Ela was brought to one of the better dorms of the outpost. The ones usually reserved for the higher ups. The two guards that stood outside the door unlocked it when the head nodded at them and he and Ela entered the room. Inside was Sophie, who shot upward when she heard the door open only to be disappointed when it wasn't who she was expecting.

"Sophie, this is your aunt." The head said, but Sophie wasn't interested.

"I don't want her I want my parents!" she yelled in a way any child throwing a tantrum would.

The head knelt down in front of Sophie and put a hand on her shoulder. "Please don't be like this Sophie. Your mother had to go away again and we don't know when she'll be back. Please just give Ela a chance."

Sophie looked at Ela with a pout. "Your hair looks weird."

Ela was intrigued by Sophie. She was innocent and lacked a filter. She just said whatever's on her mind, like any child did. Not to mention the fact that she was completely clueless to what was happening. As far as she was concerned, her mother was just going somewhere all the time and not the killer that she was. This made Ela smile for some reason.

"Well hello to you too." She said.

"How come I've never saw you before?"

Ela rubbed the back of her head. "You're mother and I aren't exactly on the best of terms right now." She said, seeing her niece made Ela guilty for not reconciling with Zofia earlier.

"What does that mean?"

You're speaking to a child Ela. She reminded herself. "We don't get along with each other." She said "Its something about you're grandfather and we were never able to sort it out." Ela's eyes glistened with tears that threatened to roll down her cheeks. Talking to Sophie about her father brought up the things that she had bottled up for as long as she can remember, and although she felt more comfortable talking about this with Julien, Sophie was a good substitute.

"Well you two should talk about it. I hope you forgive each other, I would like to have you as my aunt."

"She actually tried to talk to me. She was always the one who approached me but I always avoided her." Ela said "Now I wish that I didn't. I wish I just dropped that stupid grudge and just talked to her. Now I might not even had that chance anymore."

"Why not?"

Fuck, too much information Ela. She scrambled through her brain to find a way to redirect the conversation but Sophie was already asking another question.

"Is my mom ok?"

Ela couldn't think straight. She backed herself into a corner.

"Ok that's enough Sophie. Ela has to go somewhere now." The head said, which surprised Ela since she forgot he was still in the room. Still, she was thankful she didn't have to answer Sophie's question anymore because Sophie dropped the subject after a stern look from the head.

"It was nice meeting you Ela. I hope we get to see each other again."

"It was nice meeting you too. Good night."

The two of them left the room and the head instructed on of the guards to take her back to the cell. Before they left though, Ela stopped. It didn't feel right to her, but she felt obliged to do so.

"About the meds, and taking me to see Sophie, thank you, uh…"


Ela nodded and she was taken back to her holding cell, where Fink just finished working on Thermite. He laid down on a bed, a blood bag on an IV stand connected to his arm and Ash sitting by his side, holding his hand.

"Are you ok? What happened?" Finka asked when Ela entered the room.

"He took me to see Zofia's daughter." Ela said "He wasn't as bad as I thought he would be."

Finka looked worried. "Ela he's a white mask."

"I know that. We're still killing every one of them when this is over, but he gives a shit about people. Unlike Six."

"Yeah. Unlike Six."

Ela found herself unable to sleep that night, tossing and turning on the bed for what felt like hours on end. After an eternity, her eyelids finally felt heavy and they started to close as she was slowly drifting off to sleep, only to be brought back to reality when a high pitched beep came from the guard's radio.

"The hell?" the guard asked as more and more beeps began to ring out, too frustrated to realize they were beeping in a pattern.

But Ela wasn't.

She pretended to be asleep as she listened closely. The beeping was too close together for it to be random. It wasn't morse, she was sure of that. Whoever was sending that message wasn't dumb enough to use a code that anyone could crack. No, this pattern was meant for someone in particular. It sounded familiar to Ela, but that was impossible. Only one other person knows that code, and she was dead. Or was she…

"Goddammit!" the guard yanked the radio from his vest and left it on the table before leaving, yelling to one of his colleagues what the fuck was wrong with the radios.

Perfect. Ela thought, she listened closely until the pattern repeated to make sure she got the whole message before waking up Finka.

"Uh, what?" she groaned.

"Do you have any meds left?" Ela whispered.

"Yeah, why?"

"I need your help."

