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Chapter 8 a Phenex, Training, and a Game

The rest of Ulquiorra's time in Kyoto went by calmly. He was now staying in Yasaka's royal chambers and was woken up every morning to the sight of Yasaka's golden locks and Kunou bursting in the room to wake up her mom and dad. They would all spend the day together and when Yasaka had duties to tend to Ulquiorra would play with Yasaka or train with Ryujin Jakka to try and obtain his Bankai. Ulquiorra also took this time to test out all of the new emotions he was feeling he became more familiar with them and more used to them he also started to put a little emotion in his words and would give small smiles to Yasaka and Kunou. Most of the emotions still felt alien to him but with time he would improve and that old burning feeling was still guiding him in his actions. The two weeks finally ended with Yasaka taking a two-day vacation so she could visit Ulquiorra's king.

Ulquiorra opened up a Garganta for his new family and they all stepped inside. When they exited they were in Ulquiorra's house Ulquiorra would be introducing his new family at the club meeting after school. Soon the time arrived to leave for the clubroom and Ulquiorra put Kunou on his shoulders and grabbed Yasaka's hand as they left for the meeting.

Occult Research Club

When he entered the clubroom he was greeted by the entire peerage and unfamiliar silver-haired women who were dressed as a maid.

"Welcome back Ulquiorra and how did your mission go, and who are these two that you have brought with you?" Rias said as she spotted the newcomers.

"My mission was a success, and these two are Yasaka my mate and Kunou my daughter," Ulquiorra said with slight mirth as he observed the disbelief that swept over the entire research club.

"M-mate?" Rias stammered out in disbelief as her eyes widened to the size of dinner plates.

"Oh my oh my just gone two weeks and married with a daughter you work quickly Ulquiorra," Akeno said with a sultry undertone accompanied by a smile of the same nature.

"Does this mean I have a new sister and a niece, big brother?" Asia asked shyly sparing glances at Yasaka and Kunou.

"Yes, Asia you do," Ulquiorra said as he reached up and plucked out his eye crushing it causing his solita vista to activate and everyone in the room saw his memories of his time in Kyoto excluding the more intimate scenes with Yasaka.

"Now that you all know what happened who is the newcomer did you acquire another servant Rias," Ulquiorra asked gesturing toward the silver-haired woman.

"No this isn't my servant Ulquiorra this is Grafia Lucifage queen to my brother's peerage and she is here becau-" Rias was explaining before she was interrupted by the scream of a bird accompanied by a large gout of fire rising from the floor to the ceiling.

As the fire died away a man became visible he was facing away from the group he was wearing a burgundy blazer and matching pants with dress shoes.

"Ah and Riser has arrived in the human realm I've come all this way to see you my beloved Rias." The self-named Riser said as he turned around showing that his blazer was unbuttoned and he was wearing a white dress shirt with the top two buttons undone and his dark blue eyes contrasting his burgundy attire.

"Rias who is this man?" Ulquiorra asked his voice slipping into his emotionless monotone and his hand moving to rest on Ryujin Jakka's hilt. Riser was about to answer him but Grafiya interrupted him

"This gentleman is lord Riser Phenex he is a pure-blooded devil of noble birth and third heir in line to the house of Phenex" Grayfia explained in a monotone that could rival Ulquiorra own.

"You forgot to add fiance to the next head of Gremory" Riser added arrogantly as a smirk formed on his face. After this Riser seated himself on one of the sofas and Akeno left to make tea for everyone.

"So he is engaged to Rias?" Ulquiorra asked for confirmation as Riser beckoned Rias over to sit with him and with hate marring her face she obeyed.

"Yes, he has been engaged to Rias for quite some time," Grayfia answered matter of factly as Akeno came back and pored everyone a cup of tea.

"Lovely the tea prepared by my Rias's queen is most delicious." Riser said draping his arm over Rias an action that for some reason made Ulquiorra's blood boil.

"Thank you for the compliment sir," Akeno said as she gave a small bow. Riser then started to get more handsy with Rias moving one hand Up her thigh making her stand up.

"That's enough Riser, let it go why don't you understand I have no intention of ever marrying you," Rias said calmly with thinly veiled anger threatening to break through.

"But my darling, Riser believes your family's circumstances are still such that you cannot afford to be so selfish." Riser said arrogantly as he stood up as well.

