With A Snap

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Chapter 55: Do You Believe in Magik?

EARTH M-199999



The Blonde teen tried to get up, but the conflict seemed to take more out of her than she'd admit.

The man before her spun the staff weapon before him as yellow energy coiled around it, with a flourish that energy fired out towards her.

Steven reacted and ran in front of her and raised his shield to block the attack.

He braced himself for the blast, but instead of feeling the impact, he heard the sound of glass shattering.

Steve had run in front of the attack before he realized what he was doing; he just managed to move a little faster than Touma. Touma's hand came into contact with the magic, and it was dispelled.

"What just happened?"

Touma wiggled his fingers, "I guess that proves my hand still works on magic in this dimension."

"Yeah, take that, Mordo." Deadpool yelled out, "I thought I killed you with Wong."

Deadpool wiggled a finger in a hole in the suit. "Your aim is good, but it didn't stick. Oh! And the water bender just saved Wong."

Mordo waved a hand, and several crystals like blades formed in the air around him.

Deadpool huffed, "Okay, not a lot of time to catch up. That's Mordo; he is sorcerer, was friends with Wong and Strange. Some stuff happened with the Ancient One; she died, beautiful scene 10 out of 10. Strange created a meme and beat another character played by Cabin-patch! Then Mordo decided to kill all sorcerer for reasons! Just watch Dr. Strange for details, I was already lost after all the time stuff, and I'm from the X-men movies."

Mordo launched one of the crystal weapons at Wade, Wade pulled out his sword and slashed it before it touched him.

"Rude!" Deadpool huffed, "Where was I? Right, the snap happened, and he survived. He went, 'Okay, guess this makes my job easier better kill more magic guys.' But I survived the snap too, Disney isn't getting rid of me. I went to the X-men for help but found all my regulars were gone! I found my best friend's little sister, who happens to do magic, and that is all the justification we are getting for why we're here."

"You're not his best friend." The blonde teen said with a Russian accent.

"I am too. Tots besties for life! So I'm taking care of his little sister."

"Are not!"

"We showed up just in time for me for some stabbing." He held up his sword, "But I'm good with some returning the favor."

Mordo aimed his makeshift weapons, "Leave now; I only seek the sorcerers. I sense no magic among you except the girl."

She got up and spat out some blood, she readied his sword, "You're going to have to do better."

"Putting down the mad dog would be mercy now," Mordo looked at her with disgust and maybe a hint of pity, "what you had endured to make that sword. The stench of dark magics coming from you."

"You sound scared." She smiled at him.

Steve stood between them, "I don't know what's going on."

"I thought I explained it pretty well." Deadpool interrupted.

"But, I'm not going to let anyone kill anybody."

Mordo's eyes leveled only said, "If that is your choice, then I will make mine."

A rain of crystal blades rained down on them.

EARTH BT-12705-2



"Ben!" The Nanochip Queen stood in front of Gwen's home; if Ben wasn't at his home, he had to be here. Her swarm of nanochips circled it for a few moments.

"Ben! Come out, or I will have to make you come out!" She raised her hand and waited. Then she just commanded them to bring down the house.

"I'm sure Ben could survive it."

After a few moments, it didn't seem like anything was popping out o the rubble.

"I guess he wasn't there; maybe he's at Mr. Smoothy."


At the Plumber base, Cooper was struggling to get a good feed. Elena was doing something that was screwing the security cameras. Finally, they got one of the cameras to find Elena.

The footage went live just in time for Gwent to see her house collapse. Gwen's mouth went dry and fear-filled into her heart.

EARTH M-199999



"Why did we cut away for another cliff hanger?" Deadpool yelled as he parried to shards that rushed towards him. A lot of them still hit him. "Ow! God Damm it! You can't silence the truth!"

Suki was weaving and dodging the raining shards and using her fans to deflect the attacks, one slice her cheek.

Touma was moving around, trying to be less of an easy target. He swung his right hand, causing them many to shatter. Touma had developed a bit of a sense for magic, it helped him avoid them, but a few attacks still were hitting him, he was just managing to avoid any vital spots.

Steven held up his shield, blocking the blows, he was trying to get his bearings against this attack.

Illyana jumped up and whispered, "Get ready to move."

A blue portal formed beneath Steve and Suki's feet, and he fell into it.

The Blonde teen raised her sword; she swung it at some of the shards that moved towards her, which they dissolved upon touching the blade.

The portal opened up beside Mordo and dropping Steve and Suki at his sides. Though confused for a moment, both fo them prepared to fight him. The mysterious young teen opened up another portal under Touma's feet intending to send him closer, that was the mistake.

Touma began to drop into the portal and flailed his hands. As he passed down the portal, his right hand touched the edge of the barrier. The sound of glass shattering was heard, and the young sorcerers recoiled as she felt her power canceled.

"Oh, that's not good," Deadpool gulped, as watched what began to unfold.

The portal had folded space to link to point, and Touma's hand just erased it. All in an immediate area began to snap back into place, and with a loud shriek, as the world fell back into space, energy ruptured out blasted everyone back.

