The match that everyone has been waiting for is truly magnificent; it's already beyond the levels of the Gods of Destruction. It's incredible to see two mortals, well, one of them have reached this state. They're moving at a speed that not even the gods could keep up. The moment when both of their fists collide, it shakes the World of Void. Khai never thought someone would take on Jiren, the pride of his universe like that.

"Calm down; he'll be okay. Still, that guy is phenomenal." Belmod is freaking out, but he still believes that Jiren has the upper hand. Who is he? Who the heck is that guy? His ki feels familiar, and yet he has no idea. Damn it, you better not lose, Jiren. "Wow, what a fight." Shin comments as Goku avoids one of the punches and kicks Jiren's stomach and pushes him on the ground with a Kamehameha. "Indeed! This is something that you won't see often." Whis smiles. Oh dear, look at his face. He's having fun, and he should.

"WOW! Goku is pushing!"

"Jiren fights back."

"They're so strong."

The Kings agree with the gods that this is an AMAZING fight. Just then, Jiren gets pushed down on the ground as he is struggling to land a punch. He knows it, the state of the gods. Plus, it seems like he's still holding back. What a headache for him, oh well. Then, it's time for Jiren to get serious, as well.

"What a storm of ki. Both of them are out of this world." Cabba comments as Jiren unleashes his power and punches Goku and almost knocks him out of the ring. Goku jumps back and wipes the blood and smirks. Damn, even with this level, it's still not enough to take him down. What kind of training did he do? "That was my 50%, Goku." Jiren walks over and attempts to jump on Goku, but he gets out of the way and blasts Jiren in the back. "50%? Are you kidding me? Well, I only use 40, so yeah." Goku smiles. Just like the regular one, it requires large energy consumption, which prevents the user from going all out; 50 is the maximum he can go. He should've listened to the Grand Priest about mastering this form before jumping to the next level.

"I don't care how strong they are! I will beat them and then become the strongest."

"I know you will, sis." Kale smiles at Caulifla.

The fight is so intense that cracks start to appear in the sky every time their attacks collide with each other. Belmod is shocked that Goku could push Jiren to use 60%; the latter defeated him by using less than 50 and yet. "What are you doing? Hurry up and knock him out!" The clown yells.

Jiren glares at Goku and pushes him away and then punches his head down on the grow, but Goku quickly escapes his grip and kicks Jiren's jaws. Jiren fires blasts, but they get canceled by Goku's Kamehameha. And then, the two rushes toward each other with their hand stretch out and land on each other's cheek. However, Goku loses the form right after that punch, and so his foe forms a ball and sends the Saiyan away and watches it explode.


"Yeah! It was spectacular!" Both Zenos are in awe of what's going on. Jiren is wow! Unmatchable?

"Great job, Jiren." Belmod exhales in relief, but he knows that mortal will come back and challenge his trump card once again, and that is why he orders the Pride Troopers to find him and finishes him off.

"Damn it! That was close." Beerus curses and taps his tail on the seat, which breaks it. The Kaioshins are worried that since Goku is out of breath, which means he is wide opened. As they thought, the 11th is going after him. "Sorry, but you have to go." The general laughs as he creates a sword from his ki. But, the girls interrupt him with Caulifla punches his nose. "He's still own me a fight, bastards."

"Fucking hell. Oi, let's show them who's in charge here." The general says.

All of them are having drops on their heads once they finish doing those poses; they remind Goku of Super Sentai. That's weird! Oh yeah, Gohan once told him about Ginyu Special Forces, and those guys also like to do this as well. He wonders if Vegeta had ever done these poses. The Zoiray guy is making a tornado to distract the three, and then Tupper gets on Goku's shoulder with a grip lock, but the Saiyan has enough strength to toss him away with a light punch in the face. Next, General Kahseral uses his sword to slide where they are standing into two. "Calm down, man." Caulifla laughs and does a deer kick style. Seeing the opportunity, Goku sneaks away. After all, he needs to recover. When he gets to a safe place, Goku drops the pretending and stretches out. Man, he should get an award for the best actor. Okay, so probably he's going to take a quick nap because he knows Jiren needs time.

"Not bad, Universe 7."

"You too! I didn't expect the Namekians from the 6th would be this strong." Piccolo smirks as he catches Saonel's arm, spins him around, and throws him back at Pirina. Then, he fires a few blasts so that Gohan has some time to charge his Kamehameha.

"Not so fast, boy." Pirina sees it and fires a mouth beam.

"Sorry, Piccolo-san. I wasted my chance." Gohan jumps right next to his teacher after being overwhelmed.

