With A Snap

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Chapter 56: Excellent Adventure

EARTH M-199999



"Okay, so we have some more members." Alexis reported, "Well, we got some more stuff to report. Scout has been in contact with more worlds."

He and Missy stood in front of the group; Steve insisted that everyone be present and help make choices. If they were all going to be apart from this, then they should have a say.

"Okay," Alexis cleared his throat, "Scout has been talking to people. Some have already turned us down; some think this is a weird and dark joke. Some of their worlds are in bad shape after the Dusting."

"How so?" Steve asked without thinking.

"Huh, well, we found several worlds in bad states. One was a world were humanity was fighting an army of robots; the robot's numbers were not affected by the snap. There was a world with a species of bees as the sentient life forms, their Queen vanished. The Queen births a new one every generation before they die, but that didn't happen, so now they're kinda worried about a possible extinction. I found techno-organic life forms with a hive mind and the snap kind of throwing them into a species-wide coma. I found a place where something is happening in Milwaukee; some buried eldritch being and god fragments the snap woke up. One world had one major hero that stops most of the disasters and dangers, and they got hit, so there is a high spike in crimes along with riots."

"Stop!" Steve ordered. "Is there any-"

"No," Missy interrupted them, "if we put the effort in helping them, we take it away time and energy from dealing with the major threat. Yes, its cold calculation, but ignore a few worlds to save them all isn't a hard calculation. The faster we reach our goal, the faster things can try and go back to something akin to normality."

Steve didn't say anything; no one did, because, in the end, Missy was right. They didn't have to like it, but she was right. Trying to fix any of those issues wasn't anything they could solve in a few short hours; even with all their power, it would be a significant detour. That meant the longer they would have to wait to help everyone.

"Now!" Missy clapped her hands and quickly put on a gleeful tone, "We have many interesting prospects. Many people seem interested in what we have to say; they might need a bit of a talking to or a bit of time."

"Ah, yeah," Alexis spoke up, "some want to talk to people face to face. There is one world with a strange and powerful energy source that seems to be tied into a biological life form. Scout has been unable to locate anything to use a medium to talk to them. Scout has scanned some weird readings; I think I want to go check this out. I could use a second pair of eyes. Also, there are a few interesting worlds here. We have one world where it seems that everyone is born with magical abilities."

Illyana asked, "What do you mean?"

"Everyone in this world seems to be born with magic that is based on a concept—something like fire, water, steel, wool, darkness, and that sort of stuff. Scout located a country that just came off an attack, so they were on guard when everything happened to handle it better and are fairly steady. Their knights are talking over what we told them. Scout said they'd have time to talk it out."

Missy commented, "That world is fairly medieval, might be taking them a bit longer to wrap their minds around multiverse theory."

"And, there is a world that seems to run several years ahead of us, but their tech got stunted a fair bit. This world is interesting because it seems like 80% of their population are born with superpowers."

"80%?" Tony was shocked.

"Yeah, they have heroes all over their world working directly with the police. There are laws and things in place in that world, but I guess that was easier to put into place when it affects everyone. The real question would be who we ask there?"

Missy just waved her hand, "We have a dozen worlds that Scout is currently dealing with that might need someone to talk to them. That isn't even the biggest concern, my Universe and his-"

"Yo!" Alexis Cheered.

"Already had working technology to leap into another universe and some very clever people in it."

"I think she mostly means her and me."

"I do, he gets it. We were ahead of the game. If my guess is right then, I imagine its only a matter of time before others catch up."

"We think soon people will show up here without us inviting them." Alexis huffed, "Scout is doing his best to check in on anyone about to portal in and warn us if they should have hostile ideas so we can redirect them. But It's not foolproof; I'd hope that someone who could jump universes would be smart enough not just to cause trouble but-"

"That's overly optimistic," Missy finished.

"We decided to set up a force shield around the Hub should anything go wrong."

"So, who's up for going on a trip?" Missy asked cheerfully as ever.

The room was quiet; the eclectic group stared, unsure what to make of what they had said.

Scarlett spoke up, "Who let you two make a speech?"

"Yeah, that was a terrible idea." Alexis quickly agreed.

"It's a terrible idea," Missy added. "We are not the people who motivate people any positive sense."


