Tatsumi opens his eyes seeing himself in the misty place through he never recognized. He keep walking and walking until he stopped when he saw his devil self on the pillars leaning.

''Sup. I never seen you again in this time of rate again.''Devil Tatsumi waved his hand

''You have got to be kidding me. How many times that you eat those sweets even we met?''Tatsumi asked

''A thousands times my human self. You know you can't just shut me down and uncontrolled you lately.''Devil Tatsumi taunted him

''Shut up. You don't know anything from me. You know me when i got choose by the Devil's orb. Is that even a compliment to taunt me of my past?''Tatsumi asked

''You really don't know ,didn't you? My what a pain in the ass you were. You really don't remember why the orb choose you? Or how did you managed to kill 50 assassins the day your parents were killed.'' Devil Tatsumi asked causing Tatsumi's eyes to turned red. ''My i made you mad ,wasn't i?''

''You can't hurt my friends or Akame...you know what i am capable of.''Tatsumi growled

''I am you Tatsumi. I am your subconscious of the devil within you. Mainly you really don't know the reason why. First of all i am not going to hurt your family and Akame. You barely don't know why you were sent here.''said Devil Tatsumi

''I don't know what your talking about.''Tatsumi said as the misty place began to dissolves slowly

''You'll find out soon Tatsumi.''Devil Tatsumi disappeared as he stood up and walked into the dim red light

''Wait.''Tatsumi ran.

Tatsumi opens his eyes. He was breathing hardly yet he realized that he was on his room back on night Raid. He saw his shoulder was covered in bandages. He did remember what happened. He noticed that Akame was sleeping on his bed seemingly smiled as he stroke her hair causing her to stir .Akame opened her eyes seeing him.

''Hey.''said Tatsumi

''Tatsumi?...Tatsumi?!''Akame jumped to him as they landed on the bed. Tatsumi groaned. ''I'm sorry...i'm so sorry.''

''Hey...hey..hey...its okay. I'm fine.''Tatsumi said

''God i was so worried for you. I didn't know that black wolf was you.'' Akame said as she faced her boyfriend

''Sorry Akame i should have told you about my powers that i didn't told you.''said Tatsumi as he looked at Ace mat. ''Where's my dog?''

''Oh...um Bulat was feeding Ace and he needed a companion first.'' Akame replied as she sighed

''How long was i out?'' Tatsumi asked

''3 days. You were gone for 3 days. Seryu's dog bit you fatally yet you managed to get us back from the base. You lost a lot of blood and i remembered that part when you shielded me a hundred times and i couldn't do it for you.''said Akame but Tatsumi holds her chin

''What happened to us when we were kids. Its done.''said Tatsumi

''Tatsumi i was going to protect you and i failed to do so.''said Akame

''Every person deserves to be guilty of what happened but i am okay. '' Tatsumi said

Akame looked at Tatsumi who smiled. Until they both kiss each other slowly until Tatsumi pushed her to the bed earning her a grasp yet they continue to kiss. Tatsumi looked at her

''Akame can i asked?''Tatsumi asked

''What is it?''Akame asked

''Why there were bandages on my shoulder?''Tatsumi asked

''Um you were wounded.''said Akame

''I healed everytime.''said Tatsumi

''Oh...sorry. I have to get some breakfast and you have to take your appetite lately.''said Akame

''Still a glutton.''Tatsumi muttered as he avoided her incoming attacks. ''Not happening.''

Akame pouted as she exit the room. Tatsumi sighed as he remember what his other self was saying. He looked at his hands until he felt the pain within. He gritted his teeth until he dashed towards the trunk. He immediately opened trunk as he pulls out some medical herbs that he contained on his journeys. He drank the herbs into his mouth and drank it. He felt normal again until Ace came with a letter from a distant friend of his. He went to the kitchen and heard the meeting.

