Eyes on Fire

Rated T/M (for some adult themes)

Songs used: "Eyes on Fire" by Blue Foundation

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Marinette smiled down at Luka's hand down on her thigh, enjoying the heat she could feel from it. Luka leaned his head over to thump on Marinette's shoulder.

"So… what do you think about me?" His voice swam in her her head, replaying the question, trying to think of the best suitable answer. Leaning her body back, her back made contact with the bed with a thud. Luka's head fell to the side when she leaned back, but he quickly snapped it back up so he didn't flop down on her body. His gaze landed on her face, watching as her eyebrows knit together.

"I will try and put this in the most simple of words so I don't sound crazy." Marinette laughed at herself. "Not even two hours ago, I finally realized that my so called 'crush' on Adrien was just my younger self trying to find my soulmate at such a young age, I thought that he could be my Prince Charming, so I was always trying to push my 'feelings' onto him. I honestly realize that I was chasing the wrong guy." Luka laid his head down beside Marinette's, his hand leaving her thigh making her miss the warmth. "When I met you, my feelings went wacky? Like… I knew I had an actual crush on you but scared myself away from it because I believed I was only supposed to like Adrien. So, I tried to push those feelings away! Crazy, right?"

Luka gave her a small smile, understanding what she meant. "I met you when I was 17, Marinette, so I get it. I had a better grasp of my feelings towards you than you did your own. I won't lie to you and say I didn't dare around, trying to see if I could feel anything remotely what I felt towards you to others, but it never even came close. Feelings are tricky to understand, my dad would always tell me when he read stories to me and Juleka for bedtime that we would know when we met someone who was going to change our lives for the better."

Her heart jerked when he confessed he had been with other people in the past seven years, but it was only natural. She never gave him the attention she should have when she noticed her own feelings.

"Your dad is on smart cookie then, because I know I definitely feel something towards you." Groaning at her confession, she let out a sigh. "Luka, when I saw you the other night, light came back into my life. I didn't feel stressed out over school anymore. I didn't feel sad about Adrien and Kagami… not until Rose brought it back up, but still! I felt so… so… so much better being in your presence then I did in Adrien's peripheral, ya know?"

Nodding, Luka rolled over to his side, propping his head on his bent arm. "Nah, I understand completely. When I noticed you in front of stage, I felt like I had a reason to sing again, sounds lame, but it's true. And I totally understand what you mean about feeling so much better in a person's presence than just being an afterthought. I always felt like I was in Adrien's shadow," noticing the frown on Marinette's face, "I mean, I always felt like I didn't have a chance of having this, you and me confessing to each other because of your feelings towards him. Marinette, you deserve to be happy and not waiting seven years to realize that they like you. It's lame if they take that long. I'm lame because I didn't confess back then."

Marinette stared at him for a second, then surprised him and herself by throwing her left leg over his, straddling his hips.

"You are definitely not lame, Luka. If I had a dictionary, I'd see your face as a reference to the word 'cool.' If anything, we're both pretty lame for waiting on each other, yeah we were teenagers, but still! You had a feeling, I had a feeling, but we didn't act on it. I'm just glad we both realized before it was too late." Tears trailed down her face as her bottom lip quivered. "This situation is lame." She laughed out, her tears dripping off her face and hitting his shirt. What an emotional weekend she was about to have.

Luka reached out an arm and placed his hand on her cheek. "I'll agree that we're both lame. Marinette, I know it's pretty fast, saying we both admitted our feelings to one another, but would you mind if I kissed you again?"

Her lips crashing to his was a sure enough answer to the question. Their mouths moved against each others, small smiles were evident in the kisses. Marinette braced her arms on the side Luka's head as his hands were placed on here hips, drawing her in closer.

Feeling bold, Marinette stuck her tongue out just a bit, tracing Luka's bottom lip, his mouth opening partly for her to explore. Pulling away briefly, Luka flipped them over so that he was now on top.

Marinette's legs were hanging off the side of the bed limply, Luka's were on either side of her body. One hand reached out and caressed her face and the other hand braced him above her.

"As much as I want this to continue, we should probably go to bed, gotta face your parents in the morning, remember?" He leaned down to peck her cheek before he pushed himself off the bed. A small pout made it's way to the disheveled woman's face as she sat up. "If we have it my way, we'll continue later." Luka winked at her, grabbing a pillow off the bed.

Watching him as he made his way to the door, Marinette tilted her head. "Where are you going?" Her voice was small, her eyes finding his when he turns.

"I said I'd sleep on the couch, Mari." He chuckled out. "You get the bed because I am such a gentleman." Winking, he stepped out of the room.

Rolling her eyes with a smile, she yelled out a goodnight then flopped down on the bed to get some much needed sleep.

Tom and Sabine traded glances between each other and then looked to the two young adults sitting at the kitchen island. Sabine let a small snort, Tom's booming laughter following suit.

"Marinette, honey," Sabine placed a hand on her chest, trying to quiet down her giggles, "we appreciate the thought that you wanted to ask us."

Tom wiped a tear from his eye, placing a hand on the kitchen counter. "You're twenty-one, sugar-bear, we trust you to make the decisions that are best for you. If you really want our permission," Tom moved his hand to wrap it around Sabine's shoulder, "of course you can. Just make sure to call us here and there while on tour with those rockers." Sabine smiled with a nod to confirm what Tom had said.

"That's great to hear, Mr. Dupain, Mrs. Chang. As the band's manager, it gives me less to worry about to know you gave your college student daughter permission. Luka, I'll inform Penny that Marinette will be joining us. I'll call Marcus to see how Ms. Césaire's talk is going." The older woman clicked a stylus to her tablet, typing a few things before she turned on her heel walking towards the door.