The next morning, Ela watched Thermite roll out of the room in a stretcher, a white sheet placed over him while Ash cried her eyes out. While the others comforted her, Finka walked up to Ela who watched the others from across the room, feeling a hint of guilt while seeing Ash like this.

"Is the plan still good?" Finka asked.

"Well there's no turning back now."

"Let's just hope this works."


"Did she get it?" Blitz asked.

"I've sent that code to all radio frequencies. If Ela was near any guard there was no chance she would miss it." Zofia said as she unplugged the transistor.

"How are you sure anyone else wouldn't pick up on that?" Rook asked.

"I taught her that code when we were young in case of situations like this. We're the only two people who know how to decipher it."

"What did you tell her?"

"I asked her to find a way to let us in from the inside."

"How will she do that?" Rook asked.

"I don't know." Zofia said "Let's hope, for everybody, that she does."

"What do we do now?"

Everyone stood there awkwardly, none of them knowing what was next. All they could do now was hope Ela could pull it off, but even if she does how will they know?

"I can go scout out the outpost." Alibi suggested "Study their routine, find a way inside in case Bosak won't be able to let us in."

"There's a spot somewhere on the outside perimeter of the base undetectable by the cameras. We used to go through there when we smuggle alcohol. Monika and I can show you." Buck said.

Alibi nodded. "Get our gear, I'll get the car ready."

The three of them left the others to do so and Buck took IQ to the armory while Alibi walked to the garage. While they stocked up, IQ held a grenade in her hand. "If Marius were still here he would have told us not to worry about these." She said.

Buck set the rifle he was inspecting on the table. "Yeah, I know." He sighed "If only I was there when it happened. I could have been able to do something."

"Why, where were you?"

Buck stuttered. "I-I don't remember."

IQ knew he was lying, but she was too down to care. She offered him a hug which he gladly accepted. They held each other tight, only letting go when Alibi cleared her throat behind them.

"Car's ready guys." She said before awkwardly turning to leave.

The three of them pulled up on the outpost, parking near the greenery by the outside of the outpost. Buck was right about that spot, nearly ten minutes parked there and no one has seen them yet.

"I can't see anything here. I'm moving closer." IQ said.

"There's a pair of binoculars in the trunk. Let me get them." Alibi popped the trunk open and walked towards it. A second later, she tapped it on the window of IQ's door and she exited the car. She took it from Alibi and turned to leave when Buck grabbed her hand.

"Hey, be careful."

IQ nodded and she carefully traversed down the path, making sure she wasn't spotted. She got closer and laid on her stomach before looking through the binoculars.

"I can see them." IQ said.

"Ok. Report back anything you find." Buck responded.

IQ could still hear them even after Buck answered. He always forgets to turn his comms off. She was just about tell him that when Alibi said something.

"You and Weiss are very close huh?" she said.

"She's my best friend of course we're close."

"Maybe a little too close?" Alibi asked.

"I don't see how that's-" Buck cut himself off "No way, you're jealous aren't you Aria?"

"I am not!"

"You would be more convincing if you weren't blushing." Even through the comms IQ could see Buck's smug grin.

"I…I don't…I'm not-"

"No matter how close I am with her, or anyone for that matter, I will still be yours Aria." Buck said, making IQ's heart drop to her stomach "And let me prove it."

The line was silent for a bit. Maybe Buck finally realized his comms were on and-

"Oh my god Sebastien, I love you!"

IQ pulled her comms out so fast she yanked a few strands of hair out with it. She felt her face heat up as she can't believe she just heard what she heard. Her chest felt heavy now that she found out why Buck never reacted to her hints.

Focus Monika. Don't do this now. IQ reminded herself. She peeked through the binoculars and saw that there were barely any guards near the south side of the outpost. IQ stayed there a little longer, not wanting to walk back and see that Buck and Alibi weren't finished yet. She took her time walking back to them and thankfully, when she got back they just finished putting their clothes back on.

"Hey, you got anything?" Alibi asked, still clearly flustered.

IQ pretended not to notice. "Yeah, there's an opening near the back. We should go for it tonight."

She got in the car, paying no attention to Buck as they drove back to Hereford base.


A white mask threw Thermite's body on top of the others and wheeled them of outside where a shovel was waiting for him. He groaned as he grabbed it. "Why can't I just burn these bastards?" he said to himself as he started digging.

After a while, he tossed the shovel to the side and looked at the hole he dug. After telling himself it was deep enough, he turned towards the pile of bodies. He grabbed one and dragged it to the hole and threw it inside. He turned to get another one and got a shovel to the face, sending him to the ground.