"I will not bring my family to ruin I have no intention of denying you your right to our name however let me be clear my husband will be my choice," Rias announced her anger becoming apparent to all in the room.

"Remember it's imperative for devils to remain pure blood we are still recovering our numbers from the last war, both your father and Sirzechs decided on this arrangement with the future of devils in mind." Riser explained as his tone became more arrogant than ever.

"My father, my brother, and my whole clan made this decision because they are in too great a rush for the final time Riser I will not marry you," Rias said with a voice of finality. Riser then rushed forward and cupped her chin sparking the anger of the entire peerage and making Ulquiorra even more angry as the burning in his chest started to appear.

"For the final time Rias, Riser bares the reputation of the house of Phenex besmirching our good name is unacceptable. Riser doesn't care if he has to incinerate everyone in this room you will return to the underworld with me." Riser said before he was swallowed in a blast of green that sent him crashing into the wall. Everyone turned to the point of origin to see the energy of a bala dissipating from Ulquiorra's hand.

"I suggest in the future you do not threaten or touch my master or her peerage," Ulquiorra said lowering his hand as Riser pulled himself out of the wall.

"You lowborn how dare you touch Riser," he said as flames exploded around him prepared to go through with his earlier threats.

"There will be no need for further fighting," Grafiya said shooting looks toward Ulquiorra and Riser.

"My lady Rias, my lord Riser as you know I am here by order of lord Sirzechs which means there will be no further disruptions of peace," Grayfia explained as She stood between Ulquiorra Riser and Rias.

"When told such an ominous thing by one who is known as the ultimate queen even riser can become somewhat fearful." Riser said as he extinguished his flames.

"My master anticipated there would be a conflict of some sort as such he assigned me a last resort should communication breakdown," Grafiya explained only to be interrupted by Rias.

"Yes, of course, he did would you care to be a little more specific," Rias told Grafiya sternly.

"If my lady insists putting her personal preferences above those of her family's she is to settle this with a rating game with lord Riser," Grafiya said as Rias gasped in surprise.

"A rating game?" Ulquiorra questioned as Kiba decided to speak up.

"It's a game noble devils play with each other long story short they and their servants compete in battle to determine who wins," Kiba explained as Ulquiorra nodded in understanding.

"Riser has played through numerous rating games and has scored several wins for himself, unfortunately, my inexperienced bride has never even qualified for an official game." Riser said arrogantly as he shamelessly boasted.

"He knows only mature devils are allowed to participate so it's not as if she's had many opportunities." Akeno countered making Riser snarl before his arrogant smirk came back as he turned to Rias.

"Rias I have to ask is this measly group the extent of your servants." Riser said as he smiled knowing that this was it.

"Except the two youkai, they are what is your point Riser?" Rias asked as riser laughed and snapped his fingers as another magic circle appeared and more flames shot up as Riser summoned his peerage.

"Riser has fifteen pieces in other words I have a complete set." Riser boasted as his peerage appeared. Ulquiorra gave them a look over and could see while they were all beautiful their eyes only showed emptiness and pain except the girl with blonde drill like pigtails and startling blue eyes very similar to Risers own.

"Weak" Ulquiorra simply stated as Riser turned to face him with a scowl.

"Watch your mouth lowborn you should learn to respect your betters. Yubelluna." Riser called as a voluptuous woman with long flowing purple walked toward Riser.

"Yes my lord?" Yubelluna says as she walks to Riser as she gets closer Riser grabs her and pulls her into a kiss as he then turns her and shows her front to the entire peerage as he fondles her well-developed chest.

"You see lowborn Riser is a higher being he takes what he wants just like I will take Rias and after I'm done with her I will take her peerage and then I will take what I can only assume is your wife and daughter. If you beg for forgiveness I might let you watch as I break them." Riser declared arrogantly as the rest of the peerage grimaced at his words. After each word, he said the feeling of dread in the room grew along with an invisible weight that Riser in his arrogance completely disregarded. It was only when wisps of emerald energy started to flow off of Ulquiorra did Riser notice.

"Ah, it seems the dirty lowborn is angry Xuelan put him in his place." Riser said as Ulquiorra walked toward Riser his as his reiatsu output steadily increased, increasing the invisible weight that was starting to burden peoples movements. He was suddenly stopped by a woman in a skimpy blue rode with gold outlines. She moved to kick Ulquiorra but was surprised when he caught her foot. He then threw her into a nearby wall implanting her into it effortlessly.

