do is ask." Suddenly she can think clearly again, and she harshly shakes her head, "No."

"I'm getting déjà vu," He laughs, "Is that your new favorite word?" She glares at him and stops herself short of telling him 'no' again, "I don't need the blood and I won't be drinking it again."

He shakes his head but says no more to her as he motions for his boys to follow him and they do, along with Laddie tailing behind them like a lost puppy. It confused her how the boy both was frightened of them and got along with them, maybe it was a child thing.

Star only started moving when Laddie looked back and asked, "You're coming aren't you Star?"

"…Yes, Laddie, I am."

The ride there wasn't as tense as she'd expected from her brief words with David but then again it had been days since she'd left the cave so that may have made the usually pleasant drive even more so.

The wind felt nicer than she recalled and was it just her imagination or did the night seem clearer? Perhaps there was just less fog, it didn't occur to her that her own senses may have heightened.

The boys walked them to the beach after they left their bikes but once there they headed off on their own, likely to find some poor unsuspecting person to eat.

Star though stayed to build a sand castle with Laddie, they didn't have the plastic models to help them but neither minded the lumpy lopsided castle they were building together, "Star?"

"Hmm?" She hummed her response while patting the side on the wet sand trying to get it to hold and feeling glad that she had been talked into coming out for the night when Laddie suddenly asks something out of the blue, "Do you still love David?"

Her hand's strength slips and the sand wall caves in under the pressure, but she hardly notices as her eyes are now staring at the little boy's face in shock, "W-What, why would you think that I-"

Loved David… she couldn't say those words aloud, it was not only preposterous, but they hurt to even think.

Laddie shifts uncomfortably and shrugs before his gaze drops to the half-destroyed sand castle or rather a lumpy hill that they were using a ton of imagination to pretend resembled a castle.

"…Laddie, why did you ask that?" She brings her sand covered hands to her lap while Laddie pats at the sand in a distracted way, "I-I'm not mad I just want to know why you thought that?"

Laddie stops patting the wet sand but his hand lingers on it along with his eyes, "Because you were in love with him when you were human, weren't you?" His voice is timid, and she doesn't like it anymore than the question being spoken by it.

Laddie shouldn't sound like that she decides and tries to push away her own noticeable uneasy at the question so it's harder for him to see how upset it makes her, she's unsure if it's working though.

"I-" How was she going to answer that, truthfully? What was the truth though, once upon a time she had fashioned herself as 'in love' but that was to a false face the David she'd fallen for wasn't real and so her feelings at the time were also fake, that's what's the half-vampire had been telling herself since this happened.

"I don't know if I was in love with him back then… but I'm definitely not right now, does that answer your question?" Laddie nods but bites his lip making the older one question if that really was the answer he was looking for, in fact, why was he asking to begin with?

"So why are you so curious all of a sudden?" Star asks but the boy shakes his head and continues to quietly make his sand castle so following his lead she does the same. As they continue the atmosphere lightens up and Star pushes the thought to the back of her mind as it seemed that Laddie had as well.

Just as the sand castle was being completed a voice interrupted them and it startled Star that she'd not heard them approaching, "Hey babe why don't you come play with us instead of the kid." She frowned up at the group of suffers, they looked like the type of guys that David and the others hated.

Star hoped none of the boys were watching her tonight otherwise she may have to witness more deaths and even though the thought made the inside of her mouth water it was still not something the half-vampire wanted to happen.

"Hey, are you deaf?" One buff blonde guy asks while the other adds, "Yeah we invited you to hang out with us so where do you get off ignoring us huh?"

Star sighed, "I'm not… please go away." She didn't want them dead because they approached her as it was the 'Tommy' from the house of mirrors still wasn't far from her mind.

"Go away?" Another asks offended, Star glances down and closes her eyes for a second trying to find a peaceful solution before opening them and looking to Laddie who was silently watching them.

"Come on Laddie." She stands and reaches to grab the boy's hand this doesn't go over well with the original surfer who had spoken, and he steps forward crushing their sand castle much to Laddie's dismay as he cries out before the human grabs a hold of Star's arm and pulls her to him.

