With A Snap

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Chapter 01: People on the Ground.

In the jungle of in Africa a purple man snapped his fingers, all the Universal trembled.

In New York, Erik Selvig was meeting with some colleagues.

"I'm glad you could meet me."

Erik smiled at her, "Of course Jane, nothing in the world would stop me."

Jane Foster greeted her old friend. "I thought you'd be working with the Avengers."

"Don't worry about it, I mostly consult on specific sciences and it doesn't seem like they require me at the time."

Darcy walked into the lab they found themselves in.

After her work on wormholes and everything she learned from her experiences with Thor Jane had made quite a name for herself. She got a lot of notice and grant money but she decided to keep her intern.

"Hey Erik," Darcy greeted the old man,

"Good to see you, Darcy."

"So is he here because Thor showed up."

Jane asked, "What?"

Darcy held out some paper to her, "Yeah, I can still barely read those notes but it says the rainbow bridge …. I don't know landed in Africa, right?"

Jane looked over the paper, "Yeah, near that African Nation that's been on TV."

"Wakanda?" Erika asked, "But why would Thor be there. I haven't heard of him being on Earth in a while. He's been off in space trying to find those stones he told me about."

"So he's been looking for jewelry?" Darcy asked she looked up to find both of them staring at her with horrified expressions.

Darcy felt strange she looked down, "What?" Slowly her body was turning to ash, "Jane? What's happening?" The usual confidence and nonchalance in her voice had faded way leaving behind only fear. "Jane, please make it stop."

"Darcy it's going to be okay." Jane reached over to her friend but her hand but as she raised it she watched it fall apart.

Erika stared, "Someone gets help!"

He yelled but as he looked he saw a few other researchers working in the lab starting to vanish and other staring in horror.

"Help." Darcy let out, her voice usually frail as the last of her faded away.

Jane's breathing was hard, she looked around for a cause, for a solution, for anything, her eyes meet Eriks. "Ah," she had precious for seconds she had to make this count, "Tell Thor I-"

Her words were lost in ash.

Erik stared dumbfounded her heart beating against his chest as tears filled his eyes. He never really had a family of his own, Jane was the closes things he had and now she was gone.


Pepper was a worried mess, Tony chased after a space ship and Friday lost track of had been no words from him. But that didn't mean the world had stopped, she still had a company to run.

She was getting herself ready for a meeting, Happy would be here any moment to escort her. She was certain that Tony had left him special order that if anything happened to him to keep an eye on her.

The way Friday had connected herself to all of Pepper's devices meant Friday had a similar order.

As she was getting ready the nearby TV screen flipped on as words of an invasion over Wakanda flashed on the banner.

"Friday?" Pepper asked.

Her phone's speaker spoke with an Irish voice, "It was just confirmed by NASA alien crafts over Wakanda have been detected."

"Are they the same ones that were in New York?"

"Determining that now,"

Pepper rung her hands and paused for a moment as she looked at the ring on her finger.

Her assistant coming in with her cup of coffee.

Pepper barely noticed as commentators on the screen talked about the news. She did notice a yelp and the sound of her favorite mug crashing on the floor.

Her eyes went wide when Ashley trembled as her body began to turn to dust. Shock took Pepper she didn't act, she didn't know what to do and just watched this young woman fresh out of collage looked at her begging for help in silence her body vanished. She heard yells and screams coming from the hall outside.

"Pepper!" Happy's voice rang out as he forced the doors open. "Are you okay?"

"What's going on? Friday answers!" Pepper demanded, she paused as one of the commentators turned to dust during the broadcast to everyone's shock and horror.

"We have-" Happy stopped as he felt weak.

Pepper gasped as she watched her long time friend start to turn to dust. He looked at her, "Friday! Doomsday protocols! Activation Code: Harold Joseph Hogan TS 45."

Sheets of steel fell over the windows and over the door.

Happy sighed in relief, "Stay safe." With those final words, Happy was gone.

"Friday?" Pepper looked down at her hands half expecting to be next.

"I don't know." The computer told her in the closes tone to panic she had ever heard from her. "I'm detecting a massive loss in heat signatures all over the planet. I'm detecting something, its everywhere I can't analyze it. It's happening all over the world."

The book cases shifted revealing three iron man suits, two moved around her to protect her form anything that might barge into the room. The third suit broke apart and placed itself around Pepper.

It was Tony last attempt to protect her.

Pepper trembled not knowing if she would be next or not. She feels to the floor and into a ball, alone in the silence of her darkened office she whimpered, "Tony."


Principal Morita was scolding the class and looking right at Ned. Peter had been missing since the field trip as they returned it was obvious and Ned's claim that Peter was never on the bus wasn't holding.