"You have insulted me, my family, my friends, and my master. You have shamed my master and when the time for the rating game comes there will be retribution." Ulquiorra says as he fully lets out his reiatsu and focused it all on Riser causing him to drop to his knees and clutch his chest as he suddenly found the weight crushing him and stealing the air from his lungs.

"When this rating game happens know that you will die Riser." Ulquiorra declared as he let the pressure up and walked back to his friends. Grafiya took this silence as her time to speak.

"The rating game will be held in ten days I will inform Lord Sirzechs of this development," Grafiya said as she walked on a magic circle and teleported away.

"See you in ten days my darling Rias." Riser said mockingly having recovered from Ulquiorra's show of force as he walked on a magic circle that transported him and his peerage away.

"We are going to train in these ten days it has given us a period to prepare and plan against Riser and his peerage and we will use it to its fullest extent meet here in an hour and pack for a trip we will train right up until the rating game," Rias commanded as everyone left for home via magic circles and Ulquiorra left with Yasaka and Kunou through a Garganta.

Ulquiorra's house

"It's time for me to head back to Kyoto Ulquiorra," Yasaka said as she gave him a hug which Ulquiorra returned.

"I want you to take Kunou with you I'm going to be training most of the time and won't have proper time to spend with and I don't want my daughter near Riser," Ulquiorra said as he separated himself from Yasaka to give Kunou a hug.

"Ok just promise me you'll come to visit when this whole event is over," Yasaka said as she opened a portal through her Youjutsu.

"I promise," Ulquiorra said as he waved goodbye as his mate and daughter disappeared into the portal. Ulquiorra then quickly took action changing into his Arrancar uniform and opening a Garganta back to the ORC clubroom to wait for the others to arrive.

Gremory Mountain Estate

When the others arrived Rias announced that they were going to train at one of her mountain retreats as she opened up a magic circle they found themselves at the bottom of the mountain each with a weighted backpack for them with different sizes for different levels of strength. All members of the ORC got a bag and climbed to the peak of the mountain and when they arrived they saw a beautiful mansion in front of a lake.

"This is the place where we will train for the next ten days each of you choose a room and when your ready meet up in the yard I wish for Kiba and Ulquiorra to work on their swordsmanship," Rias said as her order was met with confirmations from the group.

"Ulquiorra a word please," Rias said as Ulquiorra halted his approach to the mansion and turned to Rias.

"You have years of experience and vast amounts of power I know you can handle yourself during the fight with Riser but do you mind helping the rest of the peerage improve?" Rias asked as Ulquiorra gave a nod in confirmation that he would help before going into the mansion to ready for his spar with Kiba.

Sparring field

The group reconvened outside in the field as Ulquiorra was given a wooden training sword along with Kiba.

"Okay, three … two … one … begin!" Rias counted down as she signaled for the duel to being both of the sword users charged forward their blades meeting in a loud crash as the wood slammed together. Ulquiorra went for another slash as Kiba dodged to the left and increased his speed dodging the blade and forcing Ulquiorra to increase his speed to match. Kiba attempted a vicious downward slash only to be met with Ulquiorra's blade as Ulquiorra quickly maneuvered his blade for a counter hitting Kiba in his side. Kiba after taking the hit jumped back to gain distance and after a moment charged again at his full speed catching Ulquiorra off guard by the sheer speed of hit he dodged to the left narrowly avoiding the strike. Kiba turned and charged again Ulquiorra prepared this time dodged out of the way and swung hitting Kiba in the side as he passed by making Kiba stumble from the object stopping his path. Ulquiorra took this as his opportunity and sonidoed next to Kiba slamming his blade into Kiba's back forcing him to the ground and putting his practice blade on Kiba's throat.

"Yield," Ulquiorra said as he put pressure on his blade making Kiba wince slightly.

"Fine, you win," Kiba said as Ulquiorra removed his blade and helped him to his feet.

"You need to work on opening your field of view you didn't react when I stopped your charge which means your reactions are slow or you are getting tunnel vision from going to fast work on both. Also while your attacks are fast they lack in power focus on building your strength more." Ulquiorra informed Kiba as he got an approving nod from Rias for his observation.

"Thank you, Ulquiorra do you mind going again," Kiba said as he picked up his sword and readied it for another fight.

"Yes, let's see how much you can improve," Ulquiorra said matching his stance as they both shot off into another spar.