Star isn't afraid of him she's seen real-life monsters, in fact, she was nearly one herself, that thought made her glance about hoping that none of the boys were around or else these stupid surfers wouldn't see another day.

Not that the vampires cared about her, but she assumed it was the principle of the thing, "Please let go." He smirked thinking that her plead was one of fear and there may have been some in her voice but it was not fear for herself.

The group of guys laugh but just as the blonde holding her close to him squeezes her arm in a supposedly intimidating way another one screams, and she smells blood and fears the worst.

Her eyes shoot to the screaming surfer and widen as she sees attached to his arm is Laddie.

"Laddie no!" She calls out vainly knowing already that the boy can't stop himself, she had to do something before the boy killed him.

Without thinking another thought, she shoves away the human holding her easily before rushing to the little boy's aid to the shock of the surfer who was now on the ground and the others standing by idly.

The bitten human was hitting the kid's head in an attempt to try and dislodge his teeth but all it was doing was further angering the half-vampire child. Star grabs his offending arm with one hand to stop him from hitting the poor boy's head anymore before using her free arm to snake around the boy's waist and yanking him off forcefully.

Laddie was too far gone in his bloodlust to listen to her so it was the only way Star only hoped that she didn't hurt him by being so rough. The human was the only one feeling the pain at the moment though as he cursed and screamed because freeing his arm from the child also meant that he lost a chunk of it along the way.

Pulling back the struggling halfling was no easy task and she had to use both arms while backing up to keep her hold on him, "Shit I'm bleeding all over the place!" Star tried to ignore her own growing bloodlust at the words as she had stopped breathing so as not to lose control of herself during this chaos.

"Somebody do something!" The young man screamed holding onto his heavily bleeding arm as the surfer on the ground pales and looks away from his bleeding friend to the struggling thing in the girls arm and yells out, "Somebody, kill that thing!"

To him it was a thing a miniature demon or something, it's face was bloody and twisted and it was snarling try to get at them, so he did the only reasonable thing and jumped up grabbing his surfboard in the process while patting his shorts for a knife he made a habit of carrying.

The other surfers seeing him pull out the weapon started to act aggressively too. Star saw this and tried to talk sense into them, "Stop it he's just a little boy!" She did her best not to breath in after exhaling those words, just the sight of the blood was already too much but breathe in she did.

"That thing is no kid!" One shouted and the others commented similar sentiments while Star struggled both outwardly with Laddie and inwardly with herself.

Just as the surfers start to advance and familiar laugh reaches her ears and for once she's relieved to hear it, "Having fun without us Star?"

David calmly approaches and instantly the surfers recognize him and sneer while looking from the snarling 'demon' kid as most called him to the punks they'd been meaning to take out as if searching for a connection.

"Well boys it looks like we're having seconds tonight," His mask drops making his face resembles that of the child and suddenly the connection has been made, some try to flee, and others prepare to attack, "unless you want them all Star?" David looks at the girl who says nothing in return not that he expected her too given all the blood surrounding them now.

The fleeing surf nazis got easily picked off by Paul and Marko but Dwayne was interested in the ones that wanted to fight their way out. David joined them after seeing that Star wasn't going to make a move.

Star didn't know if closing her eyes would make things better or worse, her hearing would get better if her eyes closed thus making the screams more likely to be that much more realistic in her nightmares but the real reason she wasn't closing her eyes was that she couldn't.

The less than human part that urged her to join them wouldn't let her take her eyes away from the horrifying sight, it was revolting but she liked it.

Star wanted the blood.

She enjoyed the screams.

Star could tell David and the others were enjoying this, it was fun.

She wanted to enjoy this too.

Star realized that she was enjoying it partly.

If the girl had eaten anything recently then she'd surely have a repeat performance of a few nights ago but she was only now realizing that it wasn't because of how gruesome the sight was it was her own hunger at watching it that made her truly disgusted.

Soon it was over, and the boys were left to clean up their leftovers, while that was happening Dwayne approached her and swiftly knocked out Laddie and due to her own inability to process everything at once she didn't protest this or him carrying the now unconscious boy away.

