Chapter 2 Chris Halliwell

Chris was tired. He's not just exhausted from the lack of sleep, the stealing power from Bianca, and he couldn't remember when was the last time he eat something; but also tired of all the emotions.

The death of Bianca was too raw to get away, it was too painful. And worst of all she was killed by his own brother. Right before he tried to chocked him to death. The brother that was once his best friend and most closest person aside from his mum. The brother that he now tried so hard to safe in the past.

It hurts so much. How could his big brother become like this? He thought about it many times and the only answer was that he was turned or planned an evil seed or something when he was too young to remember.

He pretended nothing big happened in front of the sisters and Leo just now. His heart was tear in pieces. And he couldn't even tell them the truth, it would be too painful to them, also he didn't want them to find out who he is, not yet. But the child inside him really want to just run to his mummy and aunts and cry the hell out of it.

He knew this was hard, when he traveled back to the past. He would have to pretend he didn't know them before. No matter how much they missed them since they died years ago..except Leo, and the world turned upside down. They were the Charmed Ones, his charges; and their former-Whitelighter. Not his mum and aunts He reminded himself everyday, every second around them. It became too hard lately, that they continued distrusted or ignored him. The hatred from his dad he could handle, though not even his Leo would violently towards him like that. But his mum and aunts, gosh it hurt so much. He didn't know how much longer he could hold on.

Now after this new incident, he didn't know what to do anymore. Yes, he said to baby Wyatt right after the yet again horrible encounter with his brother that if he couldn't save him he swore he would stop him. But could he still do it? He's been in here for months and vanquished countless demons already, some with the sisters' help and some when he was alone in the underworld day and night. But all turned to dead ends. He still had no clue who turned his brother.

Wyatt said this was who he is, that he chose to be this way instead of being turned. But Chris knew that was not true, his big brother was not born evil. He's Twice-blessed and the first born of the amazing love between Piper and Leo, a witch and a Whitelighter who broke all the rules to be together. How could he born evil? He was the one that always protected him—his little brother since he could remember. It was after the..event that Wyatt started to slip into the darkness more and more.

He was determinetered to save his brother and the future all along, but it hurts to think that his big brother just killed his love one, and tried to kill him. Wyatt was constantly tried to get Chris into his side and angry about Chris not join in, but he had never once hurt Chris. He knew Wyatt ordered his minions not to hurt him as well. The only thing he did was sent Bianca to "try to kill" him to give him some warning. He knew Wyatt would never want to hurt him. But he killed his aunts and all the rest of the family, minus grandpa. That he could never forgive. He knew he's evil. So the only thing he could do was to go back to the past and save him becoming evil, to save all these before it happened.

But now Bianca..he was all alone.

He was now in the Golden Gate Bridge for a while to calm. It was always his favorite spot since he could remember, and his father's too. The Apple isn't fall from the same tree far, he thought and smiled in bitter.

It was getting cold at night, why won't it be it's November. The wind blew his hair and soon he couldn't stand the cold anymore so he orbbed back to his room at P3.

When Chris arrived in P3 he felt really exhausted, hungry and cold. He found a T-shirt to add to his clothes hoping that can keep him warm. He sighed, what did he expect, he only got few clothes here. And there was no heater in his P3 room.

He walked around to find some food to eat, finally found some bread and hams, luckily mum kept some in her club. He quickly made a sandwich and ate it. He then went to took a shower in the poor conditioned washroom. When he came out he did not feel much better. Hunger's gone but he was still cold and tired.

He quickly checked himself if have any injuries left or poison wounds. You might never know when got hurt in the magical world. He really didn't want to call Leo to heal if had any. But he found none. Even the wound that left by Binaca earlier was gone, not a scar left. Prehaps I still haven't recovered from Wyatt's attack.