Steve got up and tried to change the tone of things. "Missy and Alexis are right; things are probably going to go wrong. They say that no plan survives meeting the enemy, and that true doubly so in this case. We don't know enough about the enemy to know what to expect. I'm not going to mince words, Thanos would be a hard fight without the gauntlet with it, its not hard to think he's impossible to beat." Steve paused as he looked at the group before him, "But that doesn't mean he can't be beaten, Thanos isn't without fault."

The screen behind him showed various clips from the Battle on Titan, In the Garden, and Wakanda. "He has powers, but they aren't his own. It takes him a moment to activate the stones," he focused on the footage from the Garden, "And after the snap, it seems to pain him more to do it, and it slows him down. It's not much time, but it is something."

The footage showed his gauntlet failed to work when he couldn't move his fingers.

"We have a chance during those few seconds. Though there is likely to be a fight, I don't think this will end up being about the fight. We don't need Thanos beaten; we just need the gauntlet and the stones. We get that, and we can end this, we can bring back everyone. Friends, family, everyone gets to go home."

Breaking it down, it still almost like an impossible goal.

"We still have a lot to do. We need to find Thanos; we find a way to get the gauntlet from him. We need to away to stall him or restrain him from making it possible. Then we have to find a way to use the gauntlet safely."

"Oh!" Bruce called out. "That's my part; I have something to say."

Steve motioned towards Bruce.

The large Green man stood up at the back of the room; he wore a large purple and black tracksuit that Tony quickly made him.

It was a bit strange that those who knew Bruce now had to get used to his new look. Those who just met him, meet him as a raging red lantern hulk, felt a bit uneasy seeing him like this. Others were fine; a large green man wasn't the weirdest thing they had seen.

Bruce spoke up, "The scans we've managed to get off the gauntlet and the stones have got us some worrisome data. The stones produce a large amount of energy and radiation, and its bad enough that most people, even touching the stones, will be vaporized. The gauntlet was made with the express purpose of trying to channel their energies safely. Thanos seems to have a high resistance to these energies, and even with the gauntlet, the full power caused massive damage to his arm."

Steve nodded, "Right, we need to work that out too. There might be three people here who could use the gauntlet without dying, and that's a big if. We have time to make sure that doing this means everyone gets home back. So, for now, we get ready, we train, we work on a solution, and we work together to be better."




It was hope, it's much, but often that's what hope is.

Wade and James Possible were working something; they had been working on it for days. Wade even reached out to some other scientist, and Jumba from Hawaii was a big help. They had managed some strange reading, which they determined that something breached the walls of reality as this all started. It gave them somewhere to search. That's when something showed up on Kim's watch and their computers.

Hello Kim.

I see you guys are already on the track to finding us. How about I make it a bit easier?

It gave them data that helped make the machine faster and better; they managed to make leaps that would take them much longer.

The Ghost in the Machine told them a strange story about heroes trying to fight the monster who caused all this and invited Kim.

We could use your help, Kim. Yes, I've looked through your world's records, this world doesn't lack heroes, and you are one of the best.

It would take them a while before they could finish it, but Kim stood there waiting with a bag packed and her mission outfit on. She looked at her purple top and thought back to when she started this out, Ron had been with her in the start, and it seemed wrong that he wasn't there. A metal belt buckle hid the lastest update super suit that Wade had made her; he never did get all the kinks out.

Rufus hopped on her shoulder, almost as if sensing her grief. The small rodent let out a little squeal, and Kim forced a smile.

"If you are trying to force an explosion, you are doing an excellent job." Jumba Jookiba walked down the hall with a small blue koala dog walking behind him. "Here, let me do it!" Jumba quickly moved to help the scientist.

Neither of them was human but aliens and willing to help.

"Hello," Stitch walked over to her, those big eyes of his didn't help hide his grief.

Kim decided to try and call everyone she could find to help, some were helping people, and some were just mourning. Stitch had lost some crucial piece to his family.

Kim still remembered meeting that small girl excited to help beat Drakken. They kept in touch, and she went into Marine Biology and wanted to help the sea life; she said something about her fish friend controlling the weather. Kim didn't get it; maybe it was one of Stitch's cousins.

"Sorry, I'm late," A few moments later came another young woman walked down the hall.

"Hayley?" Kim greeted her.

After that Alien Invasion, there had been another one, something about revenge. A lot of people showed up this time to help them fight. Hayley and Jake joined them to help fight.

They hugged, "I wasn't sure you would come."

"Grandpa and Miss Park are both watching over New York. It looked like I could help." Hayley replied.

"Rose is fine, and so is Lily, Dad… well, Mom is okay." Hayley took a breath, "Any chance that anyone else is showing up?"