"Don't worry. These guys won't be easy to take down, so make sure you don't drop your guard."

So, it seems like they're having fun. Goku observes the battle from a distance and looks around to see 18 is already on the bench. Now, her brother is doing a damn good job against Toppo. Not too far away, Frieza is beating up Beeru's version. Not bad! Although he has the speed, his movements are easy to read. Also, he is no match against Golden Frieza. "I hope that you now realize the difference between our power. Now, allow me to end this game." The emperor forms a ball and fires at Dyspo, but he gets right in front of Frieza and punches his face. Slowly, he overwhelms Frieza and forces the guy to take it seriously. "Okay, that's enough of you, Dyspo-san." He fires finger beams, and yet he can't hit Dyspo even one. "Damn, is running all you're good at?" Seeing Frieza is struggling, Piccolo tells Gohan to go and help him. After all, they're now fighting together for Universe 7's survival. Saonel is going to attack Gohan, but Piccolo cuts his arm. "My bad!" He says with a smirk. "So, you intend to take on both of us?"

"Maybe!" Piccolo powers up and attacks his fellow Namekians. At the same time, Jiren doesn't flinch as Vegeta keeps punching him. Fuck! Is this guy made out of metal or something? The Pride Trooper bends down and punches Vegeta in the gut. Next, he grabs Vegeta's ankle and slams in on the ground and throws him away. The Prince regains his composure and aims Jiren with his Galick Ho, and yet it means nothing. "It's over, Saiyan!" He creates a blast that sends Vegeta away and almost knocks him out of bound.

"That was close." Krillin sighs as the Prince manages to cancel the attack with almost all of his strength.

"You did well, but you won't defeat me with your arrogance." Jiren calmly walks over and kicks Vegeta aside.

"What did you say? Don't make me laugh!"

Vegeta turns into Blue again and extends his arms. No doubt that Jiren is the most powerful enemy he has encountered, so what? He will defeat him! Ultra Instinct or not, he will finish in his style. "You won't try to dodge this, do you? You're nothing but all talk, Jiren." After seeing his opponent squeezes his palms just like how Cell once did, Vegeta smirks and fires his Final Flash; the blast reaches the spectators and cuts the bench into two though they are safe from the attack. The Prince laughs out loud and claims victory, but he freezes the moment he sees Jiren stands right before him with a small orange ball below his belly with no harm. Not only he withstood it, but he also knocked out Vegeta by trapping him inside his attack and lets it explode.

"That explosion...oh man, Vegeta screwed it again." Goku wakes up from his nap but then falls asleep again. Well, that guy is not going to give up easily like that. For some reason, he believes in Vegeta.

"That was not bad, warrior. However, you're still no match for me!" Jiren turns his back and closes his eyes. Just how long is he going to sit there and relax? Sleeping in the middle of a tournament, that sounds like Beerus. And the cat sneezes. "What was that?" He wipes his nose and looks around.

The Pride Troopers corner Caulifla, Kale, and Cabba; oh well, they kick Cabba out of the ring as he tries to protect the girls. Kale has yet to awake her power, and Caulifla is pretty torn up as Kunshi ties her leg down with his damn ropes. "Shit. Those guys are annoying as fuck." She cleans her face, and then something drops on the floor. Champa notices that and demands them to wear it.

"Champa-sama, are you suggesting them to fuse?" Vados asks.

"Yes! I totally forgot about it. Hurry up, Caulifla!"

Before the tournament, he gave the Potara Earrings to Caulifla and told them how to use it. Once they wear them on their opposite ears, a new warrior is born. In an instant, she sends Vuon and Tupper away with the force punch. The rest immediately combine their ki into one shot and sends it toward this new fighter, but she pushes back with her attack and knocks all of them out. "Seven at once?" Khai has no word to say, while Belmod looks upset.

Jiren opens his eyes and then turns around to see Vegeta is standing up and ready to face him again.

"Tell me, what drives you this far?"

"You will never understand, even if I tell you."

"I see, then come at me."

Goku opens his eyes to see a strange girl appears before him. Her ki is quite interesting, as well.

"I hope you had enough sleep because I will kick you ass in a moment, Son Goku." She cracks her fingers.

"We'll see about that, but first, tell me your name."

"Kefla, the strongest warrior of all universes."

Okay, such a strong spirit! Lovely

"Well, then, shall we?" Goku's tail is spinning like a pinwheel; this is a perfect opportunity to show everyone his next level. And yes, to show Kefla her place.