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'Powerful bring thinking'

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Beta:Yurushimo The Forgiving Dragon

Chapter 3 A Nun A Stray and A Chess Piece

Ulquiorra concentrated on his Zanpakuto. He was trying to dematerialize it as the looks that he was getting for walking around with a sword in public were becoming tiring. The police were starting to get suspicious too finally, after another thirty minutes, he finally got it down as his Zanpakuto burst into green reishi that was then absorbed into his body. After the process, he started to walk to school.

"Woah..." Ulquiorra heard as he was about half way to school. Turning to his left, he saw on the ground a Blonde haired green eyed girl in a nun's outfit.

"Do you need some help?" Ulquiorra asked,as he walked over to her. He held out his hand for her to grab. The confusion written on her face meant she probably didn't understand what he was saying. Although the universal gesture of helping someone up was understood and she grabbed his hand as he pulled her up to her feet.

"Grazie Signore! Mi chiamo Asia." She said. Ulquiorra furrowed his brow. Not being able to understand someone was very annoying. Seeing his confusion, she quickly rummaged through her bag and gave him a flimsy strip of paper. On closer inspection, the paper had an address to an old church near the edge of town written on it. Understanding that she wanted to go to the church, Ulquiorra motioned for her to follow him as he started walking toward it. On the way there, Ulquiorra heard the sound of a small boy crying. Ignoring it, he tried to make haste, but stopped as he heard the footsteps of the nun behind him walk off to the crying boy. Looking at the scene behind him, she was kneeling next to a boy who had a pretty bad scrape on his knee.

"Poverino, non dovresti avere a che fare con questo. Qui, posso aiutarti!" She said as she put her hands over the boy's knee. Suddenly, an ethereal green light with two silver rings appeared on each of her middle fingers. When the wound came in contact with the green light it started to heal. Once it was completely healed, the boy got up said a quick thank you, and ran off home. Now knowing that she was involved in the spiritual world, Ulquiorra motioned for her to wait as he brought his hand up to his eye and plucked it out. She immediately started panicking and yelling at him in whatever language she was speaking. He then crushed the eye as green dust flew and was absorbed into her body.

"W-why did you crush that!? I can't heal something that's not there!" she yelled frantically, with a little bit of awe at the fact that Ulquiorra took out his eye as if it were nothing.

"Why are you worried? My eye has already regenerated." Ulquiorra said pointing to his regenerated eye.

"That doesn't matter! you can't just go ripping off your limbs... hey. Wait a minute... why can I understand you? And how am I speaking Japanese!?" She asked very confused and excited.

"That was my Solita Vista. It allows me to transfer memories to whoever is in my range. I gave you my memories of learning how to speak and write in Japanese." Ulquiorra explained.

"Thank you mister. My name is Asia Argento. I tried to tell you earlier but you couldn't understand me!" She giggled slightly.

"My name is Ulquiorra Cifer." He replied as they continued to chat and walk to the church. On the way there Ulquiorra discovered that she was assigned to the local church. When they were close enough to see the church Ulquiorra sensed it. The presence of two new fallen angels. One being familiar, but both were located within the church.

The Church

"Mister Ulquiorra, thanking you for bringing me to the church. If you can come inside, I'd like to thank you properly." She said. Ulquiorra contemplated on this question for a few seconds, before finally deciding to go with her.

"I see no harm in it. Lead the way." Ulquiorra states in his normal monotone. 'This girl has an amazing healing ability. And on top of that, she is so much like that other woman...' Ulquiorra thinks while he remembers Orihime. On further thought, she and Asia could have almost been the same person, the only difference being their looks. It was at that exact moment, Ulquiorra decided that he would protect this nun as a thanks to Orihime for jump starting his emotions. When Ulquiorra came out of his thoughts he found himself in front of the church with Asia knocking on the door. As the door opened there stood Raynare in normal clothes compared the BDSM themed outfit she had on when she transformed in front of Ulquiorra. Seeing Asia Raynare smiled, but not a smile of happiness or accepting. Instead, her smile was devious, the smile of a predator about to catch an easy meal.

"Hello there. You must be Asia, we have been expecting you..." she said. Feeling another presence she looked to the right of Asia and the color drained from her face.

"Hello Raynare. I didn't expect to see you again so soon." Ulquiorra said in his normal monotone, although there was a hint of mirth in it.