"That is not how you treat the dead." His attacker said before hitting him again, knocking him out.

His attacker threw the shovel to the ground before lifting his shirt. The stitches were holding up and there was no more swelling. Finka knew what she was doing.

Thermite looked back at the corpses, most of which were his friends and colleagues. Hell, even Six was there. What kind of man would he be if he talked about respecting the dead and he didn't give them a proper burial. He grabbed the shovel again and finished what the white mask started.

Amelia walked to the holding cell and banged on the glass. "Hey Bosak!" she yelled "Boss wants to see you!"

Ela looked up from the bed. "Why? What does he want?"

"I don't know he just asked me to get you, now come on."

Amelia unlocked the cell and handcuffed Ela as they walked to Santiago's office. Amelia entered withoit knocking and Ela followed behind her, seeing Santiago sitting behind his desk as they entered.

"You asked for me?"

"Yes." Santiago said "Sophie's been a little lonely. She was asking for her aunt."

"What's the catch?"

Santiago chuckled. "You're just like your sister." He said "She's been asking a lot of questions regarding her mother. Questions that I am in no position to answer."

"Let me guess, that's where I come in?" Ela asked.

Santiago clapped his hands. "See, I knew you were smart."

Ela glared at him. "So telling someone their mother is a killer makes me smart?"

"Look Ela, I don't want to do this anymore than you do but she has to find out somehow. She's already searching for answers. God forbid she look for it in the wrong place and gets herself hurt. If you won't do it for me, do it for your sister. Do it for her child."

Ela sighed. "Fine."

"Thank you."

The three of them walked to the dorm where Sophie was being held. Santiago nodded to one of the guards and they unlocked the door. Before Ela entered Amelia unlocked her cuffs.

"The room is under surveillance, but apart from that its only the two of you in there. Let Sophie feel safe before you tell her." Santiago said and Ela slowly pushed the door open and entered the room, where Sophie sat at the bed, waiting for her.

"Where is my mother?"

"Sophie I-" Ela began but was cut off.

"If you're just going to tell me the same thing they did you should just leave."

"Sophie please just listen to me." Ela said "Sit down and I'll tell you whatever you want to know, alright?"

Reluctantly, Sophie obeyed and sat on the edge of the bed. "Tell me." She said "Everything."

Ela took a deep breath. "Ok, where do I start. Your mother, she isn't what you think she is." She said "She fights bad people and these bad people took you and your father to get to her. She fought to get you back. You were brought here because she was made to get this place for them."

Sophie remained quiet, trying to process what Ela was telling her. "Where is she now?"

Ela had to choose her words carefully. She knew Amelia shot her to get to Rook and they both fell out the window, but then again, Zofia was the only one who knows the code she heard on the radio last night. The truth was, she had no idea whether her sister was alive or not, and she could not let Sophie know that. She thought of what to say, only for her to be cut off when Amelia barged in the room.

"Your mother's dead kid."

Ela could see Sophie's heart break. "What?"

"Don't listen to her Sophie, she's lying."

"No I'm not Ela, and you know it." Amelia said.

Sophie turned to Ela. "Is it true? Is she dead Ela?"

"No she's not. She-" Ela cut herself off. She nearly let it slip that Zofia had a way of contacting them. She couldn't afford to let Amelia know that, even if it was the only way she can convince Sophie her mother was still alive. She would have to live with it for now, besides, if her plan works, Sophie will see for herself that Amelia was lying.

Ela's silence confirmed it for Sophie and she lost it, bolting through the open door. A few moments later, Santiago entered the room, asking what they had done to make Sophie upset.

"Don't ask me. It was going well until she burst in here." Ela said pointing to Amelia.

"What? Goddammit, Fischer!" Santiago yelled "I'll take care of this, take her back to holding. Now!"

Santiago left them and Amelia shut the door. "You still haven't repayed us for those meds." She said to Ela.

"What? Your boss saud that was a favor for the six people you killed."

"The fact that you're still breathing is already a favor to you. You owe us."

"Fine." Ela gave up "I'll talk something out with Santiago when he gets back." Ela stood up, extending her wrist so Amelia can cuff them so she can be taken back to the others but Amelia didn't move.

"No." she said "I'll take it from you now." Amelia struck Ela so hard she blacked out.