EARTH BT-12705-2



"NO!" Gwen refused, she refused the reality before her, energy ripped from her and teleported her right home.

"Gwen?" The Nanochip Queen wondered,

A purple blast of energy brought Gwen forth, and she was shaking at the raw power she had to let out for such a rapid jump.

Gwen stood there in silence.

Elena was a friend; they had their issues, but Gwen did think of her as a friend. Then Elena left the town for a reason she couldn't control, she returned trying to save her father only to find he was beyond saving. Those nanochips had infected him, and Elena wanted to study them and try to use them for good. In the end, she was affected as well. She lost herself in the nanochips, they ate her up, and the last bit of her killed herself to save Ben from herself.

Now there was just a shadow with her friendly voice on a rampage. That shadow had destroyed Gwen's childhood home and killed people she had been desperate to try and help. Gwen had lost so much in such a short time that she couldn't stand that she lost more.


"What?" The Queen asked.

"NO!" Gwen's eye began to glow bright purple; her skin began to crackle as a light shone from it.

Gwen was trying her best for all those they had lost, but she couldn't care and was willing to give up her humanity.

EARTH M-199999



"Are you sure you know what you are doing?" Tony asked Nebula as Martha started to push Mugino into the other room.

They had something of a working prototype to replace her cybernetics.

Nebula nodded, "My father repeatedly tore me apart, kept me awake as he replaced by a body with machines and detailing every step. I know what to do."

"Okay," Tony didn't have anything to add. He and Nebula walked to get cleaned up and help Martha attach the new arm and eyepiece.

They went into the operating room.

Kinuhata walked over to Kakine, who was sitting by the still unconscious Sogiita.

"Hey! White Beetle Guy!" She greeted him, "I'm bored; you want to watch a movie from another universe with me?"

Kakine had been waiting with Sogiita flipping through a magazine; he could use some entertainment. "Sure,"

Kinuhata smiled as she set up a tablet Tony had given her. "Movies in a world filled with actual superheroes have to be super good!"

The boy made of Dark Matter leaned back, "Okay, what's it called?"

"Something called Face/Off."

They started to watch a movie. In the next room, the steady machine beeping of the monitor machine beside Bruce started to beep out of rhythm.

With a loud gasp, Bruce jolted up, for a moment, his eyes glowed green. He trembled, he saw the machines begin to check on his status, and he reached over, turning it off. He took a breath and got up from the bed, unplugging the machines.

He was shaking, the Hulk's powers were healing him, but it still would hurt.

Bruce knew what he would have to do, and he couldn't let them stop him. He chance now so snuck past the distracted teen and moved down the halls.

Soon he arrived in this lab; he didn't bother to turn on the lights; he just shut the doors and made sure they were locked.

"Took you long enough."

Bruce turned on the lights to find Missy sitting in a chair drinking from a teacup. "I expected you here hours ago."

"What are you doing here?" Bruce asked her,

"I was in your head, Bruce," Missy took another sip, "I didn't get every detail, but I saw enough. I think I got a good sense of who you are. You have a problem with your roommate. Now, why did you come here?"

"I have to fix it, the thing with me and the other guy-the Hulk- we have to sort things."

Missy placed her teacup down and got up, "Then let me help. I've got a knack for tinkering with monsters."

EARTH T-A-2008



Sentinel Prime looked up in horror as Optimus Prime stood above him with his ax in hand.

He tried to speak, but before he got a chance, Optimus brought it down, slicing off the big chinned idiots head off. Optimus then slashed into his head and ripped out the open the chest.

"Having fun?" Sari walked over to him.

"Can you blame me? That guy was so annoying." Optimus smiled at the girl.

"Don't say I never get you anything."

"You're going to take credit for this?"

They both heard an explosion in the distance and a glance at the distance they could see the city on fire.

It looked like the Cybertron sent in some people to try and get back the All-Spark. With their numbers halved, they were desperate need of the All Spark and wanted to get it back while they were gone.

Right now, the Thanos Forces were doing an excellent job at their destroying their forces.

Sari didn't hesitate to smile at the destruction.

"We better get back," Sari pulled along a purple case that held the red All Spark.

They could conquer this city, but they wouldn't not after they knew what was happening and what Thanos had planned. They would lose everything should they betray the Titan.

Sari smiled as one of the Cybertron ships exploded, crashing into the city. There were some reports that the Decepticon were doing their best to save people. They would be scarp in an hour, that thought did make them happy.




"We got to move!" Adora rushed in; she found Entrapta working on the computers as the alarms blared around them.

Light Hope flickered in and out, the best they could tell was the systems were somehow damaged during the dusting phenomena. Entrapta had been trying to get it to work, but now it didn't seem like they had time.

"We're under attack!" Adora yelled.

"What's that?" Entrapta questioned as she looked up at the monitors showing what was outside.

The Rebellion had been keeping an eye on the Horde, for the last few days they had noticed some strange activity. Entrapta had picked up some unusual readings. Then they started to see weird machines starting to patrol around the Fright Zone. They didn't look like anything the Horde had ever made even when they had Entrapta working for them.