Nearby Forest

After sparing with Kiba for several hours Rias had directed him to spare with Koneko in hand to hand.

"Ready to start Koneko?" Ulquiorra asked as he readied himself only to be met with a nod from Koneko. The two fighters shot off on an unknown signal as they both fought hand to hand Ulquiorra making several jabs and dodging out of the way of Koneko's powerful but slow punches. Ulquiorra landed several strikes while continuing to dodge all of Koneko's blows. The fight was short-lived Koneko being brought down with a strong blow to her chest knocking the wind out of her Ulquiorra catching her as she fell backward.

"Our fighting styles are very different so there's not much I can help with your style although you need to work on your speed it doesn't matter how strong you are if you can't hit your opponent all of your strength is wasted. Also just because you can take hits doesn't mean you should focus some more on dodging," Ulquiorra explained as Koneko let out a small ok as she got up and prepared to spar again Ulquiorra mimicking her actions.

Middle of the forest

It was late at night that Ulquiorra was in the forest meditating he was trying to do something that took years in a ten day period including the two weeks he spent in Kyoto. His progress was growing quickly due to his already masterful control and sheer size of his reiatsu. His efforts were rewarded when an hour later a massive dragon made of fire formed of him. The intense heat stealing all the moisture from the air and turning the surrounding trees into nothing but ash.

"It seems you have managed to materialize me. It seems your ready for my test for your Bankai. For you to use my Bankai you must withstand my true flames which is hot as the center of the sun and control them. You have to take them into yourself and combine your very being with them. Yamamoto failed the last part gaining incomplete control of my Bankai I will only offer this test once if you fail you will never have my Bankai." Ryujin Jakka boomed voice laced with power as his flames heat increased.

"I am ready Ryujin Jakka," Ulquiorra announced with determination in his voice.

"Very well prepare yourself," Ryujin Jakka said as suddenly the dragon made of fire disappeared but the heat remained. Ulquiorra was confused but then he felt it, the overwhelming heat that encompassed his very being it felt like his very being was turning to ash again. Then it came to him he felt them the raging flames so hot that they were only seen as heat waves he took them and started to bend them to his will. He compressed them onto himself forcing all of the heat onto his body making sure that not a degree of heat escaped. He felt the heat starting to burn his skin turning it to ash as his regeneration started to heal him albeit very slowly. He then remembered the second step and he started to force the heat into his skin, his soul, and his very being. The heat started to combine with him sinking into his flesh and bones turning them to ash. He then started to pull it into his soul and combine it with his reiatsu. He felt excruciating pain as he felt the heat scorch his very soul as his inner world the vast deserts of Hueco Mundo partially turned to glass. Then just as suddenly as the heat appeared it stopped and he fully regenerated. He could tell that the heat was still there but it wasn't burning him it all he felt was a comforting warmth.

"Congratulations Ulquiorra you have earned my Bankai. Now our true training begins also I will now allow you to dematerialize my blade like you do with Murciélago." Ryujin Jakka said from within Ulquiorras mind.

"Now call my name and let us continue to train." Ryujin Jakka said as Ulquiorra started to learn what this Bankai could do.


Ulquiorra could be seen dragging himself back to the mansion from his harsh training with Ryujin Jakka's on top of mastering Bankai Ryujin Jakka was teaching him all of Yamamoto's skills from Kido to Hakuda and improving upon Ulquiorra's already masterful control of reiatsu and his swordsmanship. When he entered the mansion Rias saw him entering as she was coming down the stairs in a modest nightgown with glasses. She also had a book with her and as she saw Ulquiorra she called to him.

"Ulquiorra I need to chat with you about something can you follow me?"Rias asked as she walked by Ulquiorra with him silently following her. Rias led them to a gazebo near the lake as she sat on the ledge Ulquiorra stopped and stood before her.

"So you wish to discuss strategies we can use in the game?" Ulquiorra asked as he got a nod from Rias.

"Riser's power stems from the beast his family is named after the immortal phoenix he has an unprecedented healing factor and you having one yourself I thought you would have some insight on how to deal with one," Rias explained as she opened her book and got out a pen and got ready to write down any information Ulquiorra could give her.

