Dream Guardian AMS: Welcome everyone to another new Super Smash Bros story! This is dedicated in celebration of 20 years of Super Smash Bros in 2019 and also to get everyone hype for the new Smash Bros game coming out this year. With that said I hope you all enjoy this introduction.


In the middle of the night, atop a lone rooftop stood a man next to a spotlight. Two giant white hands floated down from the night sky. "Master Sakurai," said the right hand. The figure just turned around and just nodded. "I take it that it is time to light the signal?" asked the hand.

"Yes, it's time for another tournament," said Sakurai as he prepared the spotlight.

"This plan of yours. It's just a little crazy, even for me," said the left hand.

"Master Hand, Crazy Hand, I know you two worry about me, but let's not kid ourselves. I have been doing this for a long time, and I am tired of it. I feel as though I can't bring much of any thing new to the table without the series suffering because of it. It is time for some new blood," said Sakurai.

"We get that but, your plan for that is just a little insane. Isn't there a better way?" asked the right hand glove now known as Master Hand.

"No, there isn't. This is my last tournament my children. Let's make it a memorable one," said Sakurai as he turned on the spotlight. The spotlight roared to light and showed a symbol in the sky, a circle of fire with an asymmetrical cross.

"Now that the signal is up, everyone in every world of every realm is going to make a beeline for the Smash Stadium," said Master Hand.

"Brother's right, there's going to be thousands coming to try and compete in the tournament and even more just to watch. How are we going to separate the fighters from the wannabes?" asked Crazy Hand.

"I thought of that and I have decided that there will only be two rules for entry into the tournament," said Sakurai as he walked away from the spotlight.

"And those rules would be?" asked Master Hand.

"One: You must have made your debut to the world in a video game. Two: You must have one game on an Nintendo system. I trust you, Crazy, and AMS to sort out who is deserving to be in the tournament," answered Sakurai.

"Speaking of AMS, why give him a spot in the tournament? He's not a game character and he doesn't look like a fighter, so why give him an invite at all?" asked Crazy Hand.

Sakurai just smiles and says. "Every fighting tournament needs a curve ball competitor, and what better curve ball in a fighting game than a gamer?"

"Very well, anything else you need before you go?" asked Master Hand.

"No, I trust you two to handle things. I will be there to watch and to help if things get out of hand," said Sakurai as he brought out some keys and climbed into a vehicle. Sakurai insert the key and started up the engine. The vehicle roared to life revealing a train with only an engine and fuel car. Sakurai blew the train whistle as the train slowly moved forward gaining speed with each passing second.

Once the train gained enough speed it flew into the air and disappeared into the night sky. The two hands looked at each other with worry before looking up at the symbol in the sky. Wondering just what would be coming their way in the near future.

Dream Guardian AMS: Well, that's done. The tournament will have 256 fighters and different rules for each round. If you have any fighter suggestions please leave them in a review and we'll see if that fighter makes it into the tournament. That is all, don't forget to read, review, follow, and favorite and I'll see you all later. Bye!