And as Entrapta looked on, she paled, they were powerful and ruthless.

The Rebellion had made a small camp around the Crystal Castle, trying to help out repair it.

Then the army came, flying done attacking and those odd screaming machines. They had burned a path right to the castle, destroying and killing anything in their way.

"Surrender or be Exterminated!"

"Glory to Thanos!"

"Obey Thanos!"

Even though the live footage seemed off, to be terrified of those odd machines screaming with those voices.

Then they fired, one attack would kill who got hit. The energy blast would rip through the rebellion, and they could barely let out a scream before they fell to the ground. The rebelling was trying to fight them, but they were being killed.

They could see it on the video feed already, Catra was on riding on a hovercraft leading an army of the Horde soldiers. Besides her was someone Adora had never seen before, a giant purple man with a strange gauntlet.

Even from a distance, Adora could sense his power; he demanded respect, the Horde soldiers, and those metal monsters cleared his way.

"Is this it?" His voice grumbled.

Catra nodded, "Yes, it's what I promised. The computers there are probably the most advanced tech on the planet. I think it's what you need."

"We shall see."

He raised the gauntlet, and one of the gems began to glow.

Every living thing in his presence felt a pulse of power, Something thousands of times more potent than anything they had ever felt before.

The Crystal Castle's computers all began to scream, picking up on powerful readings like nothing they had ever seen before.

"We have to leave!" Adora yelled.

"Right," Even Entrapta wasn't going to argue the point.

Then they saw something they wouldn't have believed, one of the cameras was showing a large portal forming to engulf the whole castle.

Glimmer teleported in the room, "We have to go!"

Adora took her hand before grabbing Entrapa's hand. Entrapta reached over to the computer as they teleported away.

The whole castle was pulled into the portal and vanished. The Rebels used this chance to retreat.

Catra looked on, watching them flee.

Thanos spoke to her softly, "Don't worry about them; they are not a factor in our plans. We have to prepare. Once this is over, I will help you bring them under your bootheel if they hadn't seen the light."

Catra nodded, and they headed back on mass to the Fright Zone.

Nearby in the tree, Glimmer, Adora, and Entrapta hid behind some trees and watched the army go back.

"That army was powerful enough to defeat the whole rebellion, so why didn't they?" Glimmer had to ask.

"Why did they take the castle?" Adora added, "How did they take the castle? Who was that guy?"

Entrapta pulled out a small crystal from the computer, "I might have some answers to that."

Entrapta managed to pull out of the computer crystals. Then her hair raised, showing several more computing crystals she pulled out.

EARTH BT-12705-2



The Nanochip Queen suddenly found herself blasted by energy. The blast was enough to tear her apart; had she not been composed of a nano swarm, she would be dead. The explosion of energy was slowing her down, but surely they were rebuilding.

Gwen's skin continued to peel off as she tried to blast the rebuilding Queen. Gwen was teetering on her control, losing herself to her power, into the newly found rage.

A blast of energy erupted from the rubble of the house, Charmcaster, Rojo, and Frightwig tumbled out.

When everything started, Rojo put on her suit and got ready in time for Elena to arrive. Frightwig used her tendrils to keep them together, Charmcaster raised a shield, and Rojo managed to dig through most of the rubble.

It took them a moment to realize that Gwen was about to turn into a pure energy being.

"Okay, what's this?" Charmcaster looked on confused; she sensed new levels of power radiating off Gwen.

Gwen managed to fire more energy blasts at the swarm of nanochips, chips from the dome overhead starts to swarm downwards to replace those she managed to destroy.

"Gwen?" Charmcaster muttered, she could tell that was Gwen, but at the same time, she sensed something inhuman from her.

With each blast, more purple energy erupted from her broken skin.

Charmcaster knew what was happening; she had done it herself.

Gwen turned them sensing their presence; she paused and looked at them, barely understanding what she was seeing.

"…Gwen…" Elena's voice echoed from the swarm of nanochips. "Gwen. Gwen."

In such an emotional state, Gwen started to see flashes of their past together. Them playing together as kids and fighting together. It sounded like her, the emotion and humanity she remembered in Elena.

She was moved to do what heroes to, try and save people, and, in this case, to try to save her friend. If Elena was calling for her even from the swarm, then maybe she could be saved. Gwen had to hope.

The swarm quickly formed a sharp sharped blade and stabbed Gwen through the chest.


At the Plumbers Base, Max felt his heart stop as they watched through the camera feed. Max didn't hesitate and rushed to get his weapons. He wasn't going to lose another grandchild.


"Gwen. Gwen."

Gwen opened her eyes and found herself in an endless black void, her body gone, and she was only a glowing Anodite. Her energy form felt strange but living.

"I don't think I'm dead, so that's good." She touched where she was sure she had been stabbed.


Gwen floated through the void, trying to find the source of the voice.

In the end, it wasn't the voice that led; she sensed something in the darkness. She found Elena curled up in a ball, calling to someone she vaguely sensed in a haze. Gwen had spent so many nights studied vaguest forms of magic to try and trace people. There was some elemental magic that said people with bound could sense each other. Maybe an old childhood relationship was enough.