Ela woke up tied to a chair, still in the room. In front of her, Amelia was wrapping a belt around her fist. "Its too bad your boyfriend isn't here." She said "I want him to watch this."

"You're going to torture me? Go ahead." Ela said.

Amelia got up and walked towards her, grabbing her by the chin and yanked it upwards so that she was facing her. "Oh Ela, you have no idea what I plan on doing to you."

Amelia hit Ela across the face with her belt wrapped fist a few times before pulling her hair back. She looked her in the eyes before forcefully kissing her, surprising Ela more than if she had hit her again. She pulled off her and hit Ela more before forcefully kissing her again, this time groping her with her other hand. She pulled off her again, taking delight in seeing Ela face turning red, embarassed by the fact that her body was enjoying this when she wasn't.

Amelia tried to pull Ela's face as close to hers as possible while playing with her breasts, only getting more turned on when Ela tried to fight back. She pulled off her again and hit her one last time before stuffing a wash cloth in her mouth so she can't scream for help.

"You know why I haven't fucked any of my colleagues yet? They're all men." Amelia said before proceeding to rip Ela's pants off.


Buck, IQ and Alibi pulled up to the outpost, IQ immediately taking off before the car could even come to a complete stop. Buck got out as well and called after her.

"Monika, where are you going?" he asked "Tell the others about what you saw."

"You know what I saw, you tell them." IQ snapped at him.

Buck stood there watching IQ walk away, too shocked to not notice when Castle and Alibi walked up to him.

"Yikes, you must have really fucked up if Monika's mad at you." Castle said "What did you do?"

"What didn't we do?" Alibi smirked, gibing Buck a light squeeze on the butt.

"You two need help, no scratch that, you two need Jesus because what you're doing is too much its unhealthy." Castle said.

"Oh shut up Campbell." Buck said, taking his comms off and giving them to Castle "Give these back to Pichon will you?"

Castle examined one of the comms. "You should turn these off when you're not using it. It saves the battery."

"Wait, its still on?" Buck asked. A sudden realization hit him like a truck. "Oh shit. I have to go."

Buck ran to the dorm where IQ and Blitz were keeping there stuff at the moment, lucky enough to reach IQ just before she entered the room. If she made it inside there was no chance he would have been able to talk to her.

"Monika!" he yelled out, only to be ignored "Monika please. Can we at least talk? I know why you're mad at me."

"Oh so you picked up on that but not on the countless hints I've been dropping." IQ snapped.

"I wasn't-"

"Don't start with me Sebastien." IQ warned "If you didn't feel the same way you could have just told me instead of making me feel like a fucking idiot."

"Please can we just talk about this?" Buck pleaded.

"You already have someone Sebastien!" IQ said, raising her voice "Why are you so concerned about losing me?"

"Because you're my best friend."

"But that's all I'll ever be to you." IQ said "Tell me, do you love her?"

The question caught Buck by surprised. He couldn't bring himself to look at her as he slowly nodded. "Yes."

IQ turned around to enter her room but Buck wasn't willing to give up. "Monika please, I didn't want to ruin our friendship."

"And yet you still somehow did." IQ said "Elias and I were talking before you found us. He said our old places in GSG-9 were still available. He asked if we wanted to go back and I said yes. Me and Dominic are leaving once all this is over. I don't want to leave while still pissed at you so please just give me some space right now."

IQ went in her room and shut the door, leaving Buck standing in the hallway.

Zofia and Jeremiah were in the armory, loading all magazines with their respective ammunitions. As she inserted a round inside a magazine, Zofia flinched, catching the attention of her husband.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

Zofia waved him off. "Yeah, its just my wound. I'm fine."

"You were shot, Zo. Let me do it." Jeremiah said, taking the magazine from Zofia "If I can't be there for Sophie, at least let me be here for you."

"We will get her back Jeremiah."

"She shouldn't have been there in the first place. This is all my fault."

"Why? Did you just watch her get taken? You fought back. That's why it wasn't your fault and that's why we're getting her back." Zofia said "Now keep your head up. If I wanted to marry a quitter I wouldn't have married you."

"You married me because I got you pregnant." Jeremiah said, a hint of a smile on his lips.

"That doesn't mean I don't love you."

Zofia pulled him in and kissed him lightly, her tongue parting his lips as it entered his mouth. Jeremiah ran a hand through her hair and pulled her in closer, their kissing slowly turning into making out. His hands began to explore Zofia's body when someone behind them cleared his throat and they pushed each other off.