"You can always overload a healing factor with damage all healing is done with some sort of energy and that energy has to run out sometime. Another way and I believe the easier way is the mind he can heal from any wound but he still feels all of the pain breaking him would be faster than trying to outlast his healing factor." Ulquiorra informed Rias as she wrote it down already thinking ways of beating Riser. After she finished writing down everything she closed her book and set it aside.

"Thank you for all of your help Ulquiorra," Rias said as she stood and walked to another pillar of the gazebo leaning on it.

"Your welcome Rias anything to help you out of this contract," Ulquiorra said as he heard Rias sigh.

"You know the contract was made to the heiress of Gremory Because of my title I'm never recognized as Rias. The house of Gremory will always come before me. I've learned to adjust to it and make personal decisions accordingly. Make no mistake I will always take pride in my title but when it comes to the subject of marriage I want to share that with someone who loves me as Rias not for how my status can improve their life. I understand that history is not in my favor and the idea of love may just remain a dream but it's one I'd like to keep" Rias said as she looked toward the moon. Ulquiorra listened quietly to her speech every point she made added fuel to a familiar burning in his chest until the inferno threatened to consume him. It was telling him no screaming at him to help her, to protect her, and reassure her that her dream would come true no matter what and as Ulquiorra admired her crimson red hair and flawless pale skin framed by moonlight he obeyed that burning sensation.

"I do not see you for Rias Gremory I see you as Rias, my master, and close friend, anyone who can not see beyond the title of a person is trash and doesn't deserve to bask in your presence. I swear as your servant and friend I will protect your dream to my last breath." Ulquiorra told her as Rias turned to him with surprise in her eyes and a small barely noticeable blush.

"Thank you, Ulquiorra you really are a good friend," Rias said as she moved forward and hugged Ulquiorra.

Occult Research Club Room

The rest of the training days went just like the first by the end the Gremory group was stronger and more prepared to fight Riser than ever before. Kiba had eliminated his tunnel vision making him a much more aware fighter his power had also increased and due to constant sparring with Ulquiorra. Koneko had increased her speed and refined her fighting style due to constant spares with Ulquiorra's making her an all-around better fighter. Later in the weak Ulquiorra had helped Akeno and Rias with training the speed and control of their respective powers they now used less energy for the same attacks and could gather the energy for them faster. Asia trained her healing by healing Kiba and Koneko after their spars and she learned some minor offensive spells from Akeno. Everyone had also changed into their combat outfits Rias and Kiba still had the same school uniform on while koneko had gloves with metal plates on the backs of the hands, Akeno was wearing shrine maiden robes and Asia was in her old nun outfit and finally Ulquiorra was in his Arrancar uniform. Now the research club was making their final preparations waiting for Grayfia to call them when all of a sudden a glowing golden portal opened revealing Kunou and Yasaka.

"Hello dear," Yasaka said accompanied by Kunou cheerfully calling him.

"Hello, what are you two doing here?" Ulquiorra asked as Kunou jumped into his arms.

"Kunou and I wanted to watch you fight," Yasaka said as Kunou shook her head rapidly.

"Yeah, I wanna see daddy beat the mean Birdman," Kunou said as Ulquiorra sat her down.

"They can watch with us." A voice said from behind Ulquiorra as he turned he saw two girls one with flowing black hair with the other sharing the color but cut into a short bob. The one with longer hair had light brown eyes and the other had violet eyes.

"Ah, Ulquiorra you haven't met my fellow king here have you her name is Sona Sitri," Rias said pointing to the shorter haired girl.

"And the one next to her is her Queen Tsubaki they are devils of the royal house of Sitri," Rias explained as Ulquiorra gave them a small bowl.

"Good to meet you now what did you say about my mate and daughter watching with you?" Ulquiorra asked motioning to his family.

"We'll be watching the rating game through a live broadcast they are welcome to join us and Rias good luck," Sona said as she walked out Tsubaki Yasaka and Kunou following her and just as the door shut a bright purple magic circle appeared.

"The rating game is almost ready I hope you're ready for this my lady," Grayfia said as she stepped out of the magic circle.

"Yes we're ready whenever you are," Rias replied as she stood along with the rest of the peerage.

"In a few moments, we will use this magic circle to transport you and the rest of your peerage to the battlefield, the battle will be in a pocket dimension resembling a location in the human world," Grayfia said as a magic circle opened up behind her.

"There's something I forgot to tell you I thought you'd like to know the great devil Lucifer will be watching the game," Grayfia say making Rias scoff and lower her head.

