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Summary: After Chris-crossed the sisters and Leo learned that their neurotic mysterious Whitelighter was actually half witch, seriously that should have enough hints for them, wasn't it? A Chris!Revelation fic.

A/N: This is just my little idea for how they found out about Chris's identity, cause I seriously think that after they knew he was half Whitelighter-half witch it became so obvious..and it was before the Prince Charmed episode so it was before they treated him so badly like no return, just a little mistrusted that's all. After all they still helped him in the Bianca incident.. not bad. So I hope you guys enjoy my story!

Chapter 1 Oh..My..

"I can't tell you the truth, but not because I don't want to, but because there's only so much I can tell without the future being changed to much."

Chris's word echoed in the sisters' and Leo's mind, they were still standing in the attic after the crazy incident with Chris went into the future and back. None of them knew what really happened, because as usual, their neurotic Whitelighter put out his favorite line: future consequence and kept his mouth shut.

Piper swore that if she heard the damn future consequence one more time, she would blew Chris's ass back to the future, whatever horrible thing waiting for him there like just now. But in her mind she knew she won't do that to him, they just saved his life by giving his powers back from whatever dangers. He's a nice young man if they didn't count the lies and secrets. She knew all he wanted do was protect Wyatt. But damn it, why couldn't he just tell them the truth? How much consequence will have since it was about her son? And how are they suppose to trust him with her son if he didn't even tell them the whole truth?

The sisters and Leo realized that this Bianca incident was the most close to Chris's past and vulnerable emotions. They'd seen him hurt and heart broken. Most importantly, they were surprised to learn that he was in fact half witch.

Phoebe knew his sadness just now because of Bianca's death. Poor him, his fiancée had to be death to caused him that amount of sadness and ..anger? This was the closest time that she could read a bit of Chris's emotion minus when he was uncoucious. Was he angry with whoever in the future that caused his fiancée's death? But who is it? Why can't he just tell them? At least expressing emotions was nothing to do with the consequence, she sighed and shook her head.

Paige was still a bit shocked in the half witch fact, what did Chris said? "Part witch, part Whitelighter, just like you Paige." No wonder he can't heal, Paige thought. Part of her was happy that finally someone was same "species" as her, well apart from baby Wyatt of course; but part of her had so many questions. Who are his parents? Are they secretly fell in love while one side still had wife/husband just like her's? Was his born had to keep in secret like her? Was he raised by normal human family? Paige knew all these could just answer by a single revelation, Yeah right, like he would. Paige huffed. She was still upset about Chris lied to them about it. How hard could it be just to tell them he's witch too? Her head didn't want to handle this whole mystery.

Leo was trying to think through all these events to find pieces of Chris's true identity, or at least his intention. He knew that he was good and not evil, that he really was here to protect Wyatt. He was the one that said despite all the lies he still wanted to save him from future. He didn't forget all the goods and helps he had done.

Over past few months since Chris come from the future, Leo knew him enough that he's just a boy, Whitelighter or not, and now witch, he added. He still not 100% completely trust him with his family but at least he won't stalked him, threaten him, or hit him anymore. He was just a boy from whatever future trying hard to save the world. Although he never know the whole truth but he could see the boy was putting a lot of affort to it. Everytime he saw him he was either standing in front of the Book of Shadow taking notes or at P3 working something or couldn't sense him because he was in the underworld. The boy seriously needed rest and relax for a bit, especially now that they knew he's half Whitelighter only. That means he's a mortal, he's really just a boy and this stress could eat him alive.

That also means he was really dying or could die during the Binaca thing. Leo shivered to the thought, he had never thought that before. Seeing him in such pain with the chest wound that he couldn't heal was already frighten for Chris's life for the first time since they met.

The four of them stood still in the attic, unable to think what to do next. Nobody said a word, all lost in their own thoughts. Finally, the empath among them couldn't take it anymore.

"Alright I know you all thinking about Chris so let's just say your thoughts out loud, instead of slowly killing my head." Phoebe groaned.

"Sorry honey, we didn't mean to drown you with our emotions. It's just too messy in my head right now." Piper frowned.

"Yeah me too, my own headache will be coming soon too." Paige agreed.

"Ugh why can't he just tell us whatever it is? It couldn't be so bad consequence right? He just lost his finicee and probably came back from the near-death for god's sake!" Piper sighed.

"Yeah he defiantly needs to express his feelings, secrets or not. Doesn't he know we are here to help him and well, not completely hate him after all these? He seems so sad and lonely." Phoebe said.

"And very much alone." Paige added.

"Okay maybe you all concerning about his emotion, but I can't say I am not curious more about who he is." Leo admitted, finally spoke for the first time.

The three sisters nodded. Thinking the same thing.

"It should give us some hints right? I mean how rare is half Whitelighter and half witch? Only me and Wyatt so far!" Paige expressed.