''Tatsumi its a good thing you healed already.''said Najenda

''I am okay now Boss. Sorry i made anyone worried lately.''Tatsumi apologized

''That's okay Tatsumi.''Sheele said

''Ace was howling like a wolf. We never realized that you left.''said Bulat

''He was like that. I told Ace to watch the entire surroundings.''said Tatsumi as he opened the bag revealing to be a letter

''What is that Tatsumi''Mine asked

''A friend of mine wrote me a letter. He was part of the revolutionary army and he decided if he was going to be a member of Night Raid. I didn't replied yet because i needed a full corporation from your guys.''said Tatsumi

''Another member Wow that is unexpected but helpful indeed.''said Lubbock

''Does he/she have a teigu?''Akame asked

''He had a teigu and Leone please don't use your conning types. He was an honest person making a hard decisions.''said Tatsumi

''Your such a killjoy Tatsumi...i will. I promise not to conned our new member.''said Leone

''Alright Tatsumi. I agree with your situation. What is your friends name?''Najenda asked

''His name is run. He was a former school teacher until some of his students were killed brutally. Ran survived the blast because i arrived there with Ace. After that Ran decided to joined the Revolutionary army after seeing the corruption of the empire.''said Tatsumi

''That was so horrible. Who would kill those students?'' Bulat asked

''We didn't catch the culprit but Ace bit his leg before he left.'' Tatsumi replied

''Alright. We must bring him here.''Najenda agreed

Tatsumi smiled as he wrote down the paper and some directions to Ace. The entire night Raid watched as Ace left the base. Sheele got worried for Ace because danger beast are lurking. However Bulat reassure her that Ace always okay.

'' Tatsumi your were injured fatally by Koro's attacks.''said Lubbock

''I'll be fine with this. I can healed rapidly or used some of the herbs that i eat when i was on journey.''said Tatsumi

''Herbs?'' Leone asked

''Mostly herbs were used to be medicine. I got one from the trunk. It allows the herbs to remove poison from the body and its health. It was really useful.''said Tatsumi

''I think you are right Tatsumi. Herbs can be specialized to medicine. Maybe we should use it in case some of ours were poisoned.''said Najenda

''Except Murasame.'' Tatsumi added

''Aw come on.''said Lubbock

''Everyone i want to discuss with you about this job. Well at least we wait for Run and Ace for incoming messages. Tatsumi are you sure Ace will be alright when there are thousands of danger beast out there?'' Najenda asked

''Ace is a demon hound. He can handle that. The first time i tagged with Ace with a danger beast. He burned the entire forest.''said Tatsumi

''Oh dear. I hope he is okay.''said Mine

''He will. We will have to wait.''said Tatsumi

Tatsumi continue to train using his wooden swords on his two hands. He barely attacked the dummies as he covered in and him began to spare each other until they were both holding back. Tatsumi raised his bow and arrow and aimed at the target. Akame did the same. Afterwards she released the arrow and hit on the right spot.

"I did it."Akame said as she looked at the bow

"Finally you learned Archery. Its a good thing you know otherwise i may got a bad tendency."said Tatsumi as he avoided Akame's incoming attacks. "Hey!?"

"You kept teasing me lately."said Akame who covered her blushing but Tatsumi chuckled as they kissed again softly.

"You kept worrying yourself too. I know you Akame from the start. Maybe we should practice otherwise i might get into flashback."said Tatsumi.

"Alright."said Akame holding her wooden sword

Tatsumi and the rest prepare the incoming attacks as the news that Esdeath is coming back from the North but she was slightly injured causing Akame and Tatsumi face to be nervous about what they did. Ace came back along with Ran.

''Tatsumi long time no see.''said Run

''Gladly. How are you?''Tatsumi asked

''fine. Ace still haven't matured yet again.''said Run

''Everyone this is Run. The friend that i was considered to be our new member and part of the revolutionary army.''Tatsumi introduced them

''Hmm seems like a charmer you are.'' Leone said

''Welcome Ran. The revolutionary army must have send you to join our squad. But can i asked what your teigu was?'' Najenda asked

''With all your respect. My teigu's name is Mastema. The wings were white similar to Tatsumi's however his were black.''Run said

''Thank you. I figured it out that Ace finds you.'' Lubbock asked while holding Ace head

''He did. He reach into the camp bringing the messages. However we received a horrible news.''said Ran

''What is it?''Mine asked

''The former prime minister Chouri and his daughter along with his guards are killed by unknown teigu users. And Esdeath is already backed on the capital.''Run told them causing the entire Night Raid to gasped.

