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For full effect of the chapter, I wrote it to the Three Days Grace songs, "Me Against You" and "Infra-red"

The house Marinette was being pulled through was packed, more than it usually was. Her body was being shoved in different directions by the dancing bodies as Alya shouted her greetings to the party goers, laughing at the way her best friend was acting by the commotion.

"Alya! Why did you drag me out of the dorms on a Thursday night, especially when I have an exam in the morning!" Marinette yelled over the blaring music only to groan when Alya pressed ahead of her, pulling her to where the music was getting louder. The red head turned her head, sending a knowing smirk.

"You've been in a funk ever since Adrien and Kagami made it official, girl! I thought you would love to see who will be playing on the stage tonight." Alya laughed, stepping into a new room of the house. The way the party goers were acting, it seemed like Jagged Stone was here himself. "Move over girlies, number one fan coming through." Alya shouted over the screaming girls, earning scoffs and "As if" from the group of the girls.

"Alya, you're making them angry…" Marinette shied away from the now glaring girls; she felt more intimidated around these types of girls than she ever felt around Chloe. The girls continue to press through the crowd, almost making the stage, the vibrations from the bass racking through Marinette's body. "Alya… it can't be." Marinette looked up to the stage to see her former crush singing into the mic, not having seen her yet. Taking in his appearance, the blue haired girl blushed, earning another smirk from her best friend. "This…" Alya cocked her hip to one side and crossed her arms, "this is why I dragged you out." She laughed, looking at the starstuck Marinette.

Luka Couffaine.

His hair clipped back by his bangs, his shoulders more broad since the last time she saw him, he seemed to have more muscletone on his biceps now. Marinette made a small noise when the explicit words left his light pink lips, bless her innocent mindset. His large hands struck the chords precisely to make the song hit her to her core. She stared up at the upcoming rock god Luka was becoming in awe.

"Told ya it'd be worth it." Alya snickered out but received a hushing sound from Marinette, her hands clasped together like she was in a prayer and Luka would hear it.

Luka whipped his head to the side, sweat shining on his forehead. Focus and happiness evident on his face, then his eyes met hers. His face dropped, scaring Marinette. Scared she wasn't supposed to see him like this, but then that fear turned into a brighter blush as he spoke to her, squatting down to be on somewhat eye level with the blushing girl.

"You can't win against my kind of crazy." He sang, a raised eyebrow and a smirk on his lips. The group of girls around the stage went crazy at his sexy stance, but Marinette continued to just stare at him, a small smile forming on her lips, soon turned into a lip bite. Her thoughts swarmed, forgetting all about the recent events of Adrien and Kagami making it official. Now her head was full of Luka Couffaine. How strong he looked, how he would be able to hold her up when she couldn't. The sweat on his forehead, how it could mix with hers. His lips, how they could pressed against hers, anywhere on her.

Marinette was too busy with the thoughts in her head to realize that the song had changed to a song that seemed to be directed right at her.

"I know that you're burning out for me. Fire in your bloodstream." Luka kept the smirk on his lips, releasing his hands from the guitar in his hands, reaching out for Marinette's hands.

"Moving through you at light speed. I see you, I see you." Luka's aqua eyes burned into Marinette's, his hands grasped hers, holding them tightly. His singing continued as the group of girls that originally scoffed at the girls stared at the two in a mixed look of jealousy, longing, and love.

"Hello there, Ma-ma-Marinette." He chuckled, earning screams from the girls and the rest of the crowd that seemed to grow larger in the small room. Luka reached one arm behind himself to balance his body as he went to sit on the stage, his long legs hanging over the edge.

The band that was playing with the Couffaine boy all screamed out after they too realized it was the Marinette Dupain-Cheng, the girl that they all went to school with. A blonde girl, who now had a hot pink streak running through her longer hair. "MARI!" The girl known as Rose screamed out. She jumped off the stage, pushing Luka's body away from her longtime friend.

"Marinette! It's been so long! How have you been? How are things going for you in school? How did you like the band? We call ourselves 'Four Coffins'.Luka never stopped talking about you, even after all these years. How are you and Adrien?" Rose continued to ramble off questions, bouncing on her toes. Luka laughed awkwardly when Rose revealed he hasn't stopped thinking about Marinette since they were teenagers.

Marinette gave another small smile, Alya placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Things have been okay, Adrien and Kagami made it official that they were dating last week, even though everyone already knew they were." Marinette laughed it off. "I'm glad to see you guys! You guys were amazing up there." She smiled, looking at all the band members; Luka Couffaine, lead guitarist and now lead singer, Juleka Couffaine on bass. Ivan Bruel on drums, who also now had a green streak running through his hair. Rose Lavillant, now on piano since Adrien left the band for school.

All four of the members gave her sympathetic smiles at the answer for the Adrien question, knowing how crazy she was for the boy. After middle school, her fanatic tendencies toned down. She could talk to him one on one without looking like she was about to pass out.

Luka rubbed the back of his head, trying to think of something to say to try and cheer her up, but nothing came to mind. He's only been in this place once in his life, and it was years ago. Hearing the girls laugh, he looked back over to the group and watched as Marinette and the gang caught back up.