Kim sighed, "I don't know, I put out the call, but a lot of people said they couldn't make it. Some gave me a maybe."

"I see you're still playing hero, Kimmy."

"Hello, Kim."

That was Shego and her brother Hego.

Kim had called Team Go, but it looked like only one member showed up and Shego.

"Sorry took so long," Hego admitted, "Uh, the team has seen better days."

Shego avoided eye contact with Kim.

Kim took a moment, "I'm sorry about Drakken and Athena I heard-"

"Save it!" Shego hissed at her.

Kim and Shego hadn't become friends; oddly enough, Ron and Drakken got along well. After the alien invasion, Drakken and Shego were pardoned went onto start a company. They sold a lot of stuff to other bad guys, but that wasn't illegal if you didn't make it specifically for evil use.

Shego continued, "Your message said that you might know who was behind this and where they were." Shego's hand began to glow with energy, "So start talking."




The vampire clans stood together; they trained to become ninjas so they could fight from the shadows. They saw themselves as the guardians of the Human realms; it was their sworn duty to protect humanity from various supernatural threats. They thought themselves as failures as not only had they become aware of the supernatural, but half the population had vanished.

They still had no clues to what had caused this. People theorized that Eucliwood Hellscythe caused it, the vampires were divided on her. Lady HellScythe was the reason they existed; her blood had brought the vampires into the world, but she also lacked control over those power, and often it twisted fate by accident.

That theory was disproven when Eu was discovered to be among the missing. They were already getting word that the Underworld and Villiers had been affected in the same manner.

Seraphim watched from the shadows as a young girl and self-proclaimed genius used their resource with a mad fervent to build something.

Haruna had promised that she had figured out something important, but her explanation skill was lacking. Only time would tell if the powerless magical garment girl would be correct.




Gabriel Agreste pulled off the miraculous and placed it in its box. He took a swig of the red wine he'd been drinking for the last few hours. It dulled him enough to let him do what he needed to do. He canceled the illusion; it was the hardest thing he'd ever have to do. But he couldn't live the fantasy forever.

He had to say goodbye to his family twice. But with them gone, there wasn't any reason for him to stay. Besides, he'd used a damaged miraculous, and there were consequences. He wouldn't last much longer if he wanted to. Maybe he'd get to meet them in the next life. He placed a letter next to the box; it would reveal his sins to the world and his reasons. He didn't expect forgiveness, but he felt he should have left some answers after all he did. Ladybug had saved his son a few times, and maybe she could use it in this broken world.

He pulled a gun from his desk; it was a gift, an antique but one that worked; it was supposed to be part of its charm.

He prepared for everything; someone would eventually arrive and find him there with the miraculous and note. Hopefully, they would take it Ladybug- No Lady Noir.

Gabriel patten the miraculous box, and his mind was flooded with a vision. He saw a creature escaping from stone and an endless hunger radiating from it.

The screen in front showed him a news story, reporting how Lady Noir was not alone and led other teen heroes to save Paris.

EARTH M-199999



Alexis was typing away at the controls of the Hub, trying to find the next destination.

Missy sauntered over, "You're heading out?"

"Yeah, since Scout can't bing anything in this Universe to talk to anyone, and it's hard to track that source of energy. There is just a lot of stuff scrambling the readings. I should head out before it moves."

"You going alone?"

"Seems like it, no one volunteered and not much time to search around."

"Then want some company? The Doctor has been giving me glares. I think she thinks I will corrupt her daughter."

"Will you?"

"Maybe, probably, I'm practically her godmother. What other choice do I have?"

"Fair enough," Alexis threw a TDS device towards Missy.

One of the gates swirled into life as energy-filled it.

Steve was walking by as the portal opened up, "Are you-"

Missy smiled, "Yes, that target we talked about earlier might be on the move soon. Better check it out quick."

"The computer has the details on the other worlds, so you should be set. Jack and Scarlett are up to monitor duty, so they should be here soon. Just watch if anyone wants to talk, or you guys get an alert. I left a note on stuff. So bye."

Alexis barely finished the sentence before he stepped into the portal.

Missy winked, "Ta-ta captain!"

She stepped into the portal as she waved goodbye.

Steve Rogers just looked on, not sure how he should react, "I guess it should be okay. How much trouble can they get into?"

Several people across different universes suddenly felt a chill go down their spines as if someone had walked over their graves.




