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As Arnold, Gerald and Helga left the secret sanctuary of the Green-eyes of San Lorenzo, Arnold could hardly believe it, his parents, his very own parents were alive, well and coming home with him and his class! Arnold has to pinch himself several times, before he could except that this was real. Then he was interrupted by Gerald asking "Can't believe this is real? I don't know which is more shocking, you and Helga, of all people are a couple now or the fact that you found your parents and they're coming home with us!"

Helga let out a small grow as she angrily asked "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Yes, What does that mean anyway?" Arnold's Mom, Stella questioned with a small frown on her face.

For a moment, Helga was worried that Arnold's parents would think the worst of her and that would need to work hard to gain their approval. Then Stella said "However, I can ask those questions later, for now Miles and I just want to go back home to the states, catch up on all the Time we've missed, get know not just Arnold, but all of you as well."

"Why would you want to know us?" Gerald wondered.

"One you helped saved our lives and the lives of the Green eyes, Two, the both of you saved our son's life and Three, you're our son's friend's." Miles stated.

At this, Helga felt a mix of emotions go through her. She felt happy that she and Arnold were now friends and a couple, but she also felt bad that it took all this time for them to get there.

Then Helga was brought out of her thoughts as Gerald said "How are we going to get back to our class and free them?"

"We'll find a way." Arnold said reassuringly.

"Actually, I can help you guys find your way back." Eduardo offered as he approached the group.

Arnold, Gerald and Helga blinked in surprise, they forgot that Eduardo was still there.

"Sure, Eduardo." Miles stated.

Sometime later, Arnold, Eduardo, Gerald, Helga and Arnold's very own parents were finding their way back to La Sombra's camp/prison.

"I see a fire in the distance." An excited and relieved Gerald said as he pointed to it.

At the sight of the fire, the group hurried towards the camp as fast as they could. However, when they reached the camp, the group was shocked to discover that Arnold's class had already been freed.

Upon seeing the group, Arnold's classmates, Mr. Simmons, Olga and Arnold's grandparents rushed towards them. However the moment that Phil and Pookie saw their long lost son, they froze with shock as Miles and Stella did the same.

"Miles...Stella...is it really you?" The elderly couple whispered softly at the same time.

Miles's eyes filled with tears as he replied "Yes, It's me and Stella. Mom and Dad."

Upon hearing those words, both Phil and Pookie began to cry as they rushed towards their son and daughter-in law. As they embraced, Pookie pulled Miles close to her as she began to sob "My boy….my baby boy… you've come back to me!"

Olga started to sob as she added "This is so beautiful!"

Helga merely rolled her eyes at her older sister's over-the-top emotional display. Then Mr. Simmons interrupted the moment with "I'm sorry, you guys, but if you're really are Arnold's parents then I'm afraid we're going need to make a trip to the U.S. embassy."

The whole group looked at Mr. Simmons in stunned silence. How could he ruin the moment like this?

"Why?" Was all a disbelieving Arnold could say.

"What do you mean?" Grandpa Phil added.

A guilty looking Mr. Simmons let out a sad sigh as he continued with "Look you maybe truly be Arnold's long lost parents, but I'm going to need proof and so will America."

"What kind of proof will you need?" Arnold questioned in an almost desperate tone.

"DNA, thumb prints and ID." Mr. Simmons answered as he added "And the only place that can help us get any of that stuff is the nearest US embassy."

A determined look appeared in Arnold's eyes as he answered "What are we waiting for? Let's go."

"Yeah, but there's just one problem. How are we going to get back to civilization?" Big Bob spoke up.

"Don't worry, we'll find a way." Eduardo replied.

At once, the whole group turned Eduardo and said "Who are you?"

"My name is Eduardo, I saved Arnold, Gerald and Helga from Lashomba and aided the three of them in awakening both the Green eyes and my dear friends, Miles and Stella." The Latino man explained.

"He's the one that 'attacked' us that night." Arnold added. "Only he wasn't trying to attack us, he was trying to save us from Lasombra and his crew."

The whole group looked at Eduardo with a mixture of awe and gratitude.

Sometime later, Eduardo was leading the group back to his own boat. As the group walked, Gerald turned to his best friend and said "This trip may not have turned out the way you wanted, but at least we'll have an amazing story to tell when we get back to the states."

Arnold turned to look at his family, his Gramma, his Grandpa and now his parents before turning back to Gerald as he said "Yeah. Yeah, we are."

Then the moment was then interrupted by Harold loudly asking "Are we there yet? How much longer do we have to walk?"

Eduardo turned to Harold and said "We'll get there when we get there."

As soon as he said that, the group spotted a boat waiting for them.

"Is that boat for us?" Olga asked with delight.