But he's head felt fine, where he mostly hit; and his neck was ok too, where Wyatt tried to..choke him, he thought painfully. So what's the problem? Silly, you haven't eat or sleep enough for a long time, any human being would crushed before long. His own voice suddenly told him. Yeah plus everything happened last night and today I felt so drained... Chris decided to just go to sleep, hope he would feel better when he wakes up.

That was when Leo and the sisters orbbed in.

Chris signed, he really didn't have the time or mood or physical condition to face them right now. He knew they got a lot of questions, especially they now knew he's half witch. Will they found out about him eventually? Will they asked about the thing happened in the future again? He told them he couldn't tell, but the stubborn Halliwells gene would made it in vain anyway. He didn't have the mind to think it right now, all he wanted was a nice long sleep.

"Hey..what?" He asked tiredly.

"Umm Chris, we just want to talk to you." Piper says carefully, thinking how they could approach to her stubborn sensitive son saying that they already knew who he was. He looked so tired, must because of today's event. Poor him. No one ever care about how he felt..

"Can we talk tomorrow? I am really tired now and was just going to sleep." Chris said weakly, hoping it could get them leave. Seeing them was too painful, let alone needed to remember the pain of happened today if they really wanted to ask him questions, no doubt.

"Oh..Umm we just want to tell you something, and don't have to hide your feelings..about Bianca and all." Phoebe approached him carefully, tried not to let him feel more hurt. "No questions ask I promise."

"Okay." Chris defected and sat down in the couch/bed.

Piper took a deep breathe and sat down beside him, "We Umm..we found out something today.." she really didn't know how to continue.

"It made us trust you more." Paige quickly picked it up.

Chris noticed they all look so nervous instead of angry, he wonder what could it be, they trusted him more so it was a good thing right? But how?

"And we felt sorry for what we did in the past." Leo said seriously looked him into the eyes.

"Wow..Umm thanks. I take it was because today's event? Thanks guys for the spell and helped me all along though." Chris says in smiled.

"You are welcome, but it was not that..well it kinda is.." Phoebe struggled, geez can't she just say it out loud? But both she and the rest of them knew that it was not wise.

"Then what Phoebe? Why are you all talking like this? If you want to say something just say it." Chris really not in the shape to hold on much longer, he started to get a little light-headed.

"Ok I am just going to say it." Piper decided. Leo and her sisters touched her arm to encourag her. They thought she should be the one who said it out eventually, as his mother and probably the soft spot for him, otherwise he probably would orbbed away in shock.

"We know who you brave son." There, Piper finally said it. She touched his cheek, noticing something. But all she concentrated now was to wait for the explode or whatever reaction from her son. However, she was going to be there for him no matter what. She dropped her hand and waited. All of them waited in slience.

Chris froze, he literally could felt froze as in can-not-move. He wondered whether his mum had freezed the whole room. But no, it was just his mind. He couldn't think, how did they found out? Was it because the half witch thing?

5 minutes later he finally said, "" In a croaked voice.

He didn't know what else to say. It was good that they knew now, but how did they go from here? Will they full of guilt trying to compensent him or..?His headache started and felt he would passed out from the panic shock. His heart was pounding in his chest loudly. He took a deep breathe to calm himself.

"It's pretty obvious that once we knew you are a half witch and you are 20 something years old AND from the 20 years or so future." Paige said with a proud smiled. Although she didn't know if it was appropriate giving the fact that the poor boy now looked like he was going to faint in any minute by the shock.

"Why didn't you tell us? We would've trust you completely. I would've trust you. I am sorry for what I did." Leo said sadly in guilt while touching Chris's shoulder. "We are here now buddy, you are not alone anymore." He tried to smiled for him.

Chris turned his head to him, he knew this was not the Leo he grew up with(hardly with), but a good father that only tried to protect his family. Although he still couldn't completely forgive him for what he did in the future, he understood what he did since he came to the past. It was all for family, just like himself. And he was the one who kinda break his parents up or at least caused them pain so what would he blame?