"Oh, brother dearest," Rias said making Ulquiorra's eyes widen in slight shock.

"It's time everyone please step onto the magic circle," Grayfia said earning a nod from the peerage as they all stepped on the circle and started to disappear one by one.

Pocket Dimension

'We are in the same room but the surrounding reiatsu is different' Ulquiorra thought as he looked around the identical club room.

"I think our magic circles broken," Asia said as she looked around the room. Suddenly Grayfia spoke from what seemed like a loudspeaker her voice reaching the entire arena.

"Your attention please welcome everyone my name is Grayfia I'm a servant of the house of Gremory. I will be your referee during today's match. To create the battlefield you'll be competing in I took suggestion from both Lady Rias and Sir Riser. You may recognize this place as its an exact replica of Kuoh Academy. An educational institute in the human world. Each team has been given an area that will serve as its home base. Lady Rias your crew will be in the occult research headquarters in the old school house. Lord Risers home base will be located in the principles office the new school house pawns will be promoted if they can make their way to the home base of the opposing team. Good luck to all." Grayfia announced as the speaker system cut out.

Rias started handing out small red balls of energy.

"These will help us communicate during the battle put them in your ears," Rias said as Ulquiorra took one and placed it in his ear the energy disappearing shortly after.

"All right devils let the game begin," Grayfia announced over the intercom and Rias pulled out a map of the school and placed it on a nearby desk.

"The enemy base is just across the way, cutting through the school grounds might be quick but it's not an option they'll see us coming a mile away. We could go through the track field and sneak through the back but its the most obvious entry point available and Riser knows it. My guess is hell station a group of knights or rooks with strong mobility right behind the athletic clubhouse." Rias explained

"That doesn't leave us with many options then," Akeno said as she leaned against a wall.

"Well, firsts thing first I think we need to secure the gymnasium before anything else its adjacent to their home base and not too far from us it but most importantly it will serve as a diversion to the other side." Kiba pointed out.

"The gymnasium is in the center of the battlefield whoever gets to it first is going to have a leg up for sure," Akeno added on to Kiba's plan.

"Good call given our options think that's the best plan Koneko do you think you can handle getting in the gym and locking it down?" Rias asked the petite brawler to which she gave a nod in response.

"To do that we need to secure a defensive perimeter Kiba and Koneko get out there and set some traps in the woods asap." Which they both nodded in confirmation and moved to do their task.

"Next Akeno when their done setting the traps get your illusion magic prepared we're going to need it." "Rias ordered as Akeno gave a bow and then moved out as well.

"Asia your my healing support so to keep you safe you'll need to stay close to the base. Because if we lose you were going to be in big trouble out there." Rias explained getting a meek ok from Asia.

"Ulquiorra come here a word in private," Rias said as she stepped out of the door which Ulquiorra soon followed.

"Your my ace in the hole your extremely powerful and I want you to use the full extent of that power and while killing is extremely looked down upon it does happen in rating games fairly frequently let nothing stop you from winning," Rias said making Ulquiorra bow to her.

"I made a promise to protect your dream nothing will stop me from doing so," Ulquiorra said as he stood up fully and manifested his hollow mask along with both of his Zanpaktou.

"Now I want you to go with Koneko to help her secure the gym," Rias said as Ulquiorra moved out of the building and to his destination.

The Gym

Upon entering the gym Koneko and Ulquiorra were met with three pawns and the rook that Ulquiorra backhanded into a while in the club room.

"Smells like Gremo-. Hey, you're the bastard who embarrassed me in front of lord Riser you'll pay for that." She screamed as she pointed toward Ulquiorra.

"I'll take the rook you take the pawns," Koneko said getting a nod from Ulquiorra as he drew Murciélago letting out some his reiatsu making the gym grow hotter.

"I'll kick your ass then your emo friend." The rook said as she charged at Koneko as the pawn with blue hair and a staff charged Ulquiorra while the two green haired pawns pulled out chainsaws reeving them up.

"You have made a terrible decision in facing me trash," Ulquiorra said as he caught the blue haired girls staff and snapped it like a twig before planting his blade in her chest making her gasp in surprise and pain. She fell off the blade as a booming voice called out.

"Lord Riser one pawn retired," Grayfia called out as the girl disappeared in a flash of blue. The other two girls with chainsaws were almost upon him now rage visible in their eyes from the defeat of their fellow pawn. They both swung at him simultaneously as he blocked one with his sword and the other with his hand. The chainsaws making no progress on either sword or his hand much to the shock of the girls.