The world was forever changed; half the population was turned into dust and scattered into the wind. There was no rhyme or reason to it, just pure random chance, and the existential dread that they genuinely had no power or influence lingered.

Typically, Sam would love to dissect the meaning behind this type of horror if it was in a book or something but living it was something else.

Sam's whole family seemed to have been dusted. She was lucky that her boyfriend and his family had been more than happy to take her in. Sam had to admit that the Fenton's had been a second family to her, as crazy as they were, they were accepting of her. They had even been overjoyed to hear that she and Danny started dating.

Though the fact that even Jack Fenton seems to be aware they liked each other before they did was a crushing blow to both teens egos.

"Morning," Danny whispered to Sam.

Sam gave him a good morning kiss, "Morning."

Sam was sure that Mrs. Fenton would freak out if she knew they spent the night together, but they couldn't help it. They had both done things together before, but this time they just cuddled. Dealing with a sudden clone sister was a bit of an emotionally draining day. Sam thought both her and Danny wanted to sleep next to each other, just to be sure the other didn't vanish during the night. So using his ghost powers, Danny snuck into her room for the night.

There were perks to having a half-ghost boyfriend.

It was nice to wake up with Danny like this; it could be a bit hard when he tried to sleepover at her house. Her folks would have gone ballistic if they even thought she had a boy over.

"It's nice to wake up next to you." Danny told her, "I could get used to it."

"You could? Why?"

"It's nice to wake up next to someone so beautiful."

Sam snorted, "Okay, I'm sure there are no other reasons." Sam inched closer to him. "I kinda half the feeling you'd be up for doing something."

"Uh, well, I might have an idea."

"Really? What?"

Danny moved in to kiss her, but they both stopped when they heard a knock on the door.

"Sam, dear, breakfast is ready if you're hungry," Maddie called from the door.

The handle seems to wriggle as Danny turned Invisible and phased through the bed.

"Ah, I'll be right over. I'm just changing. Give me a minute."

"Okay, I'll go wake, Danny."

"Yeah!" Sam Let out; she could practically hear Danny moving towards his room.




There is a human condition that urges people to try and breed when faced with danger, as a means to pass on their genes. In case a person believes they might die soon or have just come close to a near-death experience, their bodies just feel the need to breed to pass their genes.

When faced with an essential crisis like none before, it would be perfectly natural to fall onto these instincts.

Momo thought of that as she woke up in bed, Shoto.

For the last few days, they had spoken late at night about all sorts of things; they had formed a bond. It's not said they didn't have a bond before they had been teammates before they had undoubtedly developed a deep trust.

Then last night, late at night, something clicked into her mind, and she kissed him, and he kissed her back. With everything that was happening, it felt wonderful to make a connection. They started to deepen their kissing before she invited him back to her dorm room.

And it wasn't like she hadn't noticed how handsome he was.

Before either one of them realized it, they were climbing into bed, their emotions, and hormones moving them.

Momo blushed, recalling what followed, neither one knew precisely what they were doing, but they found out together. Despite how stoic Shoto was, Mom found out he could be rather passionate and tender. It did feel wonderful for a few hours to be free from the world's fears and just feel alive and share such emotions with another.

Momo rested her head on his shoulder as his arms held him close, his warm breath tickling the top of her head. She didn't regret the situation; it had been rather wonderful, and she did trust him to be respectful and discreet, but she wondered what now.



Missy and Alexis were waking down the barren ground.

"I'm less than impressed." Missy huffed. "When I saw the readings, I expected something a bit more impressive."

"Recognize anything?" He asked her.

"I've seen things like that, very oddly like a Tardis, but far stranger. And the strangest readings of dark matter I've ever seen."

"Yeah, something like that should stand out, but here," Alexis spread his arms, "there nothing here. This had to happen before the Dusting. This feels too barren. Something did something."

"You have a way with words." Missy tugged on her hair.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

"Oh, I think we found something. Something close." He held out a small device to try and trace the energy readings they found.

They both burst in a sprint as the device began to beep faster.

"Why don't we see anything?" Missy questioned. "We are looking for something with whomping power."

"No one is here."


Alexis leaned down to find something trying to hide behind a rock.


They found a small pink round creature with a simple yet cute face.

"Hey, little fellow," Alexis greeted it, "you're the first creature I've seen here. Mind helping us out?"

Missy looked at it, "I've never seen that, must not have it in my universe."

"Po poyo?" The small creature repeated.

"Odd," Missy noted out loud, she poked it a few times.