"I'm here," Gwen whispered.

Elena looked up to see the glowing figure. "Gwen?"

Gwen smiled, there was hope even if so infinitesimally small. Also, if it was just a spark, she sensed it, the Elena she knew. Even just a bit had survived among the swarm if it was a soul or her mind.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Gwen thought it might have been a false hope, but she could cry knowing she was right.

Then they heard the buzzing.

"They're coming! They're coming! They're going to take me back! Please!"

And out of the darkness came a buzzing of glowing green figured and numbers.

The symbols and numbers swarmed over Elena, engulfing her and pulling her away. Gwen grabbed her hands, "I promise you I'll find you, I'll bring you back!"

Elena smiled at her, "You better,"

Even though the tears, she was still brave. Elena was still fighting back.


Charmcaster blasted the swarm away from Gwen breaking the connection.

"Come on, don't be dead!" Rojo went over to Gwen, and she found a hole in her torso but quickly filled with purple energy.

Gwen gasped as the energy drained and settled back into humanity. "Huh, energy, mana, or the electron in her swarm brain work the same. She used me as a computer and made a connection." Gwen chuckled, "That's a neat trick."

"What?" Rojo asked.

"Nothing, just something I got from an old friend." Gwen got up.

"You should' t be getting up. You just got stabbed," Frightwig added.

"Normally, I'd agree, but I made a promise." Gwen was almost giddy at the concept that there was someone she could bring back. "She's been waiting long enough."

Charmcaster created a doom over them as the swarm began to settle over them.

"Okay, this isn't about magic. This is just plain old science." Gwen started to talk, working out the problems. "Elena gave me everything I needed. Gotta stop the swarm; I have to find the real Queen."

There was an explosion that happened outside of the destroying a portion of the swarm. As the smoke cleared, they saw Max holding a large gun and Helen with him.

"Okay, I'll go get the others next," Helen told him.

Gwen yelled, "Leave Cooper at the base, tell him to finish the Jumpgate, call the guy who sent us the message and get him to come here. If he created that program, then I think he can help with this."

Helen looked confused, but Max nodded, with that Helen ran off at super speed.

Max smiled, seeing his granddaughter with more life than he'd seen her have in days. "Do you have a plan?"

"I think we can save Elena." Gwen told him, "When the Swarm stabbed me, she made a connection with me, basically sending the same signals between the swarm drones into my anodite form. She's in bad shape, but she's still in there. The swarm's programming is evolving but using Elena's mind as a base, but that's the problem. It's tearing her mind apart, run it across all those machines. We need to reduce their numbers, something manageable, and easy to contain until we can work on getting her out."

"That's a lot of bug bots." Frightwig pointed to the swarm dome over the city.

"A smashing job," Rojo grinned, "that doesn't matter much, give them a target it gets them to come to us."

"I think we can do that," Frightwig readied her, tendrils, "I've been itching for something to hit."

The swarm buzzed as they rushed at them.

EARTH M-199999



Everyone had been blasted back by the spacial explosion.

Mordo growled as he was forced to remove his sling ring, whatever had just happened had damaged. He tossed it aside; it would be no good for him now. The others began to get up, ready to keep fighting him.

Seeing that he was well cornered, he did the only thing he could, Mordo jumped off the wall and into the air. Normally such a maneuver would do nothing for him, but he was wearing the Vaulting Boots of Valton, letting him walk on air. He managed to leap into the second floor and run down the hall.

"Hey, Illyana! Teleport us there!" Deadpool called out to the teen.

She hated taking an order from him but did so; portals opened up under everyone except Touma, leading them towards the higher floor.

Touma left alone huffed as he ran towards a hall, trying to find his way and catch up.


Aang had tried to get the door open, but they wouldn't budge, the magic that Mordo set off sealed the manor. The idea had been that no one would get out, or unless they had, they could teleport. It was to make sure that Deadpool didn't escape if Illyana had she'd be forced to come back for him. Mordo didn't get that she'd be more than glad to leave him behind. Now it served to hold them all inside.

There were too many people here; he needed to find Wong's sling ring and leave and return to finish Illyana when he had the advantage.

So he tried to go back to where he left Wong two find two teenagers over him.

"Who are you?" Katara asked.

Mordo sensed something from them, not quite magic but something. He had to be careful, those portals had connected to a magical dimension, but they were not supernatural. That loud man in Red should be dead, but whatever force brought him back wasn't magic either. Then there was Captain Roger and the girl with the fans, they had no magic but potential threats. Then there was that boy with the spiky hair, something about his presence troubled him.

Mordo did notice Wong seemed to be breathing.

He didn't have time to talk; the staff in his hands began to glow. The staff extended it reaches and moved to slam into them when Aang sent a blast of the wing towards the sorcerer. The attack blasted him back.

"I see," Mordo grumbled, "this will be more difficult than I expected."

"You can bet on that." Steven arrived with the others




Enid was behind the counter at the Bodega. There hadn't been any customers, so she mostly opened up as a force of habit. Nearby Dendy was trying to help Red get her future tech to work. If something was blocking the signal or something and they could get that to work, then maybe they could get some answers or some help.