"It's okay I understand why you did it, I kinda broke you guys up for making room for me to become the Whitelighter, sorry." Chris said trufully. "So we are even."

"But we were horrible to you, I only cared about Jason and not even care about my duty these days." Phoebe sighed, said guilty, family always comes first in the Halliwell manor, what was she thinking?

"It's okay Phoebe i honestly don't think it matters now." Chris said in a weak smile. He could never hate his mum and aunts, even to his father he could only hate a little, he love each of them too much.

"How could you say that? I am a terrible mother who never realized her son was standing right in front of her!" Piper says tearly.

"It's not your fault mum.." Chris said before realized it.

Piper was surprised but smiled, he called her mum!

The rest of them smiled, touching that he finally showed his hidden love to his family.

Chris stopped talking for a second, realizing that he haven't call her mum for years, although in his heart he called her million times already since he came to the past. He didn't know how to react, but it felt good.

"Oh my baby.." Piper said softly pulling Chris into her arms.

Chris was surprised at first but embraced in his mother's arms right away. He hadn't felt her warm like this in years since his 14th birthday.

"Mum.." Chris felt his eyes filled with tears. He tried hard not to fall, "you couldn't have know it, I mean you are not even pregnant with me now, how could you think or believe that your unborn son came here from the future? I have to hide who I really am." Chris said.

"He's got a point. Time travel could be very tricky and could endanger the timeline if not careful." Leo said, putting his hand on Piper's shoulder.

"Yeah you taught me that during the very few face to face conversations we had when i growing up." Chris said bitterly, but tried not to think how much he actually alike his father in thinking the logic way and..secretive.

"Really? I am sorry buddy for didn't grow up with you.. I was always not there was I?" Leo realized sadly. Touching his shoulder with his other hand. "I promised you that it won't happen again, not this time. When we got the little you we will be there for him everyday in his life. And now to you too. You are so brave to come here to help all of us. I am proud of you buddy. I won't let you be alone anymore." He said in vowed.

Chris nodded, his tears finally came out. This was the word he wished could heard from his father all along in his life. Maybe this time it would be better. He decided to give him a chance.

Suddenly, Chris had a coughing fit. Piper and Leo quickly rubbed his back for him to breathe normal again.

"Whoa calm down buddy it's okay now." Leo said and thinking it was because of all the revelations and emotions that chocked his son.

Chris finally calm his breathing and was just going to answer.

"No..Leo he's burning up!" Piper said panicked touching her son's forehead, "I knew I felt something wrong when I touched you." She fussed over him now.

"Mum it's okay I probably just caught a cold.." He sneezed.

"Alright that's it, let's get you back to the manor now and you are gonna stay there from now on." Piper said in final tone.

"But.." Chris didn't know what to say, are they invite them to live in the manor now? But it would be so good to rest there just like when he was a kid whenever he was sick. He was too weak to worry about the other things.

"No buts mister." Piper grabbed him and told Leo to orbbed them back. Phoebe and Paige followed, each with a slightly worry face.

Back in the manor, Leo and Piper helped Chris lying down on the bed in the guest room, but he insisted to sit up a bit.

Paige held a glass of water to him. Leo tried to heal him not it's not working.

"Why is it now working?" Piper asked.

"Guys I am okay it's just a cold, you don't have to heal me." Chris coughed.

"It is not the after effect or whatever happened today. I can't heal the self-inflicted illness, Chris must exhausted himself enough to catch the cold." Leo said, touching his son's shoulder to made him feel better. The poor boy just didn't know when to stop and relax a bit, just like his mum when she set in motion..

"Oh my..Chris honey when was the last time you eat properly and slept long?" Piper asked sharply and signed, already knew the answer. He was just too much like Prue.. and maybe herself. Someday he would get himself killed if he was never gonna stop and take good care of himself. Then again, until today they never care much about him. She thought guilty.