"You got a name, little buddy?" Alexis asked him.


They both blinked at that.

The device began to beep even louder. Alexis made some notes, "That's weird, same readings but something else too."

"Poyo!" The pink puffball screamed and tried to hide behind them.

They realized why countless figures had amassed around them, they looked discolored, and they all had glowing red eyes.


Missy had taken a small device that fired a blast of energy. She fired it at a tall leggy woman with glasses, who turned into a swarm of bats and dodged it. The explosion vaporized a bolder, and the woman reformed.

Missy growled, "That's cheating,"

Alexis was blasted back, "Okay, so chubby man with a mustache man can throw fireballs."

"Varied abilities, and all constructs. I'd love to speak to whoever made them but now is not the time. I think its time for us to leave." Missy fired, trying to keep the constructs away.


"I'm opening up a portal." Alexis fiddled with the TDS,

"And turn off that thing!" Missy yelled.

Alexis pulled out the tracker and paused. "Why? It's not picking up these guys."

Missy noticed that they had all stopped and just circled them.

Something flew into the air above them. It looked like a massive eye in the middle of glowing wings. They felt the pressure all around them, and they knew this being was staring at them. It felt like something was digging into their souls.

Alexis forced his hand to push the last buttons and opened a portal beneath their feet, it something was wrong; they felt it the moment they passed through it. A surge of power went through their devices as they passed.

EARTH M-199999



Jack and Scarlett were monitoring the HUB; they were monitoring things. Scarlett was a bit worried about the note that said simply: I'm going to another dimension to look at a crazy powerful and a probably dangerous power source. Be back later.

Still, she had Scout monitoring them, and they had other things to do.

Scout was sending messages to the other worlds, and they were going to see if they got any messages back. There were some discussions on who to talk to. Which individuals or groups? There were so many potential allies, and telling the too many people would likely cause even more panic.

Jack had certainly seen worlds were aliens had powers, but this world was something else. The general thought between the whole group was that people from this world could be a big help. The question became who to ask. Scout had found several Hero Agencies, organizations, groups, and individuals.

In the end, they decided to let Scout gather as much data and contact whoever seemed the best.

Scarlett looked at the computer, "Okay, Scout, we are just going to leave it up to you. Search through everything you can find and contact whoever you think is the best to contact."

I got it. I'll Do my best, already connecting into- Wait- Something-

The screen flinched, and they heard a hum of the tower crashing. A power surge ripped through its systems forcing it to shut down to protect itself.


"What did you do?" Jack asked her, unsure of what to make of it.

"I didn't do anything,"

"Was there a power surge?"

"I'm going to get help."


Ava was resting in a chamber some of the scientists had constructed, and with the information they had gathered, they were reasonably sure this was helping her steady her abilities.

She hadn't hurt as much as she had in a while, so it should be a great deal of promise.

Nearby Martha and the Doctor were with Team Avatar.

"Sorry about this," Martha pricked Aang's finger, drawing a bit of blood. Aang did flinch at the pain, it wasn't pleasant, but he had felt worse.

"Explain it again," Suki asked, "what's our blood supposed to tell us?"

As Martha took blood samples from the group, the Doctor began to explain. "Well, you are from another world. It's different, and it possible you don't have immunities to diseases."

"If we do find out your lacking anything, we can give you vaccines to try to prevent you from catching anything. And the same in reverse."

"And you can tell that from blood?" Suki asked.

Martha explained, "Yes, we've developed machines that can read what's in the blood. It can't tell us everything, but it can be a real help."

"I also want to check your blood to see about bending." The Doctor added, then noticed a look from Martha, "With your permission, of course."

Aang just shrugged, "Sure, what do you want to find out?"

"Not sure," The Doctor admitted, "More curiosity sake, I've met people who can manipulate flames and such, but you seem to work." She smiled before taking a seat before them, "Do you mind if I ask you some questions?"

Katara nodded, "I guess not,"

Martha sighed, knowing trouble was about to start and the Doctor like a child during Christmas.

"So, is this a genetic trait? Are these abilities passed down from family? What would happen if a person had parents with different elements? Have you always had them? Aang, you seem different? You sort of radiate energy, do you know about that? It leaves a strange taste in the air."

These questions would continue for the next several minutes.


Bruce was working in his lab as he continued to look at all data they had gathered. He found it a little hard to do as there was a lot less space for him now. He'd managed to grab a pencil and use it to hit the keys, but it was slow going.

