A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir fanfiction, so I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING BUT THE CREATIVITY PUT INTO IT!


It's been three years since Marinette and Adrien became their superhero personas. Cat Noir was finally able to tell his lady just how much he really loved her. Mari found herself falling for a very dorky and punny, leather-clad feline. Ladybug decided to give her Chaton a chance. One day though, she disappeared. Bugnapped.

Chapter 0: The Beginning

(I just want to let y'all know ahead of time that this fanfic switches between character POVS in this chapter quite a bit.)

Hawk Moth was angry. Livid.

Every chance he had to take Ladybug and Cat Noir's miraculouses were ruined by the incompetent humans that he evilized into supervillains.

Because that's his damned power.

He can only rely on others to do his bidding since his own butterfly miraculous depends on others to achieve it.

He cursed it.

He cursed Nooroo for being so dependent and helpless.

If only these damn brats would just give me their miraculouses already, then I wouldn't be in this situation, thought the supervillain Hawk Moth.

He ground his teeth and de-transformed after cursing the superheroes who always managed to get in his damned way.

Every. Single. Fucking. Time.

Oh, how he loathed them.

But now it's time to return to his civilian life as a world renowned fashion designer.

. . . . . .

Cat Noir jumped through his window just as he de-transformed back into the model Adrien Agreste. His Kwami Plagg came spiraling out of his miraculous which rests on his hand in the shape of a ring. Adrien plopped onto his stomach, a mumbled sigh of relief slipped through his pillow. Damn, that was difficult...thought the exhausted model.

It took him and Ladybug nearly five hours to defeat the latest akuma. He was called Oblivion because he had the power to create small black holes and suck everything in their path up into them. He and Ladybug had to be extra vigilant and extra cautious so as not to be sucked in. And Oblivion had this flying power and his body was covered head-to-toe in black and white leather.

It didn't take them long to figure where the akuma was hidden but actually getting to it, now, that was another story. The akuma was in the pair of white gloves that covered all the way up past his elbows. His outfit was awesome-looking, remembered Adrien, but damn, did he give us a run for our money! He wouldn't stop moving around and every time Ladybug or Cat Noir would get close to him, he would fly up higher or in the opposite direction from them. Not to mention, everywhere he aimed, was sent into his miniature black holes.

So it's understandable that freeing and purifying the akuma was the hardest part. That's why it took them nearly five hours. Oblivion kept dodging their attacks but he ending up flying back into a wall and he fell to the ground.

That was their chance.

Cat Noir pulled the gloves off and tossed them to his lady where she broke them and was finally able to purify the evilized akuma. When Oblivion disappeared, an old man in a white lab coat remained. He was a scientist who studied the solar system but mainly black holes. It was his passion; the thing he loved the most. But the government shut his lab down because of budget cuts and since he was alone; with no family nor any friend to keep him company, he despaired. And Hawk Moth took advantage of it.

That's how he became Oblivion, a supervillain who could create his own miniature black holes and sent everything flying through space.

So exhausted, Adrien could barely register Plagg's cry for camembert, his favourite stinky cheese.

"Not nooow, Plagg..." Adrien mumbled through his pillow.

"But my camembeeeert!" whined the Kwami.

Sighing with dismay, Adrien managed to pull himself up off the bed and to his mini fridge. He pulled out two whole wheels of the stinky cheese. Plagg flew to it like a moth to flame. He hummed with deep satisfaction.

. . . . . .

Ladybug landed softly on the balcony above her bedroom. Looking around, she saw no one around, so she opened the trap door leading down and jump through. Beneath her, lied a very comfortable bed and Ladybug wanted no more then to curl up in fluffy pink blankets and sleep the rest of the night away.

Except that she can't.

Ladybug still has homework to do. She de-transformed and once again became the girl beneath the black and red spotted mask, Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Her Kwami rested on Marinette's shoulder and watched silently as she got out her school supplies, but before she would be able to make it halfway through, she fell asleep on her desk. Her head rested peacefully on a work book.

. . . . . .

Gabriel Agreste was in a worse mood than before.

Nothing was going his way.

First, his son was getting harder and harder to control. He's always wanting to hang out with his "friends". Gabriel can't help but be disappointed in his son's decisions and choices of company. These "friends" of his are below him, beneath him, and a very bad influence.

Like that Nino kid, thought Gabriel. Trying to undermine my decision about not giving Adrien a birthday party. Ha! And just where did that leave him? Akumatized! Just what he deserved. Gabriel smirked to himself.


If he can just find someone with enough hatred or despair with a lot of potential to beat Ladybug and Cat Noir…

But no!

What does he get?

A bunch of incompetent fools!

Gabriel ground his teeth with aggravation.

He was itching to akumatized some unfortunate soul.

He wanted - needed - to exert his anger on to something.


He needed to feel - to be - in control.