It was weird; Red was from the future; something this big wasn't something that could be forgotten. Red wasn't an idiot that would have missed it, but she didn't have a clue about any of this.

It was frustrating, and this wasn't a problem that she could just kick. And usually, Red would be happy to help deal with her frustration, but the whole it looked like her time period just vanished was making her depressed. Plus, they hadn't talked about it.

Red must have hated her; they got drunk with Elodie after it happened, and then the three ended up in bed together. Enid didn't like talking about it, but she had told Red about her relationship with Elodie. That they had been best friends, then they split and became friends again. Enid also told her that she did have a crush on Elodie. Red must have thought she cheated on her or something. It was one thing when they were all drunk, but she probably regretted it in the morning.

It couldn't get worse. If they ever settled this, Enid wasn't sure Red wouldn't go back to her time.

The chime on the door as someone walked in, it was Elodie.

She was wearing her Point Prep blue jacket and trying to look away as she walked towards them. Elodie, for all her faults, would never want to get in between the two. Plus, it had been an awkward morning after, and she didn't speak much as she got dressed.

"Hello," Elodie started,

"Hi," Enid replied.

It wasn't easy just to talk.

Elodie took a deep breath, "I wanted to come here and in-person- invite you all to," Elodie did a hand motion thing. Still, it was somewhat random, "Point Prep is trying to gather everyone together, put our collective heads together and trying to figure out a plan. I would like you there too."

"Enid!" Dendy, the young Kappa in a yellow jumpsuit, ran out to her, a holographic screen popped out of her backpack. "Something happened! I was scanning Red's tech when!"

She turned the screen towards them.

Okay, Let's start once more from the top.

EARTH BT-12705-2



Alan had arrived with Helen in the middle of a war zone. Gwen and the others were trying to attack and destroy as much like the swarm as they could. Alan jumped into the air and activated his powers, his body becoming like molten magma he began to torch the swarm. Helen ran around, creating mini-tornadoes to help.

The more they fought, the more the nano swarm started to break up the dome to bring in reinforcements. It would have taken The Queen a while to get these numbers, and she couldn't make more nanochips and fight them. The Nanochips were not strong by themselves, but they had numbers in their favor.

Max blasted and blasted, "Okay, I get that we are in a war of attrition, but I'm running out ammo."

Rojo agreed, "We can't keep this up. We need something bigger."

"I don't have anything!" Charmcaster yelled out; she summoned her staff and more of her stone creatures to help. "I mean, I got a couple of spells, but like this, it will probably kill us and anyone in this city of the city."

Charmcaster quickly used a spell to throw lightning at the swarm.

"Does it have any weakness?"

Max remembered reading the files that Victor Validus made about the swarm. Had they listened to him, maybe he'd- No time to think about that.

"Victor thought that the nanochips weren't great with electro-magnetics or ultrasonics."

Charmcaster charged up her spell, "Yeah, I think lightning will cover it."

Gwen sighed, "If we want to make this work, we have to work together, to use both."

Gwen tapped on the Omnitrix; the control panel displayed the available aliens. Gwen had hesitated to use it; it seemed like she'd be betraying Ben. Thinking about He'd be the first person to tell her to do it.

She slammed down the selected alien.

In a flash of purple light, Gwen transformed.


Charmcaster looked at her, confused.

"I had to; I owe Ben that much."

The short white alien had a sizeable purple mouth and glowing purple eyes. "Okay," Gwen started, "Okay, weird, my voice sounds-never mind. I have a plan, if but we have to get some of the swarm. They got portions of metal; you zap it with everything you got. I'll do the rest. Just wait for my signal."

"Ben!" The swarm Queen reformed and looked at Gwen.

"Yeah, okay, should have seen that coming. Kinda works for me."

Echo-Echo duplicated herself and started to run around.

"Come back, Ben! Don't you see it? We can be together."

Echo-Echo ran around, the swarm that was attacking the others started to form into copies of the Queen.

"Stop running away! Oh! Is this what you're into? The chase?"

"Are you?" Charmcaster teased.

The group of duplicated Queens surrounded them. Echo-Echo screamed, tearing them apart and giving them away to run past. "Get ready!"

"Ben!" The Queen yelled, "Why must you hurt me? I only want to love you and for you to love me back!"

"Wow," Charmcaster let out, "Lady, you need help. Trust me, that's not a healthy relationship."

"She's not usually like that," Echo-Echo told her, "Now charge your spell."

Echo-Echo duplicated, again and again, quickly surrounded the Queens. "I hope this works."

They all screamed at her creating an Echo Chamber and blasting the Queen, who started to dissolve. The rest of the swarm began to falter. Gwen felt all the minds she had working together and tried to focus that; she motioned and formed purple barriers around them, targeting the sound. The Queen collapsed and became little more than a puddle of metal reaching out.

Charmcaster had the lightning spell charged, "Ready?"

Echo-Echo split away and opened a spot for her to fire, Charmcaster fired full force into the open space. Balls of writhing metal struck my lightning and bombarded by sound waves pulsed before finally exploding.