"Yeah sweetie we know. Maybe his parents had to keep it a secret too? Me and Leo defiantly secreted enough at first." Piper tried to think in logic, they were really onto something now. Although she and Leo was now apart, thanks to a certain Whitelighter which however she couldn't bring herself completely blame to; she was still in love with Leo and proud of their love, anything that could made those strict elders mad..

"That's right, but Leo, how many whiteligers you know that have the 'fell in love' or 'let's screw the rules and elsers' sign?" Phoebe pondered and asked.

"Not that I can know of or noticed. I am pretty sure I am the only one right now since I am kinda a model examples about breaking rules. If anyone want to follow my sample then would've come to me for advice." Leo thought for a while and said in smile. He blushed a little, he was still in love with Piper no matter what their status, hopefully one day he can win her back..

They agreed and laughed a little, all proud of Piper and Leo breaking the rules; and of course, had their wonderful son and nephew.

"Okay, so as we know there's no other Whitelighter fell in love with a witch, perhaps in the future it became a popular thing?" Paige guessed.

"It could be, but..how old do you think Chris is?" Piper suddenly asked.

"Humm I would say 20,22 at most? Remember I used to check on him thinking he's kinda hot and young?" Phoebe said with a excited smile. Her smile soon turned to a horrified expression, "oh god and I was thinking hitting on such a boy!"

"Ugh yeah tell me about it, how could we forget? I thought you were going to follow my step to hit on a Whitelighter." Piper rolled her eyes, but laughed.

"Now that we know he's a witch, he must be really what he looks like, young and in his twenties. Gosh he's really just a boy." Paige remarked.

"You are right, he is a mortal and young. Damn I was once tried to threaten him with a sword, thinking him can't really die.." Leo sighed. The kid was driving him crazy, he never had such anger,mistrust then now guilt towards someone, what's going on?

"I remember your anger towards him when you returned from Valhalla, still scared me." Phoebe shivered.

Leo looked down on his shoes to show his guilt, then find a place to sit down, he knew this this could be a long day.

Piper walked over touching his arm, showing him that it's okay. After all they all mistrusted or said horrible things to a young boy who just want to save whatever thing, and protected them.

But she first had to put her thought out, the pieces seems just couldn't put all together but at least they were on the right track. The sisters also each found a seat.

"Alright back to the topic, so Chris is in his 20s right? And how far future he said he came back to..?" Piper asked Phoebe. They all turned to looked at the latter, since she was the only one talked to Chris at first. While well, Paige was turned into a stone and Piper was downstairs back then.

"He said from 20 years or so.." Phoebe recalled, suddenly had a clicker in her mind, but interpeted by Piper.

"So he's in his 20s and came FROM 20 years or so.. he's not even born yet or is just a baby at this time?" Piper dedected.

"Yeah make sense." Paige agreed.

"What are you trying to say Piper?" Leo could see her mind trying hard to put everything together, they all were.

"Humm let's see what we got here, he's not even born yet or is just a baby, he's half Whitelighter and half witch, and there's no other Whitelighters around who fell in love or would fall in love with a witch soon.." Piper said slowly.

"Unless he stole the Whitelighter power in the first place? But it can't be, we know that he's not evil now.. or he lie about the '20 years or so' thing.." Paige tries to look in the neutral view once more.

"No, no it can't be from the far future, you all saw those movies and TV shows that people from decades later would have wear the strange looking clothes or have high tech or something." Piper said, "Chris looks exactly like our time now, no weird clothes or not even Titan style if what he said was true. 20 years in the future was the most far."

"She's right, if someone came back from the very far future then me and the other elders would've sense it, because the amount of magical energy that need to take. But if only 20 years then is small enough to not be noticed, that's why I didn't have a clue until I met Chris. At least he didn't lie about this." Leo thought and said.

"So back to the question, he's really haven't been born yet or an infant, half Whitelighter half witch, and.." Paige said but was interrupted by a loud exclaimed by Phoebe.


They turned weird looks to her, Phoebe was in between pale face and excitement, eyes widen as large as they could.

"Phoebe! Can't you keep the voice down you are scarying us! What's the matter what did you realized?" Piper asked eagerly.

"Umm..ah..that I just realized that who Chris really is.." Phoebe calmed down a bit, and totally didn't know how to say it. She thought her theory was crazy, impossible, but is it?

"Well who is he then?" Paige asked impatiently. Normally she was the calm one but now she think they really could solve this soon, very soon.

Three pairs of eyes looking at Phoebe, she gulped,positioned herself.

"Who do you think he is? Half Whitelighter half witch, no other half-half couple around and he probably will born soon. Unless he's a baby already then my thought would be totally wrong.." Phoebe guided them to think, really hope she didn't need to say it out loud before they found out themselves.

