With A Snap

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Chapter 72: Recovering

Greyman was tired as much as everyone else.

He was happy to be back in his chair. He took some comfort in familiarity. However, he did have some idea about changing that. For now, he only hoped the battle would turn out well. He'd noticed dozens of people getting teleported directly into the med bay.

Oddly enough, Kirby ended up being a great help. The system they set up did most of the calculations to when to teleport them back. The system wasn't perfect, so having someone looking at the data could pull someone out if it looked like things were getting messy.

The HUB hummed to life as portals formed, and the teams came back. They all looked tired; again, they had a whole night to sleep and gone into intense fights.

"I need sleep," Touma muttered.

"It's morning now," Suki motioned to the sun rising.

Steve spoke up, "Okay, everyone get some rest. We will clean up when everyone is rested. Anyone hurt get check out."

"Well, be happy to take the next shift on the HUB," The Doctor offered.

"Fine, yes, happy to," Missy smiled, holding a bottle with a large black flower.

Clark noted, "That's a Black Mercy."

"Is it?" Missy smiled, "What a lovely name," She tapped at the glass. She smiled happily with the plant she had decided to keep. She tapped on the glass as the vines reached out for her.

Jenny stretched out, "I'm going to go help Martha and the others."

"What happened here?" Tony asked, looking at the decayed wall. He shook his head, "I don't have the energy for this today."

Clark looked at Steve, "It looks like your team is spent. We'd be happy to help out until they can get a good rest,"

"We'd appreciate it, thank you."

Tony just rubbed her head, "Oh god, it's like there's two of them."


Steve and Tony had talked to the heroes from the other universe, explaining the situation with Thanos and the stones.

On the one hand, they were happy to have some answers to what had happened and why Luthor ultimately came to this universe.

On the other hand, they had fought threats that spread across the Multiverse like the Anti-Monitor, Darkseid, Superman-Prime, and Parallax. This was just a larger scale and had already won. Fighting Thanos with the stones would be tricky.

Steve and Tony let them talk for a while.

"You think they will join up?" Tony asked,

"We'll have to see, just going off from what we've seen in their worlds, there plenty of dangers. I don't think we've seen all the criminals their worlds have. I'm sure they have their share of trouble waiting back home."

They took some time to discuss things on their own.

President Superman stood before the other heroes, "We all have a choice. Our worlds are in turmoil and are still trying to recover from the Dusting. There were many accidents, and many criminals are trying to take advantage of the chaos. But the people here need help not only to prepare for the fight that is coming but the dangers that are certainly coming." He paused, looking at the heroes in the room, "I cannot in good conscious ask you leave your home or your families when I known both have been shaken and broken. They need you, so understandable if you can't stay, no one will think any less of you. But if anyone here can lend their strength to this cause, it will be needed."

The heroes thought things over, what waited for them at their homes, what was happening at home, what they hoped to accomplish, and what they could do. No one asked for time for them to think it over.


Wakanda was recovering, they had been restored, and with the whole country's resources, they were more than able to take care of their injured. Shuri even promising to aid the team.

Brainiac Five had taken over Brainiacs ship and was doing his best to recover what information they could from the computers. They were severely damaged from a pulse of energy that erupted when the machine that held the stone's power was destroyed.

They kept it hidden from the rest of the world, but be prepared to move it out and back to their universe. It would be a long shot, but they might be able to restore some of the other bottled cities.

A chance to undo some of the evil his ancestor had caused was a prospect Brainy looked forward to,


Gwen was sleeping roughly in her bed when someone woke her up.

"Charmcaster!" Gwen jolted up.

"No, your other rival," Elena snarked at her.

Gwen blinked, "What are you doing here so late?"

"Gwen, it's the afternoon you already missed lunch."

"What? How aren't you tired?"

Elena let her hand dissolve and reform, "I'm made out of nanochips. I don't need to sleep. I just sort of shut down and meditate for a couple of hours to decompress."

"Okay, Okay." Gwen shook her head. "What do you want?"

Elena held out the emerald eye she retrieved, "Took this during the fight. I wanted you to take a look at it. I think it magic."

Gwen rubbed her eyes, "Yeah, sure, just give me a couple of minutes to get ready."

"Sure" Elena left her alone to gather herself.