"A shame it seems your attacks can't even pierce my Hierro," Ulquiorra said as he sliced through the chainsaw that his sword was blocking and wrenching the other one across the room. He then slashed one girl across her front while slamming his fist through the other one's stomach.

"Lord Riser two pawns and one rook retired" Grayfia announced as Ulquiorra turned to look to see koneko's opponent teleport away. Suddenly they heard Rias on their earpiece.

"Ulquiorra Koneko get out of the gym the opponents qu-!" Rias was cut off as the gym they were in erupted in a massive explosion. When the smoke cleared Ulquiorra was regenerating his lost left arm and he heard Grayfia's booming voice once again.

"Lady Rias one rook retired," Grayfia said over the intercom with a slightly somber tone.

"Ulquiorra are you ok?" He heard his master call over the earpiece.

"I'm fine Rias what are my orders," Ulquiorra said as he finished regenerating slightly mournful at his ruined outfit.

"I'm going to launch a sneak attack on their base with Asia I need you to meet up with Kiba at the track field and draw as many of their pieces as possible Akeno will handle their queen," Rias explained getting a very well from Ulquiorra as he Sonidoed to his destination.

Track Field

On the way to the field, he heard Grayfia call out that two more pawns were eliminated. When he arrived he saw that Kiba was already there and with an understanding nod Ulquiorra let out a weak pulse of his power making anyone near him aware of his presence. After the pulse, a knight appeared and charged at Kiba forcing him away from Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra was then surrounded by a rook, a knight, two bishops, and two pawns.

'Well Rias look like your plan worked the rest of the peerage is here' Ulquiorra thought as he drew Murciélago.

"I hope you know you all ganging up on me doesn't shorten the gap between us at all what is a few extra pieces of trash for me to sweep away," Ulquiorra said enraging the girls. Causing the rook to charge at him with a right hook causing Ulquiorra to dodge and plant his hand through her chest using her own momentum against her.

"W-what?" She said weakly as she fell back off his hand and disappeared in blue light.

"Which one of you trash wants to try next?" Ulquiorra questioned before he felt something turning to his right he saw Rias holding onto Asia on top of the school building.

'What are they doing?' Ulquiorra though before he was attacked by the two pawns and the knight as both bishops started charging spells. He dodged the strikes from the pawns and raised his sword to block the knight. He then swung back at the knight cutting through her sword and her stomach. He dodged spells from the bishops as he saw her disappear in a flash of blue as Grayfia announced her defeat.

"Hado #4 Byakuri," Ulquiorra announced as he shot a beam of lightning through the black haired bishop. She was left with a gaping hole in her chest as she disappeared in a burst of blue light and Grayfia announcing her defeat. He then dodged another strike from a pawn before grabbing her and slamming her into the ground stabbing her and dodging a strike from the other pawn as he shot a bala through her. They both disappeared in blue light. As Grayfia announced their defeat he turned to the last bishop who looked at him with a face full of fear.

"I retire." She whimpered out as she vanished in a flash of blue light.

"Lord Riser one bishop and one knight retired," Grayfia announced as Ulquiorra turned to look to see the other knight disappearing from Kiba's sword that she was impaled on.

"Lady Rias one queen retired," Grayfia announced as Ulquiorra turned to see Akeno falling out of the sky.

"Lady Rias one knight retired," Grayfia said as Ulquiorra turned to see Kiba engulfed in an explosion the enemy's queen floating above him.

"One last piece of trash to dispose of," Ulquiorra said his monotone holding an icy rage from seeing this woman eliminate three of his friends.

"Big words from a pawn." The woman said as a magic circle appeared under Ulquiorra followed by an explosion. Ulquiorra took the explosion head on his regeneration covering anything his Hierro didn't block. He unfurled his devil wings and charged at her swinging his sword and taking her arm. She screamed as her arm was suddenly missing from her body. She quickly reached into her sizeable chest and pulled out a small vial which she quickly opened and drank. Her arm reappeared in a burst of flame her face showing extreme anger at him. Only to turn to shock as she saw his finger outstretched and at the tip a golfball sized ball of energy.

"Cero" Ulquiorra intoned as the energy expanded into a massive beam covering her in the blast and causing a large explosion.