''Well that is completely unexpected.''said Mine

''Talk about incoming personel. This time we have to divide the our squad. Leone you and Ran watch Esdeath on her movement. Sheele and Mine you must go to the market place in case Seryu will be there. Akame you and Lubbock give this rice to the other villagers incase of the incoming attacks. Tatsumi,Bulat and Ace must board on the ship in order to watch the former politicians.''said Najenda

''Brilliant i am pair with a you mr charming.''Leone teasing Ran

''I don't have a problem at all.''said Ran

''I should go pack...for today.''said Tatsumi as he went into his room.

''What's wrong with Tatsumi lately?'' Ran asked

''Its a long story. ''Mine said

Akame saw something from tatsumi. something dark with red aura on it. Akame doesn't know why she was seeing this. Normally the others cannot see this but Akame only. However she saw some black wings from his back. Tatsumi was packing some things he needed. He put some herbs on the top.

''Tatsumi?''Akame asked

''Akame. um i was checking some of my things.''said Tatsumi

''I know. You might need this for your journey.''said Akame holding him some pack of medical herbs to swallow

''Thanks.''said Tatsumi

''Are you really okay?'' Akame asked feeling concerned for her boyfriend

''I am. Don't worry about me.''said Tatsumi until Akame kissed him until he replied back. '' I promise.''

''Be careful.''said Akame

''You too.''said Tatsumi

Najenda told them that the policians were the main targets. Afterwards Tatsumi and Bulat along with Ace looked at the luxurious ship. Ace growled suddenly as Tatsumi looked at 3 hooded cloaks passed them.

Tatsumi opens his eyes seeing himself in the past of Bulat. After finishing Sheele's past. Tatsumi woke up on his old inn. He grabbed his old hooded cloak and his shades to find Bulat and Liver. As he exit his own inn. He saw the crowds lining up. The guards captured Bulat and his mens. Tatsumi raised his sunglasses to avoid suspicious and raised his cape. Afterwards he turned invisible into the alleys. He managed to sneak inside the palace grounds and killed the guard that was guarding Bulat cell shocking Bulat

''Who are you ?'' Bulat asked as Tatsumi opened the gate

''No more time. We got to get you out of here. Before the guards will come.''said Tatsumi

Trusting the stranger's offer. Bulat grabs Incursio and followed Tatsumi towards the abandoned escaped. He looked on the surroundings as he raised his arrow killing the guard who was guarding on the exit sight yet , they managed to avoid the guards. Tatsumi finds Liver then he broke the chainlock shocking Liver.

"Bulat...who are you?"Liver demanded as Tatsumi opened the gate

"You can thank me later when we met again. Right now i am just showing you the way out of here. Bulat helped Liver."said Tatsumi

The three of them avoided the guards as Tatsumi killed the guards. There was an exit line.

"Thank you for helping us."said Liver gratefully

"Go. I'll distract them."

While the others left. Tatsumi immediately left the dungeons. He went back to his inn as he began arrange then he heard a voice calling him. It was unfamiliar but he knew the song. That song.

''dilly...dally.. ...the lost boy of the crowds''

"Dilly dally the boy who was sent,..."

Tatsumi opens his eyes seeing himself on the carriage that leads to the harbor where the boat was. The voice keeps haunting him like forever then he stepped out of the carriage.

''Rough sleep Tatsumi?''Bulat asked as he stepped out from the carriage

''Nothing. Just a dream.''said Tatsumi yet he began to wonder.

The three watched each other at the entire structure of the boat. Afterwards Ace began to growled at the three cloak figures passing them. Tatsumi knew they were attackers as well.

"This ship is completely huge."Tatsumi said as he watched the entire structure of the ship

"Yes it is. Have you ride any ships before Tatsumi?."Bulat asked

"A hundred times. Most of all Ace keep sneaking out if the way lately."Tatsumi holds Ace leash to calmed him down

Both of them enter the boat. Tatsumi and Ace looked at the other politicians. The Empire disgust him more like he was setting ice. Afterwards Tatsumi looked down on the river. He dreamed that he was trapped on the block of ice when he was 4 years old. As he and Bulat watched the other movements.

"You know Tatsumi. I should tell you my story since everyone told thrm to you."Bulat spoke

"What was your story bro?"Tatsumi asked knowing the results.