"Hey, Bruce,"

Tony walked in trying to be casual. "I thought I'd check in on my favorite jolly green giant."

Bruce smirked, "I'm fine, Tony, you don't have to worry about me going on a rampage, I'm fine."

Following close by was Thor, he had broken from his usual stupor to check on him. "The last time we spoke on the matter, you feared turning into the Hulk. You said you feared you wouldn't be able to change back."

"Yeah, was wrong about that," Bruce reassured him. "After the fight with Thanos, I changed back as soon as I got to Earth. The Hulk didn't want to be on Earth, he thought he was hated, but we've come to terms with that."

"Yeah, about that," Tony pointed a finger, "Since when has that been a thing? You've been gone for two years, and the Hulk is suddenly talking to you?"

"Well, talking at first-when this all first started, I kinda had glimpses of stuff. I don't know how to describe it; we have the same brain; information is shared. I think being stuck as the Hulk for two years helped him develop a little, so he could eventually put it into words. The ring helped us bridge that and share what we wanted. Missy helped make it physical as much as mental."

"Yeah, a little check with us would have been great." Tony added, "We could have double-checked the science."

"We're mad scientists, remember?" Bruce smirked, "we just had to strike while the iron was hot."

"But how do we know we are speaking to Bruce and not-?" Thor asked

"I don't know how to make you guys believe me. I'm Bruce, but I'm also the Hulk, the best of both worlds. The brawn and the brains, in peace and balance. I studied mediation trying to control the Hulk, and this feels like what they talked about. We are one, the anger that I've always felt ...is not gone, but it's not in control of me. I feel more whole; I feel like me." Bruce saw they were not sure about it, "I'm in control and okay. If you don't believe me, you can try shocking me with a taser again, like you did on the helicarrier."

"You did what?" Thor turned to Tony.

"Ah, I knew he had control over it. I was just testing." Tony argued back.

Bruce chuckled to himself as he tried to work.


Mugino had spent the morning testing out hew new black arm. The blue lady - Mugino was still not sure she was ready to accept aliens- helped her get used to it. It was different from her usual arm, it felt a fair bit stronger and flexible, but the way it was programmed made it react differently. It reacted differently enough to throw her off. She also wasn't happy that it didn't have any skin cover.

She wasn't sure if she wanted to join this merry brigade to charge at a god. Though she was hesitant to return to Academy City, she'd be in enough hot water for vanishing. If they thought she left the Universe, she'd be lucky, even for a Level 5, not to spend the rest of her days being studied in some lab.

She at least needed time to find a way to resolve that. She did think of trying to steal some tech; some DNA samples might help sway the governing party to focus on her gifts than her. However, Mugino did have a bit of urge to hunt down those behind this whole mess. At least she could get in a workout and try to work out her stress.

Some of the Avengers had suggested those who were interested break into sparring partners.

At the moment, she could see Gwen and Illyana fighting. Illyana's sword could slice through Gwen's constructs forcing her to rely more on martial art skills. Her mana detection did give Gwen a heads up when magic tried to teleport behind her.

Rhodey was fighting against Kinuhata; Rhodey wasn't using any powerful weapons, mostly testing his armor against her Offensive Armor. It was a new experience; Rhodey knew how to fight hand to hand combat but never did much while wearing the armor. This little girl's armor enhanced her strength that his armor felt like it might make a dent when she landed a punch.

"Amazing Punch!" Sogiita yelled as his fist began to glow as he rushed Steve.

Steve wasn't sure he wanted to let the youngster punch the shield, but he was insistent.

The attack landed, and suddenly, the energy bounced back, launching Sogiita into a wall and possibly breaking his arm.

Kanzaki was sparring with Charmcaster, Charmcaster summoned more of her rock monsters. It did give Kanzaki something to fight that she didn't worry about hurting a living person. It was impressive that she could use such a large sword to slice through the living stone.

Itsuwa and sparring with Natasha found it a bit odd to fight someone with an actual spear.

Mugino didn't expect to be put against an archer. Clint had a strange look in his eyes, something Mugino did find a bit familiar.

He fired in succession three arrows, and she used her meltdowner to blast them out of the air.

"Do you want to switch to someone more your speed?" Mugino smirked.

Clint's expression didn't change, and he fired more arrows. Mugino sighed and started to blast them apart when an arrow blew apart. The arrows pieces formed into smaller arrows that swirled around her. Mugino quickly began to fire as many of them out of the air.