"Huh? You know mister Ulquiorra miss Raynare?" Asia asked her eyes widening in surprise.

"Yes we do! Now while I catch up with Ulquiorra, why don't you come inside and get unpacked? I'll have Kalawarner get you set up in a room." Raynare said ushering Asia quickly inside.

Once Asia was in the church and out of hearing range Raynare began to speak "Why are you here?" she asked with a very hostile tone.

"I have taken an interest in Asia. She better be treated right, or I will make what happened to Dohnaseek seem like a Sunday picnic." Ulquiorra threatened coldly, releasing a small burst of his reiatsu to further scare Raynare. The Reiatsu flare made Raynare break into a cold sweat, her skin mimicking the color of paper. This also confirmed what had happened to Dohnaseek as they had found his body late last night.

"S-she w-will be unharmed you don't have to worry about anything!" Raynare rambled quickly and nervously, her color returning slightly. Ulquiorra gave a quick nod and started walking to school, but not before letting out another small burst of his power focused on Raynare. He found amusement in terrifying her, the paper white color returning along with the cold sweating. When he had arrived at school there was only ten minutes of class left, so he decided to visit Rias and her peerage.

ORC Room

"If you wish to become a devil, you shouldn't go near that church or the nun." Rias said to him when he walked in the club room.

"I do wish to become a devil eventually, and I understand the dangers of holy items when I become one. But, right now I am a neutral party, therefore fearing nothing" Ulquiorra fired in a miffed tone, not thrilled on being lectured about information he already knows.

"I was just telling you to be careful. I don't want to lose a potential family member..." Rias trailed, this statement confused Ulquiorra.

"What do you mean family member? I do not have any blood ties to you?" Ulquiorra asked.

"You're right you don't have any blood ties to me. But, families aren't only bound by blood. For example, my peerage is my family. We always support and help each other." She explained with a serene smile

'A family' he thought. When Ulquiorra went to the living world to spy on people of Aizen's interest, he often saw families together. They would always be happy and laughing together. At the time, Ulquiorra thought of them as trash with useless emotions. Yet, Rias' explanation turned the gears a little. Suddenly, a burning sensation appeared in his chest. not enough to hurt, but enough to be extremely annoying. It seemed as he focussed on it it was urging him almost screaming out for him to join Rias' peerage.

"I don't wish to prolong my wait any longer. I think the time has come to join your peerage." Ulquiorra decided after a period of silence. At this Rias gave a small smile and summoned her evil pieces.

"I'm very happy that you're joining us Ulquiorra!" she said between a grin as she grabbed a strange looking pawn from her board.

"Please, lie down on the couch so I can begin the ceremony. It will probably take a lot out of you, so I'll have the other members here when you wake up." she said walking over to Ulquiorra.

"Very well, let's not waste any time." Ulquiorra said. As he laid down onto the couch, Rias walked up to him and placed the chest piece on his lower chest. The piece glowed a bright red for a second then stopped.

"I feel no different. I guess that wasn't supposed to happen." Ulquiorra pointed out, looking up at Rias.

"N-no that wasn't, yet that was a mutation piece. It should have done the job. Maybe I just need to add another." She said as she placed another of the strange looking pawns on his lower chest. The same bright red glow happened and it stayed for a little longer, but then was snuffed out again.

"Maybe you need to add even more." He suggested. In response to this Rias muttered something that suspiciously sounded like fuck it as she took her last six mutation pieces and placed them on Ulquiorra's lower chest. The bright red glow had morphed into a small sun of red light. From within the light, you could see the silhouette of the pieces sinking into his chest. As soon as the last piece was in, a sickly green beam of power with a faint purple sliver shot in the sky, blanketing the entire town in Ulquiorra's reiatsu. The buildings groaned under the weight of his power and normal humans passed, out while the fallen angels and devils were thrown to the floor. The beam eventually turned solid black increasing the weight before finally disappearing. The town almost instantly woke up in what later would be covered up as a failed chemical weapon attack knocking out all residents of the town.

Back at the origin of the power, the clubroom was completely trashed. Furniture was thrown around the room, and the paperwork Rias was working on was dotted across the room in messy piles. The only place untouched was the couch and the small surrounding area where Rias was standing and Ulquiorra was laying passed out.

"Well, that was unexpected. How could you even have so much power!? I doubt that even- nevermind…"" Rias exclaimed and sighed, feeling a headache rising. All of a sudden, she heard the door being bust open, the force of it throwing the couch that was originally blocking the door to her feet.