Left along with her thoughts, Gwen tried to clear her head. Gwen tried to steady herself from the dream that she had. She was a mess; after her fight with the Star Sapphire, she noticed something about herself. The Star Sapphire's energy had given a vision about what she loved and what she held dear. It wrapped her, and it dug deeper into herself and brought up feelings she hadn't realized she had. Before she was pulled out of the cacoon of energy, she had a vision of Charmcaster. She suddenly saw her in a more romantic light. Gwen never told anyone, but she did have a bit of a crush on her when they first met. Even though she tricked them, young Gwen did think Charmcaster was cool and confident. Despite being their enemy and annoying her, Gwen looked up to her and hoped to become friends.

Even if she wasn't a good person, Gwen did see the good side to her. Gwen saw the struggle and challenges of her life and how it turned her that way. Gwen also saw her passion, all the effort she put into her magic, how much she enjoyed it when she got a spell to work. How desperate she was to try to get something she lost back.

There was something there; a connection was there. Every once in a while, when their rivalry gave away, that connection bloomed.

Gwen couldn't deny she had feelings for Charmcaster.

Gwen had no idea how to deal with those emotions.


Martha sipped on a coffee, and the worst had passed. She looked over to where Dendy had fallen asleep along with Katara.

A lot of injuries had come in, but they managed them. Rose was able to take care of those affected by venom.

It could have been a lot worse, Dendy was able to work the machine quickly, and Sapphire gave them enough warning of what was about to happen. They avoided the worse of it.

Rose came over and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, "Martha, everything is good right now. You should try and get some rest."

The doctor rubbed her eyes, "Right, well, call me if you need anything."

"I will,"

Martha yawned as she made her way out.

As Martha walked out, she nearly bumped into Marinette, "Oh, sorry,"

"No worries, what are you here for?"

"I wanted to check up on a friend. Is that okay?"

"Of course, just make sure they rest, everyone seems healed up, but it's taken a lot out of them,"

Marinette nodded and walked in, and it didn't take too long for Marinette to find Chloe's bed.

"Chloe?" Marinette spoke in a soft tone.

The blonde in bed slowly opened up her eyes, "Huh?"

"Hey Chloe, I wanted to see how you were doing,"

Chloe turned away, but the small bee creature Pollen floated out, "My Queen had been quite distressed. She feared you had gotten hurt."

"Pollen!" Chloe snapped back.

Plagg floated out of Marinette's back, "Yeah, Pollen isn't much for secrets."

"There is nothing wrong with being honest," Pollen corrected to her fellow Kwami.

"You were worried about me?" Marinette was shocked, "You got slammed into the ground by that monster."

"Well," Chloe began, "as my hero self, I managed to- " She winced from the pain in her side.

Pollen explained, "We took the blow; it wasn't a painless experience. Dr. Smith-Jones took care of us and our injuries. Miss Rose then helped heal us completely. Still, it lingers a little."

"Thank you," Marinette told her, "It caught me; I didn't expect you to save me,"

Chloe didn't look her in the eyes, "Dupain-Cheng…. Ladybug…."

"You can just call me Marinette," She tried to play it off.

"I couldn't let you get hurt… no matter what happens… we need you… I know it's a lot to ask, but I think you can get everyone back."


"Your ladybug, you always save the day… and, well, I- 've- I haven't been the best to you. You've saved me so many times, and I've just treat-"It had never been easy for Chloe to admit her faults. It was not the way her mother acted.

She looked up to her mother. Her mother seemed to be someone she couldn't reach but always wanted to. She could never be good enough for her mother.

Even saying something like sorry made it seem like she'd never reach her mother. She couldn't-



Marinette smiled, "I brought you breakfast. I got up and decided to make some for us. I thought we could have it together and talk."

Chloe didn't know how to react. Pollen nudged her, "Okay, that should be fine,"


Tony sat by the computer. With FRIDAY being down for a good chunk of the time, they didn't have all the details of what happened. They still had a few holes in the story. No one was admitting they destroyed the yard.

Not that he cared too much, they were fixing it already. The alien blood was going to take some elbow grease to get out.

No, he had other concerns. First was the heroes from another universe that shot out of the portal. Scout had gotten information about the world earlier, but it wasn't helping much with them unconscious. They tried to open a portal back to that Earth to contact someone. The portal could not be stabilized.