"Gustave told me to get everyone. We're leaving soon." Capitao said.

Jeremiah and Zofia awkwardly thanked him and waited for him to leave before they finished loading up the magazines. They grabbed their firearms and walked back to the others, who were already waiting by the cars.

"This doesn't change anything Bosak." Twitch said as Zofia walked towards them "When all this is over you're getting sent away to a small dark box somewhere where you can never hurt anyone ever again. That is if I don't kill you first."

Jeremiah took a step towards Twitch but Zofia held him back. "I understand." She said.

No one said anything to each other as they continued to pack up. They all entered the car and when IQ saw Buck and Alibi sitting together, she chose to ride in the other car. Rook, who was in the driver's seat noticed. "Monika's pissed at you? Wow you must have really fucked up."

"I get it Julien." Buck said, slightly pissed that he was reminded of that fact twice already "Let's just please go."

Rook shifted the car in gear and drove off to where Buck, Alibi and IQ went last time. Just as he killed the engine the other car arrived and they exited. With their guns on the hood, Blitz scouted the area with a pair of binoculars. "Monika was right. The south side is barely guarded." He said "Let's wait until night time, it would be harder for us to be spotted."

Rook looked at the sky. It was about an hour until sunset. A little sleep wouldn't harm anyone.

"Julien, wake up." Buck said, shaking him slightly. He opened his eyes and he could barely see anything, aside from the massive fog lights on the roof of the outpost.


They slowly made their way down, waited for the lights to cycle through before running to the south side of the outpost. While running, Blitz tripped on a mound on the dirt. He turned to see what it was and saw more than a dozen more. He was lying on a graveyard.

He was too distracted by that to notice the EE-One-D slowly hovering towards him. It emited a light and began to beep. Blitz heard that sound enough times to know what it meant.

It was countinng down as it scanned him.

Blitz was frozen. If he moved his presence will be revealed to the white masks but if he didn't, the fog lights would spot him as it cycled back.

A shovel flew into the drone and dropped it at Blitz's feet. He felt someone pull him back just as the light reached the spot he was just on.

"Sorry Oliver." Castle said as he helped Blitz up.

He brought him to the others, who were huddled around a locked door. Capitao had a gun pointed on its padlock. "This will make a lot of noise so when its open get inside and hide." He said.

The others nodded and he took the safety off. Before he could fire it however, the door opened from the inside and Thermite appeared.

Buck looked at him. "Jordan? Jesus you look like you came back from thhe dead."

"You have no idea." He responded "Come on, we'll talk inside."

Thermite peeked around the corner before turning back to face them. "Ela got your message." He whispered "She said we needed to get someone outside to let you guys in. I was in pretty bad shape back then but Lera patched me up. She and Ela woke me up while the others were up. Lera gave me a few pills. She said it can slow down my heart rate to the point that it becomes undetectable. It would also knock me out, make me look like I was dead so when I get taken outside to be buried I can let you guys in."

"What if you got buried before you woke up?" IQ asked.

"That was a huge risk actually, but I still did it."

"What do we do now?"

"Most of the white masks are asleep during this time." Thermite said "We should let the others out first, arm them, then go after these fuckers."

They all agreed and snuck to the holding cells. Thermite brought them to their cell and Rook unlocked it. He slowly opened the door and peeked inside. Everyone was asleep except for Mira, who then woke everyone else when she saw Rook.

He opened the door all the way and walked in the room. He dropped a duffel bag in the middle of the room and opened it, handing everyone firearms. While everyone got a gun, Ash screamed at the sight of Thermite.

"Jordan!" she ran to him and wrapped her arms around him, tears in her eyes "I thought you were dead."

"We faked it." Thermite said as he hugged her back "I'm sorry we didn't tell you but it had to be believable."

Rook looked around the room, scanning everyone there. "Wait, where's Ela?"

"Their boss called her. Something about talking to Bosak's daughter."

"What? Where?" Zofia asked, shocking everyone with the fact that she was still alive.

"Last time I heard, they were at the dorms." Finka said.

Zofia and Jeremiah ran out and Rook followed despite everyone telling them to wait. The others ran out and the alarms went to life. The white masks were already awake.

"Shit." Buck said "Fan out, kill them the first chance you get. They still outnumber us so don't let yourself get pinned down."

