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'Powerful bring thinking'

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Chapter 2 Fallen Angels, and a Princesses

The Bridge

"Umm, excuse me, but are you Ulquiorra Cifer from Kuoh academy?" A beautiful voice asked. Ulquiorra turned around to take in the woman's appearance. He saw a woman with a voluptuous body, long black hair reaching her mid back, with two large bangs framing her face, and big beautiful purple eyes, and an unfamiliar school uniform.

"Yes I am." Ulquiorra replied. 'That uniform is not from any school near here. Her reiatsu is like a Quincy's, pure and holy, but has a darker side like that of a hollows. Ulquiorra thought.

"Are you going out with anyone?" she asks nervously.

"No I am not, and do not wish to. Now, leave me be woman." Ulquiorra said in his usual monotone, but this time, it was laced with hostility. As he started to walk away, Ulquiorra knew from the instinctual knowledge of finding a mate that he would feel a certain pull or attraction. Yet, he felt nothing from this woman. This was coupled with his rising suspicion, because a girl he had never seen nor sensed was suddenly hitting on him.

The women hung her head and Ulquiorra walked away thinking that she was saddened by his rejection. This was completely and utterly false, and Ulquiorra realized this when a pink spear of light flew by his head barley missing him. He Turned around to see a completely different woman standing there. Gone was the shy and cute appearance of an adorable girl. Instead, it was replaced by an angry face with a malicious smirk. Gone was the unfamiliar uniform, and in its place was a leather get up that was so revealing that she might as well have been wearing nothing. The most shocking feature though, was the pair of black angel like wings that had sprouted from her back.

"You damn human! I thought I would at least grace you with my presence for a short time before I ended your miserable life, but it seems that i'll just kill you now instead." She said as she threw another spear at Ulquiorra, hitting him in the base of the neck. Seeing that it went straight through, she began to fly away believing that he was dead.

"My name is Raynare, and you posed a decent threat to us so you had to die." Raynare laughs cockily. Just as she was about to fly away, an unseeable force brought her crashing back down to the ground.

"It seems you thought you had killed me, you trash. you simply threw that spear through my hollow hole." Ulquiorra said as he lowered his reiatsu down to barely noticeable levels. He then moved his hand to open up his jacket and shirt revealing the hole that went straight through his neck. Raynare looked up in shock at the hole in his neck. The fact that he now was wearing a half samurai helmet made of bone made her shiver in discomfort.

"W-What are you? To have this much power... You can't be human!" Raynare yelled as she formed two more spears of light and threw them at Ulquiorra. She watched in horror as they bounced of of his skin only cutting his uniform. Ulquiorra quickly used a sonido to close the ground between, and sent her flying with a palm strike. The force of the strike sent her flying several feet back, and blew open a hole in her shoulder.

"You believed that I was weak, but I was simply hiding my powers. You are severely outmatched. Now you will tell me everything you know about the spiritual world here and I might let you live." Ulquiorra states as he stands over her. Raynare fearfully explained the three main factions along with the minor ones.

"That is everything I know! I swear it! now will you let me go!?" She screamed in terror.

"Yes. But, if any of your kind attack me again, I will not let them leave alive." Ulquiorra told her deciding that there was no need to kill this trash now. After being allowed to leave, Raynare immediately flew off. Ulquiorra started to walk home. But, when he got to the bridge, he stopped. "I can sense you. would you like to show yourself?" Ulquiorra asked, seemingly to no one while looking down the road. After waiting a few minutes and nothing happening Ulquiorra simply shrugged and continued home. When he was completely out of view, a small girl came out from the road Ulquiorra was looking down. She was visibly shaken that someone was able to sense her when she had hidden her presence. After making sure Ulquiorra was gone a crimson magic circle appeared under her feet teleporting her back to her master.

Next Day of School

At the end of the day, Ulquiorra was getting ready to leave, but stopped his process when he heard the squealing of fan girls. The squealing continued to get louder until the door finally opened bringing it to its zenith. Ulquiorra, who was growing annoyed of hearing the constant squealing, let out a pulse of his reiatsu. It was not enough to bring out his mask fragment, but enough to make everyone in the room feel. Everyone stopped what they were doing when despair washed over them. They quickly made excuses to leave the classroom, and the teacher let them. As they left, it revealed a blonde haired grey eyed teenager standing in the standard Kohou academy uniform. Ulquiorra recognized him as Yuuto Kiba, the "prince" of the school.

"Ulquiorra, would you come with me? my club president wishes to speak with you." Kiba politely asked, seemingly unaffected by the reiatsu pulse.

"Very well. I have no other plans for the evening." Ulquiorra says slightly curious of the hollow esque feeling reiatsu coming off of Kiba. Following Kiba out of the new school building and into the old school building, Ulquiorra was greeted with a vintage living room with two couches facing each other, and a coffee table in the middle. Seated on one of the couches was a small silver haired girl with golden eyes and a black cat hairpin. She was wearing the standard kohou academy uniform, but more importantly, her reiatsu was the same one that he had felt last night on the bridge.