They were hoping to get more information from their new guests when they came to. As for now, they were looking for the three people that had shown up and escaped. They had attacked Alexis, and Scout did have some criminal files on them, just news stories that revolved around the school he had contacted. Tony understood they were dangerous, he had already sent descriptions of them to law enforcement, but that probably wasn't going to result in anything. After all, one was a shapeshifter, one wore a mask, and the other wore a hand.

They could change their looks quickly.


Professor Venomous sat in his lab, and he pulled out some glorbs and the Mother Box. When they destroyed the main machine, it released all the energy that it had stored up. It turns out the mother box sucked it all in, well, most of it.

He held out the box over the glorbs, and with a ping, it transferred the energy into the glorbs—six glorbs glowing in front of him.

He smiled to himself, "Pretty good. I have to say. It was just a spur-of-the-minute line. I can't believe this might work."

Venomous was impressed with himself, it was a lie that he came up with to trick Lex, but there was something to it.

Though he was saddened to see that it burnt out the mother box, "That could have been useful,"


Red and Shutura looked at their vehicles.

Their rides had been wrecked, and they knew it had been messed up after all they were inside them when Doomsday decided to smash them into each other.

They knew it was going to be bad, but they had merged.

Shuataura sighed, "I guess we better get started again,"

Red just shuffled away, "I'll go get the blow torch,"


Alexis spun himself in the chair, and he felt tired. He slept; he ate some of Charmy's food to help replenish magic. He still felt tired.

He spun the cube on the table.

"There you go, an army of villains in an easy to carry case. Including the Luthors, Doomsday, and everyone we had here in the base and Wakanda." He explained, "I've added a device that will help you sort out things, like you should be able to pick who you pull out to some extent. Just be careful who you pull out. Maybe have a medic ready. A ninja stabbed one guy."

"I'm sure to remind them," Captain Carrot took the cube and studied it.

Alexis looked at the anthropomorphic rabbit hero, and he wondered silently when this sort of thing stopped surprising him.

Captain Carrot looked at him, 'You look tired,"

"I'm always tired,"

"You still fought,"

"Not much of choice. There is always something to do. Something that could crush us, and if someone doesn't do something, it will. I can, so I should, and because I get the feeling if we don't, things will get worse,"

Captain Carrot sat in the chair beside him, "That's very noble, but you must make sure to take of yourself too."

"Can't, we have to keep working if we are going to get everyone back,"

"You lost people you cared about?"

"Yes, I lost ..."

"And I'm sure they would want you to stay safe. I'm sure they would be proud of you for doing everything you can to save them, to save everyone. But they wouldn't want you destroying yourself to do it. I understand wanting to push things along, to get everyone back as soon as possible, but this isn't going to be a sprint but a marathon."

"It- its- I survived… and there are so many people better than me. People who deserved to- "

"I can't say why any of us made it and why others didn't. I know times seem dark, it seems like the world is falling around us, and we are losing more every moment. But, by some miracle, we are all still here standing. We need to keep pushing forward with all our might. Because, yes, people are still peril and the Multiverse needs heroes."

Captain Carrot put a hand on his shoulder, "And I know you miss your friends and family. And we don't have time even to mourn. But right now, a lot of innocent people need you. They need all of us to save them. And by gosh, I think you have in you save every one of them. But, you won't be able to if you don't take care of yourself. Get some rest. Let yourself lean on others, we are working together, and if we have a chance, we will need to take care of each other. You are just as important as anyone else we are trying to save."

Alexis was used to talking. To talk so quickly to the point that even he wasn't sure if he ever thought anything. For once, no words came out.

Sometimes it is hard for people to be vulnerable. Sometimes people have been vulnerable, and they got hurt. After that, the very thought of being vulnerable can them scared or anxious. But if you're not vulnerable, it can be hard to make connections or grow or heal.

And sometimes it takes a person in need to be told it's okay to take care of themselves and that it's okay to be vulnerable and trust others. That after everything, you matter.

Tears found their way to the corner of his eyes. Alexis took a deep breath, "Ah, can I have a hug?"

"Of course you can," Captain Carrot gave him a warm hug.

"You have very soft fur," Alexis sniffled, "it smells nice,"

"I have a special shampoo, it's carrot shampoo,"

"It works for you," Alexis managed to say.

By the entrance, just outside the door, Scarlett waited with her coffee. She smiled to herself. It seemed fitting that a rabbit somehow helped him.