Rook, Zofia and Jeremiah reached the intersection of all the dorms. "Nizan, search the east wing we'll search the west. If you find Ela or my daughter tell me."

Rook nodded and they split up. He ran down the halls, calling out for Ela as he kicked down the doors one by one. He reached the suites and kicked the door open, seeing that Ela was waiting for him on the other side. She was tied to a chair, her clothes looked like they were hastily put back on and her tears ruined her mascara.

"Jesus Christ Ela." Rook said. She tried to yell through the wash cloth stuffed in her mouth when he approached her, panicking when he began to cut through her restraints with his knife "Calm down Ela you'll be ok."

Before Rook could finish cutting however, someone smashed a vase over his head from behind. He fell to the ground, disoriented to the point that he barely dodged the boot that was trying to crush his head. He scrambled to get back up and back away from his attacker who stepped forward, the moonlight coming from the window revealing herself to him.

"Should've known it was you." Rook snarled.

"Took you long enough." Amelia said "I was getting bored of your girlfriend."

Amelia lunged for Rook, bombarding him with way more hits than he could block. While they fought, Ela tugged on her restraints. Even after Rook cut through some of it, she still struggled. She looked back to them, Amelia barely missed Rook with a roundhouse kick, who then took his chance and grabbed her, slamming her against the wall.

"Is that it Nizan? She fought back way more than you did."

Amelia elbowed Rook in the side and grabbed him by the arm and swung him around so that know he was the one pressed against the wall. She twisted his arm behind his back and Rook yelled.

"God I love it when they scream." Amelia said "I wish I could her Ela's when I forced my fingers inside her."

Rook's eyes narrowed in anger. He head-butted Amelia and pushed her off. He raised his rifle only to have it kicked away by Amelia and it scattered to the floor. Rook pulled his magnum out and pointed it Amelia, who redirected the barrel at the last second. Rook tried to shoot her again multiple times, each attempt less successful than the last.

Frustrated, Rook hit Amelia in the throat and when she gasped for air, he shoved the barrel off his revolver in her mouth. He pulled the trigger and it clicked as the hammer moved back and hit a spent shell.

He was empty.

Amelia struck him in the face and dove for the rifle on the ground. She grabbed it and fired it at Rook and he fell backwards. Amelia turned around and saw Ela coming at her with Rook's knife. She disarmed Amelia before she could even raise the rifle and slashed the knife at her. Amelia leaned back, barely dodging the tip of the blade.

She tried to kick Ela at the head but she caught her leg and stabbed her twice in the thigh, before stabbing her in between the legs. Amelia screamed as Ela twisted the blade before hitting it with her knee, driving it even deeper into her. Ela yanked the knife out violently and Amelia stumbled backwards. Ela charged at her again.

"This is for Taina…Seamus…Grace…Mike…Siu…Marius…Meghan…and Shuhrat." She said, stabbing Amelia in different parts of the body with each name she said. She drove the knife deep in her stomach and dragged it across her abdomen before shoving her hand in the wound and pullling her guts out then shoving the knife in her neck.

Ela pushed her downwards. If she wasn't dead by now, she was when Ela began bashing the knife into her face, crying as she let her anger take over, stabbing her over and over until she was completely covered in Amelia's blood.

"Ela! Ela that's enough!" Rook yelled as he pulled her off Amelia, disarming her before she could hurt herself.

Ela dropped the knife and broke down. "She…she fucking raped me Julien." She sobbed.

Rook pulled her in for a hug and rubbed her head. "Its ok, its ok. Its over now, she can't hurt you anymore."

He tried not to look at Amelia's mangled corpse as he helped Ela up. "Come on, we have to help the others."

"They took Sophie."

"I know. Your sister and her husband are searching for her. We have to help the others."

Ela shook her head. "No. I think I know where he took Sophie."

"Lead the way."

The two of them ran out of the room, not bothering to close the door so that anyone passing by can see what Ela did to Amelia. They ran for the far end of the outpost, the most secluded place and where the panic rooms were located.

"What makes you so sure they're there?" Rook asked.

"I talked to their leader. He's not like the others, he's still a terrorist but he gives a fuck about people." Ela said "Chances are when he first heard gunshots he would have tried to keep Sophie safe and the panic roomss are the best place to do it."

Rook nodded and they continued running. When they got there, the two guards standing outside one of the panic rooms proved Ela right. Rook gunned them down immediately and went for the keypad.