With her arms free from their struggle to hold onto Laddie and his humanity she could move again.

Star stayed where she was looking at the bloodstained sand.

Her eyes found the trampled sand castle her and Laddie had built together, it was also not spared the blood.

Everything was so peaceful and comfortable at the start of the night; how did it get to be like this? Maybe she should stop coming out, it seemed to get bloodier every time she left the cave.

"Star," Her head lifts up to see David's stare it's not one that she's familiar with so the halfling doesn't know what to make of it, he raises his hand to brush at a spot of her cheek. Her eyes follow his hand as it retreats bringing some blood with it, there were splatters of blood on her face her mind supplies but before Star can determine her reaction to that he speaks.

"Those eyes suit you."

He says no more and gets back to the clean up but as if magically her legs become unlocked and Star falls to the ground her legs giving out.

What did he mean?

She has to drag herself a few feet to see her reflection in the ocean's surface, it's not easy but with the bright light of the almost full moon her see-through reflection can be seen enough for her to gasp and touch her face.

Her eyes had changed they weren't her eyes.

They were the eyes of a monster, the same kind that David sometimes had.

David's real eyes… does that mean these were her real ones now?

No, she wasn't like him, it was just eyes nothing else. Then her hands flew to tough her teeth next and while not fully fanged her teeth are much pointier.

Star's hands drop to her side as she stares into her slight reflection in terror until the boys finished their clean up and David came to get her, she wouldn't budge though and, in the end, he had to pick her up and carry her back to his motorcycle where he had to also get her situated and held onto her hands at his waist.

The others watched with varying degrees of humor, Star was completely out of it that much they understood. David had hoped the ride back to the cave would snap her out of it given how much she enjoyed riding on the back of his bike, but she was still nearly catatonic when they arrived back at the cave prompting him to carry her inside and to her bed.

Lying in bed for close to an hour she blinked confused at the change in surroundings before she reached for the nearest pillow to seek comfort in, it didn't help though.

David noticed the movement but said nothing about it as shortly after it was time for them to head further back into the cave to sleep.

Before he could though Star's quiet voice called out, "David…"

Curious he lets the others go ahead and approaches the girl who had rolled over to face him while still clutching at the pillow like a lifeline.

He waited for her to speak and eventually she did in a defeated whisper, "Why did you do this to me?"

David doesn't smirk or mock her like her fragile mind was telling her he would instead he answers her, "Because I wanted to." She stares at him blankly, "Why, why me?" This wasn't the first of ever the second time that she had asked this question, but he'd never answered it not really.

The vampire sighs and reaches out to cover her eyes she doesn't move away as his gloved fingers close her eyelids, "Why not you?" He removed his hands and she kept her eyes shut, "Go to sleep Star." She feels a light pressure against her head but doesn't open her eyes as she feels him pull back.

Tears well up behind her closed eyes and she muffles a sob trying not to cry in front of him, the bed dips some and she knows he's sat down, and he tells her honestly, "I don't know why you and not one of the other millions of girls out there, do I really need a reason?" She feels his hand running through her hair in a comforting manner and doesn't protest it, "I chose you and there's no going back… so you can keep playing the victim with me starring as the monster or you could accept things as they are."

He made things sound so simple, it was anything but.

"I think we both know which one would make you happier." She feels him remove himself from the bed and without opening an eye her hand shoots out and grabs his own gloved one stopping him.

It was the first time she initiated the contact between them in a long time, "I don't want to lose my humanity."

His hand briefly grips hers before he drops it and tensely asks, "Why not? What's your humanity ever done for you?" There was a gust of wind then and she opens her eyes to find herself alone with only a dozing Laddie on the couch.

"What's my humanity done for me?" She whispers aloud looking at her cold empty hand before tearing up, "What hasn't it done for me?" She watches her hand as it balls up into a fist and she brings it to her chest to cry.

Yes, nothing was simple but perhaps that was her humanity talking but that didn't mean that she'd trade it for a little simplicity.

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