"A reverse Donnie Darko," She whispered to herself.


Constantine found himself talking to the Green Lantern outside. It wasn't the Green Lantern he was familiar with. She was a woman in a green cloak holding a lantern on the staff. There was something familiar about her, he couldn't tell under her mask, and maybe it was better not to know. So he turned his focus on the lantern. He could sense some mystical energies on it and could tell something about the symbols on it.

"What's with the lantern? It feels like it's got some powerful mojo behind it."

She looked at him, giving him a look he'd seen far too often, "John Constantine, ask what you wish to know?"

"Do you know where all the souls have gone?"

She held out the lantern, and it glowed, showing an illusion of people being dusted.

"When it happened, nature was twisted. Something broke the natural order. Do you see?" Green Lantern motioned to the image, "That's not enough dust,"

Constantine looked closer, "They were replaced? I know people have done tests. They said they found DNA. That's them."

"Is that all of them?"


"Magic or science, there are certain rules that cannot be broken without serious consequences to the fabric of reality. Matter and energy cannot be destroyed or created, just changed and shifted. Yet there is not nearly enough dust to account for whole bodies, a significant amount but not enough. Creatures made of energy and non-physical material became dust as well."

Constantine thought about that; he'd seen similar effects when opening portals or quick teleports. After all, smoke effects weren't just for show, and sometimes there was residue. Sometimes people would find out the weight a bit less after they used the spells.

"Are you saying that their souls were taken along with their bodies? What?- turned to energy and taken with the souls?" The Hell Blazer asked, "I suppose it's possible; I've seen ghosts escaped from hell, they use energy from hell to reconstruct their old physical bodies to interact with the world. "

The lantern glowed, "Yes, it's much like what my lantern does to restless spirits. It's why I recognized it so quickly. it's the same except in reverse."


"That I do not know,"

"Still doesn't explain where all those souls went,"

"You are the occult detective, and it would be up to you to find those answers,"


Phantom Girl was lead along to a room where Ava sat. She was more stable than she before, but it still hurt.

Chain sighed, "So, we heard you got to move through matter."

Phantom Girl confirmed confused, "Yeah,"

The Doctor who had been adjusting the machine the Doctor smiled widely, "Good. Miss Starr here is having a bit of an issue stabilizing herself. Then, if I cross the shifting patterns between more people, I could attune this device to help her. The major push will fall onto her, but tunning an energy matrix properly would help." She snapped her fingers, trying to put words together, "Think of it as a quantum cast for a broken arm. Except it's not an arm but her entire physical form."

Phantom Girl looked on confused, "What?"

Chain shook her head, "I don't know, I've just been nodding my head and pretend I know what she's saying."


Kirby ran in carrying some fruits and a muffin and jumped into the machine.

Ava quickly found the pink ball sitting on her lap, offering her the food. "Po!" Kirby pushed the muffin towards her.

Ava offered him a tired smile, and she reached for the food for her hand to go through it.


Ava took a breath and tried to steady herself before finally getting the muffin.

Phantom Girl has seen something like this before. On her homeworld of Bgztl, it was a rare condition, but one that left people constantly shifting. If they were lucky, they had to spend the rest of their lives in a chamber continually fighting to stay in one dimension. Those not so fortunate found themselves shifting between dimensions forever.

"You think you can help her?"

The Doctor smiled again, "I know I'm going to try. Maybe I could look for more people with this ability. More would be helpful."

"Well, as long as I'm here, I'd be glad to help."


Psylocke woke early; she was sore all over her body.

She had been a fighter; waking up sore wasn't a new experience for her. To her surprise, the Avengers and their allies were welcoming even though she had shown up the previous night.

Wade's good word helped. She didn't know if that meant this group was overly trusting. Though she knew it wasn't exactly true, she didn't make it a habit to peek into people's minds. She did feel people's surface emotions. They were worried and scared, but they were trying you pull together for the greater need. They needed to trust in each other if they hoped to come out victorious.

They worked together, or they would die together trying.

Psylocke's head ached. Psychic whiplash wasn't an easy thing just to wash away.

"I can help you,"

She heard a voice in her head and knew where to go. She found herself in a quiet section of the building.

To her surprise, she found the Martian Manhunter, hovering mid-air in a meditative stance.

"I'm sorry to enter your mind without permission, and I sensed your mind was aching."

