Chapter 7: Gathering


Cat Noir waited impatiently for the Mayor to arrive. His tail swished aggitatedly behind him. His ears twitched repeatedly.

Lt. Raincomprix finally had enough of Cat's aggiated movements. "Please, sit down, Cat Noir. You're driving me mad just hearing you"

Cat stopped mid-stride. His ears flattened out on top his head at Lt. Raincomprix's semi'loud voice. "I'm sorry, sir." Cat Noir slumped into the chair next to him. "I'm just so worried abouer her. About both of them." Cat's head fell into his palms. His shoulders sagged and silent tears slipped between his clawed fingers.

Lt. Raincomprix immediately regretted his words . He didn't mean to make the Cat superhero cry again. Gently, he placed his big hand on Cat's shaking shoulder. "Listen, Cat," softly began Roger, " We all know what you're going through is extremely tough on you. It's tough on all of us. She was our saviour, just like you are. And believe me when I say that we, and all the citizens of Paris, will do everything we can to bring back both those lovely girls. I promise you that, Cat Noir, and I never break my promises."

Cat could see the sincerity that shines brightly in Rogers eyes.

It gives him hope.

"Thank you…" whispered Cat as he clutched at his heart.

. . . .

Thirty minutes later, Cat heard footsteps coming from the hallway. He instantly stood ood up as the door clicked open.

"Cat Noir, Lt. Raincomprix." greeted the Mayor. "Hope we haven't kept you waiting long."

"No, sir," assured Roger.

"That's good, then. We have much to discuss. Follow me."

Cat Noir all but pounced into the Mayor's office, ready to begin. He didn't seem phased when Chloe joined them for such an important meeting. It is about her idol and team leader, after all. So Adrien - Cat Noir - is okie with having her here because he knows she won't jeopardize this important meeting. Especially since they both have the same goals: To bring Ladybug and Marinette home safely. Well, Ladybug at least. Chloe hates his friend Marinette.

Anyways, they need all the help they can get.

. . . .

The meeting when on for a few hours. They discussed ways on how and where to start searching. They arranged groups and what action each group would cover and once that was complete, it would be time to enter phase two. The citizens need to know what's going so they can better help with the search.

So Mayor Bourgeois, Chloe, Lt. Raincomprix, and Cat Noir will hold a public conferance in Town Hall in three day's time.

. . . .

After gathering all the essentials, the group arrived… a large and angry crowd. Several questions were yelled their way but they all want to know what happened to their precious Ladybug.

Cat Noir looked around. The citizens, he saw, were angry, frightened, and ripe pickings for Hawk Moth's Akumas. He was worried that Hawk Moth might try and use this situation to his own accord. After all, it's not like he could purify the Akumas. They would practically be defenseless against them.

Cat Noir saw how the citizens were reacting. He knows how horrible the situation could turn, and quickly. He knew he had to do something, but, before he could, the Mayor stepped up.

Mayor Bourgeois raised his hands in the air in order to silence the crowd. "People of Paris, please, remain calm. Please, settle down now. We have something very important to discuss with all of you." With those words, the people reluctantly began to settle down.

There will be no Akumas at this time; though, he must remain vigilant at all times.

Cat Noir felt a tug on his arm and saw it was Chloe slipping her hand into his. He squeezed her hand in thanks and support. She gave him a wane smile in return along with a squeeze back..

Everything will be okie, Cat told himself. We'll find Hawk Moth, rescue Ladybug, save Marinette, and defeat the villain. They have to.

Mayor Bourgeois cleared his throat before he began his speech. "Ladies and gentlmen, I, Mayor Bourgeois, Lt. Raincomprix, my dear daughter Chloe, and our beloved superhero Cat Noir have all came up with a plan to find our two missing girls."

Cat Noir could see Alya and Nino in the front of the crowd, recording the Mayor's every word for the Ladyblog.

Good job, Alya, thought Cat Noir, this will help bring people hope and raise their spirits.

Mayor Bourgeois looked everyone in the eyes as he tried to relay his message. "I, we, need every last one of your help. We need to work together to find Ladybug. And hopefully, the other missing girl, Marinette Dupain-Cheng. If you are willing to help us in searching for these two wonderfulnladies. Lt. Raincomprix, Chloe, and Cat Noir will be handing out infor that will be crucial to our search. I hope to see you all there. Thank you."

Mayor Bourgeois motioned for the three mentioned to start handing out the information needed. Cat Noir walked down the middle with Chloe to his right and Roger to his left. When they finished with the flyers, the three of them calmly, but hurriedly returned to the platform.

. . . .

Cat Noir paced back and forth, waiting for everyone to gather in their meeting place. Everyone agreed that it should remain a secret location. Lest Hawk Moth know their every move.

The elevators dinged. Cat Noir jumped, not paying attention to his surroundings.

One by one, though, the citizens started filing in. Cat Noir let out a few ragged breaths that became more steady with each inhale. He took a spot close to the elevator and began thanking the guests for coming. The last he greeted was his father, Gabriel Agreste. Immense courge and pride swelled up in his chest. His father came to support, whether he knew it or not. He was so happy that nearly floated onto the stage.

Until everything came crashing down onto him.

The main reason why they were all there to begin with: To find Ladybug and Marinette, and to do that, they need to locate Hawk Moth's Lair.

It's time for their meeting to commence.

He cleared his throat. He was never really a very nervous child, but his nerves were eating at him. He took another breath and stepped up to the podium,

"Citizens of Paris, I thank you greatly for your courageous act in out first real goal towards defeating the heinous criminal, Hawk Moth. You are here because you want to help take him down once and for all. He has terroized the people of Paris for way too long. He has taken someone dear to us all, and now, he has also taken a citizen. One of you. He wants to force my hand. He wants to give me no way out except by giving him my Miraculous." Cat let's his words simk in before he continues.

"Citizens of Paris, he has taken Ladybug in hopes to get my Miraculous for her life, but now, he had also resorted in kidnapping an innocent girl, someone who is not invovled in the first place. The reasoning is clear. He's giving me an ultimatum. He wants me to choose between the woman I'm in love with and my very first friend. I admit, even I have fallen to dark thoughts, to doubts. But! When I was sinking deeper into the dark, there was a single ray of light that was always on in the dead of the night. She called out to me. Offered me hot chocolate and friendship. She became my savior in just one night. She saved me from myself. She saved me from despair. And she was Marinette Dupain-Cheng. This sweet and innocent girl trusted me to keep her safe. I failed instead. She was kidnapped by evil man who means to use her and Ladybug for some selfish wish." Cat Noir's nose flared as his teeth and hand clenched.

'But I, we, will never let that happen. We will not allow it. We must save them. To do that, we need to find the main culprit's lair." Cat Noir took a shaky breath, trying to set his heartrate and breathing back to normal. "Do you have any questions? If not, we'll move on."

Cat Noir looked at them in turn but they all seemed to be adverting their gazes. With a bewildered expression, he added, "Very well, then, we move on. But feel free to ask any questions along the way."

He ran a clawed paw through his messy hair. "Our main duty is…"

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