All across the city, the swarm fell apart and dissolve.

Echo-Echo merged back together and transformed back into Gwen. Tired Gwen nearly collapsed, but Charmcaster caught heer.

"Did it work?" Rojo asked.

Fright Wig added, "It looks like you got them all."

Gwen went into the pile of dead swarms she had been screaming into. She got a handful of chips where one was jumping. She smiled as she still sensed that familiar ferocious spark of life. "They always protect the queen,"

EARTH M-199999



Mordo was loosing, he was outnumbered, and someone like him couldn't keep up with the various power and abilities that were on display.

Also, Deadpool was just a pain in his ass, and it was driving him nuts.

"Hey!" Deadpool yelled as he swung his sword at the sorcerer.

Mordo barely blocked it with his staff. He jumped back only to dodge Illyana's sword; he'd found that thing far too troublesome.

"Right, Soul sword screws with magic," Deadpool explained to no in particular. "Don't blame me if you're getting lazy."

"Cease that nattering."

Mordo suddenly felt a shield strike him in his core, knocking him back. He pushed forward to get slashed at by Suki's blade. He held his side and rolled to the side to avoid a water whip from Katara.

Steve picked up his shield and glared at him, "Surrender, you can't win."

He held his staff tight and charged it up and tossed it towards Illyana; the staff exploded, blasting her back. He held his hands charging magic into a ball of energy; he was about to slam it down and send them all into the mirror dimension.

He hurled it down but the mirror shattered, Touma arrived in time to touch it before the spell connected.

"Anime here, huh?" Deadpool smirked under his mask, "They always show up at the last second."

Aang whipped up the winds slamming him into the wall.

Illyana got up and walked towards him, "You were about to send them to another dimension? I can do that trick too."

A blue portal opened beneath him, and he hell, the others didn't see the dimension but smelled a horrible burning and growls and screams.

Deadpool walked over to her, "You didn't send him into the mirror dimension, did you?"

"No, I didn't."



"We can't open the doors," Aang told everyone.

"Really?" Touma reached over to the door, and the shattering sound echoed, and Touma collapsed as the door swung open.

"Never mind," Aang told them.


Wong eventually recovered enough to wake up.

"I am sorry," Wong told him. "I must remain here to guard the sanctum, and the sorcerors that remain must remain on duty. Thanos is not the only threat, and should we leave our stations; then something else could use this as an opportunity. But if you truly need our help to let us know and we will offer our aid."

Steven understood and gave them a firm nod.

"Oh!" Deadpool yelled, "What if we could go with you? You need more people, and we have two right here! Plus, she's a magic person, and even her code name is MAGIK, it's Kismet? Well, not that kismet, but still."

"What?" Ilyana questioned her off companion.

"Hush, we were looking for looking for help already, plus this is probably the only chance I got to be an Avenger."

Steve only replied with, "We need all the help we can get, if you're willing, then we will be glad to have you."

EARTH BT-12705-2



It took Cooper a bit longer to finish the gate and make a call. But it seemed that Scout's creator was on the other side and was more than willing to help.

He used the gate to arrived there, and he said he had the answer already.

"Okay," Alexis explained, "It's kinda an obvious problem. Those nanochips are just a variation of the standard nanobot. The shape doesn't matter; the principle is the same. The problem you got. The chips are talking well enough; the programming is garbage. They have a corrupted hive mind; they are constantly updating each other; it builds errors making them act erratic. It worse when you have a human mind; it's like dissociative disorder time a billion. You don't need a hive mind; you need one mind over several bodies. A human mind can handle all the data those nanomachines would go through; most of it is filtered through the subconscious. That was part of the issue; the mind didn't have subconscious like this, constant information from countless bodies, their mind, mental strain it all as it happened at the same level."

"And you had that solution already?" Cooper asked him.

"Yeah, I made nanobot with their own minds based on the brain patterns of a person. I'm going to use the base program to fix things up in an upload. It's pretty much just uploading a software patch update."

The made a spell circle in the base, and Gwen got the others to put a pile of dead nanochips in the middle.

"Will this work?" Gwen asked.

"Probably," Alexis admitted, "look, I'm a tech wizard you're asking to retrieve and ensoul a human mind from a nanochip into the whole of this swarm of alien technology. I doubt anyone has ever tried this before, this new territory." Alexis sighed, "Trust me, this is safe; your friend won't be hurt. Frankly, this my best guess with this stuff. Luckily my best tends to be accurate. And the magic should fill in any gaps. If this works, your relationship with her will help steady her and let her mind adjust to this new state without a constant bombardment of information. She will be more stable and shouldn't start going crazy."

Yeah, the situation was crazy and one of a kind, this was their best and only real option.

"Alright, let's do this," Gwen got at one end, ready to carry out this bizarre ritual between science and magic.

"Do you need help?" Charmcaster offered, "You look exhausted."

"Yeah, another magic-user would help steady the flow of energy. "

So they started to get ready. On one end, a computer was running a program that Alexis did to update the swarm. He took a deep breath; a blue circuit-like pattern formed his hand as they roamed over the keyboard.