Then something struck her; an arrow landed in her new arm.

"Funny," She grumbled, "Maybe try hitting my none metal arm."

Clint smirked and pressed a button on his bow, the arrow sent a surge of electricity into the arm, and it shut down. Even her false eye was being affected.

Mugino hissed, she couldn't use her arm anymore, and it hurt her.

Clint fired five arrows one after another.

"Okay, if that's how you want to play it." Mugino started to blast them but overlooked one of the arrows landed between them. She ignored it since it didn't get close to her but soon, smoke escaped the arrowhead.

Mugino had to move, barely avoiding a few more arrows.

Then she understood, her vision was clouded, but the archer could probably still make out her attacks and gage where she was.

Mugino smirked; maybe this would be a bit of a challenge.




They exited her dorm room, and Momo looked around to see no one was around. It had been awkward to get dressed since neither one of them could muster up a few words.

Todoroki opened his mouth to speak.

"MOMO!" Mina Ashido rushed down the halls, "Todoroki! Hurry! Something is happening!"

The pair quickly followed her to the main room, where it looked like everyone else had gathered.

"It's happening here too." Mina held her phone. On everyone's phone, TV, and computer had been displaying the same message on repeat.

Greeting Residents of Earth MHA-714-2.

I am Scout. I am a representative of a group that is trying to undo phenomena we are calling the Dusting.

The phenomenon was by no means a natural one. It was caused by a being known as Thanos of Titan. He had an item known as the Infinity Gauntlet, which allowed him to re-write reality to his whims. He had desired to erase half the population of the Universe in a deluded belief that it would save it.

He failed to realize the full extent of the power behind the gauntlet. Its power spread across every Universe affected them in similar fashions. We believe finding and retrieving this gauntlet could undo his actions.

We are currently contacting parties we feel could be of assistance in this endeavor.

We understand these seem like outrages claims; we offer you magical, meta, and scientific aspects of this phenomena. Please examine with which is easiest for you and contact should you be interested.

We hope you will be interested in our proposal.

The screen began to rolls through scientific data and what looked like something out a fantasy novel.

The message repeated a dozen times before people gained control. Soon a news report rang out where it was confirmed that the same message played all over the world simultaneously in different languages.

"This can't be real, right?" Jirou asked, "I mean, that story sounds like something out of a science fiction story. This has to be a prank."

Tenya hummed, "It would be a rather extreme prank and one in very poor taste. It seems unlikely considering that whoever would do this would, in all likely hood be in a state of distress. One that would be unproductive to such a large-scale task."

Bakugo growled, "Maybe they used some sort of computer. That message was scripted, maybe computer made. Something simple would have been easier to translate in multiple languages."

Momo had to muse, "But who would be able to highjack all the computers, cell phones, and televisions at once."

Todoroki was going on the internet seeing what people were saying. Some people who claimed to be scientists were saying that some of the science seemed accurate.




"Come on! What happened?!" Peridot yelled as she kept hitting the machine she was building. "Why did you stop talking?"

The other gems started to wonder if maybe she had gone insane.

"I think we got trouble." Bismuth yelled out, and they started to gather outside.

Descending from the sky was the Diamond's ship.

"Oh,…" Rose whimpered.

Connie grabbed her hand, "Uh, yeah, I don't think it will be as bad as you think it will be. Maybe."

The ship soon parked on the beach and the door opened with two giant figures walking out. Blue and Yellow Diamond.

Amethyst walked up to them and greeted, "Hey, uh, this isn't the best time."

Yellow Diamond spoke up, "We know, we picked up on transmission on Earth on our way here. It happened on Home World… and White was one of those…"

Blue placed a hand on Yellow's shoulder, "We came to check up on Steven."

They were silent, and that told them everything.

Blue looked ready to cry again.

"Blue…" Rose let out before she could stop herself.

Yellow blinked as she noticed Rose for the first time. "A Rose Quartz? I thought we bubbled all of them. I mean, we have recently un-bubbled them, but I thought they were still on Pink's-"


There was something about the way that she said their names that seemed so familiar.

Rose would have been lying if she said she never missed them. Things between them had not been great, but they had still been her family, and she did have a lot of happy memories with them. Though she understood they could never repair that for several reasons. She about them a lot in her last days, wishing to see them once more but knowing it was dangerous and would likely not end well.

Rose sighed, "Yellow. Blue. It's me. It's Pink."