"Rias! are you okay!?" Akeno asked frantically. Rias looked over and saw her peerage standing in the doorway.

"Y-yep! Just welcoming a new member of the family." Rias said as her peerage looked over to the passed out Ulquiorra, a small fear crawling up everyone's backs.

"Make sure you welcome him when he wakes up. Now, why don't you guys help me clean up this mess?" Rias "asked".

Several hours later, Ulquiorra awoke from his slumber when he felt something on top of him. Fully opening his eyes he was greeted with deep crimson hair. Sitting up slightly, he found out the "something" was a fully nude Rias on top of him. The only thing preventing Ulquiorra from actually being in contact with her was a thick comforter that separated them. Carefully using the comforter, he rolled her over while sliding himself off of the couch, leaving him on the floor and her covered under the comforter still on the couch.

Ulquiorra felt a new power within him. He tried to call on it, but it brought him extreme pain. So, he decided to bury it under his hollow power so he could deal with it another time. Other than the new power, there was no discernible difference in his power.

"Well, glad to see you're up." Rias said from her now sitting position on the couch.

"Why were you sleeping on the same couch as me? There is another one right there." Ulquiorra said.

"I did try to take a nap on that couch after I had put the comforter on you, but you just looked so comfortable I had to join you~" she said in a sultry tone.

"I guess I have no room to complain. You are my new master. Now that I am part of your peerage, what will you have me do?" Ulquiorra asked.

"You need to complete contracts with humans. The contract could consist of anything. From helping someone study, to killing someone for them. Although you do have the right to refuse said contract." Rias explained.

"Very well. When can I begin?" Ulquiorra edged on, ready for action. He had nothing to do for the night. As an arrancar, eating and sleeping was not necessary, but it could be used to pass the time, or could be used for pleasure.

"You will begin tomorrow, but tonight I wish to inform you on how us devils fight. Luckily for you, there's a stray on the loose! Now let's get going. the rest of the peerage is waiting for us!" Rias exclaimed with pure enthusiasm, while getting dressed.

"Do you have a type of teleportation, or should I use my own?"Ulquiorra said.

"Well, devils can use magic circles to teleport us anywhere we want, unless it is protected from us through runes. Buuuut... I am interested in your method of travel. It'll have to wait till after we're done with this stray though." Rias said as a red magic circle expanded from her feet, encompassing Ulquiorra as they teleported away.

The Abandoned House

"Glad you could join us!" Kiba says as they appear from a magic circle the same way Ulquiorra and Rias disappeared.

"So what exactly is this stray?" Ulquiorra inquired.

"A stray is a peerage member that has betrayed and killed their master for freedom and power. The one tonight in the house in front of us is tricking people inside, then eating them. Fufufufu..." Akeno explained as they started walking into the house.

"Every stray you'll meet is pure evil. Only ugliness can come from it, so never give one mercy" Kiba added on as the entered the house.

The opening area to the house was in shambles. Broken furniture, ripped pieces of cloth, and broken ceiling lights were only the start of its disrepair.

"Ulquiorra, are you familiar with the game of chess?" Rias asked.

"Yes." Ulquiorra responded remembering playing it as a way to pass the time in Las Noches.

"Well, the peerage is structured like a chess set. I would be the king because I am my peerage's master. The rooks are the tanks, able to take and deal a large amount of damage. Yet, they are generally slow, The knights are a glass cannon: Very fast and able to do a lot of damage, but cannot take any. The bishops are supportive, they will always have large magic reserves, but are physically weak. And finally the queen is a jack of all trades, taking bonuses from all the other pieces but not to the extent of being that actual piece." Rias explained.

"What about the pawns?" Ulquiorra Questioned.

"The pawns are the foot soldiers with no bonuses, but they have the ability to promote if in enemy territory. Designated by the king, they can take on the attributes of any of the other pieces." Rias explained.

"Also," Rias started. "I was wondering if you would mind sitting out on this fight? I wish to show you how my peerage fights." Rias said.

"Very well. I see no harm in it." Ulquiorra agreed in his standard monotone.

After they finished talking, they walked deeper into the house where they were stopped by Koneko.

"It's here." she called out as a naked women walked out of the shadows.

"Hmm... something smells very sweet, but the one next to it smells bland." She announced, seemingly unaware of their presence. Suddenly, her body morphed into a Minotaur-esque monster with huge muscles and wrinkled legs. Her abdomen had a huge cat tail sprouting from the base of her back.