"Yes and it will take all of us back to the capital of San Lorenzo." Eduardo explained cheerfully.

"Now class, line up slowly and carefully…" Mr. Simmons started to say, however he was quickly interrupted by the class letting out a loud cheer before they ran onto the boat. The only students who listened to Mr. Simmons were Arnold, Gerald, Helga and Phoebe. As they got on the boat, Arnold and his Grandparents looked at Miles and Stella with worry, but Miles spoke up with "Don't worry, once we get to the embassy, we'll clear this whole thing up and we'll be a family again."

"Aren't we already a family again." Arnold stated.

"Yes, we are." Stella added.

Then Miles changed the subject with "What's been happening in America all the years since we've…?"

He stopped, unwilling to finish that sentence.

There was an uncomfortable silence that followed, then Gerald broke the silence with "As you can see Arnold has grown into a fine young man."

"I can see that and we've been proud of Arnold since the day he was born." Stella interjected.

Arnold beamed as he wrapped his arms around his mom. Soon his dad, his grandma, his grandpa, Gerald, Helga and Phoebe all joined in, turning it into a group hug. Just as they broke apart, Eduardo said "Okay, everyone it's getting close to dinnertime."

As the whole class turned to face Eduardo, he added "I know you all had a rough few days and you can all use a delicious meal, but please remember to line up by dining table, slowly and carefully and don't push or shove."

Gerald let out a chuckle as he whispered to Arnold "Looks like Mr. Simmons had the chance to warn Eduardo about Harold's eating habits."

"Whose Harold?" Stella inquired.

"He's a classmate and he can be nice when you get to know him." Arnold explained.

"Can you tell us more about your other classmates?" Miles wondered. "We already met Gerald and Helga and you did introduce us to Phoebe." he added.

"There's Stinky…"Arnold started to say, but his parents interrupted with "Stinky?" "What kind of name is that?" Miles questioned.

"Miles, don't be rude." Stella whispered before she turned back to Arnold and said "You were saying?"

"Sid's also in my class along with Eugene, Rhonda and Nadine." Arnold explained.

"What are Stinky, Sid, Eugene, Rhonda and Nadine like?" Stella asked.

"Well, Stinky's from the country, but he has a great sense of humor and so does Sid." Arnold explained before Gerald took over with "Eugene's a good kid, but he's a kind of...clumsy. Rhonda's also a good kid, but she can be a bit obsessive sometimes. As for Nadine, she's cool."

Soon, Arnold, Gerald, Helga, Phoebe and Arnold's grandparents continued to talk Miles and Stella about various things, like their work on curing the Green eyes, Arnold's childhood and his many friendships.

Then, it was time for dinner and then it was time to go to sleep. Arnold wanted to sleep with his parents, but Mr. Simmons refused to let him, until Arnold's grandparents promised that they would be with him.

Mr. Simmons looked uneasy before he replied with "Alright, but you have to keep a close eye on them."

As he left with Gerald, Helga and Phoebe, Arnold's classmates whispered "Good night Arnold. Good night Phil and Pookie and Good night...uhhh…"

At that moment, it dawned on Gerald, Helga and Phoebe that they had no idea what to call Arnold's parents, should they call them Mr. and Mrs. Shortman or Miles and Stella. Then their thoughts were interrupted as Stella asked "What's the matter?"

Gerald was the first to speak up with "Nothing, it's just that we don't know what to call you guys."

"How about Miles and Stella?" Miles offered.

"Okay." Gerald answered with a smile as he, Helga and Phoebe said "Good night Miles and Stella."

With that, the three classmates waved goodbye as they headed off back to there sleeping area. Once they were gone, Arnold turned to both his grandparents and parents and said "Do you think we'll reach the embassy tomorrow?"

"I know we will and they'll prove that we're your parents and our baby boy." Stella assured him as she gave him a kiss on his forehead.

Arnold smiled at his mom before he wished his whole family good night and fell asleep.

As the young boy slept, he dreamt of going home with his whole family and introducing his parents to Ernie, Mr. Hyuh and Oskar. They would all get along great with the residents of the boarding house and Arnold and his family would spend a lot time together in the city, in the park, in the museum, in the shopping mall and any other place he could think of. As Arnold and his parents were watching a baseball game, he suddenly heard his dad say "Arnold, It's time to get up."

Arnold blinked as he woke up to see his whole family looking down at him with smiles. Then Arnold hugged his mom and dad, tightly as if they would disappear if he let go of them. For a long time, the whole family was in a group hug and then they let go of each other and went to join the rest of the class, or in Arnold's case, went over to Eduardo and asked "How much longer until we reach the capital of San Lorenzo?"

Eduardo smiled as he said "We'll be there soon after breakfast."