Gwen and Charmcaster held hands as mana started to radiate off them. The circle began to glow with their energies.

"Gwen…Gwen…Gwen…" Elena's voice bellowed from the mass of Nanochips as the light erupts around it.

After a moment, the lifeless nanochips glumped together and took form. Soon there was a huddle teen girl with shoulder-length black hair, a red jacket, black pants, and a matching boot.

"Gwen?" Elena looked up.

"Welcome back," Gwen smiled. She needed a win.

"Okay," Alexis interrupted, "You still wanted to talk about the alliance we got going, right?"

They suddenly understood what Scout said he had to be more diplomatic than his creator.


A few explanations went along as Alexis double checked his work and made sure that Elena was indeed okay. The Plumber's said they were willing to wait, but Alexis said he preferred to multitask, and now of his scans seem to be invasive, they continued.

They were promised that they could return if they wished, and the Plumber with their Jumpgate could go to the other world or contact it quickly.

In the end, Gwen replied, "I'll go, if I can help, then I'll try."

"Good, Steve wanted to get more magic users onboard." Alexis looked over the result he got from the scans. "I'd recommend Elena come too. I think everything is okay, but it's probably a good idea to get a few people to look you over. Plus, I think you can help."

"I'll go," Elena volunteered, "its not a bad idea, and see if I can help after everything-" she stopped herself and just remembered flashes of people she attacked and terrorized. "If I can help."

Max spoke up, "I'm not sure if we can let any more plumbers go, things are ready to collapse; if something goes wrong, we need all the help we can get."

"I'm not a Plumber," Charmcaster pointed out, "I'll go," she glanced over at Gwen, "Besides, she doesn't look like she can handle anything without me right now."

Gwen was about shot back but decided against it; she'd been helping. After everything that Charmcaster had done, maybe she was genuinely willing to help. Perhaps she just needed an excuse.

"Is there going to be a fight?" Rojo asked.

"Almost certainly," Alexis just said casually,

"I'll go, been bored, and I could use something to hit."

"We are getting a room, right?" Frightwig lifted one of her tendrils as if to get his attention.

"Yeah, Stark is providing room and food. Probably money, too, I don't think he's keeping track of what he's giving us."

"I'll come then," Frightwig told them, "The place I was staying at has been destroyed, so why not."


Max was hesitant to send Gwen off with several dangerous people to another universe. But Gwen did vouch for them.

They gathered their things and got ready for what could have been a one-way trip.

Asmuth did show up, "Shody work, but it should hold." He glanced around at the Jumpgate; he paused as he saw Gwen. "Gwendolyn, I heard about your little voyage. I've come to give you a parting gift." The small grey alien touched the face of the Omnitrix and put it in code. "The Master Code, I planned to give it to your cousin when he was older, but- well, you've always seemed more mature. I'm going to be honest, I'm still trying to figure out what your Anodite powers have done to the Omnitrix, and with this phenomenon happening, I can't be sure what you will encounter. With these stakes, I think you should have everything you can use."

"Thank you," Gwen told the alien genius.

Max was there and hugged his granddaughter and wished her to be careful. The Jumpgate hummed into life, and Alexis led the strange group into the portal.

Those remained held hope, that they would return, they hesitated to put hope that this would lead to a solution to the crisis.

EARTH M-199999



Tony, Nebula, and Martha walked out the operation, Mugino wouldn't wake up for a while, so they went to check on the others,

When they got out, they found Steve just arrive with a blonde teen and a guy in a red suit, who was wearing I Heart NY shirt.

Deadpool had insisted they get souvenirs and get hot dogs. He was the one who ate most of the hots dogs.

Introductions weren't made then as the gate shuddered into life as Alexis arrived with Gwen and the company.

Scarlett had been waiting with Jack, and she greeted them.

Yet again, the greetings were delayed as the ground trembled, and the power of the entire building began to flicker off.

"That shouldn't happen," Tony remarked, "A giant arc reactor powers this whole place."

The Doctor rushed in, "This isn't me."

FRIDAY's voice rang into the air, "There seemed to be a massive power surge in Dr. Banner's lab."

Then all the power in the building shut down.

Phones, flashlights, sonic devices, magic spells, mana, flames, and a light lit up the air.

There followed a deafening roar.

"Where's Missy?" The Doctor questioned the group.

"Bruce!" Steve yelled out and ran to the lab, with Tony following close behind. The others followed behind if just curious or deciding to light the way.

Tony arrived first as the door shook.

The doors swung open, and a cloud of smoke followed, and Missy walked out coughing. "Oh! That took more effort than I thought. Still, a human would have taken longer."

"What did you do?" The Doctor growled.

Missy just wiped a bit off the mess from her coat and said, "Helped."

The ground behind her cracked, and everyone present there felt a presence behind her.

"Oh! Wow, this feels weird."

"Bruce?" Tony asked, unsure of what he was seeing.

Towering over them was a mix of Bruce and the Hulk.

"What did you do?" Steve asked.