"Viser you have betrayed and murdered your master for lustful and shameful desires. For this crime, you are sentenced to death by the marquees of Gremory." Rias declared.

"You little slut! you're just jealous of my marvelous breasts!" Viser teased as small magic circles formed on her nipples. Seeing the magic circles, Ulquiorra quickly dodged the blasts of acid that where being fired from her nips.

"Out of all the places to attack from, that has to be one of the most disturbing." Ulquiorra commented after watching one of the blasts melt the wall.

"I told you! Only ugliness can come from pure evil!" Kiba shouted as he dodged another blast.

"Kiba!" Rias yelled giving him the go ahead to attack.

"Right." Kiba said as he dashed forward a disappeared in pure speed.

'Impressive, not as fast as a Sonido or Shunpo. Yet to do that with only pure speed is quite says something.' Ulquiorra thought.

"Kiba is my knight, and he is a master swordsmen built for pure speed." Rias explained as Kiba sliced off the stray's arms.

"AGHGH! MY ARMS! DO YOU REALIZE HOW LONG THESE WILL TAKE TO REGROW YOU BASTARD!?" Viser screamed in pain and anger. When Viser finished screaming, Koneko walked up in front of her. Viser's torso then morphed quickly into a lipless mouth, showing off sharp fang like teeth and swallowed Koneko whole. Ulquiorra started to move, but stopped when he looked at the calm face of Rias, knowing she would be worried if the attack could have hurt Koneko.

"Koneko is my rook. She is extremely resilient to any forms of damage. So something like that won't even scratch her." Rias explained. As Rias was explaining, Koneko had pried open Viser's torso mouth and punched it, breaking all of the teeth, simultaneously sending her flying against the far wall with another punch.

'Very impressive. Her abilities are almost comparable to Hierro.' Ulquiorra thought.

"Akeno!" Rias called out.

"Oh, is it my turn? How exciting! I so love this game, fufufufu..." Akeno said with a smile as she charged up lightning in her hands.

"Akeno is my queen. She uses lightning magic to attack her victims" Rias explained as Akeno fired off bolt after bolt of lightning at Viser.

'Similar to a Shinigami's Kido.' thought Ulquiorra.

"She is also really into S&M." Rias added on hoping it wouldn't bother Ulquiorra. On closer inspection, Ulquiorra could see the massive blush that Akeno had.

"Akeno, I think she's had enough." Rias said as Viser's charred body couldn't even stand up.

"Aww! over all ready? I was just starting to enjoy it, fufufufu..." Akeno voiced in a sultry tone. She stepped aside to let Rias get close to Viser.

"Any last words, Viser?" Rias athouritavely asked Viser as she charged up her power of destruction.

"Who said I was the only stray here-" Viser managed to croak out before being blasted by Rias's power of destruction. Suddenly, a loud rumble vibrated the room. It paused for a second, and then another came, but this time much louder.

"Whatever is coming is huge." Koneko announced as the ground shook again.

Suddenly one of the walls exploded and out some type of monster. The monster was a massive Minotaur with stitches all around his body, but the most disturbing part was the male body that was stitched into the creature's chest.

"That's Viser's master!" Rias said shocked. At the mention of Visor the beast let out a massive roar that shook the ground.

"Allow me to deal with this one. I believe you all have done enough for tonight." Ulquiorra said as his mask and sword appeared on his head and hip with burst of green reiatsu. The giant then threw its fist at Ulquiorra, and just as the fist was about to hit him, a boom of static was heard as Ulquiorra used a Sonido to dodge the fist. He quickly reappeared beside the monster.

"Such a pitiful and worthless creature. you're nothing more than a mindless beast. Just, disappear." Ulquiorra said as he charged up a green cero on his index finger. After it was fully charged, he fired it, and the monster along with the rest of the house behind it was engulfed in a brilliant neon green light. When the light faded, everything that the light had touched had disintegrated. The rest of the peerage sat there in shock at the amount of power that Ulquiorra had just used effortlessly.

"W-what are you?" Rias said as she looked in awe at the destruction.

"I am the fourth Espada of Hueco Mundo." Ulquiorra said as he moved his blazer and unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his hollow hole and his espada tattoo.

"I will explain further in the clubroom." Ulquiorra said as he opened a Garganta and walked in.