"Thanks a bunch for coming, Izzy." Luka smiled over to the woman, getting a smile out of her before she closed the door leading to the hallway. Luka let out a huff of air as he turned back Marinette and her parent's, placing his hand on the young woman's thigh. "I really appreciate you two saying yes to letting her go on tour with us. I promise to always be by her side, and to make sure no wackos or groupies make her uncomfortable."

Sabine smiled at Luka as she walked around the kitchen island, surprising both Luka and Marinette when she wrapped her arms around the man. "We're trusting you, Mr. Couffaine. Remember, just because we're not there and something you do hurts her, we will find out and her best friend will most likely murder you." Sabine's smile was more dark now as she moved to kiss her daughter's head. "Have fun dear, bring me back a souvenir or two! If you two can, you should spend the night here and I'll make a big dinner! Invite Alya and the other's over too, dear." Sabine kissed her daughter's cheek in a finally goodbye for the day as she motioned for Tom to follow her back downstairs to the bakery.

Popping back into the room, Izzy tapped on different things on her tablet. "So, Ms. Césaire's parents are allowing her to go, apparently she got the same reaction out of her parents as you did with yours. I will be heading back to Le Grand Paris to talk things over with Penny face to face. Marinette, I'll be getting the tickets for the first flight around noon. Make sure your passport is up to date, I'm sure Marcus has given the other one the same talk. Please have all your stuff ready to go by 7am, the flight leaves at 10am." Clicking on her tablet one last time, Izzy pressed the power button on the side, locking the screen. "I'm sure you all will have a great time on this tour. It will be stressful at times, but I'm sure will be more enjoyable than stressful. I will see you at the hotel 7am sharp tomorrow. Have a great last day here, you two." Tilting her head with a smile, Izzy left the apartment, leaving Luka and Marinette sighing.

Marinette leaned her body over to thump against Luka's. "I have so much packing to get done." Luka wrapped his arm around Marinette's, laughing. Since the two had left Luka's place so early, and she only had to dress to wear, Luka loaned her a hoodie and found a smaller pair of sweatpants.

"I need to text Alya and invite her over for dinner, and the others of course. Do you mind shooting Juleka a text and asking her for me as I text the others?" She pulled out her phone from her back pocket, earning a nod from Luka.

After sending out texts and getting confirmations, Marinette made her way upstairs to her bedroom. Pulling out suitcases from her closet, she started packing most of the day.

The bakery closed early that day so that the bakers could spend their evening with their daughter and her friends before they left for tour.

Many memories were made as food was passed around the table; laughs were shared, tears were shed. Marinette excused herself from the table, wanting to take a walk on the now quiet streets she grew up on. Alya quickly volunteered herself to walk with Marinette

Marinette shoved her hands into her coat pocket, her boots clacking on the cobblestone roads that were Paris's sidewalks. Taking in everything, she smiled. It wasn't like she was moving, but she'd be gone for about a month. Visiting new places, meeting new people. It was a big change for her, but a much welcomed change.

Alya's hands were also stuffed into her pockets, glancing at Marinette as they walked. "So… anything good happen last night after you two left? I texted you all night, expecting at least one text this morning, but it never came! Girl, you have to spill the deets! Did he walk you back to the dorm? Did you just come back here so you would be able to talk to your parents this morning? What happened?" Alya took a seat on a bench that had come into view.

Their walked had ended them up in the park they had always hung out at as teenagers. The fountain was off, the ground was covered in snow, the streetlights adding a pretty glow to the snow that seemed fairy-tale like. Sighing, Marinette sat down beside her friend, hissing at the cold coming from the bench that they had decided to sit on.

"Uhm… well, I stayed at his apartment last night, actually." Marinette held her hand up to stop Alya before she could even speak. "Nothing really happened, I mean… I won't like and say nothing happened. I had to have him help get me out of that dress. Stupid me designed it with buttons instead of a zipper. Guess I was going for a more elegant look? I don't know, getting off topic here. He saw my bare back because I got surprised when he confessed to me. He turned around when I did so he didn't see my front." Marinette fanned herself as her face heated up remembering what happened next. Alya's mouth dropped, a corner tugging upwards as she listened to how the night unfolded.

"I confessed to him, after I put on clothes of course! I… kinda took lead and started kissing him. We made out for what seemed forever," Marinette pressed her hands to her cheeks now, air escaping her lips just to turn into a vapor cloud. "As soon as it started, it was over. I slept in his clothes and his bed, he took the couch."

It was Alya's turn to hold up her hand. "Wait wait wait. You stayed the night with Luka, in his apartment, in his bed, after confessing and nothing but making out happened? MARINETTE THAT WAS THE BEST OPPORTUNITY TO GET THE D! You do know what the D is, right? Of course you do. Mari! I appreciate you two going slow, but you both have so much pent up emotions that last night could have been more incredible than it was!" Alya stood up from her side of the bench, standing in front of her best friend. Huffing out air into a sigh, she crouched down with a smile. "I guess that's pretty good based on your past. I'm very proud of you for admitting your feelings. Definitely more proud you took the lead!" She laughed, pushing on Marinette's knee as she had a blush on her face.

"Thanks Alya, I want to take things slow, to assure him I'm not just rebounding, but… wow… if it would have happened last night, I don't think I would have been upset." Pushing herself up from the bench, they started making their way back to the Marinette's parents. "He smells so good, Alya. It's crazy! And I can say that since I was wrapped around his scent all night! His cologne isn't strong at all, most of his scent is just that, it's him!" Sighing dreamily, Marinette rocked her body side to side. "He's just amazing, Alya. I can't wait to see what's in store."

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