"Lord Riser Queen retired." Grayfia announced as he prepared to Sonido to Rias position.

"Lady Rias one Bishop retired." Ulquiorra heard as he whipped his head around just in time to see a heavily battered and burnt Asia disappearing in a flash of blue as Riser stood above her. Ulquiorra saw red as his emerald reiatsu exploded around him sending a wave of pressure and heat throughout the school. Ulquiorra used Sonido to get on the roof next to Riser, slamming the flat of his blade into Riser sending him flying.

"Sorry for taking so long Rias I recommend you get some distance, as I might go overboard eliminating this trash." Ulquiorra said receiving a nod from Rias as she flew away, getting a respectable distance but still enough to observe the fight. Riser shot back up to the roof covered in flames, and sent a hate-filled glare towards Ulquiorra.

"You damn lowborn, I will annihilate you with the hellfire of my clan!" Riser yelled making his flames flare around him, shaping it like a phoenix. He launched a large jet of flames at Ulquiorra, but it was batted away by Ulquiorra like it was nothing.

"These flames are nothing, let me show you what true hellfire is." Ulquiorra said as he pointed his sword directly at Riser.

"Reduce all creation to ash, Ryujin Jakka." Ulquiorra commanded as his reiatsu flared and emerald flames erupted around him, covering him and the entire school building, basking the entire arena in an eerie green glow. Riser stood in shock as the emerald tide of heat washed over him managing to scorch his skin, further surprising the already shellshocked devil. When the emerald flames cleared the school building was gone along with most of the grounds surrounding it. The field was turned into a blanket of ash, nothing remained except Ulquiorra standing in the epicenter. Suddenly part of the ash erupted in yellow flames as Riser shot above the field, most of his body covered in his flames as he healed the damage dealt to him.

"You damn lowborn, how dare you harm a high-class devil like me." Riser declared, sending a ball of flame at Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra did nothing as the flames approached, allowing them to envelop him. Riser, seeing this, smirked, blinded by his arrogance he thought that he had destroyed the lowborn. The flames suddenly dissipated showing a completely fine Ulquiorra, his uniform still in pristine condition.

"Did you really believe those weak flames would do anything to me, the flames of my sword are combined with my very soul, your flames, by comparison, is like a match to the sun." Ulquiorra said swinging his blade, sending a gout of flame at Riser. Riser barely managed to dodge the emerald flames and tried to get closer to Ulquiorra, who simply stood as Riser rushed at him, a fist covered in flames hurtling toward him. When Riser was finally close enough Ulquiorra shot his blade up and Riser's arm went flying. Riser screamed as flames now surrounded his stump, while his arm was regrowing. Ulquiorra took another swing at Riser separating his leg from the rest of his body, which similarly regrew with a burst of flames. Ulquiorra jumped back and readied his sword for a swing.

"Taimatsu." Ulquiorra intoned as emerald flames rushed out of his sword and to Riser like a tidal wave. The flames encompassed Riser as he tried to run but couldn't escape. Horrible screaming could be heard throughout the arena as Riser was being constantly incinerated, his regeneration trying desperately to keep him alive. Ulquiorra walked toward the flames as they started to dissipate revealing Riser, his regeneration slowed to a crawl and burns covering his body as he regeneration tried to heal him but couldn't keep up with all the damage being dealt to him. Ulquiorra positioned his blade on Riser's neck.

"Yield." Ulquiorra commanded pushing the blade, drawing blood and making Riser grimace.

"Never you shitty lowborn." Riser scowled, as Ulquiorra waited a few seconds to see if Riser would disappear into a blue glow or not. When nothing happened after a minute, Ulquiorra pulled his blade back and stabbed the tip in the ground in front of him.

"Then turn to ash, Ennetsu Jigoku." Ulquiorra said as seven pillars of emerald flame shot up from the earth toward the sky, and started closing in on Ulquiorra's position. The flames eventually swallowed both Ulquiorra and Riser as the latter's pained screams could be heard throughout the stadium. When the flames cleared, it showed Ulquiorra without a single scorch mark, and where Riser had fallen earlier there was nothing but a pile of ash. Ulquiorra sheathed his zanpakuto as an announcement from Grayfia came.

"Lord Riser has been eliminated, Lady Rias is the winner." Grayfia announced as Ulquiorra felt a magic circle form under his feet as he was teleported out of the field of ash.