He wasn't able to be in control over his wife's death; he was helpless.

Never again.

Everything will go his way.

He'll gain the miraculouses of Paris' superheroes and then be granted a wish. A wish he'll use to bring Emily Agreste back from death.

Then he and Adrien can have a complete family again.

Gabriel feels guilty for what he's had to put Adrien through since Emily's death. Gave him the cold shoulder and icy eyes. But he must be cold for his plan to work.

Yes, thought Gabriel, as he headed towards the tapestry of his wife and found the secret panel that opened up into his lair.

Yes. Lair. Hawk Moth's lair.

Because Gabriel Agreste, a world-renowned fashion designer, is Paris' most evil villain.

. . . . . .

Adrien awoke the next morning feeling worse than the night before. The Akuma was a hard battle fought. Ladybug had to use her lucky charm twice before she was able to finally beat the Akuma and de-evilize him.

Adrien groaned as he heavily pulled himself up into a sitting position. He had a headache and his body was sore all over.

His eyes roamed over his large room and finally settled on a tiny black cat God of destruction.

"Plagg," called out Adrien.

"Mmm…" mumbled the Kwami.

"We gotta get up."

"Mmmm…" the Kwami mumbled louder.

Adrien made his way off his bed but tripped over his shoes and backpack. Adrien cursed to himself as he picked himself up off the floor.

Grumbling, he got dressed in his usual, grabbed a few wheels of Camembert and smelling this, Plagg floated lazily over to Adrian.

Adrien and Plagg made it down in time for another lonely breakfast. Nathalie was the only one there but she was just telling him his schedule for the week.

Adrien sighed with resignation. He knew his father had more "important" things to do than "eat" with his "son". But that didn't stop him from at least hoping that his father would grace him with his presence.

Sighing, Adrien continued to eat in silence.

. . . . . .

For the first time in a while, Marinette Dupain-Cheng was not late for class. She showed up just as the bell rang. She hunched over as her eyes met big green ones.

Marinette's face instantly flushed a deep crimson.

"H-hi, A-Adrien," she stammered out. I thought I was over this! inner Marinette whined.

Adrien gave her a tentative wave of his hand.

As she sat in her seat, she could feel Alya's gaze watching her every move. Not now, Alya, thought Marinette.

"Girl," Alya whispered. It came out more harshly than she intended. " What is going on with you?"

" Weeeell…" Marinette began. It's not like I could tell you...thought Marinette. And where do I begin? It's not like I could just come on out and say, 'Hey, Alya, guess what? For the past three years, I've been lying to you. Want to know how? Cuz I'm the superheroine Ladybug and that's why I'm always late! Imagine that!

Oh, and that's not all!

Remember when you asked me what happened to all my Adrien posters? And I didn't have an answer for you? Well, guess what? Not only am I Ladybug but I'm also secretly dating my partner Cat Noir! How long, you ask? For two years!'

Yeah, that would go over well.

So, instead, she answered with, "I dunno know what you mean." Marinette tried to be as nonchalant about that as possible, while keeping her face hidden in the textbook.

"Girl," groaned out Alya. "You know exactly what I mean!"

"Do I?"

"Yes! I'm talking about the fact that, out of nowhere, the stuttering you had around Adrien just up and vanished! What's up with that? Not to mention, without a single word to your best friend, me, you took down all your posters of Adrien! So, tell me, what's going on with you? Why are you acting so strange?"

Marinette dared a look up at Alya's face then glanced back at their teacher and back to Alya. She surprised no one heard her, or, at least, they pretended not to.

Sighing, Marinette began with, "If you really want to know, I'll tell you, but you must promise, that you will not tell a soul, not even Nino and especially not Adrien! Kapeesh?" Marinette's panicky eyes searched Alya's inquisitive ones. Great, thought Marinette, she's not going to make this easy on me.

. . . . . .

Gabriel Agreste entered his lair and headed straight for his sleeping Kwami.

Nooroo lay on the lone table, twitching restlessly in his sleep.

"Awaken, Kwami," ordered the cold fashion designer. Nooroo sneezed as he rubbed his small eyes awake. Without a moment's hesitation, Gabriel was already calling on his transformation. Nooroo was sucked into his butterfly brooch, screaming as he went.

Once again, Hawk Moth takes the place of Gabriel Agreste.

Hawk Moth stands at his podium, legs shoulder-width apart and with his hands clasped comfortably on his cane.

"Now," Hawk Moth thought aloud, "to find some unfortunate soul whose unlucky enough to have caught my eye."

Hawk Moth searched Paris for someone "worthy" enough to grant them special powers.

But he couldn't find anyone who was desperate enough.

"Damn it!" Hawk Moth cursed aloud. "If I can't find one suitable, then, I guess I'll just have to create some of my own!" An evil laugh rumbled out of his chest, getting louder and louder.