"Umm..can't remember when was the last time I slept niclely, but I just ate a sandwich before you came." He said shyly in a weak smile. It was all too much alike his mother asked him such questions when he was a kid, whenever he did something stupid to let himself hurt.

"And when was the last time you ate before the sandwich?" Piper asked already shaking her head. She's going to take good care of him but first he had to want to take good care of himself.

"Umm..can't remember." Chris couldn't even look in his mum's eyes now, or any of them's. He knew how worry his mum and aunts and now could be, he didn't want to upset them.

"Sweetie I know we didn't care you much before..and I am sorry about that." Piper said in guilt tone before saying firmly, "now we knew who you are, we are going to take good care of you. But first you have to promise me from now on you have to eat three healthy meals a day with the proper amount, and sleep for at least 7 hours every night, got it?" Piper demanded, it was for her boy's own good.

"I got it mum." Chris nodded quickly, he didn't want to self-destructed either and didn't want his mum to be upset. He was just too caught up in the mission.

"Good. Now drink the water and get some sleep. If you have any feeling of getting worst you gonna tell us okay?" Piper commended in love tone.

"Okay I promised." Chris grabbed the water and drank it.

"That's my boy." Leo patted him on the shoulder, he hoped that he won't scare him about the "my boy" part, he knew he wasn't ready.

"Thanks, Dad." Chris said with a smile. Maybe it was the fever, he felt he should go easy on his old man. He now just a good father trying to do everything right.

Leo was surprised that his son was willing to call him dad, he smiled. But he quickly think back to what he said to him.

"Looks like we are a one big family again." Chris said in lighten mood after he showed them the potion was really just for helping Phoebe to block her empthy problem.

Leo made a fake smile and said without emotion, "You are not family." And he left.

How hurt was he? To hear me said that. I never said anything that cold to anyone not even Cole, how could I say that to my own son even I didn't know? Hell every bad thing i did to him were so out of my character, what's wrong with me? Leo wanted to cry, for all the things he did that had hurt his son. He could not take it back now.

"Thanks son. And I am so sorry for everything.." He chocked.

" already apologized, it's okay." Chris said weakly, he didn't want this guilt man to continue the guilt trip. He knew he wasn't completely forgive him, whether was this him or his future self; but he already decided that to give him a chance, at least not hate him anymore.

And hate was tired enough.

"You are right son, from now on I would be here for you buddy." Leo rubbed his shoulder.

"Okay we should give room for Chris to sleep now. Good night sweetheart, and sleep well, get well soon." Piper kissed his forehead.

"Thanks mum." Chris smiled in satisfy, he again haven't felt this for a long,long time.

When they started to leave, Piper suddenly reminded of Chris, "Oh and honey, you cannot go to the underworld or demon hunting until you get better AND we allow. When you recovered you have to tell at least one of us everytime when go to underworld, got it?"

"But mum.." Chris protested, it would be so not free to come and go to track the leads.

"No buts! We are your family and when it comes to your safely you will need to do as we said, are we clear?" Piper said in a demanded tone again but she really just so worry of her son. How many times he was alone in the underworld with countless danger?

"Alright mum I promised." Chris defected, he was too tired to argue, and he knew it was for his own good. His mum and family was doing this only because they love him.

It was so good to be loved again.

"Okay we are leaving, good night sweetheart. We will check on you sometimes, call us when you need anything." Piper said.

"Okay. Good night mum." Chris started to close his eyes.

"Sleep well buddy." Leo said, kissed him in the forehead.

"Get well soon my dear nephew." Phoebe and Paige said at the same time and smiled to each other.

Chris smiled, that's HIS family.

"Thanks dad, aunt Phoebe and aunt Paige." He said softly, soon aslept.

The sisters and Leo smiled and left his room, thinking how much happened during one day, and how much changed within one day. Now they had a son and nephew.

Although they still have many questions, but it could wait. They were going to listen to his feelings, to protect him. They were going to help him whatever he came back to achieve.

As a Halliween family, as always.