Occult Research Club

"It's good to see you again." Ulquiorra greeted her. The girl's eyes widened slightly as she believed even if he noticed her last night he never saw her, thus wouldn't be able to identify her.

"That's Koneko Toujou, but it seems you have already met." Kiba pointed out. Before Ulquiorra could continue, he heard the sounds of a shower running. Turning his head, He saw a the silhouette of a buxom female showering in the… shower? As Ulquiorra was looking rather closely trying to figure out who could be behind the curtain, as she had the largest reiatsu out of the entire group he had seen so far. Yet, Koneko believed he was doing something else.

"Disgusting pervert." She said with her face scrunched in disgust. Ulquiorra quickly snapped his head back the small girl with a slightly miffed expression.

"Please do not compare me to the disgusting trash that most of the male population of this school is composed of. I was trying to identify her as she has the largest amount of power here." Ulquiorra explains.

"Oh my oh my, do not take personal offence Mister Cifer. Koneko just doesn't appreciate the perverts of this school..." A soft female voice explained. Turning to the voice Ulquiorra eyes slightly widened at the beautiful woman standing before him. She had an even bustier figure than the one behind the shower curtain. Her strikingly ebony hair flowed like a waterfall, rushing past her knees, even though it was in a ponytail. Her large amethyst eyes gleamed bright with vigor. Though she was gorgeous, she had a similar feel to the fallen angel he had beat yesterday.

"Nice to meet You Mister Cifer. My name is Akeno, and I'm the vice president of the occult research club~" She trailed off with a small bow. Ulquiorra gave a small nod in return.

"Sorry about the wait. I didn't have time to shower this morning." Another voice said. Ulquiorra turned back to the curtain, his eyes widening slightly again as he saw another beautiful woman standing there. Her long, crimson hair glistened like the sunset, and her blue eyes shined like the sun hitting the ocean. "Hello Ulquiorra. My name is Rias Gremory, and I am the president of the occult research club." She informed him. "Now Koneko here saw what happened with the fallen angel yesterday. You may not know this, but this is devil territory and I have a duty to protect the people in it." She explained.

"I understand, you wish to see if I am a threat to you and your kind here." Ulquiorra concluded.

"Exactly! I would also like for you to join the occult research club, along with my peerage." She offered. Ulquiorra knew from interrogating Raynare yesterday what a peerage was, and that the only faction to use evil pieces was the devil faction. He made it a point to remember that the reiatsu he felt from the four in this room is a devil's reiatsu.

Pondering for a moment, Ulquiorra replied "I am no threat to you unless you attack me first. I will join the occult research club. I can see the advantages of having a alibi, if I must leave suddenly. But, I will not join your peerage just yet I wish to experience a little more freedom before I tie myself down."

"Very well, but if you are not going to join my peerage, I will need to have someone watch you for security reasons." Rias told him with a small frown disappointed on not getting a new peerage member.

"That is acceptable." Ulquiorra agreed. 'Smart for a leader to keep tabs on an unknown entity.' Ulquiorra thought.

"If that is all, I will take my leave." Ulquiorra said. With a confirming nod from Rias, Ulquiorra left the old school building.

The Bridge

While Ulquiorra was walking home, he thought about the meeting. 'Maybe I will join after the fallen angels are dealt with. Yet, something tells me they aren't done with this town.' Ulquiorra thought. Suddenly, Ulquiorra felt the presence of a fallen angel. He sidestepped to the left as a blue light spear impaled the ground where he was standing a moment ago.

"You're the runt Raynare was supposed to kill. I don't see what's so great about you. She came flying into the base like a madwoman terrified and told us not to fight you!" The fallen angel yelled at him. He was wearing a 1900's style trench coat and fedora, making him look like an old Italian gangster.

"My name is Dohnaseek lets see what Raynare was so afraid of hahaha!" The now named Dohnaseek cackled as he threw another light spear at Ulquiorra. The spear hit Ulquiorra directly in the stomach, but did no damage because of his incredible hierro. It just barely managed to burn his uniform. All of a sudden, a massive wave of spiritual pressure crashed down on Dohnaseek, making him collapse to his knees.

"I see that you didn't heed the warning. Trash, you should've listened." Ulquiorra loosely threatened as he slowly approached the kneeling fallen angel. His mask fragment appeared in a small burst of green reiatsu, symbolizing the activation of his powers.

"I-I'm sorry! just please don't kill me!" Dohnaseek begs as the effect of Ulquiorra's reiatsu started to make him feel like he was in the deepest pits of despair and hopelessness.

"Trash." Ulquiorra simply stated as he shoved his hand through the base of Dohnaseek's throat, killing him instantly. Ulquiorra quickly reined in his spiritual pressure and dematerialized his mask before heading home.