With that, Arnold gave him a smile of gratitude and hurried to join his classmates and family for breakfast. As he helped himself to some pancakes, Arnold turned to his parents and asked "How does it feel to think you'll be heading back to America after all this time?"

For a moment, nether Miles or Stella said anything, then Stella was the first to break the silence with "It's a bit overwhelming. We've been in San Lorenzo for so long, going back to America almost feels like a dream."

Then she added "I missed your first day of school and so much of your childhood, I don't know how your father and I are ever going to make it up to you."

"You're here now. That's all that matters and we'll have plenty of time to bond over the summer." Arnold replied in a resulting manner.

Before Stella or Miles could respond to that, an excited Eugene called out "We're back!"

At once, everyone turned to look to see that they heading towards the docks of San Lorenzo's capital. As Arnold's class began to cheer, Arnold hugged his parents once more as he said "We're almost home."

A while later, Arnold, his class, his grandparents and his parents were waiting in the embassy office as Mr. Simmons explained the situation to an embassy worker. Once he was finished, she walked over to the Shortman family and said "My name is Katie and I'll like interview you all one at a time please."

Miles stood up first as he replied "I'll go first."

With that, he got up and followed Katie to a back room. Soon, he came back and Katie did the same with each and every one of his family members until it was Arnold's turn. As the young boy stood up, Gerald, Helga and Phoebe gave him smiles of encouragement as they silently wished him luck. As Arnold followed Katie down the hallway, he asked "What's going to happen?"

"You have nothing to worry about. I'm just going to ask you a few questions and then take a blood sample." Katie explained in a gentle tone.

As Arnold opened his mouth to ask why, Katie replied with "It's just to make sure that the people you and your friends really are your missing parents."

"They are my parents and they aren't missing anymore. I've been looking at photos of them all my life. I know what they look like." Arnold hissed.

Katie gave him a pitying look as she said "I'm sorry, but I have to follow protocol."

Then they stopped at a black door before Katie opened and the two of them stepped inside the room. The room was surprisingly colorful with red and yellow colors decorating the wall.

"Our jobs at the embassy are stressful, so the walls are brightly colorful to help keep our spirits up." Katie explained as she sat herself down on a white chair.

Arnold sat himself down on a white couch across from her as Katie added "Tell me a few things about yourself Arnold?"

"I live in Hillwood and go to P.S. 115 with my class. My best friend is Gerald and we like to do everything together." Arnold explained.

"What do you know about your parents?" Katie asked.

"I know that they were explores and that's how they met. They lived in San Lorenzo for awhile, they got married here and had me here before deciding that life in the states was much safer for me. I was only a baby when they had to fly back to San Lorenzo to help the Green eyes out with a serious illness and my Grandparents and I didn't hear anything from them for years." Arnold answered.

"Do you know why they just disappeared?" Katie questioned as she started taking notes.

Arnold felt annoyance grow within him, but brushed it aside as he said "I learned that they got the same sickness and it put them in a coma for at least several years."

Arnold decided to leave out the part that only he could cure his parents and the green eyes thanks to the fact that they considered him to their chosen one. It sounded just to silly for most grown ups to believe.

"They told me that too." Katie replied before she changed the subject with "What are your parent's names?"

"Their names are Miles and Stella Shortman." Arnold answered.

"What are your grandparents names?" Katie inquired as she wrote down Arnold's answer.

"My Grandpa's name is Phil and my Grandma's name is Gertrude." Arnold answered.

"What are your Mom's parents names?" Katie wondered as she wrote down Arnold's responses.

Arnold thought long and hard before he replied "I don't know my mom's mom's name, but I know my mom's dad's name was Arnold because they named me after him."

Katie nodded as she wrote down Arnold's a answer.

Then she looked up at him and said "Well, your answers match those of Miles and Stella, and no stranger would no this much about a child's family. All that's left to do is the dna test."

"How does that work?" Arnold wondered.

Katie gave him a pitying look as she replied "We're going to have take a blood test."

"What?" Arnold questioned.

"Yes, a blood test." Katie repeated.

"How long will it take for the results to come in?" Arnold wondered.

"A few weeks." Katie replied as she stood up and began to lead Arnold towards another room.

"A few weeks, I don't have that long my class is heading back to the states as soon as possible." Arnold protested as they walked down the hallway.

"Don't worry, I already talked to your grandparents and Miles and Stella. They both agreed that it's fine with them and they will look after you while your class goes back to the states." Katie assured him as they stopped in front of a new door.

"When did this happen?" Arnold questioned as Katie opened the door.

"When I spoke with each and every one of them." Katie answered as she and Arnold stepped inside the new room. This room reminded Arnold of a doctor's office. It was so white and shiny. It also had many medical tools. Arnold sat himself up on the resting bed just as a blood technician entered with the tools and needle for taking a blood sample. At the sight of the tools. Arnold felt himself become a little nervous. Then he remembered his parents were waiting for him.