"Guys, I'm really fine. After tonight," Marinette paused, stealing a glance over to the lead singer of the group. She giggled seeing him have such an expression on his face, she's had that expression too many times. "I feel like it wasn't that big of a deal. I felt… great tonight. Even though I have an exam to study for!" Marinette yelled out towards the end, bouncing on her toes. "I, uh, I need to go like now guys! Alya, I'll see you sometime later!" Marinette turned on her heel, and started pushing her body back towards where the door was. As she was about to head through the entrance, a hand grasped her wrist, jerking her back towards a hard frame.

With a grunt, Marinette looked up to see a frat boy holding her arm in his hand. "Aww, leaving already sweetcheeks? It's not even that late." The boy reeked of alcohol and sweat, his face getting dangerously close to hers. Marinette pulled on her arm, trying to get away.

"I am, I have an exam in the morning. I demand you release me, unless you would like to be embarrassed in front of your friends." She shouted back, jerking her arm out of his grasp. There's going to be a bruise there tomorrow. She thought to herself.

The boy glared at her, passing his solo cup to one of his friends. "I don't think I like that attitude of yours, just wanted you to stay and have some fun, with me and my buddies." He started getting closer to her, and just as Marinette was about to embarrass him, a voice spoke out.

"Hey, Marinette, I'll walk you back to your dorm." Luka walked up to her, his height difference was a huge one. Luka towered over the fashion major, and had a good height difference over the frat boy. "Word of advice, unless you want to end up in jail, don't try and force girls to stay and 'have some fun with you and your buddies,' alright?" Luka pushed passed them, wrapping his arm around Marinette, and leading her out the door.

"I could have handled it." Marinette spoke, after they were a good distance away from the party house; Luka's arm was still wrapped around her, his free hand shoved in his pocket. Huffing a sigh, a cloud of vapor forming in the cold temperatures. "I was about to flip that jerk on his butt." The girl pumped her fists out in front of her in a fighting motion. Luka laughed at her antics, his laugh even sounding like a melody to her. Marinette blushed, bringing her arms back to her body and crossed them at her chest.

Luka smiled down at her. "I know you could have, I never doubted that you couldn't. I just didn't like how they were looking at you. I should have punched his lights out or something." There was anger dripping off Luka's words, his arm tightening around Marinette, pulling her body closer to his. "I was so calm, but I wasn't trying to cause a huge ruckus in that small of a space. God, that really pissed me off. Do guys always try and approach you like that guy did?" He started rambling, his body on autopilot, following wherever Marinette's body went.

Marinette stared up at him in awe; the only person whoever spoke that way about her was Alya, and that was a regular thing. This was new. Marinette wrapped her arm closest to Luka's body and stepped in front of him, stopping him in his tracks. "Luka, it's okay. I don't remember ever seeing you so upset before. It's not an everyday thing, no, just happens when I go to the occasional party with Alya. I appreciate you walking me back to my dorm. Alya will probably be out really late, she doesn't have classes on Friday." Luka looked at Marinette's face, grabbing her hand.

"Maybe I could stay over, ya know," Luka rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand, "until she gets back?" Both of the young adults faces blushed, Marinette kicked a rock out from between the two.

"I, uh, yeah, that uhm, that sounds fine? I mean, yes, totally, come over!" Marinette spat out her answer, mentally groaning at herself for her old ways. Her hand tightened its hold on Luka's, who stared at her with a blank face, then he busted out laughing.

"God, I've missed you a lot, MaMaMarinette." He continued to laugh as Marinette pouted, pulling him into the direction of her dorm.

"Can you stop calling me that yet? It's been seven years!" Marinette started giggling. "Seven years, it feels like it's been so much longer since I've seen you."

"Yeah, feels like ten. Glad we met up tonight, though. Me and the others leave town on Monday morning. Jagged Stone actually heard one of our covers and asked us if we wanted to be an opening band for his Europe tour. That's something we can't refuse, ya know?" Luka's face fell into a frown, walking into a warm tower of a building, still in step with Marinette.

The girl unlocked her dorm, her own face cast downward. "Oh wow, I'm really glad we crossed paths, too. That's insanely awesome that you and the others were asked by THE Jagged Stone to be an opening band on tour. I, uh, I really did want to catch up with you." Marinette walked over to her bed, plopping down on the soft surface. Realizing she left it the way she did, her head shot up. "I mean with you and the others. I wanted to catch up with everyone."

Luka stepped into the room, following Marinette to her bed. He crouched in front of her form, his arms crossed on her lap. He smiled at the fact she wanted to catch up with him… and the others, but she said him first.

"Well, we can always facetime, and text, Marinette." He leaned his head to side, placing his head down on his arms. "You seem like this is the last time you'll see me. If I have it my way, it'll be the start of many." Luka smiled up at her, taking one hand up, placing her chin between his calloused fingers.

Marinette blushed once more as she thought of how large his hands were, and how talented he was with his fingers. Shaking her head, she smiled down at him.

"I think I'd like more run ins, too."

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