"You said you could help,"

"If you will allow me."

Psylocke cautiously moved forward and nodded.

The Martian touched her heart, and with careful action, she felt the psychic energy dispel.

"Who are you?" She asked him.

"Just someone who had years of experience,"

The Martian Manhunter was centuries old, from a species that all had telepathic abilities they knew tricks.

"I'll show you," He offered her a hand, and she took it.

J'onn J'onzz was the last martian. He had at once been a father and a husband, and now that was in the past. He had watched his whole people died, and instead of letting that consume him, he used it. He made sure to fight so that would never happen again.

Betsy felt hurt and sad, she missed her brother, but while there was a chance to save him, his whole people were gone for good. She didn't know the pain of losing a spouse or a child. Certainly not on top of losing your people.

Betsy was humbled at the man's inner strength. J'onn held the teaching, and the cultures of his whole people remained within him.

Betsy bowed her head, "Could you teach me?"

J'onn was a little surprised, and he could sense a lot of talent and power within her.

Betsy sensing his confusion, explained, "I don't think I'm enough, not as I am. I couldn't hurt that monster. And with these stakes, we can't afford to have any weak links."

J'onn considered it, "I can try and teach you some techniques to help improve your abilities if you are willing to learn."

"I am,"

J'onn placed his hands on her head, showing her what he had learned.


In Kamar-Taj, the sorcerers were doing their best to repair things. One of the sorcerers was returning s book to the library when they spotted someone.


It was a young girl dressed in black, and it took them a moment to realize who they were. "You came with those who attacked-"

The girl jumped up her gothic outfit shifted into a stage magician's outfit with a top hat. "Em Tegrof"

The sorcerer paused as their memories started to dissolve.

She took the chanced to grab their sling ring and used it to open a portal away.

Black Alice was hoping to find something useful in the books but now had to move on. She agreed to come along with the Luthors, but now it seemed they had failed. Alice snuck into the temple to attack the sorcerers from the inside when the heroes arrived. She saw how the tide had turned and hid.

She wanted to find a way to restore her family; she didn't find one in her world. Maybe she'd find one in this one.


Kara noticed her, with her super hearing, how couldn't she? She had supervision and super hearing; it's kinda impossible to sneak up on her.

"Can I help you?" Kara asked the black-haired young woman.

"Hello," Terra greeted her with a kind smile.

"Hi, again, can I help you?"

"Sorry, it's nothing its-"Terra blinked, "I'm Atlee."

"Nice to meet you,"

"I guess you haven't met your version of me, huh?"

Kara looked confused, "You know me? Your Earth's version of me?"

"Yeah, I haven't seen her in a while. There was a crisis, and… well, things changed."

"I'm sorry, I guess she was someone important to you?"

"When I started the superhero thing, she was the one who took me under her wing and helped me out."

Kara could understand what she was going through, she had met two versions of her cousin, yet neither one was hers.

Kara smiled, "I was about to get something to eat, want to join me?"


"So, where are you from?"


"Another planet?"

"No, it's under the Earth."

"Okay, I think I see why I haven't run into you."


Amethyst nudged Peridot, "Do it, Peri."

Wonder Woman smiled at the shorter pair, "Oh? Is there something you need?"

Peridot looked ticked off but waved her hand as a metallic device floated nearby, "Amethyst thinks we should probably give this to one of you."

"Thank you" Diana looked at it, confused, "Where did you get this?"

Peridot scoffed, "Oh! I took it off from that really fast guy in yellow? He got real slow after I took that off him."

Diana's eyes went wide, she wasn't a technology expert, but she had understood some aspects. "An energy collector? And you seem to describe the Reverse-Flash." The Flash couldn't come with them since it seemed this universe didn't have the speed force. If The Reverse-Flash managed to find a way to go to this universe and keep his powers with this device, it might be helpful to let the Flash come too.

The amazon smiled, "Thank you, I think I know just the person to know how to use this,"


Zatanna had been feeling off. For a moment, her magic seemed to have gone. She found someone with some strange magic which made food with the use of sheep.

Zatanna didn't know what to make of Charmy; she was a strange girl? Woman? Zatanna wasn't sure; there was some sort of magic on her. It reminded Zatanna of fairy magic. She just couldn't tell her age.