"Ned," Morita was using his tough but easy voice, "you're not in trouble. Peter is not in trouble. We just want to know where he went, we just called his aunt and she's worried. We just want to help her, she's been through enough."

Ned winced, yeah she had been both she and Peter had been. He couldn't betray Peter, May was having a hard enough time knowing that her nephew was Spider-man but would the school say.

"Whoa!" MJ's voice the silence.

They turned to where the student's backed away from Cindy, she was in a panic. "What's happening? What's happening?"

"Stay back!" Morita ordered they all did as they watched Cindy turn to ash and fall away into nothingness.

"No! No! No!" Flash shouted, "No, not me. Please!" Flash begged, "I- I-" His voice was breaking as his skin turned to ash, he looked at them, "I-I-"

He was gone, the class broke into shock and panic as roughly half their number had started to turn to dust.

Ned looked up to see Principle Morita looking lost and as terrified as everyone else, "It's going to be okay, it's going to be okay." He tried to reassure them as he faded away.

Ned had never seen anyone, he didn't want to see anyone day and in the last few moments, he'd watched several of his friend die.

Someone grabbed his hand, it was MJ tears filled her eyes and the usually unflappable MJ sounded scared, "We're okay, we're okay," she looked at him, "is Peter okay?"

Ned felt throat was so dry, "I don't think so."


"Daddy!" Cassie ran up and hugged Scott.

"Aw, that's a nice moment," Luis stood close by making waffles.

Maggie shock her head, yeah was a criminal but he was genially a nice guy.

She looked at Scott hugging their daughter. There was no doubt in her mind that Scott loved her and would do anything for her. The proof was when he nearly killed himself to protect her from some crazy villian with a yellow suit. That's why she didn't mind his fault or dropping her off for a visit.

The sound of a pan hitting the floor pulled her out of her thoughts. "Scott?"

Luis' voice was shaky, "Uh, what's happening?"

He smiled as his body turned to dust and fall apart.

"Mommy?" Cassie's voice was soft as a bell.

Scott held Cassie close to him. Maggie felt herself fade, "Scott! Don't let see this."

Scott turned his daughter and buried her face into his chest so she didn't have to watch her mother die, he closed his eyes now able to bare the sight himself.

Maggie let out a sob, "Cassie mommy loves."

Silence followed and gathering his courage Scott opened his eyes to find themselves alone. He held his daughter close as he was afraid she'd be begone to.

"Daddy?" The girl quaked in his arms.

She wasn't going anywhere. He grabbed his phone and hit redial, it would go to the office, it rang, "Pick up, pick up."

"Scott?" Hank's voice rang out.

"Hank! Are-"

"Scott tell Hope I'm sorry."

What followed was the sound of the phone clanking on the floor.

"Where mommy?"

Scott kissed his daughter daughter's forehead and held her close. He had to find Hope, he wasn't sure if he could take it if he lost another person.


Rhomann Dey, member of the Nova Corp overall considered himself lucky. He and his family had survived two attacks on Xandar,

The attack lead by Thanos was devastating. Many friends and comrades were gone now. But the Nova corp limped along helping rebuild.

He sat down on a nearby bench to take a breath, he watched as nearby people worked on rebuilding and removing debri. In the distance, he saw machines rebuilding sky scrappers.

He recalled that this was the park built where Ronan was defeated.

Like that attack, they would-

He gasped as a strange feeling over powered him. There were screams and yells and as he looked around her saw people in panic. Woman nearby was screaming for help trying to run as her body started to crumble.

He tried to move, tried to help but his legs refused to move started to turn to dust. He reached his helmet and put it on. He was desperate to contact his wife his daughter, to see if they were safe to-

There was a click on the radio before he could even speak a single word he was gone.


Jessica Jones walked into a bar, almost a joke within itself but it was just a common occurrence. She looked over to the bartender, who pointed to a table.


Luke Cage, Danny Rand, Claire Temple, and Colleen Wing sat a nearby table. The whole bar was empty.

"Did you rent out the place?" Jessica asked as she realized the bar was empty except for them.

Danny held out a bottle, "I rented it for a private event, got you a drink."

Jessica moved over to him and grabbed the bottle taking a swig, "You could have called."

"You haven't been picking up your phone." Luke told her.

"Well, yeah, I used to have a guy who answered my phone but he's moved onto better things. So what? Just bought out a bar and expect me to show up."

"It worked." Colleen pointed out.

"It did." Jessica finished off her bottle, "So what do you want to talk about?"

"We need to work together." Danny told her.

"No, that thing with the ninjas was a one time thing." She stared dagger at him, "And it didn't work out so well for Murdock or that cop without an arm."

Luke stood up and faced Jessica, "More aliens showed up, people are scared, everyone is expecting another incident to happen."

"That's why we have to work together," Danny got up, "there are going to be people who prey on the scared and we can stop them, we can help."

