It burns,
letting the bile lava rake through the throat,
rattling the body like a fish in need of water,
skin is paper and peeling away,
muscles so stiff as it mocks stone,
while bones are weigh down as the most heaviest metal know,
where has all of this gone now,
lips so dry as if glued shut,
cracking as they tear apart to scream,
but the scream only bubbles out,
while streams of salty drops fall from the eyes quickly,
cleaning the dirty face with such ease it's a joke,
as the lines from a distance look like prison bars,
what is the meaning of this malarkey,
laughing though only brings more pain to wave out,
skin so ash of the race is unclear of this being,
as means for a gender also tormented away in iron wills,
long as back blade and flocks of bullet hordes,
anything to show signs of a being is unclear,
a blob of flesh with no desire to go,
could be what it is left of it,
for even the will faded when all was lost,
out in the distance it could have done,
from the shadows of the mine are not fully tapped in,
yet it doesn't mean one can become an entitled given god overnight,
as it can never be that easy and no one would,
a few to a large score,
would ever give the power of that,
but when has a larger amount of voices really change anything,
for a greater good or bad to mean anything,
history is what kills and thrives us to the now,
while along the way of how the future could play out,
is just as an unclear for what would be in the next hour,
a blob mess with no personal sight to see,
yet the limbs move to where it needs to be as forth come,
in all of that though in the end of this,
left as an test subject to die,
is a mercy death as they come and we sadly,
embrace it to be or not in the end,
though gladly would never change it,
for the worth of that is beyond means of death,
though to live today,
means to kill or be killed,
and by the minds today,
what would they choose without deeply thinking,
to kill those to live in the means of being part of something,
or to be killed to be means of an end you want no part of.