"I was part of the special forces of the Empire. Me and General Liver followed the rights then one day. Liver and the others were arrested because Liver couldn't accepted the Prime Minister's bribes. Both of us were taken prisoners. However it changed."Bulat added

"What changed?."Tatsumi asked

"A masked hooded person came and took us out from the prison. This Is why Liver and i joined the revolutionary army for saving the both of us."said Bulat

"The masked hooded person again?"Tatsumi asked

"Yep. The same one. One day we will meet again."Bulat said with a gleeful face

Afterwards Tatsumi and Ace went back inside. Tatsumi grabbed some juice until he heard a flute. Ace barked alerting Tatsumi. Tatsumi felt the effects but he was immune to any mind device or hypnotism because of the devils powers.

A''Ace go!'' Tatsumi commanded Ace as he barked and left his master

Afterwards Tatsumi grabbed his bow and arrow hidden under his tuxedo. After that he raised it and released towards the window. The arrow went to the window where Nyau was playing the flute. As Nyau used to flute an arrow break the flute shocking Nyau.

''What the?''Nyau yelled

Tatsumi stepped out from the door. The voices keep telling him to run and it continue to be repeated. Then he avoided Daidara's twin attacks of Axes. Tatsumi throws his arrow at him. Daidara caught it until it exploded sending him down. Daidara saw Tatsumi transforming into Dark Angel and received a kick sending him backwards. Dark Angel released his sword while glaring at him

''You must be Night Raid. I figured it out by the immunity of the musics."said another three beast

"I recognize you. Your Zack. Your Zanku's son."Tatsumi held his sword

"Yes and you killed my father. I am Esdeath Servant."said Zack holding his spear

Zack and Daidara began to attacked Dark Angel but he avoided their attacks,he swifty grabs Daidara's axes and throw it to the groundd. Avoided the other spear from Zack. Dark Angel screamed waking everyone from their sleep until he attacked them one by one. Zack lunged at him using his spear but Dark Angel eyes turned red as he raised his sword amd attacked him injuring Zack on the process until he layed om the ground and turned into a dust. Daidara saw Dark Angel looking at him with fury on his eyes. HIs other blade tried to attacked Dark Angel yet the axe landed on Daidara's chest ,shocking him. Daidara wondered until he turned around seeing the real Dark Angel behind him. He impaled him using his sword. Daidara coughed up blood until he turned into dust.

"Nice job Tatsumi."said Bulat

"Bro what happened to you?"Dark Angel asked as he looked on the blood on Bulat's leg.

"The screamed affected me. So i had to cut myself to released from that spell. Where's Ace?."Bulat asked until they heard a roar making Nyau screamed in hysterical as Ace door opens and Ace stepped out turning him back to his normal form.

"What did you do Ace?."Tatsumi asked until Nyau stepped out disheveled. He had fatal scars everywhere and some bite marks everywhere. However Tatsumi smirked until as Nyau stepped down. "Never attacked a demon hound whose attacked were fatally."Tatsumi said as he raised Nyau

Nyau turned into dust everywhere. Tatsumi grabbed the teigus and left the ship with Ace and Bulat. Once they returned Najenda was overjoyed seeing them alive. Tatsumi was reading a book while Ace was curling on the soft rug and sleep. Tatsumi heard knocks coming. He opened the door. It Was Akame.

"Akame.."Before Tatsumi could continue Akame rushed at him and embraced him,he embraced her back. "Hey i am okay."

"I know. I was worried of handling those 3 beast. Sorry for being this."Akame apologized as Tatsumi closed the door.

"I am okay...as well. I keep my promise that i will never die."said Tatsumi until they kissed.

His hands went to her waist while Akame's hands went to his neck. They leaned their foreheads together as their nose went back to bed.


Tatsumi was walking on the unknown kingdom. He didn't know where he was. He continue to walked and walked until he saw an red ice where a person was trapped inside. Tatsumi went closer towards the ice. He dusted his hands and saw the person. Tatsumi gasped as he saw his 4 years old Tatsumi trapped into the red ice. Tatsumi screamed

Tatsumi opened his eyes. He was on the bed with Akame. He sighed as he remember something from the dream. His younger self was trapped inside the ice. Million thoughts came to Tatsumi of why he was trapped on the ice when he was 4.

"What is happening to me.?."Tatsumi asked as he faced the sky..