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Beta: Yurushimo The Forgiving Dragon

Chapter 1 Rebirth

"Her heart was within the palm of my hand…"


The last words of a man who had led a life of emptiness. The man had just discovered emotions but was cut down before he could even understand what they truly meant. This man has black neck length hair contradicting his pale almost white skin. He was relatively skinny and was only five feet and six inches, but was much stronger than he appeared. He was wearing a white long sleeved jacket with black outlines that went with his white hakama, black socks, and white sandals. Startling green eyes with catlike pupils awoke from slumber. Dark green tear lines starting from the bottom of his eyes flowed down before disappearing under his chin. The two most outstanding features was the bone white half samurai helmet on his head and the baseball sized hole in the base of his neck. This man was named Ulquiorra Cifer, The fourth espada. He was currently standing in a pitch black room that he awoke in after turning to dust after his battle with Ichigo Kurosaki.

"How tragic, cut down before you could fully explore what had been given to you." A disembodied voice said.

"Who are you? Show yourself." Ulquiorra demanded in his normal monotone. Just as he was finished speaking a massive amount of reiatsu slammed down on top of him. He was forced down to the ground, slightly sweating, yet breathing heavily.

"You will not demand anything of me, for I am the spirit king!" The now named disembodied voice bellowed, an echo following his words. The reiatsu then stopped as Ulquiorra slowly stood up once again.

"Forgive me Spirit king. Why have you called me here?" Ulquiorra asked still in his normal monotone.

"I have brought you here to give you a second chance to explore your emotions and to finally find happiness. You can accept this offer, or I will send you on your way to the cycle of reincarnation." The spirit king explained.

"What is your offer?" Ulquiorra asked with curiosity dusting his voice.

" I offer you the chance to evolve once again. This evolution will massively increase your power to the level of the strongest being in the new world that I will send you to, although you will need to use your Segunda Epata to match its power. This will increase your regeneration allowing you to regenerate organs, and boost your hierro to near impenetrable levels. I will also give you the ancient hollow ability to find a mate. This ability was lost in your evolution. This will prepare you for the new dimension That I will send you to." The spirit king told him.

While the spirit king was explaining this, Ulquiorra's eyes widened in surprise. "This is an extremely generous offer, what have I done to deserve such treatment? there are plenty who would appreciate this more than I would be able to." Ulquiorra replied in toned astonishment.

"Ulquiorra, your life has been nothing but emptiness and despair. Although you cannot remember your human life, it was just as horrible as your afterlife. think of this as repayment for your despair. You will wake up in this new dimension in a modest house with enough money to let you live comfortably for the rest of your life." The spirit king said.

"Thank you spirit king and I accept your offer." Ulquiorra agrees.

The spirit king smiled."Very well this may hurt a little. And by a little, I mean a lot." The spirit king said. Suddenly a sphere of purple light came and hit Ulquiorra in the chest. At first Ulquiorra felt nothing, but then it became the most powerful and painful burning sensation that he had ever felt come over his body. It started at his chest where the sphere hit and slowly spread all over his body. Before long, the pain increased to the point of mind numbing, and then Ulquiorra passed out.

Ulquiorra's home

Ulquiorra woke up in the bedroom of his new house. Being in an unfamiliar place he decides to explore his house to get a feel for his surroundings. While exploring the dining room he found sitting on the table, a school uniform, an ID that has all of his information on it, and a driver's license along with a note. Deciding to read the note he finds that it explains that he has been enrolled in Kuoh academy as a second year student. All the information he needs has been included in his evolution, which after checking a mirror had made no noticeable difference in his appearance. Continuing to read the note, it tells him that he now has the ability to dematerialize his mask fragment, but that it will reappear if he wills it or if he uses any of his hollow powers. It also says that nothing can be done to hide his hollow hole except for covering it. Finishing up the note is a city map and directions to Kuoh academy and that it starts at 7:15 am checking the time and seeing that it was 6:30 he decided to get ready.

Quickly taking off and folding his arrancar uniform, he dematerialized his mask and wrapped his hollow hole in bandages before putting on the Burgundy dress slacks. He then put on a white long sleeve dress shirt with black stripes before finally donning the burgundy overcoat. looking at the tie he was supposed to wear, he simply discarded it, not wanting to put up with the infernal contraption. Grabbing his zanpaktou, he strapped it to his belt and walked out the door to Kuoh academy.

Arriving at the academy, Ulquiorra was greeted with the sight of a beautiful and expensive private school. Walking through the main gates he was immediately assaulted with strange and confused looks from the other students over his appearance. But, it was most likely the fact that he was walking around with a sword. Ignoring the looks he was getting, he walked straight to the main office. He walked up to the front desk which a secretary was seated at.

"May I help you?" The secretary asked eyeing the sword warily.

"Yes, my name is Ulquiorra Cifer, and I was just enrolled. I need to know what classes I will be taking." Ulquiorra said in his usual monotone voice.

"Okay, but you know you aren't allowed to have weapons on school campus r-right?" She nervously stutters.

"The sword is mine and will stay by my side no matter what." Ulquiorra says putting a great deal of force in his monotone voice, narrowing his eyes slightly.

She then nods quickly and fishes out a schedule and class information from her desk. "Here is everything you need." She says quickly obviously wanting Ulquiorra to leave as soon as possible. Ulquiorra picks up the papers and looks them over. Nodding slightly, he walks out of the office and heads to his classroom labeled two B. Upon arrival he knocks on the door. The door is opened by a middle aged woman.

"Ah! You must be the newly enrolled student, please come in and find a seat. I will be your teacher for the rest of the year." She explains as she moves back inside the classroom. Following her in, Ulquiorra walks in and sits in between a bald headed classmate, and a classmate with brown wavy hair and square glasses.

"Hey new kid! I'm Matsuda!" The bald headed one exclaimed.

"And I'm Motohama!" The one with hair and glasses exclaimed with him.

"And were the perverted duo!" They both shout out. The female portion of the class started to mumble things like 'death to perverts' and, 'disgusting perverts'.

"Hey new kid, why don't you join us then we can be the perverted trio!? we can talk about porn, peek on girls, and masturbate together!" Matsuda excitedly explained, trying to convince Ulquiorra to join. Ulquiorra looked around at the entire female populace of the room they were all shaking their head no and silently praying that he did not accept.

"No. I do not have the patience to deal with your worthless activities. Now, Leave me be, perverted trash." Ulquiorra deadpanned as he looked back to the front of the room to wait for the lecture to begin. The perverted duo looked crushed as they sank back down in their chairs. This was followed by the cheers of all the females in the room, celebrating that there wouldn't be a third perverted menace in the school. The lecture soon began, and time seemed to fly by. Before he knew it he had spent almost four months at Kuoh academy. His life was progressing normally, well, as normal as a previous Espada could be. Then one day it happened. the event that would change the fourth espada forever. He was asked on a date...