As she ate her breakfast, she could see a lot of people's tired faces. It was clear that they hadn't had it easy even before Luthor and his army showed up.

"Stop! Stay back!" Charmy held out a spatula to try and defend herself against Kirby.

Zatanna just looked at the pink call, who waved at her happily. Kirby picked up a plate of food and slid it into his mouth.

Zatanna raised an eyebrow why she'd be so fearful over the cute creature.


Scott was in a unique position to help repair the HUB. Since it tended to be such a complicated machine, it wasn't ideal to take it apart to look everything over. It was kind of a hassle to do so just to check it. But being able to shrink down and just walked in, he could do a check on things.

It was kind of a hassle to check everything, but today he found he had some help.

Shrink Violet looked like a pale goth kid in a green dress, but like her named hinted, she could shrink down.

So together, they shrunk down, made it into the machine, took the schematics, and began looking over everything.

"Everything looks good here," She snorted, "the design is a bit weird. The circuit pattern here is weird."

Scott shrugged, "Yeah, one of the guys added magic stuff into it. I don't know how it works; he just said as long electricity ran through them, they'd help some of the stuff. As long as they aren't broken, they should be fine,"

"Yeah, not a magic expert. She sniffed the air, "Hey do you smell something?"

Following her nose, she led Scott somewhere nearby and found several wires that had started to burn out.

This wasn't something that could make it harder to lock onto the universe, but they had to deal with it. The unstable wormhole seemed to have caused more damage than they expected.


Everyone was rested enough, and Brainy flew overhead with the Legion ship and The Brainiac's ship. Several people arrived to see them off, interested in how this would turn out.

Alexis and Rocket prepared to use the HUB to help transport them to their prime universe.

Rocket had some stuff on the ship that could help hide the base from "primitive technology," and Alexis helped give it a kick. Just since Japan was able to detect the portal, they just decided to keep it a bit more hidden to have fewer surprise visitors.

As they prepared to leave, Rocket jumped on Alexis' head, "So, what's the word? Any of you were planning on giving us a hand? I mean, we did end up dealing with your trouble makers. That's got to be worth something."

Clark gave him a polite smile, "We do intend to help. When you find Thanos, we will come and bring everyone we can. But we have responsibilities back home, my wife is gone, and my son is waiting back for me."

Clark remembered that Selina was watching John and Damien at the moment.

Calvin admitted, "I've been gone from my post too long. We have duties we can't ignore. But some of us have agreed to stay behind to help."

"Well, that's something," Rocket fussed with the hair he was on, "you gotta wash this better. It's all greasy."

"Yeah," Alexis shrugged, "you are going to want to wash your paws or hands. My hair tends to grease itself with weird, sometimes dangerous chemicals."


"You could see my saliva is semi-poisonous."

"What are you? I thought you were human."

Kara was the first to walk forward, her world still had a Justice League, and with their Luthor out, they could hold it together without her. Plus, she felt like she owed it to them for freeing her from Mister Mind.

"I'm in for this ride," Constantine stepped forward, "I have an idea about souls I think I can check out here,"

The Mysterious Green Lantern stepped up, "The souls must be found; I think my purpose lies here to help resolve that mystery."

Lia smiled, "I guess I'll help out too." A few Holo-clones later, "We can always lend a few extra hands."

Alexis found himself wincing as a woman with short red hair and wings slammed a mace into her hand, "I think my mace might be helpful," Hawk Girl Shayera Hol volunteered.

Rocket was whipping his hands on Alexis to get the grease off.

Maria Mendoza, the Wonder Woman, smiled as she stepped forwards. "I'd be glad to help."

"Yeah, count me too," Phantom Girl raised her hand.

"I'll stay too," Dream Girl stepped beside her legionnaire.

"Might as well stay too," Booster Gold step forwards, his robot Skeets hovered beside him.

After that, people stepped forwards to join up one after another, Zatanna, Beast Boy, Raven, The Blue Beetle, Traci 13, Starfire, Ravager, Bombshell, Static, Martian Manhunter, Saturn Girl, Shrinking Violet, and Terra.

There were a few surprised looks; it was clear there wasn't much in the way of discussion.

The Legionnaires were confused; Brainy was the first to speak, "Are you sure about this?"

Dream Girl sighed, "My powers, before this all started, I had terrible nightmares. I couldn't make heads or tails about this. Last night they came back, different but the same. A flurry of colors and screams. I don't know why but I feel like I have to be here."