Rose hesitated, but she raised hands, and with a sigh, she glowed brightly, and her form began to reshape itself. After a moment, Rose Quartz was gone, and standing before them was Pink Diamond.

Her outfit was different, white, and pink with a star in the middle; her skirt looked more like long pink and white rose petals.

Yellow's face contorted, "How dare you!?" Sparks flew off her body. "We have done many wrongs, we've admitted that! But how dare you impersonate our PINK! We know she's gone! There isn't a day we don't remember how we pushed her away! How we didn't even know she was alive here! How we never got to say goodbye! Don't you dare-!"

Sapphire moved before them, "Please listen, she is telling the truth."

Pink spun into a dance light flickering from her forms; she shifted into Yellow. She danced again, shifting into Blue's form and doing so again to turn into White.

"Pink?" Blue quivered, "That's Pink's dance, she used to transform into us. She was so good at transforming. She used to play and dance and transform, and you'd always tell her."

"Diamonds are already perfect," Pink told them, "there is no reason to transform."

Yellow leaned down, "Is that really you?"

She turned back into Pink. "Hi."

EARTH M-199999



Jenny and Rocket helped fixed the tower.

"That should do it." Rocket said as he closed the lid.

"You pretty much just turned it on and off." Jack pointed out.

"Yeah, that tends to do it for most things." Jenny offered up.

Scarlett tapped away on the keyboard to make sure it was working. "Scout? You there?"

Yeah, Whoa. What happened? I was sending a message to- Uh, and then everything went black. I need a break. I feel weird.

"Yeah, go ahead and take a break." Scarlett told the program, "I'm sure everything will be fine."

That wasn't a good solution; there had been methods to restart it in a way that would have allowed Scout not to lose the last few moments of data. That would have allowed him to remember they were tracking Missy and Alexis, who they now lost. Also, it would have allowed them realized Scout had sent an automated message to one world.


Steve took Touma to the side. "So, your hand cancels out supernatural things?"

"Yeah," Touma confirmed, "It's not useful against someone without magic or anything supernatural."

Steve studied him for a moment, "That's okay, let me give you some advice. I think you could do with some training. I saw you before, and it's not bad, just a bit shaky. You've gotten into some street fights before."

"Yeah," Touma chuckled.

Steve chuckled too; the way Touma fought was a lot like how he fought before he got trained. "Let me see your stance, put up your fist."

Touma did as he was asked.

"Okay, not too bad." Steve explained, "put her feet apart a bit more, it will make it harder for someone to knock you down. Lower your center of gravity, and make sure you hold your fist up a bit more. Make sure you protect your head, it doesn't seem like much, but having them closer to your head can make a huge difference."

That was something that Bucky drilled into his head after a fight. It looked like Steve had a concussion.

"Okay, now give me your best punch," Steve held out his hand.

Touma punched, and Steve studied, "Okay, that's not bad, work on your footing a bit. You lose some strength when you are throwing a punch; it's all about your back heel."

In the back of his head, Steve couldn't help think back to when he was a skinny kid, and Bucky was giving him this very same advice.

Steve had an idea; there might be something they could do in teams.




A young blonde woman in a green apron and red cap held a coffee pot and stared dumbfounded.

In this city, one was pretty used to the weird, but in the last few days, half the world's population had vanished and turned into dust for no reason. She thought she would have been the limit of weirdness, at least for a while.

She, like everyone else, was trying to continue with life. She was working in the restaurant, there weren't that many people, but she was doing her best to hold things together to be friendly and optimistic. Then weird swirling energy opened up the middle of the wall, and suddenly, half the diner blew up, tossing the customers around. The building was ripped apart by force.

When everything was done, there was a crater in the middle of the building. Laying the middle of it was a young-looking man in a weird blue coat, an older lady who looked like Mary Poppins was an evil witch, and a pink ball thing.

"Poyo?" The pink thing tumbled nearby to a plate of fallen fries and started to eat them slowly.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Vivian yelled out.

She could already hear sirens coming, so hopefully, help would be here soon. The two people seemed unconscious but alive, and the pink thing looked dazed.

She put down the coffee mug and went around to make sure everyone was alright, but she paused as she saw something.

Through the fog that domed the city a crack for a moment, she thought she saw a transparent giant gloved hand.

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EARTH BBB-1509: Some of you might have recognized the eternally unlucky dinner from Blood Blockade Battlefront. A world were dimensions collide in New York forming Hellsalem Lot, were the super natural and impossible is every day. First seen chapter 16.

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