Bruce simply said, "Settled things with the Hulk. He didn't want to come out because he thought I was just using him, and everyone hated him here. All he wanted was to live. That's why he kept me trapped. He just wanted to live. I didn't even consider that until the ring took us over. Missy helped us get in touch and figure things out. We came to this agreement, the halfway point for both of us. Then she helped me make it possible."

Missy stuck her tongue out at the Doctor.

Deadpool just said, "Huh, so that's how they were going to do that here."



There was a flash of light, and Lobo on his bike skid a stop. He'd been out drinking; he wasn't too happy about the Dusting, half the space dolphins were gone. Lobo was a man who purposely killed his entire race, and he did so proudly. But as cruel as he was, he had his own code, and he did love his fishies. They were probably the only species the Czarnian liked. So half of them gone like nothing gave him a reason to mourn.

Now someone teleported him; he reached over to his bike's chain, ready to chaos some chaos if someone didn't give him a good reason.

"Lobo," Nearby a bald man in gold tech suit greeted him.

Lobo burped, "Luthor?"

"Charming as always, I doubt even you're drunk enough to notice the havoc that's happened to all of creation."

"Of course I've noticed, normally I'd be laughing it up that half of everyone just turn into dirt, but it hit close for the main man."

"Then let me make you an offer,"

"I'm not taking bounties right now; I need some me time."

"How about if I told you I have the name of the person who wiped out half of life."

Lobo sobered up, "Then I'd say give me his name and location, and I'll make him a smear across space. I'll do this one pro-bono."

Luthor-127 smiled, "As delightful as that would be, you can't beat him. Not alone, we have a plan to make sure he pays. Would you be interested in hearing it?"


With a snap of his fingers, wide doors open, showing not only several Luthors but also a small army of villains plucked from their universes. "Worlds will live, worlds will die, and nothing will be the same again."

Lobo smiled, "Why didn't you tell me it was a party?"

Author's Notes: So, yeah Deadpool and Magik from the X-men join along with Gwen and the Bad Girl Squad. Okay, so Magik is Colossus little sister she was supposed to show up in the New Mutant but then stuff happened and it's been delayed three times. Still, Magik is my favorite x men and I really want to see the movie. I had been waiting for the movie to come out to bring her in but… yeah.

As for Ben 10 I hated that they never did with Elena and the Nanochip Queen. They were going to do it in a comic but they never finished it. So I decided to give Gwen a team of former villains so I thought that would be fun. Where my Ben 10 fans? What do you guys think? I'm trying some stuff with Gwen, after loosing so many people Gwen whose always been a bit of a type A and often worked herself hard is starting to lose her grip on thing as she is trying to push against something no one can fight, certainly not alone.

Okay, so some of you were asking about Luthors and Thanos. Thanos has a plan, Davros and Catra discovered something and he knows something and is planning for it now. The Luthors know something and are working on something and have gathered their own army. Both parties are willing to work and wait for the moment to strike. And this story is touching all of reality, so I can't show everyone of everything at every chapter and have to chose my moments. So if there is something you are waiting for it might show up later.

T-A-2008 is the Transformers animated Shatteredglass universe, basically the evil mirror universe of the transformers animated. Evil Sari having joined with Thanos.

S-RPP-1113 is the She-Ra world, the .03 (JUXTA-DIMENSION: DESPONDOOS) means that it's not the main dimension Despondos as called in the show. It's stated in series that Ethernia isn't in the main universe but hidden in a shadow dimension.

OKLBH-81 is OKKO Let's be Heroes, anyone a fan of that series? I got into it just as it was starting to end.

Any ways thats all my notes, let me know what you guys think and about characterization. Who do you guys recognize? Who have I mentioned before that you want to see come in? I do love hearing what you guys think and everything. It does help me keep writing. Ask questions if you want too.


Luiz4200: Yeah, my mistake I already fixed it.

Spartan-140: Yes, the worlds are away to tell the worlds apart. In story the letters and numbers just help tell the version fo the universe. M-1 is Different from M-2, each stand for a massive change in that timeline. And M series is different from MM or N. But out of universe the letters are from the series name. M for Marvel. OKLBH standing for Ok Ko Lets be heroes. The numbers can be a bit random, If there is already a universe numbers I'll add it after the letters, if not I'll pick a number from either a number important in the series or a connection the series. The year it was created, birth of it's creator, he number of version of the universe created or some other factor.

Birdy: DP: Hello to you too.

Guest: Yes along with Elena.

Maximum Rhapsody: In order of your questions. A lot, some will say no since their worlds are already falling apart or they don't believe the fantastic story. Thanos needs no more help, those he has with him have already started to gather what little more he needs. Soon.

Delta Gamer: No, I can't possibly use all the characters. And really not everyone would join. Some have their own issues, their worlds are in chaos and can't just leave. Many won't believe such a story. And yes fighting is not the best but getting more people to work together could be useful. With some help they built a machine to jump universes and divert travel into theirs to some sense. With more help they beat a super power hulk. They defeated Mordo pretty easily. And with basically restored Elena. A lot of that would have been impossible doing it on their own. They are stronger together, they can do things faster and better than alone. Together they might be able to find a way to stop Thanos.