. . . . . .

Long as Hawk Moth doesn't result in killing people, Nooroo can't do a damn thing about his situation. He hates being Gabriel's Kwami and in his possession. He hates it with a passion.

As soon as Nooroo realized just how much his anger spiked, he quickly calmed himself the way his Guardian taught him. It would be very, very bad if Hawk Moth caught wind of his hatred for him.

Nooroo hates him, but, he's even more terrified of him. He doesn't want another "punishment" nor does he want to become one of Hawk Moths pawns. But then again, aren't he already?

A pawn of Hawk Moth's.

Yes, thought Nooroo, I am.

A damned pawn.

And there's no way out of this except for someone to take his miraculous. Nooroo can only hope that Ladybug and Cat Noir can defeat him before one of his pawns - Nooroo scoffed at this - succeed in gaining their miraculouses.

He doesn't want any more of his family to be held hostage like he is. Or have to endure such horrendous punishments. Nooroo shivered with the memory of it. He could remember being pinned down with nails. His scars itched.

He wished his healing ability worked just as well as the other Kwami's. He wished to be home with his family… The Guardian, Tikki, Plagg, Wazz, Trixx, Pollen, and Dusu.

But most of all, Nooroo wishes to be free once again.

. . . . . .

Hawk Moth finally found a victim - cough - pawn - cough - a worthy enough, soon-to-be supervillain.

Yes, thought Hawk Moth, yes, yes!

Hawk Moth instantly connected to him, not missing this chance. A purple butterfly mask glowed around Hawk Moth's eyes as he welcomed his new recruit.

"Hello, Laughing Hyena. I am Hawk Moth. I have granted you the power to defeat any and all opponent using nothing more than your canines and razor sharp claws. You will tear your enemy apart with your teeth and shred them to pieces with your claws. I have also given you the ability of super speed and night vision to better help with your endeavor. But first, you must do something for me."

"Anything, Hawk Moth," replied Laughing Hyena.

"You must bring me the miraculouses of Ladybug and Cat Noir. Kill them if you must, but only as a last resort. Got it?"

"Yes." After the exchange, Laughing Hyena underwent a physical metamorphosis. He now looks like some kind of old-Legend werewolf. He was a human-wolf hybrid. Except hyenas are a lot worse than wolves.

Little does Ladybug know, that this will be her last Akuma battle for a very long time.

. . . . . .

Alya's phone went off, indicating another Akuma attack.

At the same time, both Adrien and Marinette jumped up out of their seats. Marinette stumbled over an excuse to leave, saying she's terrified of the Akumas and likes hiding in a dark, closed-off space like a closet. Adrien, however, just used his dad as an excuse. Saying he wants Adrien home during such attacks. Both worked and everyone was allowed to leave. Marinette did indeed enter a hall closet and returned as the superhero Ladybug. Not long after, Cat Noir, her partner, showed up.

"Afternoon, milady," greeted Cat Noir as he bowed and kissed Ladybug's knuckles, making her giggle and blush. It's no secret that Ladybug and Cat Noir are now a "thing". And the most hottest couple in Paris.

"Hu-hum," fake coughed Ladybug. "The timing, Cat," giggled the Bug.

"Timing, shmiming," answered the Cat.

"Now, let's go catch that Akuma!" cheered Ladybug.

"Aye, aye, Cap'n," the Cat saluted.

The superheroes left. Ladybug on her trusty yo-yo and Cat Noir on his extendable staff. They each reached the Akuma in quick succession.

"Whoa! Who let the dogs out?!" punned the Cat. He could hear and groaning noise next to him but he was unperturbed. Her groaning just made him grin from cat ear to cat ear.

Boy, did he love her!

Focus, Cat Noir, focus, the Cat chastised himself.

"What an ugly snout you got there, you mangy mutt. An experiment gone wrong, I bet," taunted the Cat.

The Laughing Hyena growled and lunged towards Cat Noir; but, he was quicker and was already on the run. He was masterfully distracting the Akuma to give Ladybug time to find his akumatized object.

Which Ladybug was having a very difficult time in finding.

She grunted with frustration which unknowingly brought the attention of the Akuma. "Eek!" cried the Bug as she jumped out of the way just in time as a sharp talon barely scraped by her nose. Her eyes were cross as she fell back onto her butt. That was close. Too close, thought Ladybug.

"I almost became Chow Mein," she whispered breathlessly.

"Hey!" yelled the Cat. "Paws off m'lady! She's not dog food, y'know!"

Gowling, Laughing Hyena turned to Cat which he learned was a big mistake. Ladybug, seeing the opportunity, kicked him hard in the stomach and he howled in pain. She took this chance to escape.

With tears in his eyes, he cried out, "My name is Laughing Hyena! Hyena, dammit! I'm no wolf or dog!"

