So I was bored one day and decided to write a half-assed story about the two thiccest operators in Siege. Kinda cringy, kinda not I rate it 5/7.

"Transferred? " Julien demanded after being told where he was being sent to.

"Nizan please calm down," Rook's superior told him "Six needed someone to fill an opening in the Munich outpost and you were the only one unoccupied at the moment."

"So you made that decision for me? You can't just pull shit like that, I like my life here. "

Julien's superior pinched the bridge of her nose. She kept her composure but he could tell she was getting pissed. "Let me remind you that I am still your boss and I can pull whatever shit I deem necessary, now you can go voluntarily or I can have your ass dragged all the way to the plane but either way you will go to Munich."

Defeated, Rook left the office and proceeded to his quarters and was greeted with Twitch waiting by the door.

"Hey", she said "I heard what happened, leaving without a goodbye?"

Julien pushed passed her and opened the door to his room and began to pack. "Sorry Pichon, must have slipped my mind. Help me with this will you, my plane is about to leave."

Rook woke up to the sound of a plane landing. He grabbed his bag from the overhead compartment and proceeded to the exit. He walked up to the outpost entrance and was met with a man dressed in all black and a mask that would have made Pichon jealous.

"Agent Nizan" he greeted him, "I was instructed to show you around the facility. Please follow me."

After experiencing one of the most generic tour he ever experienced, Julien was eventually at the door of his new quarters. The man he was with knocked on the door, "Miss Alvarez, your new roommate is here." The door opened and Rook was met with a middle aged spanish woman in shorts. "Elena Maria Alvarez" she offered her hand "you can call me by any of those names." Julien shook her hand, "Julien Nizan."

Rook's tour guide dropped of his duffel bag and turned to leave. Julien tried to thank him and was met with a Whatever. Once he was out of earshot Julien turned to Mira, "What's his problem?" "Oh him? Nothing that's just how they are."

Julien raised his eyebrow, "They?"

"Recruits." Mira deadpanned "Members of Team Rainbow that have nothing to offer other than being able to shoot people somewhat properly. Since that's about as rare as dirt, most people treat them that way to. Pretty fucked up if you ask me."

"Jesus." Julien proceeded to unpack his things taking note Mira's comment on him not having as much white flags as he should.

"Is that supposed to mean something grandma?" Julien asked to which Mira just laughed at. "Relax frenchie I'm just playing. Now hurry up and unpack your shit so I can show you around already."

"Oh no need, the recruit already took care of that."

Mira got up from the bed and grabbed Rook by the shoulders, "Oh Julien, if you haven't seen this place through my eyes, you haven't seen this place." She led Rook out the door but stopped him just as they were about to leave the room,"And for the record" she told him "I'm thirty-nine you asshole."

"Sure you are." Julien said as he followed her out the room.

After experiencing what Mira's idea of a tour was, Julien was just about ready for it to be over and thankfully for him, it almost was.

"The procreation room" Mira told him upon arriving at their last stop with a grin on her face.

"I think you mean recreation, Elena."

"No, my friend, I mean procreation. You see Julien, when the lights go out at night, so do the cameras in this room so this is where people usually go when they want to get down and dirty with each other. Or themselves."

"The way you said that last part raises some questions."

"No need to play innocent with me Julien, everyone needs to blow off some steam every now and then. I won't judge."

Julien just stared at the room,"But why here though, why don't people just do it in their rooms."

"Lights out here is basically just that, lights out. No one ever said you actually had to sleep so technically you can roam around, even if it's after curfew. The only place you're not allowed to go is any room that's not yours and there are cameras in every hallway to make sure of that. Most people just head here because of the lack of surveillance."

Mira turned and headed towards the cafeteria. "Come on rookie keep up, lunch here on the first day is always the worst. I learned that the hard way."

Julien looked over his food choices when Mira told him the only useful thing he heard from her upon his arrival.

"Piece of advice rookie, the thing that looks closest to food is the thing that tastes closest to it too." Mira took off leaving Julien to choose over what Team Rainbow considered as food. He eventually settled for what would elicit the shortest comment from Mira should she ever see him again.

"Hey rookie." Speak of the devil. "Come over here I'd like to show you the assholes I like to call my friends." Rook walked to their table as Mira introduced him to everyone. "Jordan Trace, Monika Weiss, Marius Streicher, Eliza Cohen, and Sebastian Cote." Each one of them offering a hello after their name was called.

"Sit down" Thermite said pulling out the chair next to him "you're filling in for Campbell."

"What exactly am I filling in on?" he asked Thermite who was pulling out a deck of cards. "You'll see, put your food at the center first." Julien did as he was told and Jordan began to distribute the cards. "Okay I only want meat today people, anything that is not liquid or vegetables goes on the pile."

"Wait, you gamble your food?" Julien asked, amazed by the fact that this was normal for these people.

Jordan just chuckled at him, "You see rookie-" "That name's not gonna stick" Julien cut him off. "It already has. If you haven't noticed it yet, the food here is about as interesting as a wet sponge. Coincidently, that's what it also tastes like, so we try to make it as exciting as we can before we eventually have to shove whatever the fuck this is down our throats."

Julien looked over his food for a while before adding it to the pile. "Fuck it, if I'm eating shit I might as well eat more shit than everyone else. Set me up."

Everyone at the table laughed at him. "Rookie mistake."

Rook looked down at his near empty plate and looked at the massive pile IQ had in front of her. "What happened rookie?" she asked him "I thought you were going to clean us out, the only thing you cleaned out was your plate."

Julien ate the rest of his food, which didn't take too long. "I don't know what you people call that, but that wasn't blackjack." "So what's it called then?" Ash asked him as she got up from the table, "It's easy to talk shit when you play like it huh?" Buck and Jager both got up as well, the former giving Rook a pat on the back. "Better luck tomorrow rookie."

One by one they all left until it was just Rook and IQ, who was only halfway through her pile. "If you're waiting for me to give you some food, you'll be waiting a long time." "Well it's not easy finding something to do when you were forced to leave everything behind."

IQ stopped eating. "God, way to kill the mood Nizan." she said as she threw down her utencils on her plate. "Do you really think you were the first one forced to be here because your dipshit boss signed you off before you even knew you were called?"

"How did you-"

"I went through all this the same way you did." IQ found herself getting infuriated at Rook although she wasn't really sure why. She took a deep breath before speaking again, "listen Julien, for the thirty minutes I've known you, you managed to not make me hate you right away, please don't make me start to by feeling sorry for yourself so much. We all have our shit to deal with, it doesn't always get better but it doesn't necessarily have to get worse."

Rook thought about what she said before getting up, "You're right. Thanks, I guess." As he turned to leave IQ grabbed his hand. "Wait, take this. You made me feel sorry for you." She gave Julien what seemed to be chicken. He thanked her again and turned to leave.

After what felt like an eternity, the day finally ended and Rook found himself in his room getting ready for bed. "Congratulations Julien, you managed to make it an entire day here." Mira told him as she entered the room.

"That's especially suprising since I spent the day with you." Julien retorted although he didn't really mean it. At least not completely. "Yeah well fuck you too Nizan. This looks like the start of a beautiful friendship." Mira said as she rolled over to sleep.

Julien did the same. This might not be as bad as he thought it would be.