Epilogue: Aftermath


A year after Solstice and Andrew were married, the Second World War was coming to a close. The Allies had advanced through Europe, pushing the Nazis and their allies back and making their way towards Berlin, the heart of Germany. Mid-April of 1945, Stalag 13 had been liberated, though there wasn't much of a fight as Klink had surrendered long before the Allies arrived. General Burkhalter, none too pleased at Klink's cowardice, was led away in binders while Klink was just flanked by two guards. Solstice had to bit back a snicker at his face.

Solstice observed the green-clad soldiers round up all of the Nazis soldiers and guards from her position by Barracks Two. Several of them tended to the former prisoners. The short-haired brunette scanned the compound once again. Everything seemed pretty organized, despite the initial chaos. Most of the prisoners were still laughing and going around the camp excitedly as they celebrated being free. She, on the other hand, was thinking about how being free was going to affect how she continued the fight. Hogan promised that she would be able to help with the rest of the war, seeing as how she had military experience. But from the way the medics and some of the higher ups treated her, it would be difficult to do anything.

"Solstice!" The woman turned her head, smiling when she saw Lebeau running towards her. She embraced the small man in a tight hug, a laugh and smile escaping. Even though the former bounty hunter didn't belong to any one country on this planet, she was sure happy. And even though she didn't make it through one war, Solstice was extremely happy she got to see the end of this one. "We won! We won!"

"Lebeau! Solstice!" Both turned their head toward the voice. Newkirk was jogging towards them, a big old smile on his face. "Colonel Hogan needs to see us near the Kommadant's office."

Both members of Hogan's team shrugged before they both made their way towards the office. All of Hogan's main team was there. Solstice smiled and embraced her husband, which caused him to blush thoroughly. His eyes flickered over to the stranger that Hogan was talking to. The man was clearly a general, with five stars on his helmet and uniform. The former bounty hunter shrugged before separating herself and pulling herself into a posture of respect and subordination. Finally, the two higher-ups stopped talking and the general turned towards them.

"So, this is your team." He commented, eyes scanning everyone. "Good to finally meet you all. Glad to be able to meet the team responsible for causing the Nazis all that trouble."

"It was our pleasure." Solstice commented, cocking out her hip in habit. The general did a double take with her but it was well hidden.

"I want to commemorate this day." The general announced, gesturing to the man with a primitive camera. Everyone in Hogan's team lined up, with the taller ones in the back and the shorter ones in the front. Solstice and Andrew stood side by side and, at the last minute, gazed into each other's eyes, so there would no mistaking who they were.

Years later, when both Solstice and Andrew were hunched over and grey, they looked back fondly on the past. They shared stories of their adventures, whether they be separate ones or the ones they worked as team, to their kids and eventually, their many grandkids. None of them believed that Solstice was an alien, but the old woman didn't care. None of their kids or grandkids were force-sensitive, which both disappointed and relieved the former bounty hunter. She didn't want to introduce them to the crazy life. While they thought that Solstice was just a crazy old woman, they enjoyed the 'made-up' stories that grandma told them.

After Andrew passed away, Solstice and her eldest son, Jay Carr Carter, were cleaning out the attic when they came across the picture taken at the end of World War Two. At that point in her life, she had stopped telling everyone that she was an alien bounty hunter due to the fact that they had threatened to lock her up in the loony house. Solstice stared at the picture, gently stroking her husband's face with a soft smile. She still remembered that day clearly. The sun on her face, a light warm breeze blowing. Jay leaned over when he noticed his mother staring at something.

"What's that, mom?" He asked as she passed it over to him.

"The last day of the Second World War." Solstice remembered. "Those men and I were a part of a secret group that ran an espionage and sedition campaign against the Nazis. I thought I told you this story."

"I know, mom." Jay squinted at the picture. "What are you wearing? They look like robes or something."

"They are." Solstice said as she walked out of the attic. She smirked when she felt her son's disbelieving gaze on her neck. There was going to be a lot of questions later.

Oh how perfect her life turned out to be.