"Do you know the code?"

"No. Whoever's inside sets the conde from there. The only way we can get in is if-"

The door to the panic room opened, cutting Ela off mid-sentence. Rook opened it all the way, gun raised for anymore guards, only to find just one man, sitting on a chair, looking at them patiently.

"Santiago you son of a bitch where's Sophie?"

"Ela!" Sophie yelled out as she ran out of the small bathroom. She ran up to her and gave her a hug.

"I opened the door, in case you were wondering." Santiago said "I'm also unarmed. Don't worry I don't plan on fighting back."

"We're still killing you." Rook said, to which Santiago just opened his arms to Rook.

"No one's stopping you."

"Why? Why you doing this?" Ela asked.

Santiago shrugged. "I told you. If I'm going to win this war, I'm doing it with the least amount of casualties possible. If I have to take another person's life to save mine, I'd rather just loose mine."

From behind Ela, Rook cocked his rifle. "Your call Ela. Shoot him or not."

Ela glanced back at Rook before staring at Santiago. "Get out of here and never come back."

Santiago gave Ela a small bow before leaving the room. "You're just letting him go?" Rook asked.

"Why not? He may be a white mask but he's a way better person than Six."

Rook gave her a faint smile before kneeling down to greet Sophie.

"Hi there." He said "I'm Julien."

"Hi. Are you related to me too?"

"Uh no. I'm more of and aquaintance due to involvement with the family."

Sophie just stared at him and Rook rubbed the back of his neck. "It means I'm fu-, uh friends with your aunt."

Ela chuckled at the way Rook nearly swore at Sophie, and she made sure he noticed. He rolled his eyes at her before turning back to Sophie. "Hold on, let me get your mother."

He pressed his fingers into his comms. "Hey Bosak we have your daughter, meet us in the rec room."

He was answered with static.

Rook glanced at Ela nervously before trying again. " Zofia, we have Sophie, please respond."

When there was more static, Rook looked at Ela. "We have to go."

Castle and Twitch killed a few more white masks, a grin on their faces as the tides of the battle began to turn in their direction. Before any of the white masks could even react to any of them they would already be gunned down. Those who were lucky enough not to be had ran away. If they kept this up, the outpost will be theirs again.

They rounded the corner and came face to face with the last of the white masks in their last stand, guns at the ready. Castle swore and pushed Twitch to the other side of the hallway before jumping out of their line of fire. The two of them backed up as far as they can but it was no use. That side was a dead end.

They could hear the white masks advancing towards them. If they get pinned, they're dead but if they ran they'd be gunned down. There was no way out.

Before the white masks could reach them however, someone yelled out from the other side of the hallway.

"Over here motherfuckers!" Zofia yelled, getting their attention as well as their bullets. Castle and Twitch took the chance and shot them from behind, killing of the last of the white masks.

They had won.

But at what cost? Zofia stumbled backwards and leaned on the wall as she slid downwards to the floor. Castle and Twitch ran to her just as the others arrived as well.

"Mommy!" Sophie yelled as she ran to her side "Is she going to be ok?" she asked with tears in her eyes.

"Hang on Bosak I'm getting my stim pistol." Doc said as he ran back to the medbay but Zofia knew it wouldn't make a difference. She barely survived one gunshot from Amelia, and know she has a center mass filled with bullets. She wasn't bouncing bback from this. Instead, she just held her daughter's hand as she bled out onto the floor.



6 months later:

A man walked in a dark parking lot, cautiously looking over his shoulder every two seconds. He reached his car when two suppressed shots rang out, hitting him in the legs. He fell to the ground and a man in a trench coat approached him, the barrel of his pistol poking out from two bullet holes.

The man grabbed the brief case that the man he shot dropped. "Eliza, I have it." He said to his radio.

"Good. Get back here. Nice work Jordan."

Thermite reached for the man's phone and dialed 911. "Put pressure on that." He instructed to the man.

He walked back to the surveillance van parked on the other street, entered and gave Ash the briefcase. He closed the door and told Mira to drive before the police get there.

"What did you get?" Mira asked.

"I'm working on it." Ash said as she picked the lock of the briefcase. After tinkering with it for a bit, they heard a click and it opened. Inside were files on people in witness protection as well as a note telling them to meet someone at a bar before midnight.

"Looks like our man sold a few people out and someone else is willing to buy." Thermite "Drive to The World's End Elena, let's see if we can catch two criminals tonight."