Jessica rolled her eyes.

Clare spoke next, "I get why you're hesitant, I heard about what happened with your mother."

"Don't start." Jessica warned, a dangerous edge in her voice.

Glass shattered, Jessica looked to her hand half expecting to crush the bottle in her anger but it was still intact.

They turned to the bartender tumbling over the glass as his body broke apart beneath him, finally hitting the floor as dust.

"Danny?" Colleen said terrified now her body turning to dust.

"Colleen!" Danny reached for her hand and only got dust.

"Not like this, please not like thi-" Colleen trembled as her body turned to dust.

"What was that?" Clare spoke stunned, "I've never seen anything like that."

"Get ready then." Jessica looked out the window as more people were turning to dust.

"Okay," Luke spoke as calm as he could muster, his training in the Marine Corps kicking in as he tried to reign in the situation, "We have to stay calm, we have to start getting people out of here and to a shelter. Whatever-"

"Luke!" Jessica and Clare yelled.

Luke raised his hands as his body had half way turned to dust. With all of his power, he would not be spared, he couldn't do anything to stop it. All his usual eloquence was gone, what was there to say in a moment like this where random chances were deciding who lived and who died. Luke took a breath and closed his eyes and he prepared for what was next.

The others just watched as Luke became nothing more than dust on the ground. What followed was stunned silence.

After a moment Jessica asked, "What now?"


Robbie Reyes was driving his car, he'd been gone a long time to somewhere very far. He was the ghost rider, the spirit of vengeance but at the moment he only wanted to find his little brother.

Then he sensed it and pulled over and stopped out of the car. He could sense it, he could sense the screaming, the pain, and the fear. He could feel it consuming the world, billion on billions of lives vanishing with no rhyme or reason.

No, he could feel it spreading across the Universe. This scale was something else, something that made him sick.

That was nothing compared to the thing that was inside of him. It was raging, screaming, demanding vengeance be paid.


He knew the name of the man he'd have to kill. The spirit could feel all the pain and death that this monster had brought to the universe.



And it was panicking, the rage was replaced-

Robbie looked down, his body starting to turn dust.

He couldn't control it, the Spirit transformed him and his skull lit up in flames. The spirit wanted to act but it was too late, something more powerful than him was tearing apart his physical form. He struggled trying to move but soon he was little more the dust on the road.


Korg looked around as he and Meek were helping settled the refugees.

They had been lucky that Thanos hadn't followed them. They landed on a small livable planet, it didn't look like there was any civilization near there.

Thor, Heimdall, Loki and the Hulk had all stayed behind to try and stop Thanos. The Valkyrie was sent with them to protect them should they fail.

They hadn't heard from them since.

Valkyrie looked up at the stars, Thor told her to find Lady Sif. Sif was a warrior that had been off world on a long term mission and would be a great help. If Thor failed then it would be up to her to find her and help their people. It was not a task she'd want, but it was also one she couldn't refuse.

She stood in silence hoping from word from Thor and for a drink.

Then screaming began, she was all to familiar of that scream, it was a scream of fear of impending death. For a moment, a moment her mind flashed back to the Valkyrie battle against Hela.

She looked around to her horror as people were starting to vanish, men, women, and for the All Father's sake children.

"Scrapper?" Korg came over holding Meek both of them turning to dust, "Ah, what's happening? This shouldn't be happening to me for like a couple more decades."

She stood there forced to watch people die around her unable to save a single one, again.


Clint Barton sat on the floor of the home he and his family shared. He had on a shell shocked expression as tears flowed from his eyes. They had been there with him, he could still hear them, he remembers there panic, he remembered holding her daughter tightly as she scared and cried that she was scared.

Now he was alone, they were gone and his hands covered with dust.


On Sakaar, Hala, Jotunheim, Muspelheim, Contraxia, Sovereign, Berhert, Ria, Korbin, Paramatar, the Badoon and countless worlds all experienced that same fear. The same dread as at random half their numbers were culled.

Authors Notes: So yeah I wrote this because I kept wondering what happened to all the minor and recurring character in the universe. I think I touched upon every corner of the universe minus a few exceptions. Like Runaways, never watched it and don't have Hulu, and honestly, I'm not interested. Plus the Inhumans since… no one watched it. If it gets on Netflix I might watch it. Plus Agents of SHIELD but I think they have something planned for the season finale so…yeah. This is a quick thing so no beta I'm just looking it over once. So I'm thinking of doing some one shots here. Basically, its how other character in other series would react if this phenomena happened there. So give me some series suggest and some character you'd like to see have an existential crisis. I'll do them if I can, though I'm letting you guys know this now, I'm only doing this while i'm interested which probably won't last long. So leave a review make a suggestion and tell me what you think.