"Oh..My..god." Paige said in a large "O" shape mouth. Could it be? But she smiled at the thought, there is no doubt, it WAS so obvious!

"When Bianca attacked me before they back to the future, what did he say?" Piper had a far look eyes and pale face.

"Piper, honey, are you okay?" Phoebe thought she would hear her "oh my god" or shocked but she never could guess her sister would ask this question. What is his answer? How does it related to this now?

"He said," Piper answered herself in shaking voice, "If you kill her now there is no future for any of us to return to and you know it." Piper went pale and tears, "Oh god, he's MY son! Mine and LEO's son!" She sink deep in the couch. Unable to think.

Leo's mind was blank, when Paige said her realization he was also hit was the truth. How could he not see it? His face feature was just like Piper, the same cheek bone of the woman he love. His brown hair was like all the sisters'. And his name..oh god Chris must be short for Christoper, his father's name.. He absent-minded held Piper in his arm when he heard her shock.

"I hit him, I threaten to recycle him, I dragged him into the time portal violently and I almost killed him with my sword without any hesitation! How could I do that to him? To my own son? God i am a terrible father, no wonder he didn't want to tell me. I deserved to be hated by him." Leo mumbled out loud, tears threaten to fall and he was consumed by his guilt.

Piper rubbed her hands around his arm, "At least you were there to take care of him when he's hurt, what did I do?" She could barely calm herself. How many times she ignore him? She supposed to recognized her own son the first sight saw him! Those beautiful green eyes were just like Leo, the same pair of eyes that looked at her in pain and sadness when Leo was dying; beamed in happiness when they were together..Gosh. How screw up was she? She's a terrible mother! "I am a terrible mother who didn't even recognized her own son for months and never care if he's okay; always ignore his feeling. He's right not to tell me, I don't derserve his love." Piper sobbed. Leo held her tied.

"Sweetie you didn't know, none of us know! You can't blame yourself about it please." Phoebe came and kneeled down in front of Piper and grabbed her hand. "I was horrible to him too..I almost always pay no attention to his words and only care about went to my love life with Jason. Let alone care about his well-being. What kind of empath am I?" Phoebe said in sighed.

"Yeah we all done wrong. I always thought he's annoying and just used him to help do my temp jobs or complained about demon hunts..But now is not the time to be sad, we should make it up to him before is too late." Paige also came over to rubbed Piper's back. She tried to reason everyone. "And we should be happy! You guys got another son and we got another nephew, who is brave to travel back in time to save the world. Although a little neuric." Paige said trying to light up their mood.

They laughed lightly. Piper's eyes showed love immediatity now think about her brave son. Leo beamed with pride.

"You are right Paige, we should be happy, I would make it up to him even it takes me the rest of my life to earn his love." Piper nodded and vowed.

"I would do anything for his forgivness, but won't get that high hope. I will be there for him from now on as his father. I would never hurt him again, I would never let anything happened to him again." Leo said seriously, thinking his new-found son lying on the couch with a large wound on the chest. He swore he would never let that happen again.

"He won't be alone anymore, he's got family." Phoebe agreed.

"And to help saving whatever dark future he try to prevent." Paige added.

"I think we should go check on him, he must really hurt after Bianca's death. But oh..can I say that I don't want her to be my daughter-in-law even if she's alive?" Piper whined, she didn't want to sound rule that disrespect her son and the dead; but any son's girlfriends who try to kill her and had cold-blooded heritage were hardly getting her any favor in. How could her son like such person? But well any Halliwell would fall for evil at least once, this just proved that he's really a Halliwell through and through. Perhaps she was good once just like Cole anyway.

They smiled a little.

"I think it's okay to say that honey." Phoebe laughed, "but try not to say it to Chris, he's really hurt about her death even though she betrayed him and almost killed him." She thought a little back about her and Cole.

"Yeah if not us then he probably still be in the future.. hey Piper calm down." Paige said noticing Piper's anger when she again thought her son was betrayed and hurt like that. Piper compulsed herself trying hard not to blow up anything.

"I wonder what happened in the future.." Paige continued.

"We all want to know but let's try to be there for him, we could always ask the questions later." Leo said.

They agreed.

"I can't sense him in this house, he's back in P3." Leo informed.

"When we get there and solved this thing out, the first thing I am gonna do is move him to the manor. Gosh how could I let my son or ANYONE live in the back office like that.." Piper rubbled.

"Okay sweeties we all agree, just stop the guilt talk now." Phoebe assured her, tried to make her feel better.

Piper took a deep breath. Leo grabbed her hand and orbbed out, Paige and Phoebe followed.


AN: I watched back the episode and realized that when Chris said he's from 20 years or so in the future Piper was there too, but I will just keep it my way in my story, kinda little AU fact haha:)