Mira parked the car outside of the bar and Thermite walked in the bar. He ordered a drink and looked around. "I don't like this guys."

"Why?" Ash asked "See anything suspicious?"

"No. I'm drinking alone in a bar full of couples." Thermite said "I feel like Elena."

"Oh fuck you Jordan." Mira said.

Ash chuckled at their banter. With Jager dead and IQ back at GSG-9, she certainly missed moments like this. Back before everything went to shit. Now that there were only three of them working an op, she couldn't help but wonder where the others were now.

Buck began to strip his clothes off as a naked, eager Alibi watched him from his bed. After taking his underwear off, he joined her on the bed and began to make out. Even though they have sex all the time, he could always find a way to make each session different from the last, but tonight he had something huge planed. Something that would blow all those other sessions out of the water.

"So what do you have planned for tonight?" Alibi asked.

Buck could barely contain his excitement. "You'll see. Reach into my jacket pocket."

Alibi did as she was told and pulled out a small black box. She opened it and her jaw dropped, speechless as she turned back to Buck.

"How about the first time we fuck with me as your fiancee?" he asked.

"That is the most inappropriate way to propose to someone Sebastien."

"But its still a proposal. What do you say Aria? Will you spend the rest of your life with me?"

Alibi looked at him with tears in her eyes as she nodded. "Yes."

Buck began to tear up as well and placed the ring on Alibi's finger. He gave her a kiss. "I love you Aria."

"I love you too." She said, wiping her tears away with her hands so that her eyes can be filled with mischief instead "We're still going to fuck though."

"Your wish is my command Mrs. Cote."

They continued to make out as Alibi rolled on top and mounted Buck.

Frost walked to her room, hand clutching a small box wrapped in colorful paper. A gift for Hibana's birthday. She reached her door and began to unlock it when she heard something glass break from inside the room. She walked in to find Hibana crying on the floor, surrounded by bottles of alcohol.

"Yumiko, what's wrong?" Frost asked.

"Its my birthday today Tina." Hibana drunkenly sobbed "I'm thirty-five and yet look at me. Meghan's dead, my parents disowned me for being gay and everyone around me has found someone. I have no one Tina. I'm alone."

Frost looked at her with pity as she continued to cry. She sighed and sat down next to her. "Sebastien just called. He told me Aria said yes."


"He took Aria to his cabin to propose to her and she said yes. My parents are both dead, my friends are either dead or leaving and my best friend just got engaged, while I'm still here. But I'm not alone Yumiko. Do you know why? Because I have you, and you have me."

Frost held Hibana close, comforting her friend as she cried her eyes out.

Castle and Twitch sat in a car, looking at the house across the street.

"This is a bad idea Miles." Twitch said.

"We flew all the way to Tours and you're telling me this now?"

"Its just, I haven't seen them in a long time."

"They're still your parents Emmanuelle." Castle said "Just talk to them."

"What do you want me to say? 'Hi, it's the daughter you disowned. I just came by to tell you I had sex with a man I wasn't married to and he got me pregnant, but don't worry because I lost the baby anyway'. I'm telling you now Miles, this won't go well."

"Take all the time you need Emmanuelle, but we're not leaving today without you reconciling with your parents."

Twitch sighed. She got out of the car and Castle followed. They walked to the doorstep and knocked on the door.

"Why did I let you talk me into this?" Twitch asked.

"Probably because you love me."

Twitch gave him a faint smile just as the door opened in front of them and they were face to face with an elderly couple.

"Good afternoon, Mr and Mrs. Pichon, I'm Miles Campbell. I'm your daughter's boyfriend and she would like to have a word with you."

The two of them looked at each other before welcoming Castle and Twitch inside. "You don't know how long we waited for this Emi."

Twitch smiled and they walked in.

This might not be so bad after all.

Rook and Ela walked inside a cemetery, looking for two graves that Ela was told were located there. When they finally found them, Ela hesitated.

"Are you going to be ok?" Rook asked her.

"Yeah. I just need a second."

"Do you want me to come with you."

Ela shook her head. "No. I've put this off for too long. I have to do it by myself."

Rook nodded and gave her a hug. "I understand. I'll wait in the car."

Ela watched him walk back for a bit before turning back around. She walked towards two gravestones with two boquets of flowers in her hands. She set one down on her father's grave…

…and another on her sister's.