"But hyenas are part of the dog's species, same as the wolves." Ladybug pointed out which only enraged him - Laughing Hyena - even more.

The battle was a fierce one. With no one gaining the upper hand for very long. The Hyena had such strong focus for a beast with a short attention span.

Ladybug couldn't find an opening and she was getting tired quickly. Cat Noir wasn't doing much better. Time to use my Lucky Charm, she thought. Ladybug called for it and what landed was...a...dog-catching net. Well, at least it finally makes sense, the Bug thought.

She immediately thought of the perfect plan to catch the ridiculous Akuma. "Cat Noir!" she called. "Use Cataclysm on the building behind you," pointed out Ladybug. "On my signal!"

"Here, here, little cub. Come to Mama," she cooed. She repeated herself as she slowly backed towards her partner. The Akuma followed her and she jumped inwardly with satisfaction. As it got closer, Ladybug signaled Cat Noir to use his Cataclysm. The building came tumbling down in hard debris.

Luckily, everyone knows to evacuate the surrounding vicinity of the Akuma. Ladybug finally made her move. She swung her yo-yo and it latched onto the Akuma. She pulled and he came to her without much of a problem, but before she could get out of the way, Laughing Hyena snatched her up and she unwillingly came with him.

Screaming and unable to free herself, both Ladybug and Laughing Hyena were buried in heavy debris.

"Ladybug!" cried out Cat Noir. He ran towards the debris where he saw Ladybug and the Akuma get buried. "Please be alive, please be alive," he chanted.

Just as he was about to grab the next piece, a shower of rock and brick and dust covered him in white.

Laughing Hyena emerged with Ladybug in his grip, knocked out.

"Quickly! Take her miraculous!" A glowing purple butterfly mask now covered Laughing Hyenas face. He reached for her earrings and pulled but nothing happened. Shocked, the hyena tried again, to no avail.

Cat Noir, however, just stood there, dazed. He was holding his head after he was hit by a big piece of the building that fell on him. Finally, looking up, he was horrified to see his lady in such condition. He was meant to protect her but instead, he failed her. He failed to protect her. His lady. His love. His friend. His partner and he failed!

Move, a voice in his head commanded. Move, it said again. Move. Move. Move. A voice came more urgent now. Cat was in such a state of shock that he barely registered his own body being pulled.

Alya, a wannabe reporter and the creator of the Ladyblog, pulled him out of harm's way.

The Laughing Hyena roared, breaking Cat Noir out of his stupor. "You son of a bitch!" howled Cat Noir as he lunged for the Akuma but his miraculous beeped its first warning.

Ladybug was on her second.

"Shit." cursed the Cat.

He ran at the Hyena and was easily batted away. But that didn't stop him.

He kept coming and coming… And coming. Each time he was batted away with more force.

Hawk Moth's mask covered Laughing Hyenas face again. He was getting orders that no one knew about.

Cat Noir went after him again but was slammed hard against the nearest building. He slumped as he lost consciousness.

The Hyena laughed maniacally as he jumped rooftop to rooftop.

Finally, he swung into a window shaped like a butterfly.

Laughing Hyena was now in the Lair of Hawk Moth, his master.

. . . . . .

Alya called Nino and they carried Cat Noir to a safe place.

He now only had two minutes before his transformation would drop and Alya didn't want to find out that way, nor did Nino.

Plus, with Ladybug kidnapped by the Akuma and probably taken to Hawk Moth's Lair, Paris will need the cat superhero and for his identity to stay secret.

They placed him in an abandoned warehouse, in a room with a working door and closed it. A moment later, they heard a correlating amount of beeps before his transformation timed out.

They heard stirring and a tiny voice. Then two muffled voices.

Alya heard the knob turning but Cat Noir was having trouble opening it. Probably still out of it, thought the Ladyblogger. "I wouldn't do that if I were you," Alya warned.

The movement immediately stopped, not wanting to risk his identity.

"Alya?" came a muffled voice.

"Yup. In the flesh. oh, and my boyfriend Nino's here as well. He helped me carry you here."

"Yo, dude," replied Nino.

"We wanted to make sure you were safe before we left." Cat Noir heard footsteps getting further away. "Oh, before we leave, I thought you should know that the Akuma ran off with Ladybug. He's probably taking her to Hawk Moth. To take her miraculous since he couldn't. Make sure you watch the video on my Ladyblog. Bye." Alya and Nino left.

. . . . . .

The news hit Adrien hard as he sunk to his knees.

"Kid…" came the Kwami.

"I-I failed her. I failed her, Plagg…" As Adrien looked up, tears fell from his grief-stricken face.

"Kid…" Plagg's voice belied a warning underneath.

"Plagg, what do I do?" Adrien's distraught voice broke Plagg's centuries-old heart.

And Plagg was at a loss for words.

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