"Wow," Phantom Girl just said, "I don't have anything nearly as dramatic. I just think I can help. Besides, if they got to deal with other worlds having someone with some experience would be good."

Triplicate Girl divided into three and blocked off her friends, "Are you sure?"

Saturn Girl smiled at her worry, "Well, be fine. The Legion goes where it's needed. They need us here."

Chameleon Boy added, "Then we should all stay."

Shrink Violet shook her head, "No, the United Planets has things mostly under control. But there are still people that need the Legion. I can help with their tech issues, and you can help save the United Planets."

Shadow Lass smiled, "They're right, our numbers are halved, and we are spread out, but we have to do this. We can do this."

Raven asked Starfire, "Are you sure you want to stay, Kory?"

Starfire smiled at her, "I'm sure Dick will manage with the other titans. We can help here."

Beast Boy then pointed out, "Plus, we might need help dealing with them."

Nearby, Bombshell and Revenger glared at each other as if readying themselves to kill the other. They weren't sure they weren't planning on using this as a chance to commit the murder.

Calvin spoke to those who were members of Justice League Incarnate.

While Clark a similar conversation to his Justice League, who was staying behind, "If you need anything, let us know. Keep each other safe."

Booster told him confidently, "Don't worry, we got this,"

At the moment, Superman was distracted by someone tapping his shoulder.

He found himself before Jaime Reyes, the newest Blue Beetle, "Ah, Superman, can I ask you for a favor?"

"Sure, I'll do it if I can."

"Since I'm staying, do you mind giving my mom a message? Just to let her know where I am and I'm not coming back right away."

"Of course," Superman promised, he looked over to Traci," I can do the same for you."

"No need, my dad is gone now, and so is my iguana. There's no one left to tell."

They shared some details with Superman and were on their way.

Traci asked, "You think it will work?"

Jaime said, "I hope. I mean, I don't think mom will be angry at Superman, right?"

Missy grabbed Superman and pushed a device into his hand, "Here you go, it's something I've been toying with it, should let us contact you."

"And we can use it to contact you." Superman presumed.

"Sure," Missy replied, petting the Black Mercy sitting on her shoulder, "Just don't break the buttons, and I'm sure you'll figure it out."

"You should let us take that plant."

"What's that? I couldn't hear you." Missy walked away, and the plant seemed to wave at the hero.

Things seemed to be looking up with the world having gained more heroes.


Tahiti was a magical place.

Even the tragedy of the Dusting hadn't affected its beauty.

They had been working to help people on the island as much as they could. Even if they said they were retired, they couldn't turn away when people needed help. Things would have been a lot worse for this island if not for them. They helped people stay calm, and they helped people connect with family. They helped make sure everyone got what they needed.

They sat down on some beach chair, for the first time in a day, they finally got a chance to rest.

Melinda May and Phil Coulson rested, looking at the beautiful scenery and the setting sun.

"Some retirement," Melinda told him.

"What? We're we supposed not to do anything." Phil told her, "We got lucky, May. A lot of people didn't. And, I'm already on borrowed time some-"

"No," Definitely told her, "Phil, I don't care how much time we have left. I don't care that someone else would have gotten more out of it than you. I'm grateful that I still have any time with you."

The former SHIELD agents sat in silence for a moment. They didn't know if their allies were well or not. They could only hope their fellow agents were out there somewhere doing what they always did, protect people.

"Parasailing," Phil finally said, "We never got to do that,"

"Maybe tomorrow," Mary smiled, leaning back in her chair.

Phil winced, May knew why; the tick of the clock was only getting louder. His chest was hurting more and more.

Phil talked about how May should go and rebuild SHIELD academy. They drank, made jokes, and told stories.

Phil fell asleep and Maybe smiled as she sipped on her drink. Phil had told her that he loved seeing her sleep. It was corny, but she did love that about him.

His hand slipped down his side, and she moved to help it up. She paused; he was colder than he should have been. She checked his pulse to find none.

Phil J. Coulson died in his sleep peacefully next to the woman he loved. He spent his last days helping people, even knowing that his time was running out.

There would be no funeral. The world had thought he died years ago. The world would not know about all the time he had saved it or all that he sacrificed.

May smiled sadly, knowing that at least he was at peace.

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