Okay Arnold, you saved your neighbor, escaped from a dangerous river pirate and awoken the green eyes and your parents. You can do this. Arnold thought to himself.

Sometime later, Katie walked Arnold back to his class, grandparents and his parents.

"It's done, now all you guys need to do is wait a few weeks for the test results to process." Katie said to the Shortman family.

"A few weeks?!" The whole class cried out with shock.

"That's how long it takes for dna tests to be completed." Katie explained.

"But we have to get back to the states as soon as possible! Arnold and his family have to come home with us!" Helga protested as the rest of the class nodded in agreement.

"They're going to staying here. Arnold's grandparents already explained the situation." Me. Simmons piped up.

"When are you going to come back?" Gerald questioned as Helga gave him a sad look.

"I don't know, but I promise you guys and my whole family will come back as soon as we can." Arnold assured his best friend and his secret new girlfriend.

Sometime later, after his class had gone to the airport, Arnold, his grandparents and his parents were searching for the hotel that Katie had araged for them to spend the few weeks at.

"Where is it?" Phil wondered as the cab drove through the city.

"We'll get there when there Dad." Miles assured him "Just be patient." He added.

Soon after he said that, the cab stopped in front of the hotel.

"Is this it?" Phil questioned.

The cab nodded as he parked the car and got out to gather Arnold and his grandparents things in the truck.

As Arnold and his family got out of the cab, the young boy looked up at the hotel. It was a nice looking hotel that was tall and shiny.

How much money did it cost to build this hotel? The fifth grader wondered to himself. Then he was brought out of his thoughts as his parents said "Let's go inside, Arnold."

Stella thanked the driver as they took their stuff and went inside.

As Phil and Guerte went up the receptionist to check in, Arnold and his parents sat down in a pair of chairs as they waited. Then Stella asked "What grade are you in again?"

"I'm in fifth grade but I'll be going to sixth next fall."Arnold answered.

"I forget to ask, what's life like in the boarding house? Did any new tenits join?" Miles questioned.

"Well we have Ernie who works in building. Mr. Hyunh and I don't know what he does and there's Oskar Kokoschka, he likes to gamble his money away and is very lazy. He used to have a wife named Susie but she left he recently." Arnold explained.

"Why would Dad allow this Oskar guy to stay in the boarding house?" Miles questioned.

Arnold shrugged his shoulders as he replied "I don't know." Then he changed the subject with "We also have lots of stray animals that come to the boarding house and leave whenever they want. Aside from Abnur."

"How is Abnur?" Stella questioned.

"He's fine. He's very sweet." Arnold remarked.

"I knew it. I knew he would become a sweet little piggy." Stella cooed.

Miles and Arnold exchanged a glance.

"Don't worry, your mom isn't always this cutesy." Miles whispered.

"What?" Stella questioned.

"Nothing." Miles replied a little too quickly as Arnold changed the subject "Why don't we take a tour around the city tomorrow with Grandma and Grandpa?"

"What are we going to do tomorrow?" Grandpa Phil asked as he and his wife walked towards the tiro.

"I was just suggesting that we could explore the city tomorrow since neither of us has ever been to this city." Arnold explained.

"Actually, I arrived to San Lorenzo through this city." Miles explained, when he saw the sad look on Arnold's face "However I won't mind taking a tour of the city, it's been a long since me and Stella have explored it." He quickly added.

"Why don't we talk about this some more after we reach our hotel room." Grandpa Phil stated as Arnold and his parents followed Phil and Gertie to their hotel room.

Sometime later, they had finished unpacking all of their things and picked out their beds. Now all that the Shortman family needed to do was decide what to have for dinner and what places they would be visiting tomorrow.

"We do need to buy some new clothes for us." Stella reminded her husband as he looked through the travel guide.

"Sure." Miles agreed before Phil interrupted with "Have you guys decided what you want for dinner yet?"

Arnold and Guerte nodded their heads, while both Miles and Stella said "Let us look over the menu for a little longer, we still haven't made up our minds yet."

"Alright." Phil agreed.

Sometime after dinner, the whole Shortman family were getting ready for bed. As Arnold was waiting for his turn to brush his teeth, he couldn't but once again reflect on how surreal this had been. He came here on a class trip and here he was with his parents getting ready to go home and be a family again. Hopefully the next flight Katie would pick for them out of San Lorenzo wouldn't be too early in the morning. But all Arnold could do was hope for the best, just as that was all he could do for the test results. With that, Arnold tucked himself in his bed and laid there for a long time before he closed his eyes and fell fast asleep.

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